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Download Cities XL terrain/map mod 0,1

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Welcome to the first terrain mod for Cities XL.
Version 0.1

First picture: the result
Second picture: I started from this png
Now you'll able to change a part of the layer of the terrain in CXL in order to have a real city map as base
for your future city.

At the moment is only available for the map "THE GRAND CANYON"

1 - extract the folder and put "landscape" under "Gfx" in your "Data" directory.
2 - create a .png file with the map of the real city you want to imitate.
3 - With a picture program, create a specular map and resize it to more than 7000x7000 pixels
  - (for example if you start from 122x130, resize it to 7122x7130)
4 - Rename it "NEW_ground_01-png" and put it in landscape/textures/ground
5 - Start a new city in the grand canyon map
6 - At closest zoom you'll see your map
7 - Have fun!

Soon I'll upload the complete file. Sorry, but is difficult to find right names for maps...

© GlobexCo 2009
Thanks everyone



That looks pretty cool but hectic. Also how would you account for the slopes of hills which cause the roads to be unbuildable. Finally can you change the texture back? I would not want my landscape to look like this forever
Delete the picture or the mod folder if you want to have the original terrain...
intrigued by the idea, would be really handy for layout... If only we could do it in SC4.
It's possible also in SC4, but SC4 doesn't offer free oriented roads. Without them it' quite impossible to imitate a real city
I hear that, (although the CBD of my city, Adelaide, is entirely 90 degree roads) though I think it would still be quite handy. Is the process roughly the same?
Oct 27, 2009 - 01:15 PM
Your just a leader in the Cities XL custom content creation aren't ya! :P Great Job! 10
Making it for SC4 is an hard for for users because they have to create their own .dat and work with tons of numbers.
why nobody tried this with sc4 before?? I mean there's plenty of guys who are really down with all the sc4 tools... anyways yet another great mod for CXL, I wonder what's next
Oct 28, 2009 - 06:08 AM
good to see city xl stuff on here now
i think that xl stuff should hav its own exchange on this website
I probably would not use this but that doesn't mean I don't think it's a great idea and contribution. Thanks!
um how do you create a specular map?? i tried creating a normal png but it just crashes the game
It doesn't work with the latest patch. Sorry, but I can't fix it.
thanks for this man!!! ;)
this is very interesting. Thanks!
thats a very great idea! 5/5!
A dreamed about this playing SC4! Very nice!

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