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Download Coastal Modd 1

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Bring new life to your coastal areas with these innovative foreshore, inshore and offshore textures.

The Coastal Modd consists of 10 colours of rippled sea texture, 12 inshore colours, 5 sandy foreshore and
beach colors,  4 rock foreshore colours and a transparent beach texture.

The sea is rippled at all scales (a light breeze), cleanly tiles, and gives new realism to the surf,
whitecaps/glints and boats in the game. Colours are based on mods previously done and so should meet most requirements, but keep in mind that your monitor affects the colours you see. 

To apply: choose

     Zero or One .dat file from each of

    groups and put into Plugins.

If you pick a Sandy Foreshore choose the corresponding beach texture too.
If you pick a Rocky Foreshore you may want to make the beaches Transparent (or not).

Tech note: SimCity  combines the three textures at the coastal margins depending on the depth - deeper=darker.
The game defaults are brown sand, mauve inshore and light blue flat sea. Foreshore starts at 4m elevation, and the Inshore texture disappears at 50m deepth. A sun texture is also applied over the top of the scene. You can optionally choose waves (surf and whitecap highlights) from the graphics options

  Ron Aug 2009



Really good! love the sand textures! KEEP IT UP
Awesome, you've got some great textures here. Keep up the good work!
Very nice indeed, and well laid out. Thanks, I'm looking forward to using them.
Wow i very rarly coment on stex uploads but this is awsome! Great work!
They look awesome! ill have to give this a try
Oh Mai Gosh.... this is a dream! WAKE MEH UPP!!!!
Let me get this strait, does this replace the beach, shore, and deeper water textures? (or whatever you chose to replace?) And if so, would it effect a water mod already in place?
Hmm, I could definitely use it for the water for my arctic cities; the flat, default water doesn't seem to work with my cities anymore. I wonder why? 5/5
It has everything of a good upload: good idea, a purpose, good realisation and a lot of options. When I get home, I'll download this mod. Excellent; 5/5.
yeah this is great but fairly easy to make by others just download the conforming slope mod then you can even put buildings on your sea shore then edit a blank lot to whatever style you like
I love the sea textures, great work !
nice textures, and good work
I was just looking for such a mod the other day, I hope this one will fullfil my needs ;) Looks great!
This looks awsome! Thanks for sharing.
Looks great!

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