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Map files for SimCity 4

3,256 files

  1. Amazon

    Hi everyone! Here is a map of the Amazon basin and the surrounding regions. As usual, you need to place NE2000m.dat inside your plugin folder before generating the map.
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  2. Contiguous United States

    A map of the contiguous United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).
    All my maps (including this one) require NE2000m.dat to work properly. Otherwise you may get the issue of large swathes of land being underwater.
    The plugin's purpose is to lower the sea level on the grayscale from 83 to around 25.
    WARNING: you are downloading a map which is exceedingly large (config size 136 x 96 pixels).
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  3. Middle East

    A map of the Middle East. How to get all the sand? By using a terrain mod.
    For me I used the LBT Chihuahuan Terrain Mod. You can find the downloads for the requisite plugins below.
    LBT Chihuahuan Terrain Mod.dat
    LBT Chihuahuan Terrain Mod Controller.dat
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  4. Japan

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    A Simcity 4 map of Japan.
    Required plugin: NE2000m.dat
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  5. Western Malay Archipelago

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    A Simcity 4 map of Western Malay Archipelago.
    Required plugin: NE2000m.dat
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  6. Patagonia

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    Hello guys! This is my third upload of Simcity 4 maps, Hope you all like it.
    Required plugin: NE2000m.dat
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  7. The Grand Valley - Inspired by China

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    This is a large map, fictional but based on China with low lying land, bays, small islands and hills!
    I have made the config with offset large tiles to try and ease the commute loop 'bug'
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  8. North West England

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    This is a large map of the southern half of north west England. There is enough space to build the whole of Manchester, Liverpool, Preston, Blackpool, Warrington, rural Cheshire and the suburban sprawl which runs all over the place!
    The map is of a 1:1 size, so is very big, but fun.
    The only problems with it are the mountains to the north and east. Thats the Peak District National Park...but when lightening the map enough to be above the water level, the tops of the hills got 'clipped' - I couldn't find away around the. I have attached the greyscale imagine to this for anyone who is able to fix this.
    Also...You might see all the ponds/ small lakes near the coast. These aren't really there as its all marsh land which has been channelled. I decided to leave them in as this is meant to be a map of the area before it was build on and tamed. 
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  9. Hudsonia

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    Here's a new region I've been working on, loosely based on the Hudson River valley near Kingston, NY. I make no claims that the map is accurate to scale. Sea level is significantly higher here than in reality, it makes for a more interesting map. Map was made using USGS DEM data, SC4 Mapper, and tweaked in SC4 Terraformer. I tried to go for an interesting variety of land forms; there's some coastal plain, islands, mountain ranges with valleys, rolling piedmont hills, etc. It looks best using Gobias' Sudden Valley terrain mod and the Cascadia seasonal tree controller. Hope you enjoy! 
    EDIT: This is roughly where this map is in the real world: https://www.google.com/maps/@42.0616166,-73.9517156,11z/data=!5m1!1e4
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  10. Kamchatmanjaro

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    a map by:  blunder
    So i had the itch to create a map recently.  This is what came out.  This does not represent any kind of return to regular custom content creation for me; this is just a one-off project.  Also, because this map is more than 100km on a side I am inducing the Drunkapple Large Map Mercy Rule on showing a fully rendered pic.


    Kamchatmanjaro is ..... well wait; what is this?  This is a fantasy map featuring a hodgepodge of different mountains, including:
    Kilimanjaro, tallest volcano in Africa
    Kliuchevskoi (and it's entire volcanic group) tallest volcano in Kamchatka, Russia
    Mt. Fuji, tallest volcano in Japan
    Pavlov, tallest volcano in the Aleutian chain.
    Water is hand drawn by me.

    This map is 108km x 60km and made from 2' aster satellite data, patched with 3' STRM.
    Map made using satellite data, image editing software, and drunkapple's invaluable advice.
    This map is in .png format and requires either Terraformer or Mapper to import.

    1.  Navigate to your Documents/Simcity 4/Regions folder and create a new folder with your desired region name
    2.  Copy+paste the config.bmp file into the folder you just created.
    3.  Open SC4TF, open the new region, import the .png file, save and quit.
    4.  You must open and save each tile for it to display your terrain mod instead of the terraformer/mapper elevation color overlay.

    *This map contains high altitude and requires you to have modded your terrain mod to allow a max height of 5000m or greater, or it requires you to have installed a terrain height mod.
    **If you want a smaller map that will run more easily on a PC with lower ram, the left side of the PNG can be cropped to provide a map of 60km x 60km that is quite nice too.

    For questions, comments, and requests please see my Map Thread over at simpeg.com

    Happy Gaming!
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  11. Five Rivers Simcity 4 Map

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    25 x Large cities with rolling hills. Based very loosely on the city of Sheffield in the UK but is in no way accurate. Sheffield is very hilly and does not readily lend itself to Sim City 4 so certain liberties have been taken to make it more playable. Industry is generally situated around the rivers with heavy industry in the East. This file is in SC4 format and and should be installed through the SC4 Mapper tool
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  12. Heiligenhafen

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    This is a north german region of the baltic sea in north-europe. Have fun playing this map and please watchout SimCity4 AG on facebook (german/multilingual).
    To install this: start game, create new region, close game, replace loaded config.bmp in the new region folder, restart, load new region, press ctrl+alt+shift+r and choose heiligenhafen.3.bmp, then wait. When finished, blur required.
    Heiligenhafen, und die Region direkt am Fehmarnsund. Die Region ist ein Geheimtipp in der Tourismusbranche. Am Rande der hohen Geest ist die Region weitgehend flachlandig, weitab der großen Metropolen. Das soll doch nicht so bleiben? Es liegt in deiner Hand, aus dieser Region etwas zu erschaffen.
      Es wartet viel Arbeit, also laden und spielen. Und dann noch mal bei der SimCity4 AG vorbeischauen...   Installation: Spiel starten, neue Region (Heiligenhafen oder Ostholstein) erstellen, Spiel beenden, geladene config.bmp im Ordner der neuen Region (Heiligenhafen oder Ostholstein) ersetzen, Spiel neustarten, neue Region wählen, Strg+Alt+Shift+R drücken, geladene heiligenhafen.3.bmp wählen, und warten. Nach Abschluss bitte die einzelnen Städte weichzeichnen.
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  13. Humboldt Map

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    Map Details and Information

    This map has been uploaded at the request of members TPB and SimEMS38, and at the encouragement of Huston. I needed to come up with a name so I'm calling this "Humboldt". I realize it won't appeal to everyone but if someone else wants to check it out, then by all means.

    This Map was created by piecing together various parts of 26 different real world maps. The resulting land area has been reconciled extensively; some of the river beds and sea floors however would need more work for someone wanting to use a transparent water mod. The two built-in port areas (taken from the Rotterdam and Kaohsiung maps) have been correctly oriented both orthogonally and diagonally. The inner harbor area is meant to be a starting template which can be easily modified as you see fit. The map was rendered using a modified version of Gobias' Sudden Valley terrain mod, Gobias' Chicago River water mod and a modified version of Tierusu's Grass beach mod.

    Map Specifics

    Map Type: Compilation of portions from various real world maps

    Region map size: Map is configured for 272 large city tiles and is 17x16 in size.
    Zip Contents: In-game region image (jpg); region overview (jpg); SC4M file; config file (bmp); readme text file; a 16bit PNG file (for those that might want it).
    Either SC4 Mapper or SC4 Terraformer for importing


    I can't and don't take any credit for this map. All I've done is take from the great work of others, do some edge reconciliation and a relatively slight amount of hand terraforming. The following is a list of all the maps and tools used to compile the map:
    Albany, WA  

    ALPS vol.8 Bernese Oberland-Switzerland 1

    Alps vol. 12 Lago di Garda Italy

    Channel Islands Map Pak 2 By blade2k5 / NHP



    Bellingham, Washington

    Bornholm Island  algis242

    Cairo Egypt

    Cape Barren Island

    Cathlamet, Washington

    Kalispell, Montana (v1.0)


    Montreal, Canada. (v1.0)

    NHP Astoria Oregon By blade2k5

    NHP Boston By blade2k5 1

    In the north of Vancouver Island, Nimpkish Lake

    Portland, Oregon (and surroundings) (pdx)

    Portland Metro nhp
    NHP blade2k5
    NHP Portland Oregon Metro By blade2k5 1

    Riga, Capital of Latvia

    Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    Seattle, The Emerald City

    Sevastopol - Ukraine

    Sisters and Madras, OR

    Warsaw, Capital of Poland

    North of the Strait of Juan De Fuca, Victoria
    NHP SC4Mapper 2013

    SC4Terraformer v11 (v1.0)

    Sawtooth's Region Census v0.8 (v1.0)
    Sudden Valley Terrain Mod (v1.0)

    Gobias HD Water Pack 3 (v1.0)
    Chicago River

    Beach Mod
    Installing the Map   

    To install SC4M map file:
    1. If you don't already have SC4Mapper, download it here and follow the install instructions.
    2. Unzip this file.
    3. Run SC4Mapper, click on 'create region'
    4. Choose SC4M
    5. Browse to the unzipped folder and point the map file .SC4M
    6. Click on 'Save Region' and name it, and Quit SC4Mapper
    7. Run SC4 and load the new region. The colors of the region in SC4 will be the same colors as SC4Mapper until you enter and save each city tile. But you have the choice to do it as you go and not right away.

    1. Create a new region folder in your Plugins\Region
    2. Copy my config.bmp into the folder and overwrite the old one. (make changes to config.bmp file now if you want)
    3. Open the new region you just created with SC4 Terraformer
    4. Click on Import Image in the Global Tools Menu and browse for my SC4M file.
    5. When file is imported click File - Save (the region is now saved to SC4
    6. The colors of the region in SC4 will be the same colors as SC4TF until you enter and save each city tile. But you have the choice to do it as you go and not right away.
    Start opening tiles!
    Comments, criticisms and/or suggestions welcomed.
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  14. Hobart Metropolitan Area

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    This is a map of the Hobart Metropolitan Area.

    Using USGS SRTM data, with a small amount of retouching (to physically disconnect some areas that were joined on the data but not in real life, this map is a fairly accurate representation of Hobart.

    It's not perfect, of course but it's quite close.

    This map requires beskhu3epnm's plugin pack, which can be found here.

    To use this map:

    {C}1) Place one of the 1500m mods in your plugin folder, and remove any other height mod plugins.
    2) Create a new folder called Hobart, or whatever you choose to call your region in your ...My Documents/Sim City 4/Regions directory.
    3) Download the config.bmp file, or create your own and place it in the new folder
    4) Download the hobart.jpg file and place it in the folder created at 2 (I suggest this location because it's easier to find).
    5) Run your SimCity 4 game
    6) Open the Hobart Region (if you used a different name at 2,
    7) On your keyboard, press and hold down 'ctrl' + 'alt' + 'shift' + 'r'--this should bring up a dialogue box
    8) Browse to the folder that you downloaded hobart.jpg to, find "hobart.jpg", and open this file.
    9) This should start the rendering. BE PATIENT. This will likely take between 45 minutes and 4 hours with a relatively empty plugins folder.
    10) Enjoy!

    (Instructions copied from one of Mallow's maps, as the procedure is the same for this maps. I've modified the instructions slightly.

    Note that the coasts will be a little sharp-edged in places. This is because I opted to keep data high quality as opposed to lower. There is some smoothing, but not an excessive amount.

    You can find out more about Hobart in my new mapping thread, which can be found  [stex='16790']here[/stex].
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  15. Aalborg, Denmark

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    This is the area around Aalborg and the Limfjord, in the north of Denmark. Feel free to present your gameplay on my site.
    Dette er området omkring Limfjorden Ålborg, North Danmark. Du er velkommen til at præsentere din gameplay på min hjemmeside.
    Das ist die Region rund um Aalborg am Limfjord, Nord-Dänemark. Ich freue mich, dich bei der Simcity AG wieder zu treffen.
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  16. Walnut Grove, Minnesota

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    This is the area around Walnut Grove, Minnesota, known from the TV series "Little House On The Prairie". The village of Walnut Grove has about 900 inhabitants and is dominated by agriculture.

    The region is held flat, please create the ups and downs on your own.

    Please visit also my group on facebook. Thank you and have fun.
    Feel free to comment.
    Das ist die Region rund um Walnut Grove im US-Bundesstaat Minnesota, bekannt aus der TV-Serie "Unsere kleine Farm". Das Dorf Walnut Grove hat knapp 900 Bewohner und ist geprägt durch Landwirtschaft.

    Die Region ist überwiegend eben gehalten, bitte die Höhen und Tiefen nach eigenem Ermessen gestalten.
    Ich freue mich über nette Kommentare.

    Bitte besuche auch meine Gruppe auf facebook. Vielen Dank und viel Spass.
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  17. Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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    Good evening all.
    2nd Indonesia Map and 5th Map in overall from me.
    This is the map from Yogyakarta Special Region, a province on southern coast of Java, Indonesia. It features city of Yogyakarta with 4 neighboring regency also few regencies in Central Java Province in its corner. Geographical features includes Mount Merapi and Merbabu in north part of region, Indian Ocean in south coast and several hilly area in it's area.
    This region has size 44x48 km square (9x6 large city tiles) about 80% of its original. created using data from ASTER GDEM and edited using photoshop and rendered by SC4mapper.
    Read the readme for installation instruction.
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  18. Juwana/Pati, Central Java, Indonesia

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    Good evening everyone. this is 4th map from me.
    This is a region map from Central Java, Indonesia. It covers from Pati to Juwana both in Pati Regency, Central Java.
    This semi-accurate scaled map size 40x36km square (try to make it accurately scaled) suitable for medium to high density city with a lot of flat areas. created using data from ASTER GDEM and edited using photoshop and rendered by SC4mapper.

    Read the readme for installation instruction.
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  19. Northern Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan

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    Hi all... 
    This is my first upload to STEX, so feel free to give me feedback.
    This is a region map of Northern part of Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. Kagoshima Prefecture (鹿児島県) is a prefecture of Japan located on the south end  island of Kyushu. By 2010 it has population 1,703,406 . The capital Kagoshima is located in the Kagoshima bay. It has been nicknamed the "Naples of the Eastern world" for its bay location (Aira Caldera), hot climate, and impressive stratovolcano, Sakurajima.
    The map itself contains the northern part of Kagoshima alongside with small section of Miyazaki Prefecture in the northeast corner. Cities in this map include Kagoshima, Aira, Kirishima, Minamikyushu and Satsumasendai.
    This region has size 48x36 km square (16x9 large city tiles) about 70% of original. created using data from ASTER GDEM and edited using photoshop and rendered by SC4mapper.
    Read the readme for installation instruction.
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  20. Mikawa Bay, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

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    Well umm hi again...
    Second upload in a row I think.... 
    This is a region map for SimCity 4 from Mikawa Bay, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.. (not to confused with my CJ city Mikawa).
    Mikawa Bay located in the southern portion of Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Surrounded by Atsumi and Chita Peninsula, Mikawa Bay is one of 2 major bays located in Aichi Prefecture (the other one is Ise Bay).
    This region has size 36x24 km square (9x6 large city tiles) about 70% of its original. created using data from ASTER GDEM and edited using photoshop and rendered by SC4mapper.

    Read the readme for installation instruction.

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  21. Kanazawa-Toyama, Japan

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    3rd map from me..
    This is another map from Japan. It covers from Kanazawa, the capital of Ishikawa Prefecture, japan toward Toyama, the capital of Toyama Prefecture both located in the north coast of Honshu island, Japan. Its about 300km west of Niigata, 250km north of Nagoya, and 400km northwest of Tokyo. 
    This semi-accurate scaled map size 56x36km square (scaled down for about 70% of its original size) suitable for medium to high density city as it contain a lot of flat area with mountainous area in southern area. created using data from ASTER GDEM and edited using photoshop and rendered by SC4mapper.
    Read the readme for installation instruction.
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  22. Kuwana/Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture, Japan

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    Good Evening/Morning,

    This is my second scaled map.

    This is a semi-accurate (precise) scale map of the cities of Kuwana, Yokkaichi and surrounding environs, Mie/Aichi Prefectures in Japan. Located due west of Nagoya, this map also contains part of the Kiso River Delta (or all of it); Nagashima Island, which has one of the longest roller coasters in the world, is also included. This map is centred just due West of Kuwana, population 104,000. It is the principal city of the Kuwana domain, a fee in the Bakuhan System.

    This is a terrain and scale-accurate map (sort of) of a part of Mie Prefecture in Japan (that means it exists). It is 52km x 32km in size made up of all large tiles. It is in 16bits and .SC4M format. Wouanagaine's SC4MAPPER (or Terraformer) is required to load the Geographic Data (.SC4M) of your region. Remember that it does not render the map so it requires the end-user to open, close and save each tile in SC4.

    It is important that you read the README file before proceeding to anything!


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  23. Frontierland

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    Inspired by the Wild West, Frontierland is a fictional island region which features a mountainous terrain, along with natural harbours, cliffs and plains. Everything has been hand-made using a combination of SC4Terraformer and the game’s terraforming tools. The map has been designed with playability in mind -- hopefully this means there’s a balance between aesthetics and functionality. For example, there are certain areas which have been flattened to make building easier.

    To keep it in proportion, the region is 4x4, consisting of 4 large city tiles. The summit of the island reaches 5040ft (1536m) above sea level.

    Frontierland has been optimised for use with Lowkee33’s Appalachian Terrain Mod. However, it also works with the standard Maxis terrain, or any other terrain mod (standard or HD).


    The map is contained within a *.SC4M file, which means you’ll need to use either SC4Mapper or SC4Terraformer to install and render it. For Mapper the config.bmp file is contained inside this, but for Terraformer you’ll need to copy the included config.bmp.

    I’d recommend using SC4Mapper, as the latest version is designed for use with modern systems (Windows 7 and newer).

    Unzip the archive. Copy Frontierland.SC4M into your Regions folder. Start SC4Mapper. Click Create Region > SC4M Browse and select the Frontierland.SC4M file, then click Open. Click Save Region. Confirm the name for the region, and click OK to complete. The game can then be started and the region loaded. You’ll need to save all 4 city tiles to remove the pre-rendered terrain colours. [hr]

    Unzip the archive. In your Regions folder, create a new folder named “Frontierland” (or whatever you’d like to name the region). Copy the config.bmp and the Frontierland.SC4M file. Start SC4Terraformer. Browse and open the new region folder you created. In the Global Tools menu, click “Import image”. Browse and select the Frontierland.SC4M file, then click OK. Click File > Save and confirm. The game can then be started and the region loaded. You’ll need to save all 4 city tiles to remove the pre-rendered terrain colours.
    Once rendered, you may delete or move the leftover PNG files and the SC4M file.  
    Have fun! :thumb:

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  24. kschmidt

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    For my next map i,d travel to South America to the Republic of Suriname. Former Dutch colony, acquired by the famous land exchange with former New Amsterdam wich would latere became the famous city of New York. Great riches like sugar, rice and indegious jungle fruits compensated these allthought. Later in 20th century a large aluminium industry SURALCO in the east of the now independent state forms a large part of bulk of the local economy. South of Paramaribo there is the big brokopondo resevoir and the airport. Most of the tiles are jungle. Left corner New Nickerie district got a lot of agreculture, rest is mostly fruit or oil plantations. Left side of the map is a part of the british Guyana colony on the Right french Guyane wich got a large ESA rocket launching base, below there is only jungle up to the border with brazil.  Map made with Google Maps so by no means  accurate still nice size. Place the file in your region folder. Hope you like the map !
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  25. 10 kschmidt

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    Some years ago, i saw a traveling program on TV about russia´s golden ring or triangle.  This area is located north east of moskou and is famous for its ancient towns. Give some names like Pereslavl Zalesskiy, Rostov. Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Ivanovo, Vladimir. Moskou outskirts are about in the left corner, right corner goes just about Nizhniy Novgorod. Terraformed from a Google Maps satalite picture, the size is fictional, river volga and the lake of Rybinsk. Their are no trees or animals. File Ruska Golden Triangle must be placed in ther regions directory. There are some russian bat around maybe use some scandinavian´s This is my first effort creating something for the community, hope you like it !
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