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Download Custom Beach Set 1

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As per request by collgab and others, I now present CUSTOM BEACHES!  Now you can make your own custom beach!  With 12 land lots and one water lot, you can make almost any kind of beach!  Excellent for people who are making a City Journal, or want to make your city look awesome!  The lots are as follows:


Beach Single Changing Tent
Beach Triple Changing Tents
Parking Lot Single Side
Parking Lot Double Side
Parking Lot Entrance
Parking Lot Curve
Parking Lot Curve 2
Beach Stone Wall
Beach Table Set
Beach Umbrella
Beach Shack
Beach Sand


And the best part, NO DEPENDENCIES!

If you would like to request a beach lot, go here:



Check out my thread here:


This lot can also be downloaded here:


Be sure to check out my site:


Pretty good work.
I'm sure there will be people that will find this quite useful.
excellent work, i have needed this for a longtime, i was getting really tired of the same size beaches everywhere in the game! 10/10! btw, do these have any park effect?
Yes, they can, in fact, be found just under the game's default beach. It is a few "squares" below the original beach.
great, i will try this. thanks
Jun 28, 2006 - 12:57 PM
Good idea....and nice site !
Very nice, thank you.
wow, thx daddyo!!!!!!!! i love it!!!!!!
I'll have to try this out. Do you have the problem of the beach hanging above the water surface?
Great. work. If these don't malfunction as the ones from a billion pages ago did, I think this might be something that'll make you a celeberty.
Excellent Work! 10/10! :)
Beaches are a great idea that I've been trying to do for a long time...thank you!
that's actualy a pretty good idea 7/10 (im sorry if i don't spell my english correctly there are some english words i can't spell).
Excellent Work
Yes! Just what the simworld needs! More versatile lots for beachfront. n_n 10'D!!!
Du Peixoto Rbd
Jul 02, 2006 - 08:26 AM
Muito bom, parabéns! Aquelas praias já estavam enxendo o saco msm...
Du Peixoto Rbd
Jul 02, 2006 - 08:50 AM
i diddnt really like it, and after uninstalling, i think it may have caused my city to not load. welll im re-installing now to see if it will load, i dont think i placed any of oyur files in the game, perhaps i did. i tred to but i thought i removed them. anyway, i dont like it sorry.
.EXE again. Think about Mac Users please!

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