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MTP Medical Landing Strip

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it another landing strip?

Well, yes... but this one is not found in the airport menu... but it is found in the hospital menu.

When you live out in the sticks, boonies, wop wops, or for the Aussies, the out-back... and little Johnny falls out of the apple tree and breaks both arms and both legs, or old Jethro, crushes his fingers in the combine harvester... or Sally-Ann goes into premature labour... you need a hospital. Well that can be a problem if the only town for miles around only has a small clinic, that can only deal with minor injuries and ailments. If the nearest hospital is in the next tile, or 4 hours drive away you are going to need a faster way to get to hospital.

The MTP Medical Landing Strip, provides maximum medical coverage, equipped with both a Medi-vac helicopter and also a fixed wing air ambulance. Well the air ambulance is actually the local sky diving plane, but it is roomy, and you can get a stretchered patient in the back.

Menu - Hospital
Coverage - Maximum
Cost - $750
Monthly - $500 (adjustable)
Bulldoze - $100
Needs power and water
Equipped with a small, on site clinic, but for anything more serious than a band aid they will fly you out to the nearest fully equipped hospital.
Nightlighting - Buildings, and portable flood lighting for heli-pad.

UDI (U-Drive it) - Ambulance, Medi-vac Helicopter (requires large medical center in tile), without a large medical center, the helicopter will still periodically take off and return.
Air Ambulance (Sky-Diving Plane - requires a landing strip in tile)

*Fly from the medical landing strip to any other airport in your tile!

PEG-MTP Super Pack

To install, unzip into your C: documents/Simcity 4/Plugins folder.
To remove, delete from the plugins folder.

User Feedback

Very nice. Perfect for little remote communities. And ^^No first comment comments. Those are against STEX rules.
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I have no idea what the wop wops are, but this is awsome, especially since I've worked in health care for years. I'm grateful someone came up with something like this, even if I am a Yankee!
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@redscope... yeah I have been having issues uploading to the STEX... which is still not fully resolved.
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    • By neslein
      Hello all.
      First at all,-I´m not new to sc4,I have played it since 2004,but I hav´nt played for some years.
      I have played allmost all the new City builders,but SimCity 4 is the only real "build a city" game for me :),-because(and many other reasons) so far I hav´nt reached more than 650.000 population,in a single city,and that was with the latest NAM installed.
      I have SimCity 4,-the very first and original on a disc,-but unfortunately I can´t play it on modern computers,so digital SC4 Deluxe it is.
      No problem in that,-other than ALL the problems you all know about,-It´s simply unplayable without Mods.
      And mods is what this thread is about.If I had the knowlegde to customize a Hospital,or any other buildings for my use, by using the Lot Editor and iLive Reader I wouldn´t make this post,but I simply can´t figure out how to use these great tools.(58 yeays old,and never had an I pad,-or what ever the name are....;))
      So here is my little pray for you Modders.
      I would really like a Hospital and an Elementary School with a capacity of 9-10.000,and  with 3 times the cost for both the ambulance and daily running.
      Nothing ells must be changed.Just a lot that act as 3 Hospitals or Schools
      I know there´s a load of those costum Civic both here and Devotion,but I hav´nt found anything that fit my "style".
      Can YOU do this for me?please?
    • By fafalone
      Taxiway Marking Improve Pack, Volume 2
      Project lead, additional overlay textures, lots, and modding by fafalone
      Ramp textures by AC Team
      Road overlays from PLT's Airport Roads and ShadeSlayer's Airport Road Improvement Project
      The Taxiway Marking Improvement Pack Volume 2 (TMIP2) is a large expansion of first volume, encompassing many lots in several categories. This once again greatly expands the level of detail you can make with RMIP2-style taxiways and airports.
      Dark ramp conversion of PLT's ARP project Dark ramp conversion of ShadeSlayer's SCAG-ARIP project Centered terminal-over-road piece to fit some gate lots Dark ramp conversion for diagonal terminal building lots Additional vehicle boundary options for both light and dark ramps Taxiway stop points for all types (dark, light, apron, and green) Large terminal letters (A through F) for both light and dark ramps Directional arrows (N, NW, W, SW, S, SE, E, and NE) for both light and dark ramps Gate numbers (1 through 20) for both light and dark ramps 3 types of airport equipment yard lots, for both light and dark ramps Addition ramp filler pieces (2x2, 3x3, and 4x4) for both light and dark ramps Individual lotted airport vehicles on light ramps, dark ramps, light roads, and dark roads: ----Tugs (6 types) ----Hose Truck ----LD3 Baggage Carts (4 types) ----Stair trucks (2 types) ----Airport Fire Truck ----Catering Truck Usage Note
      The installation is divided into main folders for each category, and within each of those folders all lots are present individually. You can delete any category folder or individual lot that you do not need without effecting the rest of the install (just don't delete the "core" files, FAF_TMIP_Vol2_Core.dat, and FAF_TMIP2_Roads_Core.dat if using either road set).
      AC MEGA Textures Vol01 AC MEGA Props Vol02 SCAG Mega Dependency #1 SCAG Mega Dependency #2 BriPizza Ground Handling Props Set A BriPizza Ground Handling Props Set B BSCBATProps RT SNM Vol01 Note that while technically not required, this package doesn't make much sense without the projects it's expanding: TMIP Volume 1, PLT's Airport Roads (ARP), and SCAG Airport Roads Improvement Project (ARIP).

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