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This resource pack is a collection of chain link fence props that can be used on any type of lot that requires security fencing.  The props in this pack may be used by other developers to enhance the appearance of their lots.

The pack contains two styles of fencing (with or without barb wire) and includes extra items such as diagonal fence sections, corner sections, pedestrian gates and automatic rolling styled gates.


 ** This dependency has no dependencies.

All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.

User Feedback

Looking good, looking forward to some good industry BATs. Id wish for a brighter, more modern white version as well. But its alright ;)

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I was gonna download it because it would be nice eye candy in some places, but then I noticed its not ploppable fences =(... that would be nice though. Maybe someone could turn them into ploppables?

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hmmm I know where I can use these wonderful fences.... Sweeeeeeet Thank you peg for these great looking fences!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well, since it's a dependency, I'll get it, but hopefully it will be made into a ploppable (like road noise barriers and stuff).

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Glenni: I tried using a chain link texture but it didn't look as good. Plus, by modeling the individual wires in the chain link mesh, the ferncing is semi-transparent in-game... as real chain link fencing is.
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WOOOOT! Never have too many chain links fences! looking great PEG Superb work as per your standard!

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Excellent work, but I, like others here, really want them independently plop-able. I'm looking for diagonal and curved fencing for a military installation. Please help us PEG, the citizenry are walking off with the weaponry.

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    • By paeng
      A set of turbulences for your rivers and streams.

      You'll find narrow and wide pieces, both in straight and diagonal versions. They all sit on a 1x1 transparent lot and can be combined with PEG-PPond (Tahoe), PEG-Pond and PEG-Stream or ploppable waters by other creators as well.
      Narrow Short Straight Narrow Long Straight Narrow Short Diagonal Narrow Long Diagonal Wide Short Straight Wide Long Straight Wide Short Diagonal Wide Long Diagonal
      Each piece comes in 2 variations that plop at random (16 models all in all).

      ~ none ~

      Recommended to use with Free Waters Mod.

      The turbulences are batted props (instead of the textures used in Vol 01), so there are less straight edges and a bit of overlap onto the next tile.
      You can combine them with any ploppable water and to some extent also with Pond and Stream pieces, mainly the straight items.
      Some of the pieces are also suitable to make transitions between the various available waters - just be creative and find the right combinations.
      There are no other props on these lots - so you have complete freedom to dress them with any Major Mode Flora that suits your theme.

      The Turbulences and Transitions Volume 01 (texture based) is available to download here.

      Concept & Design: Murimk & Paeng
      Batting: Murimk
      Lotting & Modding: Paeng

      Should you need support for these items please visit the
      PLEX on the STEX - Community Support

      Productions Forum Thread (no longer available)

    • By rsc204
      I know a number of the people playing SC4 are still using older O/S's, but this may apply to you, even if using a more modern system.
      You may have heard about a big flaw in Windows systems that's been affecting many corporations and allegedly even the Russian government this weekend. What is the problem? In short, there is a flaw (security risk) that's been inside Windows for a very long time. The NSA/US security agencies knew about this a long time ago, but kept it quiet and used it for their own nefarious purposes. They made some special software tools, known as rootkits, that allowed them to use this vulnerability to access affected systems. A few months back, hackers managed to get hold of these tools and swiftly worked out how they worked. This weekends problems which downed Telefonica in Spain, the NHS in the UK and DB in Germany amongst others, are all related to this vulnerability.
      Microsoft patched the issue for supported Windows systems, that's 7 and up, back in March. Of course you are only safe, if you have installed said updates.
      After this weekends calamities though, MS took the unprecedented step of issuing a patch for older, out of support systems. That's as far back as Windows XP, Vista and Server 2003 editions. If that doesn't tell you how serious this flaw is, nothing further I say will help. Anyhow, please, please, please, if you are using an affected system, take the time to download and install the patch from here. If you are using a supported system (Win 7 onwards), you should just run Windows Update and ensure you've all the latest security patches from the Monthly Roll-Ups.
      Failure to patch your system could lead to infection in the form of a blackmail scam, where your entire hard drive's files are encrypted, so you can no longer access them. The scammers are then demanding between $300-$600 to "unlock" these files for your PC. Of course, being scammers, they can't be trusted. Almost certainly your computer would be compromised in other ways. There is also no real guarantee you'll get your files back. The only solution that's safe is to fully wipe your drive and restore from a backup, assuming you have one. So you could loose all your data if you get caught out.
    • By kingofsimcity
      KOSC Presents: IndustryMania - Trucking Essentials
      Do you want to recreate a large distribution center with ample truck parking space of all angles and populate them with tons of random trailers from different freight and logistic companies? This essentials package, which is the prelude to my upcoming IndustryMania re-lot series, provides a set of custom truck parking textures and prop families for @MushyMushy's HD North American trucks which will allow you to do just that.
      Package Overview
      This package contains a set of 38 unique overlay textures, offered in either white or yellow paint for a total of 76. Additionally, there are 36 prop families that cover all of the props included in the original trailers and semi cab sets. Additional details are in the enclosed README.
      Install Instructions
      Drop the files in your My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins folder. Note that the prop families DAT supersedes the original props' .sc4desc files. It is recommended that you relocate or remove the original from your plugins folder to avoid potential conflict. 
      The textures are standalone and will not require any dependencies. However, the prop families will not function properly without the original trucks:
      HD North American 40ft Semi Trailers Vol. 1 HD North American 53ft Semi Trailers Vol. 1 HD North American Semi Truck Cabs Vol. 1 Credit goes to MushyMushy for the wonderful set of trailers and semis!
    • By Chief ZDN
      Hello everyone,
      While I don't visit the simpeg.com in my life, I sad with the 2015 SimPeg.com fatal error. The site data is gone. However, Pegasus fans gives the Pegasus' and his friends' mods to the PLEX & STEX staff. But, there is no new mod created by the SimPeg again, The Prop Pox bug maker in the some mods still unfixed (Sorry SimPeg, I'm not hate you. I just send the fact that is on SC4D). We don't see the CDK development again. We don't see the new SPAM that support the CAM, officially.
      But, the reality is changed. I'm not a modder. But I can make the SimPeg revive again. We don't want the SimPeg staff is retired from making the quality mod (if they still can make a mod). We want the SimPeg staff making the mod, again. In this plan, I will show you how the new SimPeg led, what are the vision, what mods we make, and the challenge that we need solved.
      The new SimPeg is led by Pegasus or someone with good modding skill (maybe Paeng?). The SimPeg organization structure is (from the level, ascending) Leader, Co-Leader, Secretary, Webmaster, Admin, and Moderator. Co-Leader is needed when the Leader is not in working condition or the Leader leaves from the community. Secretaries are for writing what happened on the community, what the community needed, and more. Moderators aren't splited to 2 parts. SimPeg staff member is same as before, but with some tweaks. Our missions are:
      Making a quality mods Host many of quality CJs Make researches about SimCity 4 and community Make innovation about SimCity 4 And our visions are:
      As the world's biggest SimCity 4 mod creator As the biggest CJ hosting As the biggest SimCity 4 contributor Mod We Want Make
      As a quality modder, we want make many quality mods. But for now, we just want to making the new SPAM that compatible with the CAM, new CDK that uses more modular architecture, and new Utopian BATs (I personally like the SkyFarm).
      I am not a modder. And, I not a senior SimCity player. So, I can't be the SimPeg leader or co-leader. However, there is solution. Either as a member but plan the SimPeg or as a staff member on the SimPeg. You can decide. I'm not hunt the rank. I just want contribute. The experience can't be fully restored. By this, we need creating the new experience that more better than before. The SimPeg is around 10 years old. By this, we need create a new logo. However, my laptop currently not available, so there are 2 options: use the old logo or make the new logo, but created by someone Sorry if I breaking the rules. Sorry if I can't explain more detail. Thank you for your attention.
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    • By Dreadnought · Posted
      A stunning piece of work.  Your eye for color and detail is outstanding!  And your night-lighting is wonderful !
    • By Von F. · Posted
      Each time I visit the STEX a new upload awaits, it's magic  Thanks Matt!
    • By Dreadnought · Posted
      THIS IS -- AMAZING !!  An absolute gem!
    • By Dreadnought · Posted
      Your work is, as always, superb -- and the diagonal placement is a very nice touch, and much appreciated.  The anti-grid buildings are few and far between. But -- I'd really like to thank you for keeping the memory of the "Old Girl" alive.  She was not only a fine looking building back in the day, but an easily recognized landmark when in heavy traffic.  I spent many a Friday night up on Hollywood Boulevard and attended more than a few "premiers" at Grauman's Chinese ("Lion In Winter", "Patton", "Camelot", etc).  And I remember these places well.  "First Federal" is a fine representation and will be a much treasured addition to each and every one of my cities.  Thank you --
    • By DavidDHetzel · Posted
      Beautiful! Love the clever use of textures!
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    • I haven't compared this to the real-life version, so I cannot comment on how faitffully you recreated it, but since I have no particular connection to that building anyway, this aspect doesn't matter to me personally. What matters more to me is that this looks like a great BAT of a tower that is both rather generic and can pop up two or three times in a big city's skyline without standing out too obviously (provided you have enough other skyscrapers, with some iconic buildings to draw most of the attention) and also pretty interesting once you zoom in and take a closer look. That base makes it more than just your average black/brown/beige/grey box with window strips. As such, it can also look great when placed in a mid-rise environment. Thank you very, very much for keeping the lot editable, too! This offers great opportunities for adaptation to different playing styles and preferences. A day with a Diego Del Llano upload is always a good day in STEX terms.
    • Boom! Another great HT here! Hope Mr Tsvirkunov will open a new factory soon in my cities! Thanks for sharing your stuff!
    • Nice idea. Should anyone have preferences or favourite buildings they recall, it would certainly help narrow down the total. Especially with the filter list on the Wayback, the accompanying preview images are there at least to give some visual indication for anyone searching. If there really are 10,000 buildings, I suppose it's not even worth uploading 10% of them given the likely inconsistencies with quality.
    • It may be worth setting up some kind of "I would like ..." topic .... people can go thru the old exchange and point out to Cori the ones that should be retrieved ... it should end up a more manageable list
    • That could be arranged. But since these are legacy files, I don't think it matters too much either way since credit would be given. If Cori would like to continue uploading these (as intended following Dirk's approval), it may be nice for her to receive the occasional Rep as a by-product reward for retrieving, packaging and uploading them here. With hundreds if not thousands of them, it'd require a mammoth effort after all. (Should the quality of content resemble anything to the old SC4 EA exchange, I'm guessing it's not worth restoring all of them.)