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Textures to create custom SimCity 4 lots.

311 Files

  1. Thanks to geoffhaw, I have created a texture set similar to the BSC ones.  This set of 63 new base textures will be a dependency for many NDEX lots - and also updated versions of previously-released lots.  Any lot designer is free to utilize these creations, but the DAT file is not to be included within the download; instead, please link to this upload (use the link http://www.simtropolis.com/STEX/details.cfm?id=11617). 

    Updated on 2/13/2005: replaced some of the less useful textures with far better and improved ones, changed IDs, added [28] textures extracted from The Sims 2.  You will not need to re-download older lots due to this update.  (for the most part, I only changed IDs of textures I have not yet used).  I also changed the base texture dat's filename, because the comma was making it impossible for some people to extract both files.

    This texture set is in its final form now; all bugs are removed, and all of the textures are ultra-high-quality and look very good in the game.  I apologize for the inconvenience of updating this file so many times, but I'd rather just have one texture dependency on future uploads, rather than 2 separate sets.

    In order to use this set, all you need to do is drop the two DAT files into your Program Files plugins folder.  They're located (most likely) at the bottom of the base texture list in the lot editor.


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  2. This is a collection of textures built into a DAT file for use with custom lots.
    Version Notes :

    V1 : Initial release of 26 lot base textures. V2 : Added Readme File V3 : Fixed Instance Ids (all textures show up in game now!)
    V4 : Added 54 New BASE Textures V5 : Added 4 new textures. Edited ALL INSTANCE IDs. Any lots made before release 5 will not work, they must be edited.READTHE README FILE FOR MORE INFO ON THIS RELEASE. A Cerulean Architecture(CARCH) release. READ THE README FILE!


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  3. SAM - Street Addon Mod This is a mod that will enhance your Streets. With this mod you will be receiving 8 extra Street Texture sets complete for all wealth levels.
    SAM is a breakthrough technology that uses Starter Piece Technology founded early in 2007 by Memo for Draggable GLR. By expanding the use and exploring new ideas with this technology we have been able to bring many new texture options for the Streets of SC4.
    In the latest version new inclusions are:
    - Added T21s to all sets.
    - Fixed LHD
    - Diagonal SAM from Memo and Diggis.
    - Added Stability and minor fixes
    For help READ the readme and consult the SAM Developement Thread at SC4D.
    MAC users, due to the file limitation at STEX the MAC version zip file is 12.1mb in size and is too large to be uploaded to the STEX. It has been uploaded here at SC4D LEX:

    In order to get the new functionality of diagonal SAM streets, you must install the newest NAM version (April 2008).
    Note: Due to the size, the NAM Team cannot upload the new NAM to the STEX - Dirk has been provided with the files and will update the download at the "Modds & Downloads" section as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you can check out SC4Devotion's LEX for the new version:
    Windows Version: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=851
    Mac Version: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=852


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  4. Rail Yard and Spur Textures, Mega-pack 1. This pack takes the place of Vols 1, 2, & 3 of the same name.
    In this mega-pack are base and overlay textures used in the creation of more realistic railyards and industrial rail lots. Included in this set are rail spurs, multi-track switches, roadcrossings, and some miscellaneous base and overlay textures.
    The primary use for the base and overlay textures is for prop placement within the lot you are trying to create. So far, all props work normally no matter where they are placed on the tile, eg; train cars and locomotives used as props will appear and disappear according to their schedule if that is what they are supposed to do. Static props will remain..., umm..., static.
    I have created mainly BASE textures so that road overlays can be used with the track textures that have room for them, eg. track textures that use 1/2 or less of the tile space. It is understood that you can place more than one overlay texture on a tile, but this increases the number of objects used by the SC4Lot file. The ability to use a single base texture with only one overlay cuts down the number of objects used by the lot file, enabling you to place more props.
    Special Note on Textures used in the Lot Editor:
    Please keep in mind that textures by themselves CAN NOT be 'transit enabled', only lots can be 'transit enabled'. Also, you can transit enable the lot that uses these textures, but the game's automata will only use the 2 tracks in the center of the tile if it is used for Stations(Freight and Passenger).
    The game will ignore the tracks on the left and right side within the tile and if you transit enable a tile with only a single track running through it, you may see train automata running across empty ground.
    The only exception is custom made Path Files, which is beyond the scope of this Texture Pack. Future lots using these textures will possibly have custom Path Files.
    Let me know what you think. Be Constructive!
    To install:
    Just place the DAT file in your C:\Program Files\Maxis\SC4\Plugins directory.
    To uninstall:
    Just delete it from your Plugin directory.
    I use the Program Files directory because that is where I keep all of my texture/prop/game mods.
    If you use this texture pack, please give credit where credit is due.
    [Edit: found extra texture IID# that didn't belong. no worries, thing didn't show up in LE, so nobody really used it anyway.]
    north country dude, aka: Arf of the North


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  5. IF YOU DOWNLOADED THIS FILE BEFORE JUNE 3, 2009, PLEASE RE-DOWNLOAD AGAIN, a major bug was fixed, and now every texture should work propely! thanks!
    This is a complete set of textures, for future LBT releases, this file soon will replace all LBT old texture
    packs as like:
    LBT Texture Pack 01
    LBT texture pack 02
    and the original file of textures located in the prop pack 01.
    The old texture files will remain until all lots gets updated, after so, will be deleted and replaced by this
    texture pack.
    Textures made and configured by:
    -Victor Gonzales


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  6. A new pack bursting at the seams with base and overlay textures (over 2000 textures all together). Base textures Include several types of grasses, soils and flowering meadows, combined together in various shapes, as well as a variety of asphalt, brick, concrete, dirt and gravel. In addition, there is a large selection of overlay textures for creating roads, paths, driveways, parking areas, etc. Included are diagonals and sweeping curves. Also, there are small fragments of driveway or pathway that can be pieced together with other overlays to form more complex or unusual stuff.
    No dependencies.


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  7. Bring new life to your coastal areas with these innovative foreshore, inshore and offshore textures.
    The Coastal Modd consists of 10 colours of rippled sea texture, 12 inshore colours, 5 sandy foreshore and
    beach colors,  4 rock foreshore colours and a transparent beach texture.
    The sea is rippled at all scales (a light breeze), cleanly tiles, and gives new realism to the surf,
    whitecaps/glints and boats in the game. Colours are based on mods previously done and so should meet most requirements, but keep in mind that your monitor affects the colours you see. 
    To apply: choose
         Zero or One .dat file from each of
        groups and put into Plugins.
    If you pick a Sandy Foreshore choose the corresponding beach texture too.
    If you pick a Rocky Foreshore you may want to make the beaches Transparent (or not).
    Tech note: SimCity  combines the three textures at the coastal margins depending on the depth - deeper=darker.
    The game defaults are brown sand, mauve inshore and light blue flat sea. Foreshore starts at 4m elevation, and the Inshore texture disappears at 50m deepth. A sun texture is also applied over the top of the scene. You can optionally choose waves (surf and whitecap highlights) from the graphics options
      Ron Aug 2009


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  8. EDIT: This file now includes an installer, written by Andreas Roth, and a choice of 3 snowcapped versions, by jeronij.  Thanks Andreas and jeronij!
    Please remove all "terrainparameters" files from your plugins folder before running the installer.
    These are old terrain mod files.  Do not download these if you already have the Columbus Terrain mod, aka Cycledogg terrain mod, aka Cyclepuppy terrain mod.  These are the same files.  The zip file consists of the two files of terrain textures necessary for jeronij's snow covered mod.  (But as mentioned, if you have the Columbus mod, you already have these files).
    Note: this is all still beta stuff.  These terrain textures will likely become obsolete in the future.


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  9. Highway Re-Styling Mod
    Asphalt Texture Set - Complete

    This pack contains a complete HRS-Asphalt texture set. Install it into your plugin folder and make sure it's loaded AFTER the HRS mod and/or any other highway texture mod.

    You can use these textures too when you don't have the HRS.

    TEXTURE UPDATE 05/31/2009
    Trumpet interchanges and partial-y-interchanges should be texured now (although they look a bit funky)



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  10. Updated to fix conflict with other textures.
    This is a Mega Pack. It includes Packs 1, 2, 3 and the new pack 4.
    Those same-ol' parking lot textures in SC4 are getting pretty old, aren't they? And putting a lot of them together to make a big parking lot usually doesn't show the desired effect. Now you can make really nice, really big parking lots for your sim Super-Stores!
    This adds several new base textures and overlays for making large, shopping-center-like parking lots. No lots are included, these are textures only.
    This pack includes Packs 1, 2, and 3, plus all new overlay textures exclusive to this pack. These overlays can be "stacked" by pressing Ctrl+D before plopping these into the lot editor.
    You may not redistribute these files without special permission. However, you may list them as a dependency by linking to this download.


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  11. With this package you get realistic climate and mountains for your cities.
    You can choose between arctic, arctic winter, tropical and middleeuropean climate. You get all you need to make realistic landscapes.
    No trees, full snow cover and no beach in arctic climate and frozenrocks with arctic winter climate, average tree and snow limits withmiddle european climate and full flora, green grass and no snow atevery height with tropical climate.
    And that's not all. The sun shines with different angles. Shadows willbe very short with tropical mod and longer with the arctic and middleeuropean mods,
    Finally the image import mod allows you to make mountains up to 3300m with greyscale map import!
    The package includes ingame region pictures of what you get with thismods and the following DAT files to copy in your my documents/simcity4/plugins folder:
    --->No beach, nearly no trees, Frozen rocks (remove other rock modsbefore), full snow cover, sun shines with an angle of 50 degrees. Withstandard image import or image import mod
    --->No beach, nearly no trees, default SimCity rocks (or you canuse another rock mod), full snow cover, sun shines with an angle of 50degrees. Standard image import or image import modded version
    --->full tree planting possible at every height, full green grass atevery height, sun shines with an angle of 90 degrees. Available with orwithout image import mod.
    --->Tree and snow limits on mountains, average middle european landscapes, sun shines with an angle of 60 degrees.
    --->you get only frozen rocks and nothing else (remove other rock mods before)
    --->you get only image import mod. Allows you make mountains up to 3300m with greyscale map import.
    For more details and instructions read the README.
    Enjoy and have fun. And it would be great if you use this mods in your city journal.


       (78 Reviews)



  12. This mod will give the roads a more European look by changing the yellow double-line into a single white dashed line, as it is common throughout Europe. I changed every road texture, such as straight and curved pieces, crossroads and intersections, bridges and tunnels etc., as well as the textures from all new Network Addon Mod additions (roundabouts, overpasses, puzzle pieces,...). Also included is a complete set of textures for the Street Addon Mod (SAM), and textures for various lots.
    Note: This mod completely replaces the Euro Road Textures Mod by Thorvin and all previous beta versions by frimi2, so please delete them first before installing this mod! This download comes with an EXE installer, a ZIP version for Mac users can be found here.


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    Replaced by:


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  14. This mod is an add-on to my previous Avenue Sidewalks Mod. This mod removes the grass that appears along the streets, roads, and one-way roads. It is also known as "Uni-Density" because the roadways will look the same, regardless of the density of the zones touching the roadways. On the diagonals, I have placed dirt circles under the trees and bushes so they won't appear to be growing out of nowhere. I have also included a modified set of my Palm Tree Mods. The originals can be found here. The new versions are made specifically for this mod.
    When you install this mod, you need to have either one of the "No $$$ Palms" files installed or the "Standard.dat" file installed for the trees on the streets to appear properly. There are 3 texture .dat files in a folder called "Textures" that need to be installed for the mod to work properly. These files are in subfolders in the zip. There are readmes in the zip for each part of the mod, complete with installation directions for each part.
    UPDATED 12/20/2005:
    Removed the No Wealth Textures (0x######0#) as the game already has these. The exception is the railroad crossings as I had edited previously. Also fixed a few errors with some of the textures. Some were missing and there were some duplicates. Thank you to Pegasus for pointing out the errors. The Uni-Density Aves-OWPatch file is now obsolete as those textures are incorporated into the O-WsNoGrass.dat file in this download.


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  15. This set is being "re-uploaded" after it was deleted during the trnasition to the new STEX.
    Some time ago Simgoober created a set of park lot pieces that were designed to go together. Some lots had path (trail) pieces, others had parks of different sizes and features designed to work with the paths.
    I've revamped these lots (see the BSC Parks v2 Base Set) and one of the changes is to use a new unique base texture (IID). This pack contains a set of textures all using this same ID, so you can change all of the park lots in a region simply by changing the texture file.
    There are six textures in this pack, each in thier own .dat file:
    BSC_Park_Textures_AngledBrick.dat - A brown/grey angled brick pattern. BSC_Park_Textures_BrownBrickLarge.dat - A red/brown brick pattern that matches sone of the textures used on RippTide's Casa Del Sol waterfront lots. BSC_Park_Textures_BrownDirt.dat - A mid-brown dirt or crushed rock texture. BSC_Park_Textures_GreyPavers.dat - A small square grey paver texture similar to the Maxis sidewalk texture (not shown in pic). BSC_Park_Textures_GreyRock.dat - A grey rock texture BSC_Park_Textures_RedBrickSmal.dat - A vibrant red brick texture (probably my favourite) BSC_Park_Textures_SandPavers.dat - A sandstone coloured paver pattern As the textures use the same ID's, the game will only use the last one loaded (i.e. last one alphabetically), so you should delete the texture files you don't want. Note that the base set also includes a file BSC_Park_Textures_zDefault.dat that should also be removed as it will override all the other files.
    This pack does not contain any lots. The lots that use the textures are in the BSC Parks V2 - Base Set.


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  16. This download contains a set of dirt tracktextures for use in lot building, and some BSC lots will require thesetextures. There are 24 textures in this package; seven base texturesand seventeen overlays..
    The base textures are:
    - An offset track end
    - A centred track end
    - An offset track turnaround
    - Three track corners
    - A track railroad crossing
    - An offset to centred sbend (v105)
    The overlay textures are:
    - Five types of corner
    - Four types of T-intersection
    - Two types of crossroads
    - An offset track
    - A centred track
    - An offset track end
    - A centred track end
    - An offset track turnaround
    - A track railroad crossing
    - An offset to centred sbend (v105)
    Auto-Install:This is the simplest method to install these files. It willautomatically put all files in the right place, for optimumperformance. Simply open the Zip file, and double click the installfile. Follow the onscreen instructions.
    Manual Install: If you wish to install these files manually, copy the folder for this lot to your plugin folder.


       (28 Reviews)



  17. This is a set of overlay textures (for pathways) and is a dependency for many of my lots and sets.

    The overlays are for paths of all kinds - narrow and wide paths, straight, curve, tee, cross, diagonal, wide-to-narrow-transitions etc.

    This updated version maintains all textures from the previous version and now includes a number of additional matching overlays for more intricate path-variations. Plus some... ;-)

    All you need to do is to remove the previous file -
    Paeng_Textures_v103.dat (old)

    and replace it with the one from this upload -
    Paeng_TexturePack_v104.dat (current)

    No further action required :-)

    Lot designers are free to utilize these textures, but the DAT file is not to be included with any download package. Please link to this upload instead.

    NOTICE: This pack does not contain any lots!

    To install:
    Place the DAT file in your \My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins directory.

    To uninstall:
    Delete it from your \My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins directory.


       (60 Reviews)



  18. I expanded morifari's zebra crossimg mod into all avenue intersections.
    This MOD include Maxis standard intersections and NAM intersections.
    include files
    Avenue_ZebraCrossimg_Default.dat  :Maxis standerd textureintersection
    Avenue_ZebraCrossimg_Euro_Patch.dat  :Maxis Euro texture patch
    Avenue_ZebraCrossimg_NAM_Default.dat   :NAM standard textureintersection
    Avenue_ZebraCrossimg_NAM_Euro_Patch.dat   :NAM Euro texturepatch
    Please read  readme.


       (41 Reviews)



  19. Avenue Sidewalk Texture Mod
    AKA: Uni-Density Avenue Mod
    By: Swamper77
    This mod replaces all of the avenue textures that appear low density zones and park areas. The sidewalks will appear like the ones in your medium and high density zones. I have also redone some of the textures that are used in the NAM, mainly the one-way road to avenue transition textures.
    UPDATE: 11/12/04:
    Due to the "Uni-Density Avenues.dat" overriding the game's original textures, the overpasses and interchanges of highways and avenues looked odd. I have gone through all of the avenue interchanges and repaired them. The repair file is listed as "AveHwyInterFixes.dat"
    Place the "Uni-Density Avenues.dat" file and the "AveHwyInterFixes.dat" file in your MyDocs\SimCity 4\Plugins folder.
    Delete the "Uni-Density Avenues.dat" file and the "AveHwyInterFixes.dat" file from your MyDocs\SimCity 4\Plugins folder.


       (27 Reviews)



  20. This pack aims at aiding the development of HSR (High-Speed Rail) and GHSR (Ground High-Speed Rail) Station lots. The HSRP (High-Speed Rail Project) is a Plugin for the latest version of NAM (Network Addon Mod).
    The pack contains items useful to lotmakers:
    - A Query dialog
    - Overlay textures for GHSR
    - Path files
    - Custom Sound Effects
    This dependency file contains much of the needed ground work.
    Also included, a patch to resolve the height difference issue (between the GHSR track and the lot's textures).
    You can use this in your HSR Station lots (either make your own or re-lot an existing one).
    A set of GHSR Stations (using this plugin) is about to be released soon.
    - The installer copies all necessary files under your plugins folder.
    - Mac users can use FileJuicer to extract the contents of this plugin.
    - DO NOT DatPack this plugin!
    View my other posts on the STEX


       (40 Reviews)



  21. This package contains a variety of updates for Throvin’s Asphalt Highway Texture mod which helps to make it more compatible with the NAM and other downloads lurking in your plugins folder.
    Since the mod’s release, various new pieces for the Maxis Highway (MHW) network have been added by the NAM team and do not contain an asphalt texture. They will remain concrete-based while the rest of the highway is asphalt-based.
    An alternative is to use Mandelsoft’s Highway Restyling (HRS) mod, but some still like the grey look of Thorvin’s textures on our highway network.
    The screenshots displayed show compatibility with various components
    -Screenshot 1: Pieces fully compatible and textured for the NAM
    -Screenshot 2: Textured base Maxis highway network pieces
    -Screenshot 3: Pieces fully compatible and but not properly textured for the NAM
    This mod has only one dependency file, and that is the Asphalt Highway Texture by Thorvin
    -Euro Highway Texture replacements by Thorvin
    -Highway Signs remover by Mandelsoft
    -On-Slope connection texture by OnlyPlace4
    -Diagonal ramp pieces by Warrior
    -Updated Asphalt Highway Textures by Samerton
    -Packaging and documentation by Haljackey
    If you have any questions regarding the mod, post below for support.


       (32 Reviews)



  22. A BSC approved and reviewed release.
    Updated 9/27 version 2.0 - Includes new base texture to correct problems with construction lot.
    This texture pack includes all base and overlay textures needed for the World Trade Center lots, now released on the STEX. This file is a requirements for all 3 lots released so far.
    Simply unzip the .dat file into your program files/SC4/plugins folder.
    Much thanks to everyone at Simtropolis and the BSC Team for the support and the expertise needed for a lot of this scale.
    As with any prop and texture pack, if you place these textures on a lot that you intend to upload, please be sure to include a reference to this file (as a dependency) on the SimTrop Exchange, and a credit to Rubik3 and BSC would be appreciated.


       (32 Reviews)



  23. UPDATED to fix blocky beach texture problem. Fix by Swamper77.  Thanks Swamper!
     A very green terrain mod based on the Olympic Peninsula in western Washington state (USA). This mod changes the ground textures of undeveloped areas of your city to give it a lush Olympic-like appearance: lots of mossy ground suitable for rain forests, as well as a variety of other forest floor and grass textures. At higher elevations, you will find flowering alpine meadows, rock outcroppings, scree slopes, and snowy ravines. This mod is not compatible with other terrain mods, (such as the Snowcapped terrain mod, the Desert mod, the Columbus mod, the Missouri Breaks mod, the Painted Desert mod, the Moab mod, etc) but it is compatible with custom beach textures, custom water textures and custom cliff textures (such as Peg'srock mods).
    You must have both of the following files installed when using this mod or the game will crash to the desktop when you try to open a city.
    Please read the readme for other important information.


       (36 Reviews)



  24. This file is necessary for "NOB' s GLR Assortment for NAM "

    Sorry! I had forgotten to put it in zip file.

    NOB is "hIMAGINE"


       (17 Reviews)



  25. *** Updated Aug 5, 2007 *

    A Bus-Stop Road-Markings theme for all you Brits!
    This set of overlay textures is intended for use with the Roadtop Mass-Transit package but it can be used in other transit-enabled bus-stop lots as well.
    They feature a somewhat weathered look, to match the tracks of the tyres on the road that the SC4 roads have.
    The set contains red-painted bus-stop markings for streets, roads, one-way roads and avenues. It does not contain subway markings, as they rather rare, if not completely inexistent in the UK.
    Many thanks to CJMarshall, 6underground, wallasey and GingerBlokey for the help, the information and the photos they have provided.
    Please post your comments and requests (say, for other countries) in this thread.
    * Aug 5, 2007:Added textures for the GLR-in-Avenue Stations (available from version 3.50).

    View my other Posts on the STEX


       (29 Reviews)