Cities XL terrain/map mod 0,1

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Welcome to the first terrain mod for Cities XL.
Version 0.1

First picture: the result
Second picture: I started from this png
Now you'll able to change a part of the layer of the terrain in CXL in order to have a real city map as base
for your future city.

At the moment is only available for the map "THE GRAND CANYON"

1 - extract the folder and put "landscape" under "Gfx" in your "Data" directory.
2 - create a .png file with the map of the real city you want to imitate.
3 - With a picture program, create a specular map and resize it to more than 7000x7000 pixels
  - (for example if you start from 122x130, resize it to 7122x7130)
4 - Rename it "NEW_ground_01-png" and put it in landscape/textures/ground
5 - Start a new city in the grand canyon map
6 - At closest zoom you'll see your map
7 - Have fun!

Soon I'll upload the complete file. Sorry, but is difficult to find right names for maps...

(c) GlobexCo 2009
Thanks everyone

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