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  1. Bandar Lampung-Metro, Indonesia

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    This is a map from Lampung Province, located in the southern end (well this map not actually southern end but nearby) of Sumatra Island, Indonesia. It features the capital of province, Bandar Lampung, Metro City and Central and South Lampung Regencies.
    This region has size 36x40 km square (9x10 large city tiles) semi acurately scaled.. created using data from ASTER GDEM and edited using photoshop and rendered by SC4mapper.
    Read the readme for installation instruction.
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  2. Xiamen China Kinmen Taiwan

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    Map of Xiamen, China and Kinmen, Taiwan. 

    Based on real world data with reductions in scale, slight realignment of rivers, and other embellishments to optimize city squares. 

    The map was designed for multiplayer use and therefore gives all medium tiles and large tiles the equivalence of 50-75% medium tile flat land and water access.
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  3. Bel-Air Metropolitan Area

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    Welcome to Bel-Air metropolitan area.
    It's my first map, my first contribution to this amazing world of Simcity. 
    Even if the name Bel-Air is inspired by one of Chevrolet most beautiful car the '56 Bel Air, this region map is based (it's not an accurate recreation) on my hometown - Constanta city, capital of Dobrudgea Region, Romania.
    The map consists of 54 large cities (6x9) and it was entirely build by hand tile by tile.
    It has some seaports, some marinas, some river and lake ports. Also it has two rivers (the Danube - Black Sea Cannal), some small islands and smooth beaches.
    Hope you enjoy it and any constructive criticism is more than welcome!
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  4. Eastern United States and Canada Representation

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    This is my first upload (I hope I did it right). This is something I worked on for about 6 months. This is a graphical representation of the eastern half of the United States and Canada. This is not meant to be accurate by any means. 
    The way this breaks down. The way I did this is if the city has a major league team (Major League Baseball, NHL, NFL, NBA) it would be a 4x4 city (exceptions are the Bronx and Brooklyn). If the city holds a minor league baseball team it is 2x2 and/or if it has an NCAA Division one team and a population of over 50 thousand it would also be 2x2. I filled in the rest with what ever would fit. So if a 4x4 is in a location it doesn't mean it represents a major city. It just kept me from creating, importing, and loading a million 1x1 cities. 
    If you will, notice that the western tiles on this maps edge are flat and... essentially are not terraformed roughly half way into the tile. The reason behind that is that those tiles will be the "zipper" connecting the eastern map to the western map that I will start on soon.
    I have this completely rendered but can't upload it on here and the cities all have a numerical number. If you are interested in the rendered file I can e-mail it to you, if that is allowed and if anyone is interested, and enclose what city corresponds to what number.
    I have a laptop that is not really considered high end and this region performs pretty well on my computer. It doesn't take long to load a city but will take about 3 minutes to save and exit to region.
    If you have questions or if you think this is crap just post a comment. Just be gentle. Remember this is in no means meant to be accurate but a graphic representation. I am interested in transportation networks that is the reason I created this for myself. I think you will find it mildly challenging. I wanted to post this for everyone else because I have taken so much from this community and now I feel I can give back a little something.
    One suggestion, if you want to use this I would suggest turning auto equalize terrain on as the surrounding cities have been rendered. The reason I say this is because I got confused in a couple of spots and things got a little off in a couple of spots. Also, the ocean tiles I put in for the Great Lakes and surrounding the map do not match the cities I created were an after thought.
    I hope you enjoy.
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  5. Hayder Basin

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    Hayder Basin by Samerton

    A totally fictional map I made. It includes a mountainous area towards the north-west and a river mouth towards the south-east.
    Installation instructions are included in the readme.
    The map size is 16x16 pixels, all large tiles.

    SC4 Mapper

    Or you can use Mapper if you have it.

    A larger picture:

    If you'd like to request a fictional map, just PM me with some ideas of what you want and I'll try to make it for you!

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  6. Jockton Plains

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    Jockton Plains by Samerton
    Another totally fictional map I made. It includes a river estuary at the west of the map and a canyon runs through the middle. Apart from that, it is rather flat.
    The map size is 16x16 pixels, all large tiles.

    SC4 Mapper

    Or you can use Terraformer if you have it.

    A larger picture:

    If you'd like to request a fictional map, just PM with me with some ideas of what you want and I'll try to make it for you!

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  7. Ciel

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    Ciel by Samerton

    Thanks to joshjoshlara for giving me the name.

    Another fictional map I made. It includes a small canyon running from south to east, and a larger river from the north-west to the north-east. It is also rather flat apart from a few hills at the west of the map.
    The config size is 16x16 pixels, all large tiles.

    SC4 Mapper 2013

    Or you can use Terraformer if you have it.

    There is a readme included.

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  8. WWII Map Pack One

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    WWII Map Pack One
    Credit to Drunkapple for making these maps, and also to Cacks for making the image. Thanks!

    What's included?

    There are three maps are in this pack.

    Installation Instructions

    Download these maps and extract them. Create three new regions in SC4. Copy each config.bmp included in the download into each folder. Open SC4 Terraformer or Mapper (those are dependencies) and render the regions. Play in-game, and Enjoy!

    Which maps are included?

    Iwo Jima - The Japanese had an airfield there, so the U.S. invaded and took over the island. The battle started on the 19th Febuary 1945, and ended when the Americans came out victorious on March 26th of the same year.

    Guernsey and Jersey - They played an important part in the war because the Nazi's occupied them and built lots of bunkers around them. Even if you go today, you'll see lots of concrete 'towers' dotted around the coastline. They are situated in the English Channel.
    Thanks for looking,
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  9. WWII D-Day Landings Map Pack

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    WWII BAT Team
    D-Day Map Pack
    Credit to Drunkapple for these maps, uploaded here on behalf of the WWII BAT Team.


    Which maps are included?

    The maps you'll find in this pack are:
    They were all D-Day Landings on the 6th June 1944.

    Installation Instructions

    Download these maps and extract them. Create a new folder for each map in SC4. Copy the config.bmp into the new region and folder. Open up SC4 Terraformer or Mapper (those are dependencies) and render the regions. Play in-game, and Enjoy!

    Larger Pictures

    You'll find links to larger pictures of the maps below.

    Gold -
    Juno -
    Omaha -
    Sword -
    Utah -

    NOTE: Omaha is in this map pack as well as a single upload because it saves people going to download a different file than this one.

    Thanks for looking!
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  10. Omaha Beach

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    WWII BAT Team
    Omaha Beach
    Credit to Drunkapple for these maps, uploaded here on behalf of the WWII BAT Team.

    Where is Omaha Beach?
    Omaha Beach is situated in Normandy, France. It was part of the massive D-Day landings which took part on the 6th June 1944.

    Installation Instructions

    Download these maps and extract them. Create a new region in SC4. Copy the config.bmp included into the new region folder. Open up SC4 Terraformer or Mapper (those are dependencies) and render the regions. Play in-game, and Enjoy!

    Thanks, also, to Cacks for creating the pictures.

    Thanks for looking!
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  11. Sandbox Test Region

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    This is a simple no frills region of 16 blank medium tiles designed to use for sandbox testing.  

    I looked for ages for something simple like this, and in the end I had to swallow my pride and ask one of the map making vets how to do it.   Vandy actually.

    I had tried making a plain sandbox region in game but always ended up with this massive random thing with small, medium and large tiles...  All I really wanted was a simple compact 4x4 medium tile region...   well this is it.

    It is all very well to scoff and say... oh you can just make that yourself...  but there are heaps of people that don't know how...  including me... and I still don't really understand how I made it anyway...   all I know is that it works and for me it has been very useful.
     To use this region simply place the folder into c:\...\documents\simcity4\regions It does not require rendering and comes 'plug and play' ready, with a config bitmap file and configuration settings file. Enjoy!
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  12. Sandbox Regions - Small, Medium and Large

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    Sandbox Regions - Small, Medium and Large

    These plain and simple regions are suitable for sandbox testing of new downloads, importing backup copies of important tiles, or any other purpose where a separate, straight forward no frills region is required.

    The package includes:

    Blue Sandbox - Large 4x4
    Green Sandbox - Medium 4x4
    Red Sandbox - Small 8x8

    These regions do not require any rendering, they come ready to use. The regions can be renamed by renaming the folders before they are installed.

    Unzip and place the folders in:
    My Documents> Simcity 4> Regions

    *If further sandbox regions are required, simply make a copy of the config file, place in a new folder with a new name, and then place in the Simcity 4> Regions folder.

    **If you would like to change the size of the sandbox maps yourself this can be easily done by editing the config files in a imaging editing program such as Paint.

    The Formula is:
    One small tile equals 1x1 red pixels.
    One medium tile equals 2x2 green pixels.
    One large tile equals 4x4 blue pixels.
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  13. wild west Frontierland

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    Inspired by the Wild West, Frontierland is a fictional island region which features a mountainous terrain, along with natural harbours, cliffs and plains. Everything has been hand-made using a combination of SC4Terraformer and the game’s terraforming tools. The map has been designed with playability in mind -- hopefully this means there’s a balance between aesthetics and functionality. For example, there are certain areas which have been flattened to make building easier.

    To keep it in proportion, the region is 4x4, consisting of 4 large city tiles. The summit of the island reaches 5040ft (1536m) above sea level.

    Frontierland has been optimised for use with Lowkee33’s Appalachian Terrain Mod. However, it also works with the standard Maxis terrain, or any other terrain mod (standard or HD).


    The map is contained within a *.SC4M file, which means you’ll need to use either SC4Mapper or SC4Terraformer to install and render it. For Mapper the config.bmp file is contained inside this, but for Terraformer you’ll need to copy the included config.bmp.

    I’d recommend using SC4Mapper, as the latest version is designed for use with modern systems (Windows 7 and newer).

    Unzip the archive.Copy Frontierland.SC4M into your Regions folder.Start SC4Mapper.Click Create Region > SC4MBrowse and select the Frontierland.SC4M file, then click Open.Click Save Region.Confirm the name for the region, and click OK to complete.The game can then be started and the region loaded. You’ll need to save all 4 city tiles to remove the pre-rendered terrain colours.

    Unzip the archive.In your Regions folder, create a new folder named “Frontierland” (or whatever you’d like to name the region).Copy the config.bmp and the Frontierland.SC4M file.Start SC4Terraformer.Browse and open the new region folder you created.In the Global Tools menu, click “Import image”.Browse and select the Frontierland.SC4M file, then click OK.Click File > Save and confirm.The game can then be started and the region loaded. You’ll need to save all 4 city tiles to remove the pre-rendered terrain colours.
    Once rendered, you may delete or move the leftover PNG files and the SC4M file. 
    Have fun!

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  14. Kanto

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    Ok, Im back after a long, long time away. Although not away from Simtropolis and simcity 4, just the uploading of maps. So after many hours spent on getting this as accurate as I can, I finaly have it. Well, you may already know this by the title but yes, this is a map of the first region in the pokemon series. Kanto. Now dont let this put you off, this is still a very good map to build on (in my opinion of course). Mostly flat, because I was referencing it on the map of the region at the bottom left hand corner. Now for some stats on the region itself: it has a volcano on an island in the bottom left; another island with two very steep hills; some small hills; a mountain range and a lake. The size is 1793x1217 if you need to know. So, I hope that you like it.(I appoligise for the picture it is not the best, but it is the best I can do)PS, can you please give me some feed-back on this as that might help me to deside to continue on with the rest of the maps in the series.And again I hope you like it, it has taken me some time.Im sorry for posting this as a texture when it should be in the maps section. It is not an SC4 TerraFormer file it is a normal map. I have an explination for this though, that is that the map upload was not working for me. (seriously I tried more than 20 times on each browser that I know) But it still works like it should.
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  15. Amazon

    Hi everyone! Here is a map of the Amazon basin and the surrounding regions. As usual, you need to place NE2000m.dat inside your plugin folder before generating the map.
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  16. Contiguous United States

    A map of the contiguous United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).
    All my maps (including this one) require NE2000m.dat to work properly. Otherwise you may get the issue of large swathes of land being underwater.
    The plugin's purpose is to lower the sea level on the grayscale from 83 to around 25.
    WARNING: you are downloading a map which is exceedingly large (config size 136 x 96 pixels).
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  17. Middle East

    A map of the Middle East. How to get all the sand? By using a terrain mod.
    For me I used the LBT Chihuahuan Terrain Mod. You can find the downloads for the requisite plugins below.
    LBT Chihuahuan Terrain Mod.dat
    LBT Chihuahuan Terrain Mod Controller.dat
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  18. Japan

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    A Simcity 4 map of Japan.
    Required plugin: NE2000m.dat
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  19. Western Malay Archipelago

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    A Simcity 4 map of Western Malay Archipelago.
    Required plugin: NE2000m.dat
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  20. Patagonia

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    Hello guys! This is my third upload of Simcity 4 maps, Hope you all like it.
    Required plugin: NE2000m.dat
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  21. The Grand Valley - Inspired by China

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    This is a large map, fictional but based on China with low lying land, bays, small islands and hills!
    I have made the config with offset large tiles to try and ease the commute loop 'bug'
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  22. North West England

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    This is a large map of the southern half of north west England. There is enough space to build the whole of Manchester, Liverpool, Preston, Blackpool, Warrington, rural Cheshire and the suburban sprawl which runs all over the place!
    The map is of a 1:1 size, so is very big, but fun.
    The only problems with it are the mountains to the north and east. Thats the Peak District National Park...but when lightening the map enough to be above the water level, the tops of the hills got 'clipped' - I couldn't find away around the. I have attached the greyscale imagine to this for anyone who is able to fix this.
    Also...You might see all the ponds/ small lakes near the coast. These aren't really there as its all marsh land which has been channelled. I decided to leave them in as this is meant to be a map of the area before it was build on and tamed. 
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  23. Hudsonia

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    Here's a new region I've been working on, loosely based on the Hudson River valley near Kingston, NY. I make no claims that the map is accurate to scale. Sea level is significantly higher here than in reality, it makes for a more interesting map. Map was made using USGS DEM data, SC4 Mapper, and tweaked in SC4 Terraformer. I tried to go for an interesting variety of land forms; there's some coastal plain, islands, mountain ranges with valleys, rolling piedmont hills, etc. It looks best using Gobias' Sudden Valley terrain mod and the Cascadia seasonal tree controller. Hope you enjoy! 
    EDIT: This is roughly where this map is in the real world:,-73.9517156,11z/data=!5m1!1e4
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  24. Kamchatmanjaro

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    a map by:  blunder
    So i had the itch to create a map recently.  This is what came out.  This does not represent any kind of return to regular custom content creation for me; this is just a one-off project.  Also, because this map is more than 100km on a side I am inducing the Drunkapple Large Map Mercy Rule on showing a fully rendered pic.


    Kamchatmanjaro is ..... well wait; what is this?  This is a fantasy map featuring a hodgepodge of different mountains, including:
    Kilimanjaro, tallest volcano in Africa
    Kliuchevskoi (and it's entire volcanic group) tallest volcano in Kamchatka, Russia
    Mt. Fuji, tallest volcano in Japan
    Pavlov, tallest volcano in the Aleutian chain.
    Water is hand drawn by me.

    This map is 108km x 60km and made from 2' aster satellite data, patched with 3' STRM.
    Map made using satellite data, image editing software, and drunkapple's invaluable advice.
    This map is in .png format and requires either Terraformer or Mapper to import.

    1.  Navigate to your Documents/Simcity 4/Regions folder and create a new folder with your desired region name
    2.  Copy+paste the config.bmp file into the folder you just created.
    3.  Open SC4TF, open the new region, import the .png file, save and quit.
    4.  You must open and save each tile for it to display your terrain mod instead of the terraformer/mapper elevation color overlay.

    *This map contains high altitude and requires you to have modded your terrain mod to allow a max height of 5000m or greater, or it requires you to have installed a terrain height mod.
    **If you want a smaller map that will run more easily on a PC with lower ram, the left side of the PNG can be cropped to provide a map of 60km x 60km that is quite nice too.

    For questions, comments, and requests please see my Map Thread over at

    Happy Gaming!
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  25. Five Rivers Simcity 4 Map

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    25 x Large cities with rolling hills. Based very loosely on the city of Sheffield in the UK but is in no way accurate. Sheffield is very hilly and does not readily lend itself to Sim City 4 so certain liberties have been taken to make it more playable. Industry is generally situated around the rivers with heavy industry in the East. This file is in SC4 format and and should be installed through the SC4 Mapper tool
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