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Gooooooooooood morning Montreal (think Robin Williams).  Phew.  This map has taken me two insanely long weeks(on and off) to get working.  So here it is, Montreal.  This map has no erosion effects, is completely flat and has resources everywhere. 


Delete any cities you have made on the original map, then out this file in your PAK folder.  Or even better, make a folder within your PAK folder called 'MAPS' and 'MODS.  Keeps things neat and easier to delete.


This map replaces 'The Green Hills'.


You will also need the file, 'mods required for new maps.patch' for the resources to work. 

You can find it here,








User Feedback

Hey Funky Monk, Is the "great lakes" map i requested still coming?? I would be very gratefull since i don't know how to use the map editor... tnx
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Wow, this is a great map! I do have a request... Could you please make a map of London? I would forever be thankful :3 -Aelencia
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@jochem...I had a go but I can't get it exactly the way you want it. The real little details I don't know how to do yet. i only just learnt how to use it myself. @Angelic...Isn't there already a map of London? I thought the game had Paris,NY, Rio and London.
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Angelic, there is a map pack that Alex24 made which has London in it. Find it here: http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=24664 I think he made them for CXL2009 but I tried two other maps from the same pack in CXL2011 and they work, so see if it works for you.
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@Angelic...which map are you referring to, mine or jochems London map? If you have any cities on the original map, you have to delete them before you put the .patch file in there. @thenacofan...It's very hard getting those little details down, but feel free to learn how to make maps, then you would know what I mean.
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hi funky.im tryn to make a map for mombasa island for ths game too da current one cities xl 2011,cud u pls help me out?bn lukn for tutorials so far no luck.id realy appreciate u cn reach me at abdulhamed80@yahoo.com.tnx
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Hi, I have a problem with the map, I CXL2011 game, and I do not know whether the current map here on site, are good for this game? I put the folder faily Paks, but nothing in the cards I do not display? I'm sorry, I ask for exact instructions. Thank you. Gabrielle
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This map is amazing but I cannot make it work. How do I do that? I put it in Paks as instructed but when I open it in-game, the default '[color=#3D3A37]The Green Hills' map appears. [/color]

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    • @Tyberius06 ... I do not want you to think that I am ignoring you - I simply do not have the time to look into it this week. Hopefully, I can examine it this weekend. 
    • Very nice huzman! Thanks for the upload!
    • I remember this one :-) It's a true classic in the SC3000 community.
    • You really only need the building files. (.Desc and .Model) It's against STEX's rules to re-upload them.