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Download Spirit Airlines Boeing 707 1

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This mod will change the default Maxis 707 to a Spirit Airlines Boeing 707. This mod is designed for realism in your airports.

Airline information

Name: Spirit Airlines

Status: International Airline

Headquarters: 890 Main St.Chesterfield, Tiffany 79600

Primary Hubs: Spirit of Chesterfield International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, Manchester International Airport, Vancouver International Airport, Kansai International Airport, Heathrow Airport, Charles De Gaulle International Airport, Cairo International Airport, Dubai International Airport

Secondary Hubs: Forrerty Airport, Kendall Airport, Winnipeg International Airport, Cape Town International Airport, Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Chek Lap Kok International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport


This file contains an .EXE installer for Windows users. Once installed, follow the instructions on the installer until complete.

Users of all other OSs please refer to The Airport Team General Discussion Thread for a manual installation link.Once installed, unzip the file to your Plug-ins folder.

To uninstall, simply delete the created folder from your Plug-ins folder.Be aware though, that you will lose this custom plane.


NO dependencies for this mod.

This mod requires Rush Hour.

  1. You may not redistribute these files in any manner whatsoever without permission from The Airport Team.All you need to do is PM Pilotdaryl for permission and we’ll see if he says yes.
  2. Pilotdaryl, The Airport Team, Simtropolis, Maxis, and Electronic Arts take no responsibility to any damage caused by this file to your computer.
  3. If you have problems with this pack, contact Pilotdaryl via PM on Simtropolis, don’t worry, he’ll find a way out.
Created by:
Comment: My second piece of Automata. Also see my Los Anga 707.

For nycsc4 and his city journal The United Cities of Chesterfield.

By The Airport Team, July 9, 2006

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i love it, great job, perfect for SCA
Ya, thanks, man. My next work is a Untied Airlines (or Express) Avro RJ85 (Midjet).
Fantastic Work! 10/10! :)
Great 'Airskin'. I call it an 'Airskin' because it is an alternative skin for the SimCity aircraft. Is it possible to mix the 'airskins' with other ones, too?
Not yet, but fukuda is working on that.
And actually, another new automata mod is reasy- A Westjet RJ-85, compatible with all other mods (of different plane types only). I just need to go in-game, and do the stuff.
cool. these are awesome!
isn't it possible to make a modd that doesn't replace jets ... but just add more kind of jets to your airports ... when will finally some1 do that ? just make modd so we can add more plane skins good job on this ofcourse
oh i see constantina has asked this also
I don't know how to make NEW automata, but fukuda is making a mod to let all plane skins work t once.
hmm ... to be honest i don't believe he can do that .. but i wait in patience
Awesome work! It's great to get some more skin variations!
Good! Is there a way to make these U-Drive-It?
this is awesome. ive been working on a huge regional airport by using the SWAP pack, along with the airport signs, but this completes it! 10/10, great work! btw, has anyone else noticed that there is another airliner other than the 707? it looks like a 767 or 777. it's wider with 2 engines. Anyway i was hoping someone would make a skin for that.
I won't be modding 767s because there aren't any gates with modern markings for them. Why? Because the parkes 767 may rotate at random, which means it won't be positioned correctly. This creates a big eyesore as you see the plane go through the gate, or not even connect to the gate at all. Do you get it now?
Excellent Work
awesome! I like all your planes so far!
Nice to have this colorful jet in my city. Thanks
I love these 'airskins' as constantina calls them! Just one problem with this and your westjet one. When you look at one side of them , the words are backwards. Just a small eyesore nothing much. Anyway, great work 9/10

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