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Download Audubon Building Don Miguel 1

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Originally called the Shermerhorn Building, the Audubon Building was built in 1891 in Manhattan, and was designed by George Post in the Romanesque Revival style.  In 1989, the National Audubon Society purchased the building, and renovations were completed in 1992.

The National Audubon Society renovated the building with the environment and their money in mind.  The building is an outstanding example, and a pioneer of green architecture.  The cost of the building (per square foot) is in the same range as similar non-green buildings in the neighborhood, and it uses 62% less energy than New York's building codes require.  This saves the Audubon Society 100,000 dollars a year.

This BAT was made by both me and Don Miguel.  He started this building, and nearly finished it, and I completed it from where he left off.  Most of the work on this building was done by him.  Afterwards, lotting and modding was done by T Wrecks.

Please read the readme for more information.

The Audubon Building (growable)
CO§§§ 625 jobs.
Contains: 2x3 (corner), lot.

The Audubon Building (ploppable)
CO§§§ 625 jobs.
Contains: 2x3 (corner) lot.
Plop cost: §65,000

BAT by: Don Miguel and Jasoncw
Modding by: T Wrecks

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Woahhhh. Great textured BAT. Love the arched windows, the details with the sign in the wall, it's all great. Merry Christmas....first download.......first comment...........10/10 great job, jason/don miguel
Excellent work and add to the game . Amazing details too . thanks
Lovely, very nice textures and great details. Not tested in the game yet but I never had a bad surprise with your BATs... 10.
Note: a CS$$ or CS$$$ version would be nice BTW.
This makes for a Merry Christmas, indeed! What a phenomenal building. Thanks for adding your talents to Don Miguel's and finishing up this gem of a BAT!
awesome building. the detail is great and it is so realistic looking.
This is purrfect! I've been hunting for buildings like this for a long time. You're my hero!
wowwww for me u're the best
Chilean President
Dec 25, 2006 - 08:25 AM
AWESOME! I'll use it in my cities. Great job and thanks a lot! 10/10
The detail is amazing.Thanx for sharing.
Perfect Work
Very nicely done. The windows and textures are awesome.
Jason, you have the most beautiful buildings on the stex. I love the faded advertisements on the rear. It reminds me on buildings here in downtown Chicago where you can see ads for lye soap, and Armour meats, and now-defunct hotels. It's that kind of attention to detail that sets your work apart. I will use every single building that you put out and I can hardly wait for more. Thanks!
Well this one is surprise. I don't recall seeing it in your thread. Nice job. The old ads on the side are really wel done.
Wow, nice work, Jason - thanks for sharing!
You amaze me! One of my favorite batters. 10/10
It's a very nice Building but the SC Word needs more CS Buildings with over 500 Jobs.
the DETAIL! immaculate. Wonderful. [insert any superlative here]. Love it, will download it.
wonderfull work on all the details!

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