Schau's Brewery 1

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Updated with jobs in a ploppable version, big up to Amthaak for that!

First i want to say, yes i know it's rather dark compared to other 3dsmax BATs , and that it's even got shadows by night time. But keep in mind that this was before BAT4max 2.6 was out + Let There Be Light, that i rendered this.

Now a Landmark standard lot, and a ploppable with jobs, still no growable.

Either way, here you go, Schau Brewery, a big industrial building, which took a few months to make, it's got a lot of interesting little details to look at. Several murals including a naruto stencil made by a friend of mine. Should keep you occupied for several minutes.  =P

Standard Landmark stats and all that, neither any dependancies, a plop with jobs might come soon, but not for the moment.


250 jobs, otherwise it's all standard low pollution.

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