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The CDK3-SP Pier One is a collection of modular lots that allows you to build your own extended warehouse piers. Mix and match them anyway you want... and make your warehouse piers as long as you like.

All of the lots (except the Base Lot) are 2 tiles wide. All lots promote industrial growth. All lots contain a gazillion random and timed props to simulate activity throughout the day... turning to widely scattered "Where they Hell did everyone go?" in the evening.

Although the extended pier is comprised of several different lots, it should be considered to be a single facility. Therefore, all of the lots are named "Pier One". However, all of the lots can be edited in-game so you can easily rename them to something more creative... like "Pier Two".  ;)

Included in this package are two different styles of lots. Only one style  should be used.

1. Water Style  (Filename:  PEG-CDK3-SP_Pier-One_WV_100.dat )
* These lots plop as water lots... similar to the ploppable CDK-OWW2 modular pier lots.

Advantages: No extra terraforming required.

2. Land Style   (Filename:  PEG-CDK3-SP_Pier-One_LV_100.dat )
* These lots plop as normal land lots... which require that you terraform a 2 tile wide strip of land out into your harbor.

Advantages:  Wave action will display. Ferries & water automata will recognize them as barriers.

* Both files will be installed when the package is unzipped. You should remove the file of the style that you do not wish to use. If you do not remove one of the files, the Water Style will be used by default.

This collection contains the follwing 5 modular lots:

1. 4x5 Base Lot
* This is a standard CDK3-SP lot that blends with all other CDK3-SP lots. Use this lot as the base of your extended warehouse pier. This is the only lot with road access and therefore the only lot with jobs. Accordingly, it has a lot of jobs in order to represent those workers out on the extended pier.

2. 2x Warehouse Lot.
* A 2x length of extended warehouse pier.

3. 3x Warehouse Lot with barges.
* A 3x section of extended warehouse pier with barges.

4. 9x Warehouse Lot  with ships.
* A 9x long section of warehouse pier with  full-sized ships on either side.

5. 2x Warehouse End Lot.
* A 2x long end section of the warehouse pier with a detailed model-rama of a barge being loaded.

** This lot requires the following CDK3 dependency files:

PEG-CDK3-SP Rail Fleet
PEG Security Fencing Kit

All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.


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A personal favorite out of CDK3, I started playing with these as soon as I DLed them (HOORAY PLEX!). Great work!

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Great work PEG, hoping (and praying) for more in the future!! @rushman5 - PLEASE DON'T GO THERE!!!!!

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God I love every single thing released for CDK3. Incredible work, yet another way to add more (functional!) detail to industrial ports. Awesome.

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I noticed that there is a problem, the base ports won't accept any trucks coming from the industrial area. Could you make the base ports accept the trucks? Anyways, the ports look good. I am not going to rate yet.

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hahayoudied: This is not a functional seaport... thus it will not accept freight. However, the functional seaport version is currently in beta @ simpeg.com.

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Absolutely Brillient Piers!!! These are perfect for my NYC project and very accurate.I used to work on QE2, when it dockd in NYC at Pier 92, it looked exactly like this.... 10/10 for detail!

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      There are 2 versions of this lot. Both versions are museums with all the properties and benefits of a normal museum... except plop price. Both versions are also landmarks & tourist attractions and include those benefits as well.
      Each version is 6x6 tiles in size... and both are designed to blend seamlessly with the PEG Oasis Park in order to expand the museum/park complex. One version includes a PEG Pond Kit river bank along one side that can be used as part of an existing Pond Kit river system or a custom pond/lake built exclusively for the Hanging Gardens.
      The lot includes custom query & background sound effects... and a rather unique custom query. Also... be sure to look for the Harem Girls...
      ** Special thanks to BarbyW, Andreas, Blackbeard, Swamper77, Sepis, TEOM & ParadiseFarm for their assistance during the development of this project.
      The Hanging Gardens has NO mandatory external dependencies.
      The PEG Pond Kit is required for the river version of the lot.
      The PEG Oasis Park is recommended for expanding the museum/park complex.
      **This file currently contains an .exe installer suitable for windows users.  These files are in the process of being updated with zip files and this message will be removed once the update is complete.
      All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
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