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This is a RESOURCE file for the PEG-CDK3 Seaport collection of lots. It is a required dependency, specifically, for the upcoming break-bulk freight dock lots and the new freight rail stations.

The pack contains a ton of static, timed and random rolling stock & locomotive props. These are intended for use as props on various lots. These are NOT game automata... however, many will be released separately as such.

* As the game automata trains are considerably under scaled, these props are larger... and scaled to look more appropriate on lots with properly scaled structures, vehicles, peeps and other props.

** Players and developers may use these props on their own lots... subject to the terms of the EULA  that is documented in the  included readme file. 

All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.


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Oh god give the automata. I want to see these as free rolling stock on my city.

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peg, you're the best. can't wait. btw, where the heck do i go to make requests? i really wanna see an open market type addition to CDK3. something like the South Street Seaport in Manhattan. some place where you can go to shop and buy fresh fish... Pier 17?

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Is that a steam train I see? SC4 has one steam engine- and it's only an old american style 4-4-0! With these babies up and running, we may have a more realistic freight system! PLEASE don't ignore the rail-faithful! Other than that, I am speechless. :) Great work.

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Can someone please tell me, why do I always get a bunch of boxes instead of railway cars? I am a newbie in this, don't have much experience in installing patches, mods etc. I tried to install this PEG and the other one with same theme ( railway cars ) and all I got in my city was a bunch of boxes with www.simcity.com label on them. Also, when some buildings started to grow, there were in those boxes. Can someone please explain this to me? Thanks a lot!

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missing a dependency? this is just a dependency btw.
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Beautiful trains, Pegasus! I like that blue locomotiv, it fits perfect in an industrial area :P

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great work...as always. you make a cool game...EVEN BETTER. i love it. it would be nice if the titanic could be a ocean liner in this game but with jobs and acts like any boat in the game.

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great work...as always. you make a cool game...EVEN BETTER. i love it. it would be nice if the titanic could be a ocean liner in this game but with jobs and acts like any boat in the game.

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    • Dirktator


      Hi Community! We're almost there for our March goals!  I just wanted to keep the momentum going so if you are able to help, please donate and get some gifts in exchange! Thanks so much to those who have helped out this month, we really appreciate it.
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    • By RandyE
      Contains 9 2x2 lots to choose from.  Each lot has a different character, animation, and a variety of props from SC4 Deluxe.
      All lighthouses cost 4000§ (Simoleons), earn 100§ a month, slightly reduce air and water pollution nearby, and have a moderate local park and landmark effect.
      All lighthouses are in the Reward Menu and are available for immediate plopping. The Maxis Reward lighthouse is not replaced and becomes available as usual.
      No External Dependencies:
      The dependencies in version 1 have been removed. I am using a smaller texture pack that I made for my lots which is included, and have replaced the Bus Stop with an extended Toll Booth Platform.
      The 'BaseTexturesElements_Grass.dat' is an internal dependency required for the lots above; it is included in this package in the folder 'z_Grass Base Textures'.
      I have made a 500K Base Texture Volume with textures I made for my lots linked below.   If the texture file below is used then delete the ' z_Grass Base Textures' folder as the textures are the same and don't need to be loaded twice.
      Base Textures Vol 1 Elements
      To install select the folders for the lighthouses you want to use and delete the other sub-folders.   Don't delete the 'z_Grass Base Textures' folder unless you are using none of the lighthouses which require them or are using the larger texture volume (see above). 
      Copy and paste the 'Lighthouse 2x2 Lot Pack V2' into your User\Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins folder. 
    • By MarkShot
      Using the route query tools.  I only see freight moving to a harbor by truck and not rail.  Is this correct?
    • By Bipin
      Suburban Subway 
      - by -


      Bipin's Suburban Subway, rather than utilizing actual subway networks, takes advantage of the new 7.5 meter sunken/overpass standard available for railway networks within the revolutionary new NAM v31, its primary dependency, is listed along with two others within the installation. To be sure you will not miss them, all three dependencies are presented as hyperlinks, just go through the install wizard and you'll see them. The process is far more streamlined and efficient than with past works! Speaking of that, you may be prompted to restart your computer after the install. This is not necessary. Rather, this prompt is due to a glitch within the installation program. When you are ready to use the train station in-game, refer to the following instructions:
      First, dig a 7.5 meter deep trench and place the primary station lot from the Railway menu inside.
      Next, place Pedmall tiles beneath the escalators to create functioning road and rail connections.
      If you wish to do so, you may extend the platforms with on-slope pieces from the Parks menu.
      Finally, since this is intended as a rural/suburban lot, you may wish to decorate it accordingly.
      Alternatively, a picture-based tutorial for the non-anglophone demographic is included as a read-me
      that opens towards the end of the installation. However you use these BATs, I hope you enjoy them!
      NOTE: Please read!
      I have found the final required dependency, it is available here: 
      Click either the mid-page or bottom links to download this item.
    • By Fantozzi
      Named this way because it should be used with the Real Railway (NAM).
      (07/04/2016) - This file is out of date, please download it's replacement here instead:
      IMPORTANT (07/04/2016)
      The included textures are no longer supported. By the time I did these lots, there were no RRW textures around. Now the RRW is well supported. To reduce the amount of dependencies I strongly recommend to NOT use these textures anymore on future projects. Use Simmer2 textures instead.
      I will upload a new version soon - based on these textures.
      First, thanks:
      Thanks to Magneto for giving me the needed texture ID range.
      Thanks to Swordmaster to allow me to bungle his great rail textures.
      Second, dependencies:
      BSC Textures Vol 02.dat
      BSC Mega Props - JES Vol01.dat
      BSCMegaProps - JES Vol05.dat
      RRW_lottex_FZ.dat (overlay RRW-textures, included in this download)
      Third, preface
      This small project was strongly inspired by the „SFBT Rangierbahnhof“ by Royal (http://kurier.simcityplaza.de/details.php?file=1020) which I used to built up big railyards. I like them very much. With the new NAM and the Real Railway by swordmaster this lots didn't give good lookiing results as they use the textures by north country dude.
      But I like the new RRW giving much smoother results. So in march (2014) I started to make a railyard fitting the RRW.
      I needed to make overlay textures – it isn't that difficult, but I got no good results by editing Sowrdmasters textures. I screw them up, started again and screw them up again.
      So this is important, in case you want to use the included overlay textures for your own projects: they are some kind of messy and not always giving good results. I wrote a documentation to show at least the idear behind. It's included as a PDF. If you're not interested in using the textures furthermore you can delete this pdf.
      Fourth, content:
      1 x functional freight station, size 5 x 7, capacity 6000 (tons per minute?)
      4 x single shunting tracks (right english word?), size 1 x 9. They can be connected to the rail system, but have no transport function. They have a small positive effect on economies.
      2 x shunting tracks with junctions, size 3 x 8, can be used alone or in combination with the single tracks.
      2 x filler lots, size 1x1.
      1 x texture package with 40 overlay texture pieces conforming the RRW.
      1 x pdf-documentation for the textures.
      Five, assorted things:
      As the train models didn't have nightlights except of the freight station I left the lots without light. There are german engines on these lots. I'm aware this can't satisfy everybody. I didn't find a solution to make it look „international“ (like seaports or airports can). But feel free to replace the engines. There are many timed props on the lots. I wasn't able to take a picture where you can see all of them.  
      UPDATE TO 1.0 (22.12.2014):
      Changed Rep-Value in Transit Switch Traffic Capacity to "0" (for MAC-Users).
    • By fredinno
      I'm missing the reward slots for the PEG navy mod for Navy bases 3 and 4. They never seem to show up in the rewards section, even with cheats used.

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