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Presenting the third BAT of the Montreal series. The Club Super Sexe is a well known strip club located in downtown Montreal. It's prominent neon lights have undoubtedly contributed to its fame. Hey... adult sims need entertainement too!

A Team TSC Production ~

Name: Club Super Sexe
Date: July 8th, 2007
Type: Custom SC4RH Lot(s) with custom BAT
Author: Cataclaw
Web Site:
Installation: Standard "extra-to-plugins" installation, see readme for details.
Dependencies: None!
Lot types: Ploppable landmark
Plop Cost: 6000$ (25$/month)
Misc: While working on a city the other day, i realized how few low-rise "downtown" commercial buildings are available. To add to the pool of available buildings, i felt a strip club might be interesting. It's a "shadier" building, no doubt, but a type of building present in every big city nevertheless.

Everything you need to know is in the readme.

Remerciements: Un gros merci à la gang de Votre support est grandement apprécié!

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