Asphalt Path Set 1

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About This File

Asphalt Path Set by riiga



What's included in this set?

  • 15 path pieces, including a path-to-street transition.
  • 6 different street crossings.
  • 2 different road crossings, both European and American textures.
  • 4 overpasses: Road, OWR, Avenue and road with a one-tile gap. (Height: 15 m)
  • All overpasses and crossings are of course transit-enabled.

Installation instructions

  1. Unzip the files and/or folders to your SimCity 4 plug-in folder.
    For example:
    XP - C:\Documents and Settings\riiga\My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins
    Vista/W7 - C:\Users\riiga\Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins

  2. Play the game! The path set will appear in the Park/recreation menu.


Plop cost: §40-100
Bulldoze cost: §10
Monthly cost: §0
Pollution: 0 to -2 over 2 tiles
Requires electricity? No
Capacity 15000-30000


© 2010 riiga

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