Median for AVE-2 Beta

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I uploaded this file to Simcity China a long time ago. And a few days ago, I saw a post talking about AVE-2's median on sc4d, which makes me decide to upload it here. I hope this will help you.

I made 10 diffrerent T21s to make things good-looking, including three T21s with lights. There will be seasonal trees and planters after installing this MOD. Those stuffs will apear when there are Civic, residential or commercial buildings at any density or wealth. The version of this MOD is only beta for now, so there might be some probles. Point them out so I can fix them.

There are only T21s for straight AVE-2.

Four things Needed:
Of course, NAM and NWM
CP Prop Pack 2009a -

BSC MEGA Props CP Vol01 -

Sorry for my poor English...

And enjoy!

PS: Those T21 files in this MOD isn't 'clean', that means some useless things can be found in T21s. It wouldn't affect the game, but I'll try to clean this MOD up so it will be better. And the Version One should be fine.

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