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* * * * - (3.50) 4 reviews
999 downloads (1703 views)
Added 25 Jul 2014
EN: Here you can download a further modified map of Travemünde. The region is kept flat so that you can create your own ups and downs. The course of the river mouth and the lakes you offer enough challenge to create this region according to your wishes.  Have fun with it.  Ple...

Ulthuan 1

By Reishi | View other files   fantasy, island, archipelago and 4 more...
* * * * - (4.29) 7 reviews
689 downloads (1689 views)
Added 21 Jun 2014
You may recognize this terrain from the table top. Modeled after Ulthuan -the crescent shaped High Elf Kingdoms from Warhammer- this map is 54 large tiles of coastline, mountains and islands. I used five different Ulthuan maps as a reference point. Each reference had different levels of fidelity...
* * * * - (4.44) 3 reviews
1,547 downloads (2534 views)
Added 12 Jun 2014
Hello! This is my second ever file, an archipelago region called Isles of Pandora. Hopefully this will make up for the disaster that was my first upload... ( Jorjoba ) [Grimace :( ] Anyway, the region is the size equivalent of 28 x 24 small tiles (or 7 x 5 large tiles) and contain...
* * * * - (4.00) 3 reviews
1,180 downloads (1392 views)
Added 09 Jun 2014
A 16 big-city fantasy map ( 4 x 4 tiles). Let the farms and towns roll from the west to the east and from the north to the downtown south! Let there be bridges and highways too... I hope you enjoy my handmade little region.
* * * * - (4.00) 2 reviews
473 downloads (2330 views)
Updated 29 Jun 2014
Hola amigos, Hoy os traigo otro mapa para SimCity 4 este mapa fue copiado de SimCity 2013. El mapa se llama  Verdant selva , ya que todos sabemos que no podemos disfrutar de todo el espacio que tiene, pero en SimCity 4, si podemos. Bimensions el mapa: 1 config.bmp - 16 × 16, 2...
* * * * - (4.00) 2 reviews
1,803 downloads (3649 views)
Updated 29 May 2014
Welcome to Bastia. 4097x2561 map, yup its big. 64x40 km aka 16x10 large cities This map features valleys, mountains, rivers, lakes, ponds, bays, islands, shores, and seas. Please use SC4Mapper to render this and most of all... have fun!   


By jbbry232 | View other files   islandstough, island, archipelago and 1 more...
* * * * - (3.75) 1 reviews
382 downloads (1170 views)
Added 27 May 2014
I've brought another hand-drawn greyscale map to you! This time its an archipelago.  Its a tough map to build upon with little flat space and terrain that calls for more ferry transport than highways or rails. 1739x1739m region consists of 31 large cities which is expandable to upwards...
* * * * - (3.80) 3 reviews
838 downloads (1676 views)
Added 23 May 2014
Map of Republic of Ecuador (SouthAmerica) Includes Coast, Highlands, Amazon, and Galapagos (4 regions in 1 country )Big and principal cities places where it should be located as Guayaquil, Quito, Cuenca terrainthe map is really big for all cities has Ecuador and part of Peru amazon 1) D...

Plutovania 0.0

By A Nonny Moose | View other files   fantasy
* * * * - (3.75) 3 reviews
702 downloads (1522 views)
Added 18 May 2014
This is a 4 x 4 map of fantasy.  It is set to all large tiles.  Anyone may change this at will. To Install: Download and unpack the ZIP file.   Create a new folder Plutovania in the Regions area of your user data.   Move the two files Plutovania.jpg and config.jpg...
* * * * - (4.20) 1 reviews
500 downloads (1606 views)
Updated 14 May 2014
Hey all! This is a fantasy map that I made for  myself but I thought I would share just in case anyone else finds it interesting. My goal for this map was to imitate a realistic region. There are a few spots that should work well for major cities with lots of surrounding countryside for...

Isle of Ree 1

By jbbry232 | View other files   island, tropical, map, fantasy and 4 more...
* * * * - (4.11) 1 reviews
795 downloads (1954 views)
Updated 11 May 2014
Hello, this is the Isle of Ree! A fantasy map based from a fantasy map i found on the internet.  I used the map as a loose base for coastlines, rivers and lakes, but hand-drew the mountains. It consists of 126 large cities.  The config is 80x40 with much of the blank ocean blacke...

Buzias 1.00

By Iulian | View other files   romania, timis, timisoara, vucova and 1 more...
* * * - - (3.00) 1 reviews
816 downloads (1118 views)
Updated 11 May 2014
Buzias is a city in Timis County,Banat,Romania.The settlement was first mentioned by Carlos I of Hungary in a document of 1321. Was declared a town in 1956.Documentary attestation from the XIV - XV. Due to favorable natural condition,with rich mineral springs and mind climate,has been recogn...

Santa Haven

By jose L Ortiz | View other files
* * * * - (3.67) 1 reviews
165 downloads (1740 views)
Updated 25 May 2014
Hello friends today I created a new map on the Mac  Here is another map created on Mac with the ease of the same tools used in Windows. The map comes with mountains figment one good lines to create the city near mountains unrealistic to life today I hope you enjoy it.   a...

Santa Clara 1

By jose L Ortiz | View other files   mac
* * * - - (3.17) 1 reviews
904 downloads (1483 views)
Updated 24 Apr 2014
Hello friends today I bring you this new map for an example. This map was created on a Mac using the following programs.  1, SC4StartupManager. 2, SC4 Mapper 2013. The function of the program: SC4StartupManager: This program is used to take the image of the region co...
* * * * - (3.75) 1 reviews
402 downloads (1049 views)
Added 21 Apr 2014
This map (#4) shows the Poel Island which is in the Bay of Wismar. This map contains 10x8 small cities, so it is 9,6km x 7,7km large. This file includes a SC4M-file, a grayscale image and a config. To bring it into the game I would recommend to use the mapper.

Timis County 1.00

By Iulian | View other files   timis, timisoara, romania and 2 more...
* * * - - (2.88) 5 reviews
251 downloads (970 views)
Added 18 Apr 2014
Timis County is a county in the historical region of Banat, in southwestern Romania. In terms of area is the largest county of Romania. Its name comes from the river Timis. Today is one of the most developed districts in the country where the level of living is higher than the national average. G...
* * * * - (3.88) 2 reviews
872 downloads (1725 views)
Updated 21 Apr 2014
Distant origins of Vucova know only that it was a Romanian village during the Middle Ages and was probably established during the Turkish occupation of Banat . Marigli's Diary of 1690-1700 , speak Vlach village Vucova belong Lugoj district . After the conquest of the Austrian Banat , appear early...
* * * * - (3.80) 1 reviews
819 downloads (2360 views)
Added 30 Mar 2014
The old upload was taken down a while back because I had pre-rendered the map which made the download way to big to be an acceptable size so I took the time to rebuild the map somewhat before uploading it as a much more compact .SC4M file. I mainly did this because the original heightmap I u...
* * - - - (2.00) 2 reviews
77 downloads (659 views)
Updated 21 Apr 2014
This is map #3. It shows the island Langeoog whichis one of the seven inhabited East Frisian Islands at the edge of the Lower Saxon Wadden Sea in the southern North Sea, between Baltrum and Spiekeroog. This map contains 10 x 4 large cities (40x16).
* * * * - (3.71) 1 reviews
750 downloads (1303 views)
Updated 21 Apr 2014
Isla Margarita is the largest island in Venezuela. This is my second map and it shows Isla Margarita, Isla Coche and Isla Cubagua. It contains 7 x 5 large cities (28x20).
* * * - - (3.33) 1 reviews
651 downloads (1559 views)
Added 28 Mar 2014
This is quite a large fictional region that I made using the Landscape designer. Although I did edit it after to make it larger and more interesting!

Grand Canyon

By drunkapple | View other files   map, accurate scale map and 7 more...
* * * * - (4.30) 14 reviews
508 downloads (2237 views)
Added 26 Mar 2014
G'Day Simtropians, Thanks for not forgetting me, so I thought what about a little celebratory map! This I made about 4 years ago and decided at the time not to release it as CP also has a map on the lex of the Grand Canyon. Tonight I thought what the heck for those who do not frequent sc4d,...
* * * * - (3.58) 6 reviews
720 downloads (1823 views)
Added 19 Mar 2014
i decided to make a second one because the first one is cool
* * * * - (3.75) 0 reviews
485 downloads (1155 views)
Added 19 Mar 2014
this is my second map and if pic of it in game don't show please tell me how to do it.
* * * - - (2.71) 1 reviews
149 downloads (694 views)
Updated 11 Mar 2014
This is my first map,there will be more to come! Port St.Lucie is a Medium sized city in south Florida. Its population is 168,000 as of 2012. It's the largest city in St.Lucie County Enjoy! :rofl:
* * * - - (3.20) 1 reviews
828 downloads (1845 views)
Updated 28 Feb 2014
The Isle Of Eugene are a fictional set of European islands situated somewhere in the south. Wild and uninhabited, they are here to build what you wish on them.  The map is made entirely out of small squares. Well this has been a lifelong ambition for ten years, and now I've finally...


By Metalpuritan | View other files
* * * * - (3.95) 4 reviews
1,708 downloads (3731 views)
Added 13 Feb 2014
Anyone seen those maps people have made with grayscale images they made in photoshop or downloaded off the internet thinking they were cool?  You ever noticed how you would have to go over the entire map to smooth out all the edges because they didn't even bother to try and play the map?...
* * * * - (3.75) 0 reviews
1,587 downloads (1928 views)
Added 07 Feb 2014
A map of the edge of Egypt and Saudi Arabia with the top of the Red Sea and including the Gulf of Suez. NOTE: probably a map that will look more aesthetically appealing if you use a desert textures etc.  the map contains 6 x 6 Large cities (36 cities). Once the file is downloa...
* * * * - (3.67) 0 reviews
1,043 downloads (1564 views)
Added 07 Feb 2014
A map of a Mesa. the map contains 6 x 6 Large cities (36 cities). Once the file is downloaded, extract the contents to your regions directory, as in place the folder "Mesa" into your Region folder.  Then start up the game load up Mesa and then press " Control + Alt + Shift + R...

Australia 1.0

By iota4u | View other files   australia, map, custom, realistic and 1 more...
* * * * - (3.75) 9 reviews
2,746 downloads (2939 views)
Added 07 Feb 2014
A map of Australia & Tasmania. the map contains 6 x 6 Large cities (36 cities). Once the file is downloaded, extract the contents to your regions directory, as in place the folder "Australia" into your Region folder.  Then start up the game load up Australia and then press...

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