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This is a RESOURCE file for the PEG-CDK3 Seaport collection of lots. It is a required dependency, specifically, for the upcoming break-bulk freight dock lots and the new freight rail stations.

The pack contains a ton of static, timed and random rolling stock & locomotive props. These are intended for use as props on various lots. These are NOT game automata... however, many will be released separately as such.

* As the game automata trains are considerably under scaled, these props are larger... and scaled to look more appropriate on lots with properly scaled structures, vehicles, peeps and other props.

** Players and developers may use these props on their own lots... subject to the terms of the EULA  that is documented in the  included readme file. 

All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.


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Oh god give the automata. I want to see these as free rolling stock on my city.

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peg, you're the best. can't wait. btw, where the heck do i go to make requests? i really wanna see an open market type addition to CDK3. something like the South Street Seaport in Manhattan. some place where you can go to shop and buy fresh fish... Pier 17?

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Is that a steam train I see? SC4 has one steam engine- and it's only an old american style 4-4-0! With these babies up and running, we may have a more realistic freight system! PLEASE don't ignore the rail-faithful! Other than that, I am speechless. :) Great work.

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Can someone please tell me, why do I always get a bunch of boxes instead of railway cars? I am a newbie in this, don't have much experience in installing patches, mods etc. I tried to install this PEG and the other one with same theme ( railway cars ) and all I got in my city was a bunch of boxes with www.simcity.com label on them. Also, when some buildings started to grow, there were in those boxes. Can someone please explain this to me? Thanks a lot!

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great work...as always. you make a cool game...EVEN BETTER. i love it. it would be nice if the titanic could be a ocean liner in this game but with jobs and acts like any boat in the game.

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great work...as always. you make a cool game...EVEN BETTER. i love it. it would be nice if the titanic could be a ocean liner in this game but with jobs and acts like any boat in the game.

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    • By Pegasus
      Please note as it was discussed under the PLEX support thread, this file has been uploaded on behalf of Pegasus. It was not available anymore due to the the demise of SimPeg. All the works in this download were created by Pegasus.
      The PEG CSK2 Locks have been updated for use with the PEG PPond Canals and ploppable water. This new lot is a "one lot fits all"... in that it can be used both with the canals and the PPond ploppable water.
      But wait... There's more.  This is also a "2fer" lot... as in 2 for 1... as the same lot now replaces the CSK2 Ocean Lock as well. It can also be plopped along your coastlines and used with the PEG CDK3 & OWW2 coastal collection of lots. That's one less menu icon to scroll around looking for.  [YEA !!]

      * If you are not familiar with these Lock lots, they are used to allow your canals to change altitudes. The PPond ploppable water that is used to make lakes, rivers and streams has waterfall lots for that purpose. However, the Locks are the only viable & realistic way for a canal to traverse down a slope.

      The Lock uses timed props to create an animation effect. During the day, the Lock will change several times from being full to being lowered. Various river Scows will also appear in the Lock.
      Like the original, the Lock will automatically adjust to various heights of the slope. There's no need for precise terrain editing... although the area above and below the Lock should be level.
      The new Lock has been reduced in size to only 4 tiles deep... but it is still 2x tiles wide. The upper-level canal section on the original has been removed so the Lock is not limited to use only with the Canals... and it could also be used with any other type of ploppable water or canal style.

      * Please be sure to consult the Developer's Notes section of the included readme file for details on plopping and using this lot.
      All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
    • By Tyberius06
      Heretic SeaPort Project
      EDIT: 24-07-2017
      - I updated one of the dependency, now I can download the PEG PPond Locks from STEX as well.
      Version 1.5 (please read the attached readme file):
      - minor changes on lots (the included readme contains a list about the changed files), therefore I included two new dependency file (they are in the upload)
      - attached Cleanitol file
      - corrected dependency
      - with the update an updated readme. I also deleted the previously included "Images" folder, because the readme contains every picture.
      As the PEG-CDK3 Master SeaPort Controller mod refers the PEG Seaports (which I also use in this upload) are not compatible with any other seaports or seaport mods including the BSC Seaports aswell. As @Eggman121 pointed to me into the right direction in my development thread over there on SC4Devotion, you can only use each of the Seaports: the PEG-CDK3 Seaports with the Master Seaport Controller OR the BSC Seaports, but you can NOT use these together at the same time. 
      This project was initially made for my personal use to get a better (for me more satisfying) design in my cities, which idea was inspirated by Simmer2's RRW NSB overlay texture set. I like the PEG-CDK3-SP system, and I've been using them since I found them on SimPEG a few years ago. But I don't like the base texture what it uses, and there are some configuration what was also problematic (I really don't like those rail-crossings on the inner corner LOTs, at least not in every situation), so I decided to change them. But if I change one or two LOTs, I have to change all of them, or the most used ones for the uniformity.
      This upload contains retextured and relotted items from three different creators/teams who made the original sets and additions for the original set and contains a lot of new additional lots made by Me. The re-made original contents are the following:
      PEG-CDK3-SP Docks, Seaports, Warehouse Docks from Pegasus
      Large Warehouse Outer Corner (for CDK3-SP Raw Warehouse set) from NBVC
      Modular Container Port from NBVC
      Tamorr CDK3-SP End Lots from Tamorr
      Bob’s CSK Transfer Dock from Tamorr
      CDK3-SP Rail Port WH from Tamorr
      Tamorr’s CDK3-SP Freight Station from Tamorr
      Altogether with my creations this project contains 130 Lots. Apart from the three PEG-CDK3-SP Seaport Lots (Container Seaport, Pier One Seaport, Break-Bulk Seaport) these are not overrides, this is kind of a new set based on the original lots. However the three mentioned Seaport Lots override the original PEG Seaports, or replace them.
      The *.zip file contains three folders called Heretic Projects, Heretic-PEG-CDK3-SP Seaports and Documentation. The Heretic Projects folder contains a Seaport Project folder, which contains 11 folders.
      1.       You just simply copy the so called Heretic Projects folder into you plug-in folder. 2.      The Heretic-PEG-CDK3-SP Seaports folder contains a ZZZZ_PEG SEAPORTS subfolder. Copy the ZZZZ_PEG SEAPORTS folder to your plug-in folder. NOTE: if you’ve already used the original PEG-CDK3-SP Seaports either you should remove those from your plug-in folder (in that case if some reason you changed the original paths of those plugins), or let them overwrite with the new files. To avoid any conflict you should use only ONE set (PEGs or mine, but you shouldn’t use both in the same time.). I didn’t changed the stats of these lots, only give them a new Item Name and the new texture design.
      Dependencies (that’s quite a long list):
      General dependencies for (almost all) most of the lots:
      SM2 RRW nsb Tex (v4)
        SM2 Prop Pack vol. 1
        PEG CDK3 SP Container Ship Fleet
        PEG CDK3 SP Pier One (Only the Resource file)
        PEG CDK3 SP Pier Seaport (You should use the Pier Seaport from my set, but it must be installed because it contains a necessary inbuilt prop in the dat file)
        PEG CDK3 SP Rail Fleet
        PEG CDK3 SP Vandy Shipping (Only the Resource file)
        PEG Security Fencing Kit
        PEG PPOND Water Mill (only the Resource file)
        BNL Essential
        SuperSHK MEGA Parking Textures
        Tamorrs Resources v2051
        BSC - VIP girafe carpack vol. 1 & 2
      SAM 1 Override 1.1.1 (you only need the Grfe_Cars_family_props.dat from the HD Car Props version of that upload)
        BSC BAT Props - T1 Vol3
        BSC BAT Props - T1 Vol7
        BSC Mega Props - JES Vol. 01
        BSC Mega Props - JES Vol. 02
        BSC Mega Props - JES Vol. 03
        BSC Mega Props - JES vol. 06
        BSC Mega Props - JES vol. 07
        BSC Mega Props - JES Vol. 08
        BSC MEGA Props Misc Vol02
      Heretic_SG_CAL_Canal_Straight_PropFamily.dat (included)
      Heretic-JES_Freight_Railcar_prop_families_v1.dat (included)
        Only for the SG-CAL canal related lots:
      CAL Goobers Canals 2007 Baseset BSC (only the Baseset.dat and Straight PropFamily.dat)
          CAL Goobers Canals 2007 Extras (only the Extras.dat)
        BLS CAL Canal Wharves BSC
        MGB - RRW to Subway Ramp (only the RRW Ramp_Resource.dat)
        MGB - Terrain Grass NAM (TGN) for Gobias Sudden Valley (only this file: MGB TGN BSC Vol1-3 Override.dat)
      Only for the PEG-PPond Lock Transition lot:
      (I made the lot using the PEG PPond settings, but it also could work with the older style CSK2 settings.)
        PEG PPonds Canal Kit
        PEG PPond Lift Bridges
      Only for the NBVC Modular Container port and the LAND filler lots of mine
        SM2 RRW Lottex SM2R2
        SG Container Freight Yards
      Only for the Industrial Rail Yard 04-05 Warehouses and the DTR-STR Inner Corner
        Cogeo's Logistics Centre Dependency Pack
      Credits & Special Thanks
      Thank you for:
      -          Simmer2 for his amazing RRW NSB Overlay texture set as that was the main inspiration of this project. And of course for his nice barrier props and other RRW overlays what he made.
      -          Pegasus and the PEGPROD team for their work on the original Seaport set, on the models and props.
      -          MBG204/rsc204 for the very nice RRW rail tunnel model.
      -          Tamorr for his prop families and his original ideas about SET Endings, canal transitions.
      -          NBVC for making the original Modular Container Port set.
      -          FrankU for his nice prop families.
      -          Kingofsimcity for his work on SuperSHK parking textures.
      -          CAL and Simgoober for their work on canals
      -          Girafe and the VIP team for their car props.
      -          Jesstarr and the BSC team for the amazing industrial related props among them trucks and railcars.
      And me, Heretic/Tyberius for the LOT Modifications and the new additional seaport Lots.
      Thanks for the support, oppinions, suggestions, criticism for everybody!
    • By CT14
      The Norfolk and Western Railway (NW) used the HL Class 40 ft, 2 bay "fishbelly" hopper cars to transport coal during the early to mid 20th century. These Late Steam/Transition era cars have the "sloped side sheets" with original road numbers 22000-25999, 38000-39999, and 68500-69499. [1]
      Some HL class were rebuilt into H9 class around 1949, this marked the beginning of the phasing out of the design. By 1960 they were using different cars and different paint schemes, and the Norfolk and Western was running diesel on its mainlines starting in 1959. [2]
      Simply unzip the "CT14 - Norfolk and Western HL Class Hopper Cars.zip" file into your plugins folder.
      Remove the "Norfolk and Western HL Class Hopper Cars" folder from your plugins folder (normally in Plugins/CT14/Norfolk and Western HL Class Hopper Cars". Lots which use these props will be a little bit emptier.
      Prop catalog:
      For SimCity, these cars have been rendered as HD props in a variety of angles and filled with coal in three variations, along with empty car versions.
      Orthogonal (3 load variations plus empty):
      - 90 deg
      Diagonal (3 load variations plus empty):
      - 45 deg
      Curve Fitting Angles (consecutive angles' loads will generally vary, plus empty versions of all):
      Left and Right versions of:
      - 5.625 deg
      - 11.25 deg
      - 16.875 deg
      - 22.5 deg
      - 28.125 deg
      - 33.75 deg
      - 39.375 deg
      Fractional Angles (3 load variations plus empty for each pair of angles):
      FA2 26.6/63.4
      FA3 18.4/71.6
      Release history:
      v1.0 - 20170225 - Initial release
      [1] Rex Desilets, "N&W HL Class Hopper Road Numbers?" (O Gauge Railroad forum), http://ogrforum.ogaugerr.com/topic/nandamp-w-hl-class-hopper-road-numbers?nc=1
      [2] PC9850, "Correct Steam-Era N&W Coal Hoppers?" (ibid), http://ogrforum.ogaugerr.com/topic/correct-steam-era-nandampw-coal-hoppers
      Development thread:
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    • While installing the menu icons using LEProp you may also add these extended names with 'no. of stories', location and 'year completed'.  Descriptions including 'building type', 'no. of jobs' and 'building-height'. Name: AON Center, 62-story, Los Angeles 1973
      Description: Functional Landmark with 5,000 CO$$$ Jobs. Height: 860 ft (260 m). Name: 345 California Center, 48-story, San Francisco 1986
      Description: Functional Landmark with 3,200 CO$$$ Jobs. Height: 211.8 m (695 ft). Name: CenturyLink Tower, 53-story, Denver 1983
      Description: Landmark Building. Cost: $125,000.  Height: 709 feet (216 m).   Name: Columbia Center, 76-story, Seattle 1985
      Description: Functional Landmark with 5,000 CO$$$ Jobs. Height: 937 ft (286 m) Name: Commerzbank Tower, 56-story, Frankfurt 1997
      Description: Functional Landmark with 4,200 CO$$$ Jobs. Height: 259 m (850 ft). Name: Denver Place, 34-story, Denver 1981
      Description: Functional Landmark with 4,500 CS$$$ Jobs. Height: 416 feet (127 m) http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/31537-denver-place/ Name: Dirksen Courthouse Federal Building, Chicago
      Description: Dirksen Courthouse: Landmark with 4,000 CO$$$ http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/31449-federal-center-chicago/ Name: John Hancock Center, 100-story, Chicago 1968
      Description: Functional Landmark with 8,000 CO$$$ Jobs, the lot size is 6x4. Height: 1,127-foot, (344 m). Name: Torre Ejecutiva Pemex, 52-story, Mexico City 1982
      Description: Functional Landmark with 5,000 CO$$$ Jobs. Height: 214 meters.  Name: Regions Center Tower, 30-story, Little Rock 1975
      Description: Functional Landmark with 3,000 CO$$ Jobs. Height: 454 feet (138 m)   _______________________________________________________ Diego Del Llano Growables - 2017 Pack One 1.00 http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/31544-diego-del-llano-growables-2017-pack-one/
    • @Tyberius06 ... I do not want you to think that I am ignoring you - I simply do not have the time to look into it this week. Hopefully, I can examine it this weekend. 
    • Very nice huzman! Thanks for the upload!
    • I remember this one :-) It's a true classic in the SC3000 community.
    • You really only need the building files. (.Desc and .Model) It's against STEX's rules to re-upload them.