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Props to create custom SimCity 4 lots.

1,132 Files

  1. In the interest of efficiency and consistancy, I have merged ALL prop packs and texture packs that I created into one MEGA Prop Pack.  Some of these files were never released individually.  Most of them have had minor enhancements, and improvements over time. 
    For best results, please remove the following files from your system before installing this pack.  This pack replaces ALL of these files. Some of these files may have been slightly renamed, so if one on your system matches closely, but not exactly, it is probably the same one.
    BSC BAT Props SG Vol01.dat
    BSC BAT Props SG Vol02.dat
    BSC BAT Props SG Vol03.dat
    BSC BAT Props SG Vol04.dat
    BSC BAT Props SG Vol05.dat
    BSC BAT Props SG Vol06.dat
    BSC BAT Props SG Vol07.dat
    BSC BAT Props SG Vol08.dat
    BSC BAT Props SG Vol09.dat
    BSC SG ConstructionPropsVol01.dat
    BSC SG FloraPack Vol01.dat
    BSC SG FloraPack Vol02.dat
    BSC SG FloraPack Vol03.dat
    BSC SG PondPack Vol01.dat
    BSC SG Prop Pack Bananas.dat
    BSC SG Props People Vol01.dat
    BSC Textures SG Vol 01.dat
    BSC Textures SG Vol 02.dat
    BSC Textures SG Vol 03.dat
    BSC Textures SG Vol 04.dat
    BSC Textures SG Vol 05.dat
    SG Props Grocery.dat


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  2. A few props you may need to make your streets a bit more "alive". Most of them are night-enlighted, so don't forget that they must not be put across the lot limit in the LE (they would lose their nitelite in the game).
    [PK-tunnel top] and [PK_tunnel whole] must be stacked exactly at the same place on your lot.
    The buses only show up a few hours in the day.
    The newspapers shop's appearance changes in the middle of the night.
    The Christmas stuff only appears between december 15th and january 14th.


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  3. 4 trees which change with seasons. As they got a concrete base at the bottom, they are especially designed for street use. They're also night-enlighted, so don't place them across the lot limit in the LotEditor (they would lose their nitelight in the game).
    Don't worry: there will be no tree on your lot before the next season swap: it's normal.
    In the LE, stack together at the same place:
    [PK-tree01-fall] + [PK-tree01-winter] + [PK-tree01-summer] + [Pk-leaves-street]
    [PK-tree02-fall] + [PK-tree02-winter] + [PK-tree02-summer] + [Pk-leaves-street]
    and so on...


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  4. A MEGA collection of seasonal and evergreen trees and shrubs, fences, walls, hedges, and cars (including diagonal versions of most items).  Will be used on forthcoming lots.
    Also adds 4 trees to your mayor mode menu.  Like the default mayor mode trees, these trees start small and grow with age.
    To install, unzip, and run the .exe installer.


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  5. This is a complete set of all LBT props into one mega file, this set includes:
    LBT Prop Pack
    LBT Prop Pack 2
    LBT Prop Pack 3
    LBT Prop PAck 4 (unique for this release)

    -Over 1,000 props different style props avalaible to use...

    This file will be essential for all and future LBT uploads!
    Props made by:

    Please use the cleanitool text file for remove old LBT prop packs.
    Hope you like!


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  6. Like many of the BSC members, I've been going through my old prop packs and consolidating them into a single big .dat file. Our testing with the Miramba experiment has shown that game startup time is related to the size and depth of the plugins folder. So we're reducing the number of files the game has to load on startup.
    This prop pack contains a single 9.5M .dat file that replaces eleven previously published prop file, plus includes another one that I haven't published. The replaced downloads/files are shown in the following table. I have only consolidated prop packs that contain props that others have used (or are likely to use in the future). If the props are very specific to a lot (such as my Aussie retail buildings) I have not included them.
    Original download Files replaced Notes DEDWD Factory Unit Props DEDWD_FactoryUnit_props.dat DEDWD IHT Buildings as Props DEDWD_IHT_Pharmaceuticals_props.dat Note 1. DEDWD School Set Props DEDWD_SchoolSet_props.dat Note 2. BSC Bicycle Prop Pack BSC_DAE_Bicycle_props.dat DEDWD Mega Prop Pack DEDWD_Props_Vol01.dat Note 3. DEDWD_Props_Vol02.dat DEDWD_Props_Vol03.dat BSC DAE Forest Lot Prop Pack BSC_DAE_ForestLot_props BSC DAE Train Prop Pack Vol01 BSC_DAE_TrainProps_Vol01.dat BSC BRF Train Prop Pack BSC_BRF_TrainProps.dat BSC Railyard Props Vol1 BSC_Railyard_props_Vol1.dat
    You still need the original DEDWD IHT Pharmaceuticals download for the models to go with these props. This file is in the {mydocs}\SimCity 4\Plugins\deadwoods\DEDWD_SchoolSet folder. Ignore the name, this DEDWD MEGA Prop Pack is a new file and includes the old one. As this pack is replacing the files listed above, you must remove them before/after installing this pack.
    There are only props in this download. There are no lots.
    You are welcome to use these props in your own lots, but you cannot re-distribute the files found here. You must refer/link to them on the STEX.


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  7. The SFBT Essentials contain the custom UIs that every SFBT lot uses, as well as shared textures and prop packs. The file will be updated from time to time, so please check back to this download once in a while.
    This is the March 2009 version of the essentials installer. Further versions will include the date in the filename as well, so you can easily find out if you have an outdated version installed.

    The installer will update all files if they are placed in the default folder (\My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins\SFBT\) automatically, otherwise you will have to update them manually and delete outdated files. The readme files contains a list of all files that are included in this version.

    Unfortunately, the installer programis not compatible with a Mac - a ZIP version of the Essentials is available here.


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  8. The SHK Parking Pack is a combination prop and texture pack designed to enable lotters to create varied and distinct parking lots with little or no need for multiple dependencies. This project is the result of many months of work with the overall goal of providing everything I could think of to make any configuration of parking area needed.
    There are 3 parts to this download, textures, vehicles and parking props.


    Contains a set of 5 asphalt and concrete base textures as well as a few overlays for bridging connections at various points where other textures meet.

    In addition there are 2 files which contain the bulk of the overlays. Two identical sets have been created utilizing both white and yellow space lines, that when used correctly work as a texture changer to enable utilizing either all white or all yellow space lines for any lots.

    [color=#800080]Vehicle Props[/color]

    The largest part of the pack is the vehicle props, starting with 150 single timed and untimed vehicles in both orthogonal and diagonal varieties (300 total). In addition there are a large number of orthogonal and diagonal timed clusters (68 total).

    Both the individual vehicles and clusters utilize a special timing system that along with the included prop families enable the creation of ever changing lots with little to no chance of repetition.

    [color=#0000FF]* For full details on this system and others within this pack, please refer to the included documentation.[/color]

    [color=#800080]Parking Props[/color]

    A collection of over 100 props to add character and life to your lots, everything from shopping carts to speedbumps.

    [color=#FF0000]*Note - This download contains no lots, it is intended as a dependency for my own and others future lots.[/color]


    Props, textures and modding by shokthrpy.[list]
    [*]Special thanks to my fellow Nightowls Paeng and Murimk, for without their knowledge, assistance, determination and occasional prod with a sharp stick would this have ever been possible.
    [color=#800080]Feedback & Support[/color]
    I test my content as thoroughly as possible, but should you encounter any issues please visit my BAT thread at


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  9. This file now forms part of the BSC MEGA Textures Vol01.

    Inview of the fact that many lots that were built in accordance to the PEG License agreement will now become useless due to the decision by PEG Production to withdraw their TEXTURES. BSC has decided to release the PEG Textures in their original format as they were made available to the community. Extraction from the included PEG License Agreement ... "Permission is granted to use, examine and freely distribute this product and any related material for non-commercial use only." WHo must download ... Only NEW Users of LOTS that contains PEG Textures. Lotbuilders must point their users to this file if they make use of PEG Production Textures.


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  10. Tree-related props and flora including trees, stumps, slash piles, logs.  This file also adds some flora items to your Mayor Mode flora menu, which will allow you to plop a few types of trees that grow over time in the game.  It also adds ploppable logs, such as found along rivers and beaches of Northwestern North America (and probably many other places too.)
    Some of the ploppable trees may require the following files to be in your plugins (to avoid brown boxes)
    Cycledogg Tree Mod
    (The actual files from the Cycledogg Tree Mod that need to be in your plugins are: CPT_No8_TreeModelsPArtOne.dat and CPT_No9_TreeModelsPartTwo.dat)

    This pack will be a dependency for upcoming BSC timber farm series lots, and for future god-mode tree controllers, and for possible future street tree mods.


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  11. This file is Obsolete.


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  12. Essential dependency pack for mayor and god mode ploppables and misc...

    Props made by Heblem
    -You can use this prop pack in LE



       (52 Reviews)



  13. [b]Murimk Props Vol02[/b]

    [b][i]Last update: September 2011[/i][/b]

    [i]Parks, fences, graffiti and more[/i]

    This is my second set of props (the first one beeing 'Murimk Bicycle Props v01').

    This pack contains various prop sets for lotting purposes.

    * Park Props (large and small set)

    * Park Fences (tiles and puzzle set)

    * Industrial Walls

    * Graffitis

    Please see a complete listing and description in the individual text files for every subset!



    All props from this pack can be used to make your own lots. Do not include them in your upload though - please point to this pack as a dependency.

    Each set is packed in its own subset, so you can choose which part you want to use.

    If you only use part of the pack for a lot, point out the utilized subset(s) in your description, so the player as well may choose which parts of this pack to install.

    The folder 'Documentation' contains -

    * ReadMe files for each subset

    * images for each subset

    * a suite of testlots (for previewing only!)

    Store the complete 'Documentation' outside your 'Plugins' for future reference.


    BATting and MODding: Murimk

    LOTting and MODding: Paeng



    Should you need support for these items please visit and make contact through the
    NightOwl Development thread[/b][/i]



    Murimk Productions[/b][/i]



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  14. This file is obsolete.  Please use : 



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  15. Updated: January 2007
    installation instructions:unzip this file in your simcity4/plugins/ folder. if you've got a older version of this file your pc should ask you to replace it, click yes

    This file is a must have for all the upcoming RN Production files. It contains the custom queries you’ll need to get our BATs and lots working sufficient. On this point none of our custom queries conflict with other ones. To keep it that way make sure your Instance ID won’t start with EFFEC### (where ### is a ‘random’ number).

    This file will be updated from time to time.
    -first version: March 2006
    -second version: May 2006
    ---queries for parks and transportation added
    ---old queries restyled
    -3rd version: June 2006
    --- added queries for Nealos101, MarcosMX and Rabbit903
    -4th version: November 2006
    --- solved potential bugs
    --- added BSC Logo to my queries
    -5th version
    --- foundation props added


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  16. Obsolete file, if you want the complements of this pack, please download the LBT Mega Prop Pack vol.01


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  17. This file is obsolete.  Please use :



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  18. This pack contains some props to make your own industrial lot in the lot editor.
    Unzip this file to you Simcity 4plugins folder and enjoy.


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  19. Tower crane and its tower. The tower unit is 12m high, so should be raised by 12m every time to make a larger tower. Then the crane should go at a multiple of 12m hight. UPDATE: Added new crane, and fised the problem with the placement outlines when in the LotEditor. UPDATE: Added site hoarding, and Caterpiller Crane.


       (51 Reviews)



  20. A Prop set of chestnut trees (altogether 8 models) that will be used in my upcoming releases.
    All models are grouped into a family and as such may provide variety for the LOTs.
    These are day only ( no special night lighting) so they with some tweaking may be used for mass plantations.


       (84 Reviews)



  21. This Essentials included ehbk2006's High Definition cantanery model and some custom supports props, necessary for Rail_Catenary_Mod_V3 and HSR_Catenary_Mod, and future ELR Catenary Mod

    Be sure delete the old version and "NL-Special-Cantanery-props.dat" if installed
    I recommend Extract the "Catenary_Essentials.dat" in zip file into my Catenary_Mod main directory (SimCity 4\Plugins\Network Addon Mod\z_Catenary_Mod)
       just delete the Catenary_Essentials.dat file.
    Any question or suggestion, please post on the topic in SC4D forum:
    Credits & Special Thanks:
        ehbk2006, for HD-Catenary-model
         plunderer,  2009-06-24


       (70 Reviews)



  22. Howdy Ho, here's some models i originally made for to be modded into automata ( yeah the things that drive arround) But hey, people ask me to also release them as props, os without further ado, here's them props, very useful for lotting and all, i might use them as a dependancy, but probably not, unless i release some bus related BATs.

    All models were made by me, textures by me, and it took me ages to make all these models, so you better appreciate them:p The Blue sc4 citybuses there are jsut there for reference and comparison.

    if it aint your cup of tea, then just pass, see it's that easy:p

    24 Models Total.

    list o Buses:

    Volvo 9700 Nor-Way Busskespress (Norwegian coach line)
    GMC RTS MTA bus  ( New York, New York, USA)
    Orion VII Hybrid SACRT Bus (Sacramento, Cal, USA)
    Flxible Metro B New Jersey Transit (New Jersey, USA)
    Scania with vest coach body in HSD/TIDE livery ( Norway)
    Orion VII Hybrid MTA bus (New York, New York, USA)
    MAN 262  Sporveisbussene/Ruter# ( Oslo, Norway)
    GMC RTS Nj transit  (New Jersey, USA)
    Unspecified brand in Greyhound livery #1 ( USA/Canada)
    Orion VII MTA Long Island Livery ( Long Island, New York, USA)
    MAN NL 273 Sporveisbussene/Ruter# ( Oslo, Norway)
    Volvo 9700 EurOLines (most if not all of Europe)
    Unspecified brand in Greyhound livery #2 ( USA/Canada)
    Orion VII MTA  ( New York, New York, USA)
    MAN NL 353 Sporveisbussene/Ruter# ( Oslo, Norway)
    Volvo 9700 StudentAgency (Czech, and some parts of Europe)
    Volvo 9700 4 wheels - Timeekspressen (Norway)
    Volvo 9700 4 wheels - Nor-Way Busskespress (Norway)
    Volvo 9700 4 wheels - Nettbuss (Norway)
    Scania irizar 4 wheels National Express
    Scania irizar 4 wheels Bus Eireeann ( Ireland)
    Scania irizar 4 wheels Nor-Way Bussekspress ( Norway)

    That's it, enjoy, or not


       (68 Reviews)



  23. This file is now obsolete, please download the new Mega prop pack:

    LBT Mega Prop pack 1

    This File contains more of 80 props that will be used by LBT in forthcoming uploads
    The prop pack contains Gazebos, flora, commercial signs, and many more stuff.

        The installer should install the files into your ducments/sim city 4/plugins

    More info in the readme


       (15 Reviews)



  24. This file contains 91 assorted props that will be used by the BLaM team in forthcoming projects. They cover a wide range of subjects, from flora and fauna, through vehicles, to industrial - plus one or two surprises!

    One of the most important and unique features of these props, and indeed of all future updates to this file, is that the props have been tagged so that, if you instal a BLaM lot that requires a prop, and you do not have the prop installed, a news ticker message will appear in game advising you of this fact! All BLaM releases that use these props will be enabled to do this, so you need never worry about brown boxes again - well not with BLaM releases anyway!

    If you use any of the props in this file for your own releases please do not (without our consent) include the BLaM Essentials file with your release, but instead point users to this file as a dependancy.

    File Tracking
    As BLaM only ever intend to release two dependency packages - Essentials and Textures, it will be very important to ensure that you always have the latest version of the packs. For this reason we highly recommend that you track the packs using the File Tracking option above.

    Additionally, if you would like to be advised when a new pack becomes available please feel free to subscribe to the BLaM Newsletter. This will be produced at random intervals during the year and will keep you advised of latest updates, news and goings on in the world of BLaM. Subscription to this newsletter does not mean you will be bombarded with spam, but you will be the first to know when new lots are released, and updates are made to the BLaM packs. To subscribe simply send a blank email with the subject "Newsletter Subscription" to blam_newsletter@onlyplace4.com
    To instal
    We would recommend that you create a folder named BLaM in your plugins folder and then simply unzip the entire folder within the zip file to this folder.

    If you download and use, please comment and rate.

    Be sure to visit the BLaM showcase.
    BATting: onlyplace4; MarcosMX
    Modding: qurlix
    Additional material: onlyplace4
    Copyright information
    Please note that a number of the files within this pack are within the Public Domain as free to download and use meshes. These have been collected over a number of years and some of the sites they came from have now disappeared. BLaM does not claim to be the originator or copyright holder of these meshes and they are used in accordance with the EULA associated with them.
    Prop listing:

    BLaM_Billboard_BLaM     &nb


       (45 Reviews)



  25. BSC RP2005 Prop Pack vol 02
    This prop pack is the second of three prop packs bringing together my existing collection of buildings in prop format for the convenience of lot builders.
    Prop Pack vol 2 contains industrial models.
    This pack also includes new colour variations of my industrial units 1 and 2.
    No Lots are included in this package.
    PC Users
    Auto-install. Extract the installer file from the .zip file and doulbe-click to install the props.
    MAC Users
    This file is not yet MAC compatible but we are working on this and one will shortly follow. See the BSC MAC archive thread for updates.
    Credits: Thanks to the all the members of the BSC team who have helped in getting my first BSC releases off the ground. Special thanks to barbyw for compiling the prop pack.


       (20 Reviews)