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Haunted Woods of the Dead
By Craig-Abcvs

If you dare, take a walk through these woods...
You may meet, a ghostie, a ghoulie or even a zombie, be lovingly enveloped by the haunted mist, or be tickled by the haunted lightning.

Size: 5x2
Menu: Park
Plop: $50
Bulldoze: $10

To install unzip and place folder in your plugins folder
C: Documents/Simcity4/Plugins

To uninstall simply remove folder from the plugins folder and bulldoze the lot.

*The "Haunted Lightning" will play once when the lot is first plopped. To get the lightning to play again... isolate the lot from the power supply, and then reconnect it. Any single lot will work to reconnect the power. All the Haunted Lightning on any lots that use it, including the Poltergeist Manor will then play again.

MTP Super Pack
The Terrain Kit (7n1)
PEG-Poltergeist Manor 
PEG Poltergeist Manor (Variations)

Props and Textures - Pegasus
Original Deadwoods Lotting - Paeng

User Feedback

This looks super great just like everything else that involves it it totally gives a creepy haunting effect i have the one like this and looks Great in my halloween city everything scary Great ideas! 5/5
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    • Dirktator


      Hi Community! We're almost there for our March goals!  I just wanted to keep the momentum going so if you are able to help, please donate and get some gifts in exchange! Thanks so much to those who have helped out this month, we really appreciate it.
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      Salem, Massachusetts - Please rate and enjoy! 
      Just in time of Halloween! Whether your a fan of the hit TV Show Salem or just fond or intrigued of it's dark mysterious past, Salem has been reborn for Cities Skylines! 
      Salem, Massachusetts, a settlement of puritans, founded in 1629 in the New England region. Famous for the Salem Witch Trials. Beautifully re-created, to truly represent one of the first settlements of the new world. Beautiful flowing rivers, rich ore deposits and farmland for your citizens to toil over. It's a rather vast map, with plenty of rivers, coasts and forests. 
      Further Information : 
      - Using the latest satellite height maps 
      - Temperate Biome 
      - All coasts, terrain and rivers are smoothed/eroded to add to the aesthetics. 
      - Plenty of free flowing rivers and coast areas 
      - 2 Shipping connections, 2 Air connections, 3 Rail & 4 Road connections 
      - Designed to be played with the 25 tile mod 
      - Significant ore and resource deposits 
      Rate and comment below, Salem awaits!
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    • By Craig-Abcvs
      SPAM - Univaasity
      University of Veterinary and Agricultural Science
      By Craig-Abcvs

      Yes, folks we are slowly working our way up the educational ladder... this time may we present the SPAM Univaasity, specialising in veterinary, agricultural and turfgrass science.
      The Univaasity been fully spammed with new features...  most notabily... flowers.. red flowers in fact!  Yes, yes I know it will come as a shock to some to include such an overt display of prettiness, but for such a prestigious educational facility Screw Pile Developments has spared no expense, (no expense at all actually)... in the landscaping budget for this lot. Flowers and a very classy rock wall do indeed adorn the frontage.  The Univaasity mascot, Barker who met a tragic end chasing his own tail is now forever immortalised  in bronze and adorns pride of place in the front garden.
      Also, back by popular demand are our two heroic A.I. bulls, Angus and Fergus, seconded from the SPAM - R.A.V.E clinic, still diligently doing their duty...  however there was a slight misrepresentation in their position of appointment...  they were under the impression that the univaasity was a seminary...
      Other included livestock for our young vets to practice their skills on are our resident flock of sheep, Dolly, Molly, Holly, Polly, Woolly and of course last but not least Bob the ram.
      Making their debut from the Jestarr  Livestock prop pack, are Doris the Sow and Boris the Boar forming the resident porcine population who have a very fine working arrangement processing leftovers from the student canteen.  
      At night when all the students and professors have gone home, the two night watchmen, Harry and Larry will keep vigil near the front entrance.
      This lot will replace the Maxis University, (while installed) and shares the same properties, costs and reward values as the original.
      Documents/Simcity 4/Plugins
      *SPAM Super Resource Pack
      *Not required if you already have the full SPAM mod installed.
      PEG-MTP Super Resource Pack
      Murimk Farm Addons for SPAM Vol1: Barns
      Mayor Mode Ploppable Livestock - by Jestarr

      Optional - if you want the flag of your choice to fly:
      One Flag Many Nations
      Day of Peace Flag Prop 
      Canada Flag (Not included in Day of Peace Prop) 
      OFMN New Zealand Flag (Not included in main OFMN mod)
      Really really optional for those who need instant gratification...
      RH Rewards Unlock

      Special Credit:
      Murimk -  **vet sign
      **If you already have installed the SPAM R.A.V.E Vet Clinic, this file can be deleted.
    • By Craig-Abcvs
      SPAM School Bus Garage
      By Craig-Abcvs
      When you have a small isolated community that is not really big enough to support its own school, due to ongoing education budget cuts... we still need to ensure that our little Sims get their School Education Quotient boost.

      This School Bus Garage will service your isolated rural communities by "transporting" all the little Sims into the nearest town for school.
      Actually... in game it functions as an elementary school with full tile coverage.
      The School Bus Garage also provides 'extra-curricular' education around the back... exactly what is going on and exactly what is being taught, is best left to the imagination, but if you check carefully you might just catch sight of Bubba, Cleetus and Elmo who are regular attendees.
      Installation: Documents/Simcity 4/Plugins
      Menu: Education
      Plop: $750
      Bulldoze: $100
      Pollution: 2,0,2,0 
      Coverage: 4096
      Dependency:  *SPAM Super Resource Pack
      (*Not required if you have the full SPAM mod installed).
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