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The Statue Collection 01 started out the whole statue craze with a request to re-texture the whale, shark & dolphin statues used in the old RTK kit. It mushroomed into a larger collection of statues intended for use along beaches & the CDK3 shorelines... then expanded further to include a variety of both practical and whimsical statues. Pretty much anything we could put on pedestal and give a patina finish to... we made into a statue. Feel free to use them in the lots you develop and distribute.


* These custom props are free to use and distribute in lots your create for your own use or to publicly distribute.  If re-distributed, please reference the original prop pack as a dependency. Do not copy and redistribute the original prop material. Most of the props are larger in-game than the their bounding boxes will indicate in the L0t Editor. Most notably, the statuues with longer tails may extend beyond the tile that the prop is placed on.
All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.

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LOL! I love the star trek ship! :D The "greek poet" looks a bit like homer simpson! The flamingo looks very pink (of course!). What else is there to say? Great upload!
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haha, 5/5. it's not very often people with a sense of humor is allowed around this dirktatorship... i'm kidding!
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Not sure at all why the download compared to view is so low on these these statues are perfect for many creative ideas and so well done! I mean their excellent ! Downloading each of these statues big time use totally 5/5 PEg ur awesome man!
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These are awesome. They made me smile, too. Especially the California State Bird. and the Star Trek Convention, 5/5
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GlobexCo: An obvious mis-communication. The city wanted a statue of the famous Greek poet... and commissioned the sculptor, who watches too much TV, to make a statue of Homer.
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I'm Your fan forever from your first work ... Your MTP Serial is a Tremendous way for me ... Thank YOU and waiting new MTP objects
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Please, someone make statues out of these! I want to use them badly, but I am unable to do that kind of work. Love them!
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Absolutely Great!!! But does anyone know how they are listed in Lot editor, cant find a single statue?????? Its me I know, just thought I'd ask
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thank you very creative will use the lawyers in front of courthouse and the CA state bird in front of the mayor's mansion Homer maybe for ancient city some day
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    • By Joe_Winko_From_YouTube
      this is what's going on, 
      i downloaded this building from 3D warehouse, and i opened it up in sketchup2016, then i exported it as a 3Ds, then i tried importing it into BAT, BUT when it render it in BAT, it doesn't have a texture on it, it's just the shape of the building colored white.
      How do i get the texture of it to show up?
      please help, if you need more information just ask.
      please help 
      here's a visual of whats going on:

      UPDATE: never mind, i figured it out. i just had to use a new model of the building from 3d warehouse, something was just wrong with the one i downloaded before. 
    • By JP Schriefer
      We all know BATters usually scale their models by 133%, but to be honest I never knew how exactly this number was reached and I'd like to know.
      Today I was reading about how types of projections work and I noticed SC4 isn't really isometric, but trimetric just by 1 degree. I think it's acceptable to consider it as dimetric since it makes calculations way easier and it's an insignificant error. Actually I believe it's more likely that I got it wrong due to the prospector error or any other thing and it's indeed dimetric.

      So this is a cube made with 3ds without vertical scaling. As you can see the height must also be equal to 433px. It means we need to scale it by (433/317)*100 = 136,6%.

      It makes sense to me, but does it to you as well? It's always good to ask, sometimes other people notice something wrong we are not seeing
    • By crownsteler
      So a few years ago I had a go at bating. Unfortunately due to computer issues I never got around to finishing any of them, and long since lost the files. A bit of a shame really; I was nearly done modeling these two sets of buildings, all they really needed were nightlites and some desaturating of the textures. Oh well. 
      Last weekend, for some odd reason, I decided to reinstall SimCity 4 and play it. But, after downloading a ton of new content, I found I still couldn't make the cities I wanted (mostly modern urban Dutch). The first thing that bothered me was the lack of varied in utilities, specifically pumping stations. So I looked up some modern pumping stations here in the Netherlands, and, the idiot that I am, downloaded gmax to see if I could make something of it:
      The first one I had a go at was a largish sewage pumping station:

      Unfortunately this is the material it is made out of, and I am not quite sure how to texture this. I have half a mind of simply modelling the panels instead of texturing it.
      In the mean time I decided to model another pumping station, a small drainage pump this time:

      It has the same issue with texturing, so oh well.
      While looking through pumping stations here in the Netherlands, I came across this little thingy and decided it also really needed modelling (for a change it is an actual ground water pumping station!):

      It is actually coming along quite nicely. I just need to finish the doors, add the rain gutter and some roof junk. I possibly need to figure out how to model a few pumps to fill the large frontal roof if the windows are going to be transparant (ugh...)
      At the same time I was really annoyed by the power utilities in the game. So yeah...
      I came across this funky little substation, and since it takes no effort to model had a go at it:

      Not sure if there is interest in this sort of thing though.
      I also created this substation (could also work as an industrial lot). I want to make it a wall to wall lot, but, as the roof is overhanging to the sides, I don't know how to go about it.

      And, if I ever feel confident enough to do so, I'd love to have a go at this power plant. The turbine halls are simple enough, but the chimney seems daunting.
      Anyway; thoughts and suggestions? Compliments or hate is also welcome. Oh, and IrfanView apparently does not like transparency. I hope you can ignore the black outlines on the images, they are not supposed to be there.
    • By lsrprules2
      There's a very impressive BAT of Lomonossov University on SC4Devotion and I would like to download it, but it replaces the ingame University building. Could someone refer me to a guide on how to possibly edit it so that it exists as a separate building instead? It doesn't have to still be a rewards building but I'd like for it to retain its functionality; if it's the same as the ingame University campus which is much smaller, I might want to increase the stats appropriately.

      Here is the link: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2881

    • By lsrprules2
      It used to be on SC4 Devotion but it's since been locked, and you can't just type in =DOWNLOAD in the URL to bypass it anymore. There was a German site, SimCityPlaza, that also hosted the download but it now redirects to a 404 page (http://www.simcityplaza.de/index.php/simcitykurierdetails.php?file=999).

      I suppose the only way to obtain it now is if someone uploaded a copy of the files. If anyone has it, could you share it please? Thanks.

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