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  • Submitted: Nov 23, 2003 - 07:00 PM
  • Last Updated: Nov 23, 2003 - 07:00 PM
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Download Realistic Water v1 by Joerg and Teirusu

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Joerg's Realistic water mod, that changes the water of simcity4 from carribean blue to rest of the world blue. Very nice and highly reccomended by me :-) Made with the much needed info generated by our squadder Teirusu

Jun 29, 2009 - 02:26 PM
Hmmm I'll try it
adds a great effect
look more downlaods then views???
i mean really...
I'll download this... hope, new effects will be better, then default)))
I've tried this mod - and I love it. Thank you karbdis for sharing.
this is nice...
Please, add an in-game picture. How can people see it? Anyway, by the comments, I believe that this should be a great mod. 5/5
why the hell didn't you put a readme in the zipped file? ?? where the hell am I going to put the unzipped file????! damn it !!
@ fenasiqerim: All single mod files go in the SC4 plugin folder unless stated otherwise... @ karybdis: thx for the upload. i wonder is this compatible with other terrain mods (like arctic or desert or Olympic meadow)?
Thank you. The current water effect is boring. =)
Jun 01, 2010 - 02:29 PM
Mhm it would be easier to spot with a pic and also easier to know what exactlt it is but ive already downloaded this and i quite like it 5/5
I'll try
OK I wish you would stop giving us pictures of gears and provide ingame pictures. It makes me really undoubtful.
^I mean doubtful
sorry, how to install it?
Adding a pic would be nice...

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