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One thing we have never had in any version of SimCity are the power Substations that are an intregal part of any power grid. But now we do!

The power we use may be produced at a power plant possibly 100s of miles away.. or it may come from "The Grid" consisting of numerous distributed power plants all supplying power to a single, connected network of power. But between your house and the source, is at least one if not several power sub-stations which control and convert voltage and current... and also serve as switching & relay stations  (transmission & distribution) to local areas.

This package contains 2 Substations. One is a larger Transmission Substation (2x2 tiles) of the type you might find next to power plants, major power line junctions or as a Distribution Substation  servicing a large area. The other is a smaller Distribution Substation (1x1) that would normally service a smaller area or neighborhood. The larger substation provides jobs and requires road access. The small substation does not provide jobs and can be located remotely. It can also be plopped around the larger Substation to make it look like a much bigger facility.

* Both Substations display a small red blinking light when they are powered to help you visually confirm that the station is receiving power.

Our Substations are technically power plants in that they can be found in the game's Utility Power Menu and are part of the Power Budget. But they do not produce any power. Like the power transmission towers, they are a realistic component of a power grid. But otherwise, they do not provide any required functionality to the game.

The lots are cheap to plop and even cheaper to maintain. They are YIMBY/NIMBY neutral... so you can plop them anywhere without affecting wealth or desirability. They produces about the same air pollution and garbage as a typical single-family residence.

* The lots also have a custom query that displays vital information about all the power facilities in your city.

Power Query

To be honest, I always hated using the game's "high tension" or power transmission towers... thinking that they were ugly and generally wasted space. But since testing these new Substations, I have had great fun setting up realistic power grids in my cities... running transmission towers to Substations and connecting all power plants  to "The Grid". 

* You can check out the Wikipedia Article on Electrical Substations to learn more about how substations work and how they can be used to add more realism to your cities.  

** These lots have no dependencies.

All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.

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Nice work, Peg! It adds more detail to the cities we make.
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I love this. This is more realistic. Does this also mean I can forgo power lines?

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Nice idea pegasus! This'll add a little more detail to my cities :)
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Exactly what I was looking for! Bravo, just amazing! Thanks for sharing!
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It's little details like these that make SC4 ever more realistic and fun! As always, good work!
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Pegasus, you sir are pure genius :) i think its brilliant when someone makes something to bring SC4 just that little bit closer to real life, keep it up!

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I like this just for the custom Query. I like the idea of having all of my power related info all in one click! Thanks. :)
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I love these but SimCity Societies had them. It bears the name SimCity but that is the only way that it is a SimCity game so I do not know if you were intentionally leaving out that lackluster game.
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I am a sucker for the well made eyecandy. Brilliant. -plug
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Wow. I'd been using that 'transformer facility' hi-tech industrial lots to visually mimic these. Bit this is even better than that. Awesome!
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    • By RandyE
      An application for post-nuclear technological civilization.
      8 (width) x 4 (depth) Lot Size. Power and Water produced: 8,000,000 MWh/ Gal. per hr.  Water Treatment and Recycling: 1,000,000/ 60%,   Maintenance Cost: 0, Monthly Income: 50000. Landmark and Park Effect: 10 over 20,  Pollution Reduction -10 over 50.  Transit and Network enabled.  Maxis Night Lighting. Location: Power Menu, Business Deals, Trash Presort Ordinance
      The textures file below is no longer a dependency. I've extracted the 4 metal textures and included them in the folder containing the lot.  If the texture file below is used then delete the 'BaseTexturesElements_Metal.dat' (40K) file in the 'Cosmic Neutrino Power Plant' folder as the textures don't need to be loaded twice.  (The metals textures .dat file may be freely used and included in works other than for the purpose of this lot.)
      Dependencies:  Base Textures Vol 1 Elements for metal base textures.
      FOLDER: Cosmic Neutrino Power Plant
      There are now 2 sub-folders containing 2 versions of the power plant, one has the 50K business deal, and the other has a 50K cost for plopping the lot but no business deal.  Use either the 50K PlopCost folder or 50K BusDeal, not both.  Select one and delete the other. The lots are copies of each other so the game will not separate them into independent lots. Neither have maintenance costs.
      What this power plant (hypothetically) does is filter neutrinos from the origin of the universe that are the background static before all construct of atomic matter.  The series of high power super-cooled magnetic plates slow down the neutrinos until they exert inertial force which is converted to thermal energy driving electric generator turbines.
      For the electric power needs of the entire world, only one of these plants is required as its capability of generation of power vastly exceeds what the demand would ever be for civilization on Earth. 
      This power plant requires no use of any other fuel and produces no waste or radioactivity.  There are no costs involved in either construction or maintenance as the power plant, once operating, eliminates the need for any form of abstract valuation of property, labor or resources.   There are no security risks in the operation of this power plant as there is no excess of source, transmission or storage of energy.     
      Dedicated in memory of March, 11, 2011.
      To install first open the Cosmic Neutrino Power Plant folder and choose one of the versions, delete the other sub-folder.   Copy and paste the Cosmic Neutrino Power Plant folder into your User\Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins folder. 
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      On the STEX you'll find several different kinds of power plants representing a variety of post-doctorate theses on the advance of energy technology.  The Energy Data Packaging Plant represents my contribution to the plausible power plants collection.
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      Well-educated technicians and maximum funding are recommended as a 2 picosecond delay before the acceleration of light must be maintained to prevent a supernova reaction.
      All props and lighting are Maxis dependent.
      INSTALL:  Add the 'Energy Data Packaging Plant' folder containing the lot file to your 'User\ Documents\ Simcity 4\ Plugins' folder.
      The animated preview above shows the 5 zoom levels of SC4 trimetric projection.  
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      i was wondering if this is a common issue in the game... you can see the middle normal road has a nice 90 degree natural curve, now when i try to apply it to the dirt road version it doesn't work or just goes back to the normal road look. Anyone know any solutions around this?

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