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*** UPDATED: Aug 17, 2007 ***

The bus and subway stations in Simcity require a 1x1 tile to be built. This not only takes up valuable space and makes very hard to build them after the lots have been developed (esp in downtown areas) but it is also unrealistic, as in most places in the world the bus stops are placed on sidewalks.

So, some community members have made a set of bus stops and subways that can be placed directly on roads, known as "Road-Top Mass-Transit". The two earlier versions were made by Darkmatter, Teirusu and CJMarshall (CJM). This new version has been named Version 3.00.

- Special thanks to cjmarshall for granting permission to build on his own work, and for the help he has provided.
- Special thanks to memo and Andreas Roth for their modding advice and their commenting/reviewing.
- Special thanks to Diggis and Daeley for the Menu-Management Lot.
- Special thanks to RippleJet, Andreas Roth, AcE-cOdEr, Ennedi, Rayden, sebes, BarbyW, ebina, dmscopio, vester, ExiLe, Marco Berzacola and ussagus for their translations.
- Special thanks to mcdrye; he has made a model specifically for the purpose.
- Many thanks to Antoine, Gascooker, gshmails, NOB, Pooty, Porkissimo, RalphaelNinja, and SimGoober for granting permission to use their models in the package.
- Many thanks to Thorvin, Swamper77 and Tropod for the help and the information they have provided.

New Features in this Version:
This plugin has been based on the previous work made by CJM but incorporates many additional features. The new key features are listed below:

- Realistic Buildings and Props: the lots now have buildings and props that are likely to lie around mass-transit stops and stations, for example bus stop shelters and phone booths instead of benches and planters.
- Selectable and Interchangeable Buildings and Props: they can be selected by the player (in any combination, rather than in "themes"). The building set can also be extended. So, it is possible to build a transit system in your own, very special and customisable style.
- Revamped texturing system: the stations now have separate textures for the sidewalk/pavement and the road markings (now implemented as overlay textures), making their appearance customisable and compatible to the Euro Roads Textures Mod (or any other road textures scheme) and allowing to use custom road markings.
- NAM- and CAM-Compatible Capacities: capacities have been modified, so as to match the different capacities of NAM and CAM. There are separate .dat files for each capacity configuration.
- Non-Roadtop Stations: the package now includes three non-roadtop stations (bus, subway, combo); they use the same models and props and have common design principles.
- GLR-in-Avenue Stations: new stations for the Avenue/GLR dual network puzzle pieces of the new NAM. These include not only busstops and subways, but GLR stations as well (all combinations).
- Translations to German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Japanese and Chinese (both traditional and simplified).
- Menu-Management Lot (MML), hiding menu buttons, and enabling them again by plopping a Construction Lot.
- Additional improvements concerning the plop and maintenace cost consistency, hover and click queries, menu buttons and descriptions, lot sizes, wealth settings etc.

Change Log:

- Aug 30, 2005: V3.00, Release. If you have this version pls download again!
-Aug 31, 2005: V3.01, Included locale file (was left out mistakenly)
-Oct 14, 2005: V3.02, Updated documentation
-Jan 28, 2006: V3.10, Added 2x1 Stations for Roads, added German Translation, updated Documentation (pls check the readme)
-Aug 17, 2007: V3.50, Added GLR-in-Avenue Stations, MML, translations to the most SC4 languages, CAMpatible capacities, additional props/models, improved behaviour on slopes.

All updates till now are backwards compatible, ie all lots plopped using an older version are compatible to the new versions. This means that you don't need to bulldoze anything when installing a newer version.

Add-ins (these are NOT dependencies):

- Sep 22, 2005 Additional Subway Entrance Props  
- Nov 1, 2005 UK Bus-Stop Road-Markings - Updated!
- Nov 20, 2005 Berlin Mass-Transit Theme  
- Jan 30, 2006 German MT Road Markings - Updated!

If you have trouble installing this pack, please check these Installers.

- This plugin has multiple configuration options. Please check the documentation and take the little time necessary to CONFIGURE YOUR INSTALLATION properly. Also download and install the few dependencies required, so as to avoid BROWN BOXES.
- If you already have a RTMTV3 installation check the readme for update instructions.

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