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3ds Models

3ds Model files for SimCity 4.

308 Files

  1. I built this model from 3ds max 2009 but I used to export the gmax why I can not export it in 3ds max Export not know the steps to export.
    I'm sorry my English is not a written language.


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  2. Salam! Hye!
    This is the lot
    So, yes, this is my GMAX 3ds model for OFFICE4
    It is an office that suits the suburban or urban made by me.
    You need to open it from file>open, not open t
    he file right away. ( open GMAX first then the file )
    Please take notice that I includes nitelite for this building but it does not show up in my sc4 game because I CANT UPDATE my SimCity4 Rush Hour to 1.1.640.0
    But I think it will show up if your SimCity4 is updated to 1.1.640.


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  3. Here is a .gmax model of a globe I've been working on. I will make a plaza version for this. Soon. And a roundabout version, hopefully. However in the mean time, feel free to use it in any of your BATs... scaled down, scaled up, put upside-down, make it as a statue or put it in the corner of a building. Just post a link here in the upload if you do use it.
    Visit my thread here: http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=37&threadid=114744&enterthread=y


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  4. Well I decided to bring back the spaceship BATing back to the STEX since over years from the Japanense players!  Since this is made for anyone to play around, don't rate bad if this wasn't like a ready made product for SC4.
    -You might need to download the greeble plugin for this.
    -You will need 3dsmax 2010 (I don't know if this works for other versions of 3dsmax.)
    -You might need BAT4MAX for this.
    max.klanky.com/  This is for the greeble plugin.
    www.simtropolis.com/STEX/details.cfm  For BAT4MAX by SimFox.
    P.S.  Look for a SC4 version of this, it might come.


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  5. Here's some sightseeing buses i made as an experiment for just how much detail i could pump into an automata model, plus i've wanted these for my city centres for a very long time.
    The buses are as following.
    Two MAN buses, one with a yellow paintjob, and one based on some Berlin tour buses i saw.
    Two Leyland olympians, one right hand drive version, one left hand drive, it doesn't matter which you use, as these tourbuses often have left hand doors even in right hand drive countries.
    And last, a n Ikarus of sorts, with the roof cut off, and made open top, based heavily on such found in Budapest, Hungary.
    These buses function as taxis ingame, i know what you're thinking, why is a bsu there? Well the answer is very simple, they aren't part of the public bus network, in real life, so why should they be in SimCity 4 too? This way as taxis they will often pop around where you want them to drive, around your cities' landmarks.
    Models were made by me, as were textures, modding and lights for the night mode were made by Rivit. Big kudos to him!
    The lots included are just standard lots.


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  6. A model of the moon with accurate texture and diffuse maps.


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  7. MRTNRLN Sign Models Mega Pack

    This pack contains various sign models for gMax. There are four sets included: Dutch Set Brittish Set Imaginia Set Misc. Set Known issue: This pack contains no textures, to reduce size and avoiding someone copying my signs. However, you can apply your own textures to the models. That's where they are for.



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  8.  6  brand new modern Euro style Scania semi tractors , 6 new containers semi trailers
     resized , reskined ,  ( Swamper Vandy Automata set ) and 2 new dump truck one whit load
    and one empty, those trucks are Additionals and they do not replace anny existing ones
    ,and you can play them whit the previous pack whitout conflicts
    Credits - Swamper77 , Klyte 45
    PS - your in game graphic settings mus be in ** HARDWARE **
    To install simply extract the TRUCK PACK VOL 5 .dat into your pluggins folder
    whish  you good game and have fun  , Simfanatik !


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  9. Yes it is me again ! , ok this time another special upload, a pack of 14 new additional truck units
    6 new  International 9400 simple cab semi tractors each one whit a different color, and to go whit theses tractors
    i also made 6 new additional semi trailers , Evergreen , Evergreen 2 , Maersk , Hanjin , M S O , Hapag Loyd
    i think those will be realy needed in your portuary installations and your industrial zones, and also i did
    2 new dump trucks , i did uses ( Swampers Vandy Automata set ) whit is permission, thanks to him.
    All the new 3d model files have been modified and resized to fit whit all the new truck props available on the STEX

     PS - Theses vehicles are new instances and they do not replace anny existing ones
     to show properly your game setting must be in  **** HARDWARE **** 

    So to install simply extract the TRUCK PACK VOL 4 .dat into your pluggins folder
    and your ready to see those trucks working , wish you good game to all !

    Simfanatik !


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  10. Here's a Scania Irizar, it's a fairly common coach ( that's tour/travel buses for those who are unfamiliar with that word) in Europe.  The coachwork is done in the Basque region of Spain.
    I made textures for three versions, two of them are fit for Left hand Roads, while one is right hand.
    Bus Eireann (ireland) (Left hand)
    National Express (United Kingdom) (Left hand)
    Nor-Way Bussekspress (Norway) (Right hand)
    I'm afraid i won't do further reskin resquests, but if you want you may ask Simfanatik for a reaskin.
    Wether or not he wants to do it is entirely his decision though, so don't overload him with work.
    Please also note that in order for the 512X512 textures to appear, the game msut be in hardware mode.
    As earlier this model including textures was made by me
    Modding, lightning and anything else was done by Simfanatik.


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  11. Well hello again my friends ! this time i am very proud to present and upload 
    a very special item , it is a set of 2 car carrier semi tractors and trailers,
     they are 2 very modern Scanias super v8 ( euro style )  a red one and a blue one
    there is an empty trailer and of course one whit cars ready to be deliver to your cities
    dealerships, cab tractor is from ( Vandy automata ) did resized and modified
    and the car carrier trailer is a custom model made by me , cars on the trailer are from
    ( Mikeseith  japan replacement cars ) and vehicles reskin by me, 

           Those trucks are additional ones, they do not replace anny vehicles
    NOTE --   To show properly your game settings must be in ***** HARDWARE*****
    To install simply extract the CAR CARRIER TRUCK SET.dat into your pluggins folder 
     and you are set to go !

    Wish you good game, and have fun !        SIMFANATIK !


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  12. Well this is simply a pack of 7 new Isuzu light duty cabover trucks
    custom model and skin by myself ( resized and modified in game maxis one)
                  ***** THOSE TRUCKS ARE NEW INSTANCES *******
                                 they do not replace anny vehicles
    To show properly ------- You must set your in game settings on ---- HARDWARE ---
    textures are 512 x 512
    to install simply extract the TRUCK PACK VOL - 3 .dat into your plugins folder
    and your set to go   , wish you good game and have fun .
    Simfanatik !


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  13. Yea ! yea ! yea !  so many gas station  but how to supply them?
    Well whit  my  new UDI Tanker Trucks , ( Custom model by myself ) i did uses ( Swamper77 freight engine truck )
    and modified it as result  , Tanker trucks , those are not perfect but very playable, they are new instances so that
    means you can play them all at the same time or simply choose the want you preffer, i did also make 2 files of each
    whit to texture files  512 x 512 high definition and  256 x 256 low resolution for slower machine so everyone will be please and there are not gonna be color boxes, you will find those trucks in the $$ weath menu vehicles menu
    no special icones but they are clearly identified like ex. ESSO TANKER , So take care when you pass on the icone
    (did try to add icones) whit no succes , i also tested thoses truck and they work just fine,
    the files include are
    Esso , Texaco , Sunoco , Exxon ,Shell , Gulf
    simply extract the file of your choice and you are set to go
    Enjoy !


       (73 Reviews)



  14. Well Hello SimCity players ! Simfanatik again , this is Simply a pack of  12  new UDI  F150 Box Trucks
    custum made model by  myself  , you can play them all at the same time they are new instances and they do not replace anny existant vehicles, i did not change the sims menu icone they are in the $$ section and are well identified ex, ( F 150 CADBURY TRUCK ) so take car when you pass on the icones, they will be rolling freely in your towns,
    files include are :
    Taste the best truck
    Speed shop truck
    Cadbury truck
    Catelli truck
    Doritos truck
    Todd Signs truck
    ORVS truck
    Humty Dumpty truck
    Hostess truck
    Ballsreischs truck
    Doublemint gum truck
    Hot Wheels truck
    Many thanks to  - Klyte45 -  he did show me how to make new instances
    so have fun and enjoy !
    Simfanatik !


       (65 Reviews)



  15. Told you about those Dodge chargers, well here there are, 24 units, some color shemes from real cities. and some others from my imagination, all lights and lightbar are fully fonctional ( red and blue ), the original .dat file are from
    ( BLAM Police pack ) and the 3d model is from ( Mikeseith ), of course i did modified  to look like a real Dodge Charger , so simply extract  the .dat file of your choice and play the game, this will replace the in game Default
    police car .
    ps - Only use only one police modd at the time, and Enjoy !


       (56 Reviews)



  16. Hey hey hey ! me again, finaly find the way to make new automatas, so many car crashes
    sims are real bad drivers, so this is for you a set of 2 towing trucks
    ( custom made model made by myself ) those are new additional vehicles and you can drive them too
    those towing trucks do not replace anny vehicles , and you can play both at the same time, wow !
    simply extract the .dat files into your plugins folder and your set to go !
    Many thanks to  - Klyte45  - , he did show me how to make new automatas (instances)
    so have fun ! and comment


       (61 Reviews)



  17. By request , for you tuning fanatiks , Nissan Skyline Police car ( original 3d model by Mikeseith ), of course
    I did modified to make it look like a Skyline , and .dat file is comming from ( BLAM police pack )
    All lights and lightbar ( beacon ) are fully fonctional , like the other one you will see thoses vehicles in your
    police stations parking lot , like always simply extract the .dat file into your plugins folder and play
    make sure to use only police modd at the time, and have fun !
    Simfanatik !


       (32 Reviews)



  18. There is an alternative to thoses square hugly Ambulances in game vans. this is an additional
    it ( will not replace )  the in game default , this is a French ( Francaise), .3d model is from
    ( Swamper 77 ) and the .dat file is from Andreas bart , from is euro van replacement , the vehicle is UDI driveable ,
    like the others automata
    i did modified and resized to be more realist and accurate, so simply extract the .dat file into your plugins folder
     and rush to your local hospital its an emercency !
    Have fun !    Simfanatik !


       (28 Reviews)



  19. This is a pack of  18  Ford Crown Victorias , from differents USA towns , did use ( original 3d model by Swamper77)
    did resized and rounded it up , .dat file is from BLAM police car pack , everything is fonctional (beacon lightbar)
    and night lights , you will see thoses in your police parking lot too, as always simply extract one of the .dat file into your plugins folder and your set to go. only uses 1 police mod at the time
    Thank you and Enjoy !     Simfanatik !


       (50 Reviews)



  20. Me again , this time whit a beautifull 911 , ( original 3d model from Mike seith,euro replacement vehicles ) great model at first
    i did modified rounded up resized and had a light bar ( fully fonctional ) and a back wind deflector and low profile wheels and tires, did also painted the car to fit German police ( super car ) the original .dat file is from ( nerdly dood ) from is latest mega police car pack car number (41) and this baby will act as your default police car , you will also see it in your police station parking lot , fish file is larger so if it dont show dont panic just let me know and i will update , (smaller .fsh mean less detailling) , the car looks and works very well in my game so that is why i m uploading it this way, did also change the headlamps color texture (alogene this is a test)if you dont like i will ajust
    so again simply extract the .dat file into your plugins folder and you will see it patroling your cities
    i am also working on  american cars and a big pack of trucks
    Please rate and comments ,       Have fun !


       (24 Reviews)



  21. Hello again folks downloaders and sim players , arent you sick of seeing your sims driver overspeeding, well i finnaly found a way to chase and stop them, this brand new Lamborghini Gallardo will do the trick, all the night lights and lightbar are fully fonctional , i did took the in game Diablo and modified it , this is a reskin of
      Nerdly dood number ( 41 ) police car from is latest police mega pack, as usual simply extract the . dat file into your plugins folder and your set to go, nothing else to do , i ve been trying to insert new models into the game, the model looks and work very fine in my game, also the fish textures file is larger 512 x 512 so so it may not fonction on all computer (dont know why ) if I make it smaller im loosing details and textures , if it dont work in your game ,
    just say so and i will update whit smaller fish, as i did whit my police car ( Montreal crown vic ), to thoses
    interessed i will be uploading a porshe 911 german police car tonight , so please comment and rate
    Have fun Simfanatik !


       (42 Reviews)



  22. Hello its me again ! For your rural comunities another 4 x 4 vehicle
    this time a Jeep Cherokee ( Sheriff ) like the other ones (original.dat file is from BLAM Police pack)
    and the 3d model is from (Swampers77) theses 2 are available on the STEX as well
    thanks to them both for the files and great models , lights and beacon are fully fonctional
    this vehicle will also appear in your police station parking lot , like the other one they are
    more to scale ( bigger) , so that means they wont fit in all police station parking lots that
    is why i did upload a police station ( simfan police station ) adapted and re-lot
    i will upload more as soon as i can , so as  always , only extract de .dat file into your plugins folder
    and you will see those Jeeps cruise  in your cities 
    Have Fun    (PS) Use only one police modd at the time 
    Trully yours   Simfanatik !


       (21 Reviews)



  23. spvMe again .This time it is a real size Ford Crown Victoria from ( la police de Montreal )
    that is where i am comin from, i did uses (original.dat from BLAM police pack)
    and the 3d model is comin from (Swampers77crown victorias taxi cab) i did rework the model a bit
    i rounded up, all the night lights and beacon are fully fonctional, you will also see thoses vehicles
    in your police station parking lot, as usual simply extract the .dat file into your plugins folder
    and there you go !      ( this an update ) i did fixe de faulty textures and fixe the beacon light
    Have fun ! and thank you folks for letting me uploads thoses vehicles
    (PS) Use only one police mod at the time      Sincerly yours     Simfanatik !


       (30 Reviews)



  24. This is a 4x4 GMC Blazer as a police cruiser ( original .dat file is from BLAM Police pack ) and (original .3ds model is from Swampers 77 fire chief unit ) I did resized it because it was a big Suburban, all the lights and beacon are fully fonctional, so simply extract the .dat file into your plugins folder and your ready to go, the vehicle will also appear in your police station parking lot ,  so i hope you will enjoy it.
    (PS) Remember only use one police modd at the time
    Sincerly yours   Simfanatik


       (26 Reviews)



  25. Hello folks downloaders , This is a UPS Grumman Truck , American like model ,again this is only a reskin ( Glenni Fiat Motorhome ) taken from is car pack , available on the BSC LEX Exchange ( Glenni s Car pack ) by Swamper77 This model as been resized and modified to fit the shape of Grumman trucks this truck is an Additional, ( but must not be use whit Fiat Motorhome or my Fed Ex truck because it is the same .dat file
    because you wont see it ) , so again you must choose, you will see it cruise in your cities
    For parcels and courriers , again Enjoy and have fun !!!!


    Sincerely yours Simfanatik !


       (22 Reviews)