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MTP abcvs School of the Air
By - Craig-Abcvs

If the Maxis game designers wanted us to build, bigger, denser and more urban... then they clearly had not met those of us who want to build, smaller, sparser and more rural.

Now consider for a moment you live on your standard issue large SC4 tile... but the thing is you don't live down on the river plain, near the main roads, or anywhere near a town. You live way up in the mountains... in a cabin by a lake, way up out the back of beyond, in the far corner... the boonies... the sticks... or the wop wops.

Then of course one cold winters night when the diesel runs out in the generator... the only thing for it is to turn in early with the Mrs...
...and well wadda ya know... 9 months later... well... yeah... little Jr. arrives.

Then of course little Jr... grows like a bean sprout and he needs to get all smart and edumacated... but you still live way up in the furtherest corner of the tile...
Do you send Jr, into town to stay with your second cousin with her brain twice removed to attend school?

No! You crank up the old shortwave radio, and Jr, attends his lessons via the MTP School of the Air!
The lesson packages are delivered periodically by the mail plane, or the flying doctors on their monthly clinic runs from the MTP Medical Landing Strip... they then land at the MTP Crop Dusting Strip which is just over the back fence of your cabin.

So while the school and the teacher is located some distance away, with the wonders of modern technomahlogicalogy little Jr. can still receive his education... all thanks to the power of the school radio transmitter broadcasting at the convenient coverage range of 4096 kHz - which is pretty much the biggest coverage circle you can mod.

Then once Jr. is all tucked up in bed, the School of the Air is still hard at work, educating all the isolated Sims in on-air night classes...
... preventative diesel generator maintenance, agricultural turf grass science, ultra realistic modding for rural SC4 custom content, and knitting woolly socks for beginners.

Menu - Education
Plop cost - $500
Monthly - $100
Bulldoze - $100
Coverage - Full large tile, if built near the centre
Max Capacity - 500

MTP Super Resource Pack
PEG-CDK3 Coast Guard Station
PEG Security Fencing Kit
Optional - One Flag Many Nations (if you want your flag of choice to fly)

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What an amazing idea.... and it actually makes some sort of sense instead of " Mega radius makez it betterz. No reasonz." Well done. Thanks for uploading, but is the next thing you do gonna be related to anything air like?

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Problem: it educates the Sims to high EQ but when querying residentials they say low school level! Which means you must be robbing them of proper education etc or there is a bug that says low school. I have to have about 15 of these around my big square city as they get maxed out constantly. DO you have to have the crop dusted landing strip for this to work?

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