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Textures for SimCity 4 assets

299 files

  1. SuperSHK Parking Textures, Vol. 1

    KOSC presents: SuperSHK Parking Textures, Vol. 1

    After weeks of experimentation, I am proud to bring you my first texture set as part of my Superparking project. Originally conceived as a simple modular parking set, it evolved into an extension of the base SHK Parking Pack, and quickly turned into its own beast. Now this agglomeration of random parking lot ideas is finally a reality.

    This set contains 352 new overlay textures for building and customizing your parking lots to your heart’s content. Many of these ideas were from parking lot layouts utilized by many business parks around North America, such as Denver's Tech Center and Silicon Valley. Note that this set avoids the full-parking-block-on-one-tile option – I’m referring to the single tile textures with back-to-back parking spaces, which has long been a part of SC4 (it shipped with the game!). Unfortunately, most of these are completely unrealistic, since vehicles have either one car length or less to back out on, not to mention the one-car width paths. Ultimately this set is geared for lotting more realistic style of parking, which are largely influenced by our resident nos.17.
    These textures are broken into 4 components, each with separate DATs. The contents are as follows:
    Pack 1: SHK+ Plus Orthogonals
    An extension of the original parking textures (quite literally). Spaces are approximately 20% longer so that the car props now stay within the spaces rather than jut out past – credit goes to MushyMushy for this one. Unfortunately with this change, these overlays aren’t quite compatible with the original SHK end island props, but that’s actually remedied somewhat here as well. This pack also introduces brand new transition pieces which are offered in all 3 standard wealth options with both pavement as well as grass choices.
    Pack 2: Islands, Curbs & Paths
    A set of parking “islands” and curb pieces meant for general pathing. Curb pieces contain all 3 standard wealth grass and pavement options. Also introduces diagonal parking block “bisectors”, which is just a diagonal path that cuts through an orthogonal parking block.
    Pack 3: Junctions and Road Markings
    Contains basic junctions and road markings. Markings include solid median lines in yellow and white, as well as stop signs and zebra crossings. LHD is supported.
    Pack 4: Diagonals
    Contains a basic set of diagonal parking textures and necessary pieces to make fully standalone diagonal parking lots. Includes orthogonal transitions, end islands, and some pathing related pieces. This is the main highlight of this set, as diagonal parking has been a rather neglected component of SC4. Well, not anymore I say!
    Bonus: Lotting Examples
    There’s a small folder included called “Lotting Examples” that contains a few images of layout combinations that are now possible with this set. Hopefully lotters will find this useful .
    This set contains no actual lots -- those will come at a later time!
    Install Instructions
    Drop the files in your My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins folder. These should show up under the overlay texture section in the lot editor and PIM-X.
    None. This set will serve as a future dependency for my lots. While it is technically a standalone texture pack, SHK Parking Pack is a requirement to take full advantage.
    Credit to shokthrpy for the original set, which served as the template for me. It wouldn’t have been possible to create this without it! 


       7 reviews



  2. Purple Water Texture

    Requested by Illinois. Larger picture inside. Get your own water at http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/view.asp?topicID=55999. Unzip into my documents/simcity 4/plugins to install.


       5 reviews



  3. Updated Asphalt Highway Textures

    This package contains a variety of updates for Throvin’s Asphalt Highway Texture mod which helps to make it more compatible with the NAM and other downloads lurking in your plugins folder.
    Since the mod’s release, various new pieces for the Maxis Highway (MHW) network have been added by the NAM team and do not contain an asphalt texture. They will remain concrete-based while the rest of the highway is asphalt-based.
    An alternative is to use Mandelsoft’s Highway Restyling (HRS) mod, but some still like the grey look of Thorvin’s textures on our highway network.

    The screenshots displayed show compatibility with various components
    -Screenshot 1: Pieces fully compatible and textured for the NAM
    -Screenshot 2: Textured base Maxis highway network pieces
    -Screenshot 3: Pieces fully compatible and but not properly textured for the NAM

    This mod has only one dependency file, and that is the [b][url="http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/13705-asphalt-highway-texture/"]Asphalt Highway Texture[/url][/b] by Thorvin

    -Euro Highway Texture replacements by Thorvin
    -Highway Signs remover by Mandelsoft
    -On-Slope connection texture by OnlyPlace4
    -Diagonal ramp pieces by Warrior
    -Updated Asphalt Highway Textures by Samerton
    -Packaging and documentation by Haljackey

    If you have any questions regarding the mod, post below for support.



       32 reviews



  4. T-RAM North American Texture Pack

    Note:  This pack is now included as an option in the base NAM 31 package.  You no longer need to download it separately and it is only on here for informational purposes.
    This is a transit texture pack for the Tram-Road Addon Mod (T-RAM) in the Network Addon Mod. I made it in the GIMP because I usually don't build cities that would have the European textures originally in the NAM. This pack replaces everything that needed replacing except tram-in-avenue, changing the single white line in the center of tram-on-road to double yellow ones. Tram-in-road has a single yellow line on each side of the tram lanes, and center lines have been removed from crosswalks entirely. The only dependency is the Network Addon Mod (NAM). To install this, put the .dat file into your Network Addon Mod\Plugins folder.


       23 reviews



  5. Sithlrd98 AvenueCurves Sandstone Sidewalk

    With the updated release of the NAM , I am updating this mod to remove the models from this mod as they no longer need to be included.

    This mod will give you sidewalk textured NAM curves. As I have created other sets , only ONE set can be used at a time

    The only dependency is Network Addon Mod January 2009

    Optional downloads

    SMP Sidewalk Reaplcement MOD

    and for the Road curves/FAR  Sithlrd98 Road Curves Sandstone v2

    The T21 data can be found http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/index.cfm?id=20435

    To Install , Simply un-zip into your \ My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins\Network Addon Mod\Plugins

    A special thanks goes to
    David (Dedgren) for his hard work on "Breaking the grid" , Ebina for the discovery that made this mod possible , and the NAM team for  all the hard work!


       7 reviews



  6. Terrain Mod Pack 2

    This pack includes 4 different terrain mods to choose from, blue moon, green#2, lava rock, and red. All of these will work with the snowcapped terrain mod.
    A readme and pictures are in the zip.
    Requests are welcome.


       6 reviews



  7. Seamless Universal Background

    Never thought of myself as an innovator, but when I saw "Starry Night" after frekle downloaded it, I was compelled to act.
    Made from purple, glitter, felt..I've been using these backgrounds for about 3 months after many trials and errors.  They're seamless, mildy unique per each view, and while space is black, the dark, sparkly purple gives the suggestion of black holes, comets, novas, meteors, suns of a few different colors, planets, satellites, quasars, pulsars, etc.
    ...and shame on me for not sharing earlier...STEX ROCKS!!!
    PS: Do urself a favor: check out Whaleridge Bridegport.  I'm playing on a 4079x4079 one(ver. 1, Photoshop enhanced for xtra depth, for whales, of course...not an issue for ver. 2) that took about 11 hours to render..I don't think I'll play any other region ever again!!


       12 reviews



  8. Sithlrd SimpleTextures 1

    Updated 3/2/08
    Added 3 textures including a diagonal.
    If you downloaded before update , just let this file overwrite the previous download.

    These are filler textures that I had created for my use to blend the sandstone texture with the maxis white texture.

    The images are just a representation
    There are no lots , these are only textures for you to create your own using Lot Editor.

    To install , simply place Sithlrd98_SimpleTextures_1.dat
    into \My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins and fire up Lot editor & they will appear towards the end under Base Textures. These textures are in compliance with the BSC texture index so there shouldn't be any conflicts.

    These are my first attempts at texture creating so please be gentle!

    Thanks for downloading!

    Special thanks to RebaLynn for her input!


       7 reviews



  9. Food Modd Watercolor Mural background

    Food Modd - Watercolor Mural background

    Make your city look like it was painted on a mural! This background is very colorful and appears like it was painted  with, of course, watercolor.

    The files will replace your in-game backgrounds to this background. To install, unzip the files in C:/programfiles/maxis/simcity 4 deluxe/plugins
    when a message comes up about replacing files click "yes to all." Then load your game and see the backgrounds.

    I'd recommend you make a backup folder to put your current backgrounds in, in case you ever want to change it back.

    <|This modd has no dependencies|>


       16 reviews



  10. Odds roof textures for batters

    On popular request, here are my favourite roof textures for Your use!

    This pack includes 16 roof textures, including brick, copper, concrete slate and even wood shingles. You will just as well find roofs for any wealth stage.

    The concrete slates are based on a free texture found on the net. The rest of the textures are custom-made by me, made from own photos or created from scratch in Photoshop.

    The contents in this package are totally free to use for any purpose.

    I would like to thank gascooker for his great "curves" tutorial which has helped me a lot with my texture creations.


       27 reviews



  11. Fsh file Thumbnails for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8

    This is a plug-in that I wrote that allows Windows Explorer to display thumbnails of Fsh files.

    The installer will automatically decide if you have a 32-bit or 64-bit OS and install the correct version.

    The support thread is: Fsh file Thumbnails for Windows XP, 7 and Vista.


       21 reviews



  12. Aqua_textures_01

    - Parking textures : designed for cars from the SHK Parking Pack or Vip Cars or other larger cars.

    - grass and grey overlay textures: they are really simple but you can make a lot with them.

    - some maxis-style textures I often missed as a basetexture, especially the dark and grey parking texture.


       12 reviews



  13. Sim Mars textures for my Bats

    allright attempts to email this file has failed so I am uploading them here. This file is for people helping me get my bats compleated and rendered.
    some of these textures are custom made for me by frndofyaweh thank you very much.


       5 reviews



  14. Frex_Ceafus Texture Pack Vol.01

    Hello, this is a dependency for most all of my resturants. I have included this file in most of my releases, but need to release this and have them all as a dependency.

    [size="6"]!!![font="Arial Black"][b][color="#FF0000"]IMPORTANT[/font][/b][/color]!!![/size]

    Please remove all of the following files from your plugins to avoid duplicates! They should be included in the resturant files.

    Frex_Ceafus Textures 1
    Frex_Ceafus Textures 2


       10 reviews



  15. Terrain Mod Pack

    This pack includes 8 terrain and 8 alien terrain mods to choose from, hitech looking terrain, moon, web, blue and blue#2, green, lava, outer space, dark rock, dirt, dry grass, grass, grass with flowers, icy grass, snowy grass, and savannah.
    There are pictures and a readme in the zip.


       19 reviews



  16. River n Hill brush 2

    Hi again, this is the final set of brushes.
    (Only for Photoshop 7 & above)

    Making the hills to work properly took me sometime, and sadly i only made 2 =(
    There are now Delta rivers (4) included, and some other rivers.

    Another thing, when you're using the hill brushes, you 'MUST' use white (RGB 255) otherwise you hill will become a lake.

    There are installation instructions in the Readme file, must read!

    If you use these brushes, and upload in STEX(or any other sc4 site) please credit me.
    (All of the brushes are drawn freehand by me)
    Any problems PM me.

    Once again thank you and goodbye.


       11 reviews



  17. Lava Background

    Where the volcano lava come from?? This texture makes your city looks like a island  surrounded by lava... Note: The image looks yellow, but at the game it changes to red lava...


       8 reviews



  18. Nights sky

    I think that the defult background is boring. So i decided to make some new ones. The title explaines it all. Its a nights sky. Good for citys in complete darkness. to install it just put it in your plugins folder.


       8 reviews



  19. leaves

    I got a picture of some leaves and decided to make a backgrond out of it. I dont know why I thought of it, but who cares.


       10 reviews



  20. Sithlrd98 Avenue Cuves SAP Euro Asphalt Sidewalk texture

    With the updated release of the NAM , I am updating this mod to remove the models from this mod as they no longer need to be included.

    I have uploaded other versions , but ONLY ONE version can be used at a time!!!

    The only dependency is the January 09 NAM

    Optional downloads

    The SAP23 Euro Asphalt Sidewalk MOD

    Sithlrd98 Road Curves SAP v2

    If you choose , the T-21 file that will add trees and lights is Here

    To Install , Simply un-zip into your \ My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins\Network Addon Mod\Plugins

    Special thanks go to
    David (Dedgren) for his hard work on "Breaking the grid" , Ebina for the discovery that made this mod possible , and the NAM team for all the hard work!


       5 reviews



  21. stars

    Another background with stars in it. The screen shots arent the best it looks better in the game.


       11 reviews



  22. Terrain Tutorial File

    This is the file for the terrain tutorial located here:
    I am uploading it here so that it it's availablilty will be assured in the future.


       3 reviews



  23. Sithlrd98 Avenue Curves Gn leugim Portuguese Texture

    With the updated release of the NAM , I am updating this mod to remove the models from this mod as they no longer need to be included.

    I have uploaded Other versions , but ONLY ONE version can be used at a time!!!

    For the sidewalks
    The Portuguese Texture Set by Gn_leugim

    and for the Road curves / FAR Sithlrd98 Road Curves Gn Leugim V2

    If you choose , the T-21 file that will add trees and lights to the standard curves is Here

    The only dependency is the latest NAM

    To Install , Simply un-zip into your \ My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins\Network Addon Mod\Plugins


       9 reviews



  24. LBT Mega Texture Pack vol.02

    IF YOU DOWNLOADED THIS FILE BEFORE JUNE 3, 2009, PLEASE RE-DOWNLOAD AGAIN, a major bug was fixed, and now every texture should work propely! thanks!

    This is a complete set of textures, for future LBT releases, this file soon will replace all LBT old texture
    packs as like:
    LBT Texture Pack 01
    LBT texture pack 02

    and the original file of textures located in the prop pack 01.

    The old texture files will remain until all lots gets updated, after so, will be deleted and replaced by this
    texture pack.

    Textures made and configured by:
    -Victor Gonzales


       91 reviews



  25. Volcano Rock Cliff

    This is a rock mod to replace any rock mod you may have. Please Unzip this in to your Mod plugin folder.  For better Finding . Have fun an hope to see in Someone's Cj.


       10 reviews



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