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Download Club Super Sexe 1

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Presenting the third BAT of the Montreal series. The Club Super Sexe is a well known strip club located in downtown Montreal. It's prominent neon lights have undoubtedly contributed to its fame. Hey... adult sims need entertainement too!

A Team TSC Production ~ ToutSimCity.com

Name: Club Super Sexe
Date: July 8th, 2007
Type: Custom SC4RH Lot(s) with custom BAT
Author: Cataclaw
E-Mail: [email protected]
Web Site: http://www.cataclaw.com
Thread: http://toutsimcity.com/forums/afficher-reponses.php?forum=ebt&page_sujet=1&sujet=302511
Installation: Standard "extra-to-plugins" installation, see readme for details.
Dependencies: None!
Lot types: Ploppable landmark
Plop Cost: 6000$ (25$/month)
Misc: While working on a city the other day, i realized how few low-rise "downtown" commercial buildings are available. To add to the pool of available buildings, i felt a strip club might be interesting. It's a "shadier" building, no doubt, but a type of building present in every big city nevertheless.

Everything you need to know is in the readme.

Remerciements: Un gros merci à la gang de ToutSimCity.com. Votre support est grandement apprécié!



good job
lol hope they don't lock this one! nice work though.
I like it. Good job. Lighting looks great.
Looks great! Lets hope people can lighten up.
Bravo Cataclaw !
very good job. Thank you.
Verx great idea, the cities are in need of a bit red light destrict! ;)
Nice, finally something else than crappy suburban strip joints...
brilliant i love buildings with neon lights and are all lit up!!!
Jul 09, 2007 - 01:01 AM
lol nice work. 10/10
Funny how times change... Back in the day when SimGoober released something more subtle he was flamed by the "moral police of the STEX". No wonder he left to other places. However, I like this BAT, the nightlighting is perfect and this will find a way in one of my city's not so nice areas.
This object of dubiosity should be banned immediately! It's a shame that the stex, a place for good quality and seriousness, is suffering such shabby businesses! :-P
Oh, and 9/10
Oh my! Can't believe it! I think I'll look at it differently the next time I walk on St-Catherine Street. Meaning I won't try avoiding to look at it...
Ah ouais! Très bien, merci Cataclaw! Cette boîte est très bien et interessante. J'adore la façade!
LOL Montreal is my hometown! Thanks for the nostalgia. Great job, from the neon sign to the ground floor boutiques!
It's a excellent lot but do to the crap that Goober got this must be removed from STEX.What is good for 1 person should go for all who upload such material.
Please put TSC in the upload name ;)
Real cities have businesses like this. We like realism, so as in "real" life, we can always choose not to patronize it. Good job, it looks very realistic.

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