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Haunted Woods of the Dead - Fillers
By abcvs

This pack contains two filler lots to use with the Haunted Woods.

Size: 1x1; 2x2
Menu: Park
Plop: $20 (2x2) $10 (1x1)
Monthly $5
Bulldoze: $1

To install unzip and place folder in your plugins folder
C: Documents/Simcity4/Plugins

To uninstall simply remove folder from the plugins folder and bulldoze the lot.

The 2x2 lot includes the haunted mist and zombies.
The 1x1 lot includes zombies.

MTP Super Pack
The Terrain Kit (7n1)
PEG-Poltergeist Manor 
PEG Poltergeist Manor (Variations)

Props and Textures - Pegasus
Original Deadwoods Lotting - Paeng

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    • By pclark06
      One of those pop up Halloween shops shows up every October where a Circuit City used to be.
    • By kingofsimcity
      KOSC presents: FA2 Open Grass Fillers (Beta)
      This is a small set of 2x1 FA2 compliant fillers aimed at eliminating the "staircase" wealth grass effect on fractional angled roads. As a beta release once again, there's a possibility for a greater and enhanced version in the future with support for other FA networks.
      Package Overview
      There are 10 pieces in total included in this set. Basic pieces include left and right side fillers as well as a inner transition piece (blank and with trees). Left and right side fillers are offered in 4 variants - 1 blank and 3 with trees (each are different).
      General Stats
      Lot Sizes: 2x1
      Wealth: $$$
      Cap Relief: R$ 2000, R$$ 2000, R$$$ 2000
      Plop Cost: $5 (blank pieces), $10 (with trees)
      Maintenance Cost: $10
      Lots are found in the parks menu.
      Surprisingly light for once!
      BSC MEGA Props CP Vol. 1
      BSC MEGA Props CP Vol. 2
      SPOT (for positioning helpers)
    • By thomas_bk
      Hi 3d designers. I would like some half finished building props. I would like to use this on construction site fillers.
    • By peperodriguez2710
      Spanish Median Fillers Pack (SMFP) by Peperodriguez2710 - English
      Hi, because some members asked me to release a filler pack for S RHW networks that I did for myself, here it is!
      It's made to be like the medians found all around Spain, especially like the ones found in the arid areas of Castile and the Meseta, known as secarrales, so all the pieces with Weeds and the pieces with Bushes have dry-looking weeds like the vegetation found there. Because I know that you may not want to see that dry weeds, I used seasonal props that only appear on summer. All pieces have reflecting posts.
      The pack consists of 18 fillers located in the Misc. Transport menu, with three different types of vegetation: Weeds, Bushes and Flowers, and two types of barriers: Guardrails and Concrete separators. There are pieces with freeway lighting too, but it's merely cosmetic so them don't light actually. Then there are some turning area pieces and some ending pieces. Almost all lots are neutral, except the turning area radar lots, that provide some money because of the fines.
      The lots are classified with letters:
      W: Fillers with only dry weeds on summer
      B: Fillers with bushes and dry weeds on summer
      F: Fillers with flowers
      G: Fillers with guardrails
      C: Fillers with concrete dividers
      L: Fillers with freeway lighting
      Because of it was made for personal use, there's a lot of dependencies:
      ·Rush Hour Expansion
      ·BSC - VIP girafe wheat (v1.0) linkie
      ·BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol02 (v1.0) linkie
      ·BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01 (v1.0) linkie
      ·BSC - VIP girafe carpack vol. 1 & 2 (v1.0) linkie
      ·Light Replacement Mod (LRM) v4.0 Mega Pack (Only the props) linkie
      ·RHW-6C Steel Barriers Mod v1.0 (Only the props) linkie
      ·Overhanging Parkings 1.01 (Only Grfe_Cars_family_props.dat is needed) linkie
      ·Nams Props Pack Vol 2 linkie
      ·R6 - TSC - Prop Pack Vol.1 v V2 linkie
      ·NAM RHW Props (Included with NAM installation)
      The installer and readme are available in both English and Spanish 
      For further information, read the Readme provided after the installation, and if you have any issue or suggestion, ask here or by Message.
      Pack Español de Fillers para Medianas (SMFP) por Peperodriguez2710 - Español
      Hola, como algunos miembros me pidieron que pusiera en el STEX mi pack de fillers para las redes RHW S que me creé para mí, ¡y aquí están!
      Los he creado para que sean similares a las medianas que se encuentran a los largo y ancho de España, especialmente los encontrados en las áreas áridas de Castilla y la Meseta, conocidas como secarrales, por lo que todas las piezas con hierbajos utilizan matojos secos como los encontrados allí. Como sé que probablemente alguien no quiere ver esos hierbajos, he utilizado props estacionales que sólo aparecen en verano. Todas las piezas tienen reflectores.
      El pack consiste en 18 fillers localizados en el menú de Transporte Misceláneo, con tres tipos diferentes de vegetación: Weeds (hierbajos), Bushes (arbustos) y Flowers (flores), y dos tipos de barreras: Guardrails (guardarrailes) y Concrete separators (separadores de hormigón). Hay piezas con farolas, pero son decorativas y no iluminan realmente. También hay piezas para áreas de giro y para piezas finales. Casi todos los lots son neutrales, excepto los lots con radar, que dan algo de dinero por las multas.
      Los lots se clasifican con letras:
      W: Fillers con hierbajos secos en verano
      B: Fillers con arbustos y hierbajos secos en verano
      F: Fillers con flores
      G: Fillers con guardarrailes
      C: Fillers con separadores de hormigón
      L: Fillers con farolas
      Como los creé para mi uso personal, las dependencias abundan:
      ·Expansión de Hora Punta
      ·BSC - VIP girafe wheat (v1.0) link
      ·BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol02 (v1.0) link
      ·BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01 (v1.0) link
      ·BSC - VIP girafe carpack vol. 1 & 2 (v1.0) link
      ·Light Replacement Mod (LRM) v4.0 Mega Pack (Sólo se necesita los props) link
      ·RHW-6C Steel Barriers Mod v1.0 (Sólo se necesita los props) link
      ·Overhanging Parkings 1.01 (Sólo se necesita Grfe_Cars_family_props.dat) link
      ·Nams Props Pack Vol 2 link
      ·R6 - TSC - Prop Pack Vol.1 v V2 link
      ·NAM RHW Props (Vienen con la instalación del RHW en el NAM)
      El instalador y el Leéme están disponibles en inglés y español
      Para más información, lee el Léeme proporcionado tras la instalación
    • By Judazzz
      I had been thinking about alternative ways to fill up unused space between buildings on curved roads, and while I was messing about with a small section of my town filling open spaces with area fillers and props, I thought of the following: Forkboy22 has created a superb collection of 'Better buildings' for which he used the Props Probability Changer mod to give existing assets a more varied look. I just started to try them out a few days ago, and I'm seriously impressed by it's simplicity and effectiveness - it really makes a big difference.

      Forkboy also created a number of growable 'filler' assets that instead of a building simply spawns a number of randomized props, and this is where I started paying attention: since these fillers are growable assets, they still don't tackle the problem of in-between space, so what I thought of was this: what about creating new plop-anywhere assets (parks, In guess) based on the area filler assets (like the ones for concrete, gravel, etc.), strip them of their terrain texture, and add randomized props in the same way as Forkboy did for his 'Better' collection?

      This means that it will be possible to fill up empty space in a random way without complaints about lacking road connections or service access - only downside is that these assets would be 100% aesthetic, so other than looking pretty (or fugly), they don't serve any purpose.

      On the plus side, this approach would keep the file size to an absolute minimum, as it would basically be the placeholder itself and the included collection of props - which could be fully vanilla for maximum compatibility, fully custom for maximum flexibility, or mixed for maximum best of both worlds. It would also be a way to create sets of 'purpose-based' fillers, for example having a 1x1 filler with only randomized tables, chairs, floor tiles etc., which can be used to make terraces. Or playground items and benches to create small randomized playgrounds. Other use cases could be parking lots, undeveloped plots with fences, construction sites, backyards, industrial stuff - pretty much anything one can think of.

      I'd love to give this a try myself, but unfortunately my knowledge of either ModTools or the Props Probability Changer is approaching null, so hence my question whether there is documentation or tutorials available. However, since there is no 'i' in 'Cities:Skylines' (well, figuratively speaking ), feel free to run away with the idea if you think this might be something worth trying yourself!
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    • Great work and great to see you batting again! I love MKE stuff and remember going to this bar fairly often when I lived there.
    • I want to have these on my game, but I'm really confused about how to do this download, do I have to have all those dependencies? If so, where do I find all of them? Do I just click the pink 'Download File' button, or do I have to find and download those dependencies from somewhere? I'm not good with computers, sorry. Any help on this from anyone will be appreciated. 
    • Great. You stay closely on the IRM but add something new, no repetition. I'll use them for shure. We really should bring some of the newer props into the game, they deserve it.  For RRW (Real Rail Way) users I'd like to mention that eggman121 did the hard work of updating the NCD texture pack and some of the BSC textures to RRW versions. It is downloadable here: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3350 they are a replacement for Railyard and Spur Textures, Mega Pack but only an override for some of the BSC textures (= needed by the original IRM). So keep in mind the eggman121 textures must be loaded after the BSC Mega Textures.
    • @DavidDHetzel: Indeed. They've been sitting on my computer for a while now, but I think it's high time to take them for a spin again.
    • Glorious! Love the Aston Martins. Nice work!