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Download PEG WATER MOD Brigantine

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This is one of the series of new water texture mods that replace the game's default water textures. These mods use a process similar to that which is used by the newer rock mods to create a more photo-realistic appearance for the game's water.

This mod does not alter any of the game's default terrain properties. It simply combines a mixture of reduced scale and luminance for each subsequently lower zoom level that results in a highly realistic looki8ng water texture.

The Brigantine texture is highly universal with a modest surface texture and a very common greenish-blue color that is suitable in almost any climate or region. It closely emulates the color and texture of most large bodies of water. It is fairly translucent in the shallows yet quickly turns opaque as the water gets deeper. This was the texture that ended the series as we feel we just weren't going to find one better than this.

Each mod contains new texture files that overwrite the game's default water surface textures. You can return to using the default textures at any time by simply removing the DAT file from your Plugins folder.


** This file contains an EXE installer for Windows users.
A ZIP archive is available on the support site.

**All discussions and support for this product are hosted on the Pegasus Productions Support Site



I love this the best. Great Job!!! Sim City Keeps getting better and better thanks to BATters like you! What would we do without you??
These new water textures are great, but at only 200kb per texture couldn't they have been released as a single pack?
excellent work
Can I keep all the water mods in my plugins folder to proceed the game or just can choose one of them in one time?
This one is totally great and must be the best watertexture / mod ever made!!! I think it's nice to have seperate downloads for this kind of mods because the pictures provided shows how they look very well.. and therefore you may easy pick the one you think looks best =) Great work PEG!!!
Thanks Speedy. Thats precisely why I have broken these down into separate uploads. With the pics reduced in size here, its very hard to see the textures, especially when 4 or 5 are stuffed on one pic.
i agree with speedy! these are amazing!! which one to choose.....this one looks like the water in my area exactly. again...you have some of the most creative and realistic work around.
love it 10/10
Man Peg. All these Mods you released in one day. Your on a Roll!! haha ^_^ I love this mod. I love how realistic it is.
Peg, it may be easier to see the quality, but it ruins other ppl's chances to be on the frontpage, will you please provide a link to the pictures and upload in packs, thanks,
Amazing work. Make some Medditeranean water and Hawaii or Pacific.
Eh NVM found your Hawaii and Midditerenean mod. Great job.
others did water mods and included them all in one file - why couldn't you do the same?
OH MY GOD! Pegasus, your creations are great. But this, is just magnificent. That water looks SO REALISTIC. WELL DONE PEG. 10/10 Definitelty.
This is easily my favorite water texture to date because it is, as mentioned, nearly universal. Great work, Pegasus!
Excellent! Where would SimCity be without pegasus? A 10 from me for sure!
This is amazing! The most realistic water I could find. Great job PEG.
Great idea Peg. These textures look immensely more realistic than the game's stock water. A quick question: Which of the textures, if any, closely match the pond & stream kits? Will you be releasing pond & stream kits with the various water textures? That would be ideal

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