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This set of lots and props belongs in what I like to call the “marrast” genre (category) as he was the 1st person (to my knowledge) to develop walls (his embankment set) using this design approach. Jeronij’s SeawallsV4 are also in this genre but take a slightly different approach in their lot orientation and placement. Both are premier creations (IMO).
My seawalls use the same orientation and placement approach as marrast’s with slightly different geometry as follows:
1. The walkway and the sloped stone wallare the same width on all pieces (16 meters) regardless of their orientation (orthogonal or diagonal).
2. All corners are rounded. The walls on the water side and the walkways on the land side.

Please read the readme file.

Key Information:

1. There are 14 lots located at the bottom of your Seaport menu.
2. All lots have minimal Landmark and Park effect. (5 over 5 tiles).
3. Plop Cost = $20, Monthly Budget Amount = $5.
4. There are special considerations when placing the lots. The terrain must be carefully prepared beforehand so that the lots line up perfectly (the road or street dot comes in very handy here) … if you have problems, please see the thread:
Note: I know this is the Sunken Highway Walls thread … that’s how it originally started. I simply did the seawalls in between starting and finishing the highway walls. If you want to know the whyfore, it’s in the thread. I won’t bore you here.

I’d like give special thanks to the following people:
JBSimio for creating the custom query. I think he did a great job. Much appreciated.
Andreas Roth for helping JBSimio when he got stuck on a technical problem.
Odd from Sweden for helping me with UV mapping the textures.
Everyone who commented and advised in the BAT - Open Discussion thread.

Dependencies: Simgoobers FloralPackVol3.

To Install:
Place the .dat files(2) and the lot files(14) in your /My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins directory.

To Uninstall:
Remove the files from your /My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins directory.


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