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* * * * * (4.70) 91 reviews
188,117 downloads (90583 views)
Added 07 Apr 2010
MENARA BATAVIA (UPDATE VERSION) Origin : Jakarta Indonesia Bat Model by : Roe99 this is Update version of Menara Batavia what's new? 1. update with night lighting 2. Ploppable available (landmark with jobs) 3. custom query UI and custom icon 4. building more realistic Two Growable versio...
* * * * * (4.80) 113 reviews
139,212 downloads (110687 views)
Updated 19 Mar 2004
GROWABLE AND PLOPABLE!!!!IT WORKS THIS TIME!!!! This is DuskTrooper's Keaton Plaza, which is a CO$$$ with about 3700 jobs. Both versions have the same # of jobs. Place the version ( s ) you want to use in the plugins folder, as well as the model file. The building blends several architectural...
* * * * * (4.76) 207 reviews
126,859 downloads (173118 views)
Updated 17 Apr 2005
McDonald's...Is the world's leading food service retailer with more than 30,000 restaurants in 119 countries serving 47 million customers each day. Is one of the world's most well-known and valuable brands and holds a leading share in the globally branded quick service restaurant segment of the i...
* * * * * (4.75) 113 reviews
123,883 downloads (107679 views)
Updated 27 Mar 2006
View 1280*960 pics of the bat HERE Fed up with everlasting fire alarms? Here is a new response... This 3X3 BAT is based on a true Parisian fire station, located at rue du Mesnil (arch. R. Mallet-Stevens, 1936). It can be used either in a W2W environment or not. Description: No dependency ;) 6 veh...
* * * * * (4.78) 94 reviews
114,430 downloads (103805 views)
Added 04 May 2006
The Hong Kong / Asia BAT Team presents HK Garden Estate Towers BATs created by bixel Modding, lot design & readme by T Wrecks Check out the Hong Kong /Asia BAT Team thread at Simtropolis Introduction / Overview Finally it is out - probably one of the most radical lot sets ev...
* * * * * (4.64) 43 reviews
111,594 downloads (77324 views)
Updated 06 Feb 2005
The Wilkshire Tower is a slightly oblong building that was designed to serve as the headquarters for a telecommunications company that has long since gone bankrupt.  After this company moved out, many smaller, independent, medium-wealth corporations moved in, of all types.  There is eve...
* * * * * (4.79) 358 reviews
106,240 downloads (186992 views)
Updated 07 Nov 2004
** This file is an EXE installer for Windows users. A ZIP archive version is also availbale on the support site (www.sc4pegasus.com) For hundreds of years, Simkind labored under the belief that the world was round. But then, as any schoolchild will tell you, Simlumbus set off to sail around the w...
* * * * * (4.87) 105 reviews
103,618 downloads (89942 views)
Updated 20 May 2004
The second collaborative effort by geoff_diamond and jtportland, Washington Tower soars more than 1300 feet into the sky - making it the seventh tallest building in the World today. The tower's massive communications antenna rises another 352 feet from the highest occupied floor to a total heigh...
* * * * * (4.85) 228 reviews
100,923 downloads (165512 views)
Updated 26 Feb 2005
Capacity: 10,000 Monthly cost: 25 I'm including a Monorail ONLY station too with a passenger capacity of 2,500. I released this update to correct some bugs on my previous version. I'm on the simcity.com homepage!!o.O yay!!!! Feb 2005 UPDATE! Now that Im a member of the NDEX team t...
* * * * * (4.84) 68 reviews
99,449 downloads (86685 views)
Added 23 Dec 2007
Bat: Blanco_05 Lot: sauron620 For The TSC Team nVIDIA corp. building is situate no far San-Franscisco: Santa Clara. it is the head-quarters of the transnationnale nvidia business company, specialized in computer's components. Landmark only! Caracteristics: size: 15x15 Budget item: 150 Bulldoz...
* * * * * (4.74) 96 reviews
95,955 downloads (92504 views)
Updated 15 Nov 2004
This a set of simple but hopefully useful lots inspired by SimRolles S-Bahn lots. I have always been a bit annoyed with how out of place the elevated rail in the game looks in more suburban areas. These lots are designed to make your elevated rail look a bit better in those less urban areas, by...
* * * * * (4.83) 141 reviews
91,066 downloads (111544 views)
Updated 29 Jul 2006
The Hong Kong / Asia BAT Team presents Tung Chung Crescent BAT created by bixel Readme by bixel Rendering by Simfox Modding, lot design, by HONG KONG Check out the Hong Kong / Asia BAT Team thread at Simtropolis Introduction / Overview Tung Chung Crescent is the first residenti...
* * * * * (4.50) 36 reviews
89,768 downloads (39712 views)
Updated 28 Feb 2004
DUSKTROOPER'S WILLTRANS CORP V1.01 THIS IS THE FIRST VERSION! This is Dusktrooper's Willtrans Corp Tower, a CO$$$ RCI plopable. Use it to replace existing skyscrapers,fill demand, or consult the online tutorials to create a growable version. Warning: The plop cost is rather high, so, be caref...
* * * * * (4.79) 216 reviews
89,067 downloads (153886 views)
Updated 12 Jan 2005
Pathed by Redlotus; modelled by Fosterk, Decius, DuskTrooper, and N74704. A fully-functioning network-enabled plop allows the connection of railroad tracks at the top of the ramp descending down to a connection to the subway network at the bottom is now a possibility! Trains visually descend...
* * * * * (4.88) 142 reviews
88,487 downloads (136846 views)
Updated 30 May 2004
The Cobb Oceanic: A high-wealth residential building housing 2256 sims. If your sims are frustrated because hi-rise buildings only contain small apartments, then they will enjoy moving into the Cobb Oceanic. Each unit is a spacious and luxurious two-story townhouse, with private balconies...
* * * * * (4.78) 134 reviews
87,476 downloads (141942 views)
Updated 16 Dec 2004
The SeaView Tower is a luxury residential tower, with a nice view of the sea, a swimming pool, and a large underground parking complex.  It houses 2,800 high-wealth occupants and has no monthly cost.  Some Sims like it so much, they buy permanent residences here! Two versions are includ...
* * * * * (4.86) 39 reviews
87,064 downloads (141028 views)
Added 29 Oct 2005
Pegasus Productions will be introducing an entirely new Mountain Theme for SimCity4. The new theme will include updated versions of all the old PEG mountain-related classics along with many new releases, including mountain-specific growable RES, COM and IND. The contents of this archive are the...
* * * * * (4.85) 120 reviews
86,758 downloads (114599 views)
Added 28 Feb 2005
Growable industrial high-tech, growth stage 3, 470 jobs, 2 lots (4x4 and 4x5 size). This is a fictonal building (I got ideas for example from Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum in Helsinki). If you think this grows too much, remove another .lot file.
* * * * * (4.83) 246 reviews
85,460 downloads (150157 views)
Added 07 Jul 2005
Sunken Higway Walls   This little set is designed to enhance the look of sunken higways.It provides straight walls that fit on the slopes surrounding sunken groundhigways. And it also contains special pieces to nicely integrate overpassesinto your sunken higway network. You can find them in...
* * * * * (4.65) 90 reviews
85,198 downloads (117440 views)
Added 12 Dec 2004
This is an extra-large hospital that can accept ten times as many patients as the default hospital.  It has all the latest top-of-the-line medical equipment and the most qualified elite medical staff of the entire region.  Its coverage radius is about 2 to 3 times that of the large hosp...
* * * * - (4.28) 47 reviews
84,889 downloads (31849 views)
Updated 10 Apr 2006
This archive contain two new buildings inspired by biggest Prefabs zone in Poland: Nowa Huta in Cracov. Because the very old Prefabs set is now avalible at STEX (created by SFBT Team), I decided to made buidings renovated. Enjoy everybody. Phoenix. 24x96m 19F Buildin...
* * * * * (4.60) 72 reviews
84,736 downloads (62422 views)
Updated 10 Nov 2004
UPDATED!!!!   Everything is fixed now. Enjoy!!!!     The Bank One Tower is the tallest landmark in my home state of Indiana at 247 meters. The building was completed in 1990. I started this one a long time ago and recently resurrected it because of a few requests to finish it up. I...
* * * * * (4.86) 270 reviews
84,442 downloads (131443 views)
Updated 12 Dec 2007
My very first BAT dream was a yacht club. This creative baby was the 4th BAT project - after I learnt that amphibious buildings with custom foundations are among the hardest BATs to create. After two months of tears and joy, here it is. Costs quite a bit to plop. However, Roscoe's...
* * * * * (4.83) 126 reviews
84,272 downloads (129145 views)
Added 18 Jan 2005
Since I was recently told that the downloads section at SimCity Central will take longer to fix than we initially thought, I'm temporarily uploading the Canal Set on the STEX so people can still download this much-requested item.
* * * * * (4.81) 287 reviews
83,281 downloads (115746 views)
Updated 29 May 2004
The long awaited Petronas Project has finally come to a city near you. The picture above is both day and night, night on the left, and day on the right. Unfortunately, I will be unable to frequent Simtropolis this summer, so consider this my "temporary going-away" present to Simtropolis (Dont wor...
* * * * * (4.83) 113 reviews
81,680 downloads (129541 views)
Added 10 Jul 2004
The Cobb Grand Plaza: A high-wealth residential growable building housing 1151 sims. This luxury apartment building is designed in a style similar to the Cobb Park Plaza, elevated in order to provide a large open garden space at ground level, where sims may stroll through the tropical foliage...
* * * * * (4.89) 154 reviews
80,125 downloads (118467 views)
Added 28 Mar 2004
DUSKTROOPERS Frank & Archai Tower GROWABLE AND PLOPABLE!! Plopable CO$$$ Growable CO$$$ stage 8, 4x3lot size This is DuskTrooper's Frank & Archai Tower, which is a CO$$$ with about 4000 jobs. Both versions have the same # of jobs. It is ultramodern, with its shiny glass, stainless steel, and...
* * * * * (4.84) 115 reviews
78,674 downloads (132132 views)
Updated 06 May 2005
Realizing they needed a large "status" building to set the city out amongst others, Chronos City - located in the Thanemontshire metro district - decided to begin construction on a special structure: the tallest built to-date in SimNation. Between its magnificence and the pent-up demand for high-...
* * * * * (4.85) 97 reviews
77,520 downloads (118151 views)
Updated 03 Aug 2007
After a very long wait, here it is! Voltaire and ace_bovenopdeberg present: Terminals & Jets pack 1 PART ONE. Not only does this pack provide you with new concourse styles, but also 2 entirely new aircraft. With the new jumbo 747s and the regional CRJs you can add variety to your airports tha...

Burj Dubai

By skyscraper | View other files
* * * * * (4.59) 238 reviews
75,681 downloads (141473 views)
Updated 15 Mar 2012
Here is my newest and greatest BAT : BURJ DUBAI Construction Time was 4 month. The Tower is 1005 Meters tall and has 192 Floors. The real Burj Dubai will bethe highest tower in the world. Completion is December 2008. Description: Lot Size: 12x11 Heigh: 1005 meters with Spire (920 meters u...

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