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  • Submitted: Jan 06, 2004 - 07:00 PM
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Download Terrain Mod: Arctic/Snowcapped Terrain

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Snow-Capped/Arctic Terrain Mod - By Teirusu

Finally updated, this Snow-Capped/Arctic Terrain Mod is fully compatible with BOTH Peg's Rock Kit and my just finished Beach Mod.  Not only that, but now both mods (Arctic and Snow-Capped) are now packaged together.  They both do similar thing anyway, heh heh.  Please note that the 'Arctic Terrain Base Textures.dat' is now part of the Arctic_terrain.dat that is inside this zip file.  So, please remove that file from your plugin directory.

Now first!!!  To get either mod to work please drag-an-drop the 'arctic_snowcapped_textures.dat' into your plugin folder of the Simcity4 directory.  This file includes, and only includes, textures for both mods.  By itself it will not effect your game in any way.

Now, to install the Snow-Capped mod, drag-an-drop the 'snow_capped_terrain.dat' into your plugin folder.  To install the new lowered version of the Snow-Capped mod, drag-an-drop the 'snow_capped_lower.dat' into your plugin folder.  And last, to install the arctic terrain, drag-an-drop the 'Arctic_terrain.dat' into your plugin folder.  Do not try to use these three dats together, it will not work. ;-)


Kid of cats 5
Aug 13, 2009 - 08:20 AM
Can you make a mod wher all the terrain is snowy and Icy? Because I'm intended to make my region (Aargon) a bit cold. Please?
Only saw this in screenshots but I was impressed, and I'm really curious to see my cities like this now... BIG THX!!!
Very good. Cold.
very nice
im having trouble getting to work
all the city tiles i havent used seem to be raised quite alot, is there any way to fix this?
Clarification: by "snowcapped", do you mean there is snow at higher elevations, but the rest is grassy? Thanks
Jan 16, 2012 - 07:26 PM
this is awesome but there is a problem , the grass on lots turn into snow! what can i do?
When I installed it, sim city 4 kept crashing when I loaded up a city!

Clarification: by "snowcapped", do you mean there is snow at higher elevations, but the rest is grassy? Thanks


How uninstall it?

This is the most realistic snow mod I have tried!!! Thank.you

Looks fantastic, thanks !!!!

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