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PEG UT Seaport Avenue Medians 1

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About This File

This  PEG Utopia Series  MOD changes the appearance of the Avenue Medians in and around Seaport Zones.... which includes any lot that appears in your Water Transportation menu. The Seaport Zone is an area that the original game designers intended to make use use of... but didn't. As a result, the game default avenues completely ignore it... and avenues running along these lots have empty medians with neither barriers or streetlights.

This mod corrects all that with a special set of custom planters and streetlights designed specifically for Seaports and other water related lots. And yes...  this includes all the PEG-CDK & PEG-Seaport lots. The distinctive planter & streetlight style will make it very easy to identify those areas that are influenced by your seaport & coastal lots. At night, the streetlight has a subtle greenish cast to it that further helps you identify your zones.

This mod only affects the straight sections of avenues. By default, the game does not put any center barrier props on diagonal or curved sections of the avenues... and neither does this mod. It does not change any textures so it can be safely used with any other avenue mod you may use.  

Note:  After installation, you will need to replop/drag the straight sections of your avenues in order to see the new avenue median props. Likewise, if the mod is uninstalled, you will need to replop/drag the avenues in cities where the mod was used. 

** This file has no dependencies.

All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.


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jake9089: It works around the PEG-OWW2 Beaches because, although technically parks, they appear in the Water Transportation menu. The game considers all lots in the Water Transportation menu to be in the Seaport Zone.

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I like it, but I cant use it because of the tropical looking trees. that part is confusing me...A majority of your bats have a very northern feel, even in those pictures, you can see evergreens, so why would you use palm trees that completely clash with all your other work? kinda dissapointing, because i like all your medians but i cant use this one, and i really like the nightlighting system. 9/10

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