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Download LBT Sams Club 1

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Sam's Club its a Mexican rentail store, this store is a membership-only warehouse club owned and operated by Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Landmark plop and growable

Lot size:


Position in the menu:

Landmark menu (not apply on growable)


CS - 1677$ - 471$$


$ -Medium wealth



View more pictures of this upload here: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=3512.msg126596#msg126596 Thanks, enjoy!
Looks great Heblem. Thanks for this I go to sams clubs a bunch, they sell my favorite juice!
i like it when they updtate new look new circuit city and like to see brandsmart usa in south florida please update new circuit city in simcity4 game
I like it, great work!
So Perfect!
FYI, Sam's Club is also EXTREMELY prevelent in the United States, not just Mexico. If I had to guess, they are in Canada as well. Great job by the way.
I am soooooo glad you made this, ive been wanting it for my city but bobbo662 didnt have his for dl anymore. Thanks, very good job!!
yeah they are usually next to Walmarts here in the US. good work
'Usually" next to wal-marts? i don't know. Just as often, they aren't. They ay be down the street from a Wal-Mart, or they not be anywhere near one. In fact, here in Georgia I hhaven't really seen a Sam's Club and wal-mart right next to each other.
Sam's club is in the US and canada, and was started in the US. /fact
It's about time that we get a Sam's Club that looks like, well, a Sam's Club!
Awesome work - 10/10
Actually, Sam's Club is in USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil and China. http://www.samsclub.com/shopping/navigate.do?catg=5977 Parent Company: Wal-Mart Inc. Current Sam's Club Logo: http://www.purchasing.ufl.edu/SAMS_Logo_4CP_OL.JPG Nice job with your design!
Ah yes, this is the best Sams Club on the site. Thanks Heblem, 10/10 :-)
Looks very nearly like the one near where I live. Nice work! 10/10
Where I can take parking lot for this upload?
Ok, since when is "Sam's club a mexican" retail store, Again, Good bat, bad mis leading info.
Sams Club isnt just Mexico we all know that now but this is the best Sams Club on the site

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