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Mods & Tools

Custom tools, modifications and enhancements for SimCity 4

695 Files

  1. The Network Addon Mod (NAM) combines all transportation network-related fixes, additions and new creations that have been released so far. It will add countless new features to the existing network tools, such as new overpasses, highway onramps, intersections, ped-malls, a ground light rail network, roundabouts and turning lanes.
    This is the Windows version of the Network Addon Mod, featuring an installer.  A Mac version is available here.
    NOTE: Due to some technical issues, the file is not directly hosted on the Simtropolis server.  The download button presently will take you to an off-site, registration-free mirror at ModDB, which can also be accessed here.  We hope to have the file available directly through the STEX again shortly, and apologize for any temporary inconvenience.

    Installing over previous versions: NAM 35 should be installed directly over top of any previous NAM releases, to ensure that your previous installation options are retained.  A clean install is not recommended.  For more information, see here.

    Tech Support: Since NAM 35 is now the most recent release, technical support for NAM 34 and earlier is no longer available.

    Special Thanks: The NAM Team would like to extend its sincere thanks to all the members of the community for their continued support over the past 12 1/2 years the mod has existed.


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  2. This is the Windows installer. The Mac OSX Version is a little to buggy for release right now, so you can run this in WINE or download this in a NAM package with a wineskin wrapper at http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=17344.msg505849#msg505849 Version 2.1.1 is coming soon and will include newly PIM-X'ed buildings, better installers for both Windows and Mac, and other little changes/bug fixes.
    There is a lot of myths about CAM out there. For a beautifully written article about what CAM is really about, see the blog by Tarkus here The CAM (Colossus Addon Mod) – Separating Fact From Fiction. This article also give a great idea on some great starter buildings.
    NOTE: If you have merged your SimCity_1.dat file with the original CAM 1.0 file, restore your original SimCity_1.dat file before running this installer.
    Welcome to the Colossus Addon Mod (CAM). CAM changes the way cities and regions develop. This is possible through the use of Growth Stages(Read in Basics of the Manual). This causes the game to progress from small stores, single houses and farms/small factories to Commercial Office towers, Residential High Rises and Large industrial factories less rapidly and much more realistically.
    The altered growth also allows the player better control their cities through the use of zoning density. If the player wanted a nice rural town, zone only light density, with some medium in larger areas. On the other side, the skyscrapers and other large buildings become more balanced and possible with very developed regions. Use of high density zoning will allow these to grow when ready.
    As with any new software or mod, be sure to read the Readme’s and this guide before installing or using the mod. Page 4 of the manual contains the specifics of installation. The manuals can be downloaded or read in both English and Japenese here, http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=17318.0
    Description of new Styles
    Install Types:
    •        IR Fix Only – Will only Patch the SimCity_1.dat file. This will cause IR to be included in the totals for industry for regular SimCity 4. It will also allow normal industrial connections to work for IR. All other install types include this already. Original SimCity 4 files are backed up in the folder \Documents\SimCity 4\Original SimCity Files\
    •        Extended (InvisiChem) – This is CAM 2.1.0 Standard with extended stage ranges for larger regions. The growth I feel is more balanced and lifelike.
    •        Standard – Just like CAM 1.0 stages, just the curves have been smoothed out and the range slightly extended.
    •        Rural – Stages are set for smaller, rural style growth. Stage 15 can happen, it just will be in very large regions and very infrequently.
    •        Midrise – Stages are set to place an emphasis on growing midrise stages. This is similar to the way European cities grow.
    •        Skyscraper – Stages have been set to allow Skyscrapers to grow quickly, even in one city regions.
    All stage settings, except for the Extended version, are the values that were originally developed by RippleJet. All the new CAM 2.1.0 fixes have been included in all versions. The only difference between types is the stages for specific play style.
    Feel free to add comments here, the CAM General discussions board at SC4Devotion, or if you start a thread here at Simtropolis, let me know so I can be as helpful as possible. Feel free to discuss any myths about this mod that have circulated in the past. I will be more than happy to share what this mod is truly about, including how it helps regional play.
    Cheers everyone, 


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  3. The SimCity 4 Extra Cheats Plugin


    The SimCity 4 Extra Cheats Plugin was originally an internal SimCity 4 file, used by Maxis during the development phase to test the game before its release to the public. However, in the years following the release of the game, Buggi, a prominent modder resident here at Simtropolis, contacted Maxis and was given permission to release this file to the public.

    The extra cheats plugin adds many additional features to the game, such as the ability to plop any building or lot at will, the ability to easily set how much money is in your city's treasury and even the ability to add snow to your terrains, as well as many other additional functions.

    However, it should be kept in mind that this file was originally never intended to be released to the public. It was built for testing purposes only. As a result, it should be treated with caution. Using this file incorrectly can lead to game instability and even crashes. No guarantees or comprehensive user guides can be provided with this file, if you choose to use it, you must do so at your own risk.

    How to use this file in the game:

    After you install (see below), enter a city and press the key combination [CTRL] + [x] to open the cheat box. Right click anywhere within the cheat box, you will see a drop down list appear. You can now select a cheat from the list by clicking on it. After you have selected a cheat, press enter to confirm your selection.

    Below is a list of all known cheat codes enabled by this file (as well as the standard game cheats) and a description of their effects. As the effects of some cheats are unknown, not all cheats have available descriptions.

    To fill in some unknowns Maxis has given me the details on a few of the missing descriptions.
    Barstuck - Once invoked, all of your small commercial services (low-density 1x3 lots) start turning into coffee bars, and then they stay that way forever.   WatchMeMove - Enables animation stepping. After it is enabled, control-shift-alt-F11 and control-shift-alt-P implement animation stepping and pausing, respectively.   GP <on | off> - Enables or disables game pause when you switch to another application. This is useful for if you go away from the game and you want it to sleep while it is in the background.    Flora (on | off) | (preserve on | off) | (propogation on | off) | (blast <splat_count> <per_splat_count> <splat radius>)   Controls flora simulation parameters. By default, during city play flora simulation is on, preservation is off, and propogation is off. Preservation refers to the keeping of trees on land when the land is developed. Propogation refers to the spreading of seeds and automatic creation of new flora life in the city.   Example(s) Flora on Flora preserve off Flora propogation on Flora blast 5 8 60  
    Installation Instructions:

    Extract the file SimCity 4 Extra Cheats Plugin.dll to the root directory of your plugins folder. This means put the file in C:\...\My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins. DO NOT put the file into a sub-folder, it will only work if placed into the main directory. Then enter your game and follow the instructions above.


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  4. What does this do
    Resolves a crash-to-desktop when hovering NAM puzzle pieces over transit-enabled lots. Allows other DLLs to load into SC4's memory without a GZCOM framework. Requirements
    This fix is made for versions 640 and 641 of SimCity 4 on Windows. Version 640 is a fully-patched SC4 retail copy, and version 641 is a fully-patched digital distribution version (i.e. Steam, Origin, GOG). Although v641 is supported, it has only been tested on Steam so far. If your version of SC4 is unsupported, an error message will appear with update instructions, and no changes will be made to your game.
    Simply unzip the DLL in your My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins folder.
    To see if SC4Fix is working properly, check the title of your game window. If you are playing in fullscreen mode, alt-tab out and hover over the SimCity taskbar icon. The titlebar will show "SC4Fix (version #)" if loaded properly.
    Click here for a video showing the ability to hover puzzle pieces over transit-enabled lots with this DLL.
    Development Thread and Source Code
    Development Thread
    Source Code
    Currently investigating other fixes and functionality that might be enabled with this kind of third-party DLL. Please report bugs in the dev thread.


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  5. MMP Project v1.1
    Models not made by me.
    MMPS made by Ernestmaxis
    This zip only contains MMP's!
    863 MMP's each files are 90 dedgree turnable!
    When clicking multiple times model will turn in mayor mode.

    Please remove the previous files you downloaded from me:
    Dutch prop pack MMP 1.0.0
    MMP's (v. 1.0)

    I have changed the TGI range from over 267 MMP so the range that I use is more efficient.
    I you dont remove the previous MMP's you will have different objects when you try to rotate the object because of the same used ranges.
    Or you will get conflicts!!!
    Thanks for the help from all men on the community on Simtropolis and Simcity devotion!
    Hope you enjoy them!
    Bipin's Crane Collection V.1.0.2
    BLaM Antoine prop pack 1.1
    BNL MVE Benelux Flags 1.0
    British Boxes Version 1.2
    BSC TSC girafe French Road Signs
    Dutch Built-up Area Signs
    Dutch prop pack
    BSC Mega Props - JES Vol01
    BSC Mega props - DAE vol01
    BSC Mega props - Gascooker Vol01
    BSC Mega props - Misc Vol01
    BSC Mega props - MJB Vol02
    CSX Mega props - Vol03
    CSX Mega props - Vol04
    CSX Mega props - Vol07
    EvilCoolKid props
    LBT Prop Pack 2
    Mas71 JRP props vol.03
    Mntoes - Prop pack1
    MMP Coal
    Murimk bicycle props
    Murimk industrialprops resource
    Nams prop pack vol.1
    Nams prop pack vol.2
    Nos.17 Essentials 08
    Orange MegaProp V.01
    SCF European Truck Pack vol.1
    SFBT Mammoet PTC
    SFBT Spielplatz Props
    SMEP-resident / -> Eagleland Project Resident Prop Pack 1
    Totem pole 0
    Urbanpack vol. 1
    VIP vnaoned propspack vol. 1
    WMP Ferry props 01
    WMP Garden props
    WMP Garden props 02
    WMP Villa props01
    WMP Shack props01
    R6 Prop Pack 2010 Vol1

    Tip for Damn Manager users:
    For every object you will safe in your plugin the Damn Manager will make a DAMN_Root.dat.
     You also need to remove the Damn_roots for the item you have safed of the previous MMP of my packs.
    Refresh the Damn Menu items because your new MMP's have new corrected range.



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  6. Fed up of the same old garbage trucks roaming around the city? Why not have one of BNL's finest creations instead? He'll clean up the mess while you're away :) As it is a direct replacement of the garbage truck, he is fully drivable too! Included are 2 versions, one with a custom sound when a Wall-E is created at a landfill, and one without it (incase it gets too annoying!). Make sure you only use one or the other. No dependencies, just a love of Wall-E required :)


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  7. This mod will kill that stupid horrible and terrible No job zot that plagues all of our cities. This is what it dose it adds 100% home jobs to every wealth of residential. I was organically going to make it where Sims never needed jobs but it seems that is impossible due to hard coding.So I added home jobs at 100% to do the job :). What home jobs are that it allows your Sims to work in residential buildings :). There are to files included.

    One says Zno job zot killer Stander .dat That one will kill the no job zot but will leave your residential buildings capped.

    The other says Zno job zot killer uncapped .dat That one will kill the no job zot and uncapped your residential buildings so you no longer need to build parks rewards etc to provide cap rel life.


    Cause this mod messes with the RCI censuses you may or may not have double residential demand when using this as such It is HIGHLY RECOMMEND Especially if you use the CAM to merge the Sim_city1.dat with this mod. You will need Wouanagaine's
    Dat packer which can be found [url="http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=26"]here [/url]. Note: you will need to register for the Lex to see the down load link .

    Its also very important to know that Plop residential's Still do not work so don't even try it.

    Also if you have very bad commute times or poor transportation planing etc. You[b] may[/b] see the zot so be careful.

    ^Note the NAM can help with that

    Thank you and enjoy cities free from no job zot's for the most part ahh. :)

    Ps sorry for my Bad English.


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  8. The free camera mod for SimCity 4 is here!
    Some old lurkers may know that in a press conference some ten years ago or so, a few of Maxis' top devs stated that a free camrea was planned for SC4 originally. However, not that far into the project, the idea was dropped, due to it making the game too CPU heavy. After months of digging around in the deepest and darkest cavities of the game, I am now ready to release it on Simtropolis! All in a simple .dat format, ready to be dropped in your plugins folder. 
    Beware that this mod is quite CPU heavy, even with today's pc standards. Not a problem for powerful rigs, but medium pc's may experience a slight fps drop. This should be possible to fix by disabling shadows, though. If you have a low-end pc, I guess you'll just have to get used to the game lagging. 
    Have a good time, and if you encounter troubles, remember to have a look at the upload date. :)
    Edit: I'd like to thank Samerton for this wonderful image. I was going to get one of myself, but my game kept ctd'ing (for other reasons), and after a while I just gave up. Please note that Samerton uses some color correction mods, and the game will look slightly different than in the picture. :)


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  9. This mod fixes the Opera House, which has a capacity MUCH too low for large cities in SimCity 4. Currently, the Opera House can go over capacity and inhibit city growth, and you'd never even know it because the Opera House doesn't report its usage statistics. This mod changes that. Please see the readme for full details, including installation instructions.
    Most of the discussion about this mod has taken place in the following thread, so it may be best to post questions or comments there:


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  10. Welcome back for more MMP's!
    Its time to introduce a wider variety of sand colors and textures therefore I bring you SM2 Sands.
    8 new colors and textures in 2 sizes. Large and small.
    As a bonus I have included a twigs,tiny rocks and branches MMP which I named SM2 Beach Clutter.
    Also as an extra bonus I made a nifty little wrecked boat that can be used either above or under water.
    For a grand total of 18 separate MMPs!
    All models are in HD, they are slope conforming and will also plop underwater.
    (When plopping MMPs under water you may not see it plop immediately, if thats the case, please zoom out then in or rotate view and the MMPs will appear correctly)
    Make sandy paths, beach scenes, mountain scene, lakes scene, construction scenes etc.
    Making a coal mine lot? No problem! You now have black sand which can simulate coal bits and dust! Your imagination is your limit.
    You will find them all under your Mayor menu.
    No dependencies!
    Have fun and post some pics for everyone to see.


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  11. NOTE: Due to some technical issues, the file is not directly hosted on the Simtropolis server.  The download button presently will take you to an off-site, registration-free mirror at ModDB, which can also be accessed here.  We hope to have the file available directly through the STEX again shortly, and apologize for any temporary inconvenience.
    The Network Addon Mod (NAM) combines all transportation network-related fixes, additions and new creations that have been released so far. It will add countless new features to the existing network tools, such as new overpasses, highway onramps, intersections, ped-malls, a ground light rail network, roundabouts and turning lanes.
    This is the Mac version of the NAM.  For the Windows version, see here.
    NOTE: In order to install this mod, you will need to have an archiving utility capable of opening .7z files (Keka is one free option).
    To install NAM 35, unzip the file "NetworkAddonMod35_macOS.7z". Inside it, you will find the file "NetworkAddonMod35_macOS.app". This app file is a Wineskin over the Windows installer, allowing it to run on a Mac. Run it as normal, selecting "Yes" when asked about porting to a Mac. It will install to Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins/Network Addon Mod and Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins/z___NAM.
    Note that the Controller Compiler cannot be called from the installer on a Mac, so the full NAM Controller will be installed. The Controller Compiler can be run manually by going to Documents/SimCity 4/NAM Auxiliary Files/Tools/Controller Compiler, and running the file NAMControllerCompiler.jar.
    DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, UNINSTALL YOUR PREVIOUS NAM VERSION if you are an existing NAM user. The NAM installer can detect your previous installation options by reading the folder, and as such, it is safe (and recommended) to install NAM 35 on top of your old version. If you remove the previous install, however, you may not remember exactly which options you had selected, which could potentially cause issues in your cities.
    The Aspyr re-release is known to have a quirk in which the number of files (not their size) contained in the Plugins folder can cause crashes to desktop. This issue is inexplicably triggered with a much lower number of files if the user is running the game while not connected to the internet. To avoid these crashes, we recommend that the user use a tool like the cross-platform JDatPacker in order to combine the NAM files.
    While the Windows version requires the EP 1 Update 1 patch (Version 1.1.638), Aspyr has never released a comparable patch for the Mac version. An additional file has been included to compensate for the lack of the transit pathing fixes included in EA/Maxis' official patch for the Windows version, and no other patches are required.
    Tech Support: Since NAM 35 is now the most recent release, technical support for NAM 34 and earlier is no longer available.

    Special Thanks: The NAM Team would like to extend its sincere thanks to all the members of the community for their continued support over the past 12 1/2 years the mod has existed.


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  12. Description
    This plugin will allow you to place PedMalls with lanterns (works with all 5 paved PedMall types that come with the NAM). There’s no specific pattern, you will be able to control where lanterns will be placed: There’s a rarely used feature within T21 files where you can make props depend on the orientation of a certain network. This might not make sense for most networks, however, it seems useful for pedestrian malls, and in this plugin, this is being used this way: If the PedMall puzzle piece faces north (or west), a lantern will appear when plopping the PedMall tile, if it faces east (or south), there won’t be a lantern. Please note that I’ve made two versions of this plugin – one with lanterns from rich residential areas, and one with lampposts from mid-wealth commercial areas.
    Please refer to the readme for further information, especially on how to install it.
    Available languages: This plugin doesn't change or add any language-sensitive content; the readmes, however, are available in English and German.


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  13. After almost two months of work it's finally here: the Stoplight Replacement Mod (SRM)! This mod replaces all the in-game stoplights with custom full 3D stoplights. The stoplight setups are more advanced than the standard stoplights, and all stoplight posts are rendered HD (the stoplights themselves are full 3D so automatically HD-compatible).

    So, what does the SRM have to offer?
    4 stoplights layout setups: 3 RHD compatible and one LHD compatible setup. 8 different signal models, all available in a large and small version 7 different stoplight post models, all rendered in HD Endless ways to combine the above in different compositions, whatevery you like! Please read the ReadMe for detailed installation instructions. If you still have questions or bug reports, post them at the Stoplight Replacement Mod (SRM) Support Topic

    Have fun!



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  14. [center][b][color="#ff0000"][color="#339966"]UPDATE: The texture conflict with HSRP and Callagrafx's "The old coach House" lot has now been updated so please reinstall[/color]
    [center][color="#ff0000"][color="#000000"]The High Speed Rail Project (HSRP) adds two new "model variations" to the network systems. A models variation is a new set of models for a network in this case for monorail. In the early years of SC4, new technology was found by Smoncrie which allowed us to use a single puzzle piece to create a starter for a new set of textures or models for the same network, there are already a few mods that take advantage of this technology, namely draggable GLR, SAM, and RHW. At the moment, there are two new model variations included in this mod, HSR, elevated, and GHSR, a ground version. The original HSRP replaced monorail, at the time this was the best way of implementation, and was created by 3ddz, founded by Murakamon, on the 24th of February 2006, since then there has only been one release, HSRP Beta 1. This mod uses the original models from that release for HSR, and a lowered version for GHSR, no modifications were made to the models.

    [b]Note:[/b]Please remove the old HSRP Beta 1 version that has been published by 3ddz. A Cleanitol file has been included that will do the work for you. [/color][/color][/center]
    [center]You can download a compatibilty file for Shinkasen's Bullet train in the SC4D thread.[/center][center]
    [color="#ff0000"] [b][color="#000000"]DEPENDENCIES: Latest Network Addon Mod (At Least April 2008, but I suggest you update to the latest NAM if you have an old one)[/color]
    [color="#000000"]--- [/color][url="http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/21355-network-addon-mod-nam-version-29-for-pc/"]PC Version[/url][color="#000000"]---[/color][/b][/color][/center]
    [center][color="#000000"][b]NOTES: [/b]
    [center][color="#000000"]1) The bulk of this mod is draggable.[/color][/center]
    [center][color="#000000"]2)This replaces the old HSRP. The 2 are [b]incompatible[/b][/color][/center]
    [center][color="#000000"]3) You will have to redraw monorail/HSRP tracks that we constructed before you installed this modd. You won't have to do this again.[/color][/center]
    [center][color="#ff0000"][color="#000000"]4) Any questions should be asked in the new[/color] [color="#000000"]HSRP thread at[/color] here at ST [color="#000000"]or[/color] SC4Devotion.com[/color][/center][center] [/center][center]5) A Mac version (no installer) is also available; here on the STEX.[/center][center] [/center]


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  15. SP DAMN
    This is a collection of alternative menus using Daeley's Advanced Menu Navigator (DAMN) for my Superparking Modular Parking Lot series. Version 1.2 includes support for the Base Set, Diagonal Expansion Set, Extension Set & Addon Pack 1. Future updates will roll out support for newer expansions when possible.
    Package Overview
    Update 1.2: The base and diagonal set individual menus have been depreciated in favor of the combined menu. For users that want the individual menus still, you may download them by viewing the previous versions below.
    There is one package included - this contains menus for every single set released up until this point. Inside you will find two folders, Superparking and zzzzzz_DAMN_Hidden. Superparking contains all the menus, while the hidden folder hides the existing menu icons in the parks/misc trans menu.
    Install Instructions
    Drop the Superparking folder inside your DAMN/Root within the SimCity 4 install directory Plugins folder (not documents).
    For CD/DVD users, the default is - C:/Program Files (x86)/Maxis/SimCity 4/Plugins/DAMN/Root
    For Steam users, the default is - C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/SimCity 4 Deluxe/Plugins/DAMN/Root
    Drop the zzzzzz_DAMN_Hidden folder into your standard My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins folder. If you still want access to the original menu icons, feel free to delete this folder entirely.
    You will need DAMN for these menus to show up/work.
    There are a couple of missing icons for a couple of the lots, though this doesn't affect the actual lots at all.
    Thanks to Daeley for creating this ingenious menu system, and yild for creating DAMN Manager.


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  16. HD Snow-cap MOD.....   Description..... I love the smell of Snow in the morning.....it smells like.....salt and shovels and wet shoes and frozen locks and dirty windshields and empty wash bottles and......are you sure you really want this MOD, how about a nice Beach Mod? No, well, OK then, just for you (if you order the Snow-cap Mod in the next 15 minutes) we will give you Runamuck's MOD-o-Matic MOD free, that's right, free, just pay substantial shipping and handling! This MOD has been developed and tested with Windows XP, running SimCity 4 Deluxe.   Dependencies..... This MOD has no dependencies other than coming in last in the Plugins Standing and a bit of Hardware Rendering unless you also play those CTD Maps.   Installation..... To prevent CTDs due to Ini File conflicts with some Terrain Mods (mine included), place the entire "z_Snowcap Mod Folder" in your Plugins Folder so that it loads last. Rivit's "SC4DataNode" Program is a great tool for checking the loading sequence of all SimCity Files.   Comments/Help/Information on Runamuck's Creations..... http://community.simtropolis.com/topic/60743-runamucks-creations/   https://sites.google.com/site/runamuckshooch/home - runamucks.hooch@gmail.com


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  17. Craig-Abcvs Text Loading Mod

    It is a well known fact, that as our plugin folders, get ever larger, that our city tiles take longer and longer to load...

    So what are we to do while we wait for the tile to load? Well there are a few options, such as going and fixing a snack or going to the bathroom... but for those of us who have a pathological need to stare intently at the loading screen, wouldn't it be good if there was something new to keep us amused, rather than the original Maxis loading texts, which while they were probably funny 10 yrs ago, maybe we would appreciate something different to smile at while the tile loads.

    Never fear the Craig-Abcvs Text Loading Mod is here! 120 or so lines of all new wit from the Screw Pile Developments, South Pacific Down-Under Division...

    Simply place the dat file in your plugin folder, load the game, select a tile and sit back and enjoy what the game loading minions slaving away in the virtual recesses of your hard drive really think about how much stuff you have crammed in your plugin folder!

    If you decide that you are bored again, and wish to revert to the original Maxis text simply delete the dat file from your plugins.

    *Instructions on how to make your very own text loading mod are in the read-me!

    Pegasus - for his original PEG Text Loading Mod which I used as the template for this new version, which you in turn can now use for your own!
    Paeng - for the cool animated text gif.
    Simpeg Community - for helping to brainstorm a fair few of the ideas!



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  18. Hi at all..

    In these files I changed the level of employment in the various commercial buildings in the game. In some cases I did not change nothing, in other I doubled or tripled the value of employment.
    I tried to make, by mine point of view, the game more realistic, (and more balanced).

    Let me know what you think about these...


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  19. This plugin increases font size in Simcity 4. It's recommended to use in 1920x1080 resolution. You can easily change font size with ilive_reader093 and modifying .dat file. Feel free to add suggestions.
    Due to some reason font size does not work for news. If anyone can fix it, pls post solution.
    Also big nubmers do not fit on the screen. (if it's critical for you)


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  20. These Business Deals have been modified from the originals and appear in the reward menu at the start of the game.  The negative mayor rating effect has been reversed to a positive effect, the amount of income increased and positive landmark and park effects and jobs added.  The impacts of pollution and radiation have been radically reduced or completely removed.   These rewards may now be used safely to add income to your budget.  Each deal/reward has a color-coded menu icon and is separate from the original which will still appear as usual according to the game.
    Eco-Friendly Toxic Waste Dump
    Business deal income: 450. Very minimal pollution, no radiation.  Slight landmark and park effect.  Creates same job demand as Advanced Research Center.  Water consumed: 200.  Mayor rating effect based on Mayor's Statue.
    Humanitarian Army Base
    Business deal income: 850.  Slight pollution, no radiation.  Moderate landmark and park effect.   Same job demand as for Army Base.  Power and water consumed: 200. Mayor rating effect based on Mayor's Statue. 
    Particle Testing Range
    Business deal income: 650. Minimal pollution, very slight radiation. Slight landmark and park effect.  No missile launches. Creates same job demand as Advanced Research Center.  Power consumed: 100.   Mayor rating effect based on Mayor's Statue.
    Social Rehabilitation Center
    Business deal income: 950,  Slight pollution, no radiation.  Moderate landmark and park effect. Same job demand as for the Prison deal.  Power and water consumed: 200.  Mayor rating effect based on Mayor's Statue.


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  21. NAM v32 has added a new approach to rail - Real Railway - which is expected to continue to evolve. RRW looks great, is quite complete, is usable and easy to convert to. This mod adds a few extras to the NAM set and offers preliminary support for things that can be expected to change over time.
    Included are 10 NAM Viaduct skins, re-rendered Rail Tunnels and Crossings for all of my Streets as well as my first take on the Maxis railway crossings, NAM FLUPS and a partially complete T21 set for the plundere catenaries.
    The mod is packaged so that it is put into plugins exactly as it is in the zip (i.e.. Plugins/Z___RVT Modds/RVT zRUM for RRW) and you delete that which you do not use. Please refer to the readme.txt file included for more details.
    NOTE: If you have previously installed the Rail Upgrade Mod but now use NAM RRW then the RUM should be completely uninstalled - these files takes its place. The Original RUM is not compatible with RRW which is a completely different rail set.
    This mod will not work with any version of NAM prior to NAMv32. RRW must be activated. 
    rivit Feb 2014.
    Version 4 is an interim release adding new features and fixes identified since 2014.
    rivit May 2016 


       (57 Reviews)



  22. This is a DLL for SimCity 4 that adds a few more cheat codes beyond Buggi's Extra Cheats DLL.
    SievertBeGone — removes all radiation from a city, including from buildings that produce radiation when plopped (such as the advanced research center). Chernobyl — irradiates an entire city hazmat — creates a toxic spill disaster on whatever tile the mouse is pointed at UncivilDisobedience — creates a riot disaster on whatever tile the mouse is pointed at. The mouse must be pointed at a road, street or avenue tile. The development thread can be found at this link. Source code can be found here. Make sure to follow this file in case more cheats are added!
    Move to Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins.
    Tested and working on 1.1.641.0 (Steam/GOG/Origin) on Windows. Also works in combination with SC4Fix and the Extra Cheats DLL. Untested but should work with any version of SimCity 4 Deluxe or SimCity 4 w/ Rush Hour.
    Mac and Linux users
    This mod is untested on Mac and Linux platforms but my understanding is that SimCity 4 for Mac and Linux is essentially a Wine wrapper. Compatibility is not guaranteed, but it's worth a shot. If you're playing on Aspyr's PowerPC version of SimCity 4 this mod will definitely not work, but if you're using that version of SC4 you probably have other issues to deal with.


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  23. Most of you may have or not have remembered radical one,s super demand mod well this one is more powerful and unlike the other one this one is compatible with the CAM in addition i have included a graph mod that will increase the RCI demand plus bar to 65,000 so now you can have/grow stage 15 CAM. or stage 8 Sim city 4 or rush hour buildings exceeding 60,000 pretty easy if there is ever any that is. it is very important to know that there are 2 files in the zip.the fist file will max out all RCI demand types such as R$ R$$ R$$ CS$ CS$$ CS$$$ CO$$ CO$$$ I-AG I-ID I-IM I-IHT to 65,000 now just like the other one demand will always stay the same no mater what you do like let say you wanted to raise taxes to 20% to make a huge profit will demand will still be maxed out . be careful that file depends on the graph mod i made and will not work with out it. The 2ed file will increase the RCI demand range to 65,000 you may use that file any time you want or choose to use it. like most demand modes the one in that first file is 100% radical tested no crash to desktops or bugs just put the 2ed file or both files in your plugins folder and enjoy .


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  24. Dig it.
      Send your cities back to the 1960s with my newest automata set.  Forget the Assasinations, civil unrest and veitnam.  Just concentrate on how groovy those cars from the 60s look.  These are cars from the peak of the American automotive industry (in my humble opinion).  Believe it or not, I worked on this modd on and off for three years.  Now for the info.

    This mod contains 121 UDI drivable cars for your cities and 120 commercial and residential car clusters.  All cars have custom night lighting.

    Just unzip  
    60s family props.dat     - This is the file with the cars that are parked in front of houses and buildings in your city
    1960s Maxis cars replacement mod.dat     -This is the file with the UDI drivable automata

    No dependancies needed

    Files that you might consider downloading also:
    www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm Checker cabs

    www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm  Chevy Impala that I did a few years back


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  25. fireworks

    Happy New Year everyone!

    This is a set of pre-programmed land and water-based (barge) lots, allowing you to create your own custom firework displays.
    It works by adding over 30 different fireworks triggers, which have all been set to launch at specified times, and for varied durations. There are 4 types of lots, with a combined total of 84 fireworks launch points.

    What makes this different than the numerous fireworks lots already on the STEX?

    The main difference is the logic behind the effects. The Automated Fireworks Display Mod creates new instances of the default fireworks effect, which are then programmed according to the launch plan (see the "Logic" diagram above, please don’t show this to Dr Vu).
    One issue of existing fireworks lots is the duration and variety of the launch sequence. With the default effect lasting just 3 simulation days, it only allows the equivalent to launching the grand finale at the beginning! This mod hopes to correct this problem.

    In total the display lasts for 244 simulation days, equating to just over 7min 30sec in real time.

    How is this useful?

    This mod may come in handy for a City Journal, to help your Sims bring in the New Year, or just for plain old festive entertainment. Who doesn’t like a few fireworks once in a while? After all, your Sims are getting tired of the lacklustre display at the Mayor’s house!


    There are 4 “stages” of lots, with each one containing a greater number of fireworks (both visually and based on the number of triggers). For an optimised display, the lots are designed to be placed in a diamond formation, as the below image demonstrates:

    However, this is just a suggestion, and the lots are flexible to being placed in any custom formation, or just randomly scattered throughout your city. Feel free to experiment with using a combination of both the land lots and barges. The land-based lots can be placed on any terrain, and will auto-level on slopes. And of course, the barges must be placed on water. For a more diverse display, place more of each stage type (1-4).

    The display is synchronised based on the game’s simulation date. It’s programmed to start each year on Jan 1, and runs through to Jul 30. This means it’s a good idea to pause the game just before New Year’s Day, setup the lots how you’d like, and un-pause once ready.

    All lots can be placed and bulldozed free of charge, and have a zero monthly cost. They can be found in order at the bottom of the Civic > Fire menu. I thought this’d be a better idea than further cluttering your parks menu.


    One limitation with using effects on water is the issue of depth. A building on water (in this instance the barge model) will appear to float normally on the water surface, but the effects will still conform to the sea bed. This means they’d appear to launch from the surrounding water, rather than the actual barge. To get around this, 5 depth versions have been created, from very deep (5) to shallow (1):

    All versions have the fireworks effects raised (as props), with this being exaggerated for the deeper ones. For example in a shallow harbour area, you may find the Depth 1 version is best suited, as deeper areas may work better with the higher-numbered depths. Each version is equivalent to one press of the game’s “Raise/Lower Terrain Level” tool.
    If you’re unsure over which depth(s) are suitable, I’d suggest to first experiment with all 5 versions. They don’t conflict with each other, and will appear in order in the Civic > Fire menu.


    The mod is compatible in both hardware & software rendering, and is designed with performance in mind. For example, using the suggested diamond formation, only at the finale will more than 5 fireworks launch at once. For smoother transitions, it works best with visual effects set to “High”.
    Depending on your computer, and the city size, using more than 5 lots at once may cause the game to lag.

    N.B. The fireworks will not show with visual effects set to “Low”.


    The only external dependency is for the barge model of the water lots:
    PEG CSK Barges Prop Pack

    If you only intend to use the land-based lots, this model isn’t required.


    Copy / move fireworks_logic.dat to your "Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins" folder.

    Land Lots

    Copy / move AFDM_Land.dat to your "Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins" folder.
    All 1-4 stages are contained within the DAT file.

    Water Lots


    Select the version(s) you’d like and copy to your "Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins" folder.
    All 1-4 stages are contained within each DAT file.

    Copy / move PEG_Channel-Barges_205a.dat to your "Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins" folder.

    Have fun!



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