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Mods & Tools

Custom tools and modified files for CitiesXL

40 Files

  1. Installation Pre-requiste(s):
    Mosty Music For XL Game Version:
    Cities XL 2011 Cities XL 2012 Cities XL Platinum Game Requirements:
    XL User Interface Mod Shader Pack Tags.cfg UIM Unlocker Mod XL Nation Furniture Dependency Pack Road Shader with Self-Illumination 1.0  
    Happy New Years To Everyone


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  2. Hola everyone. This is Sudirman Plaza mod for Cities XL/XXL. It is created based on the real building in Sudirman, Jakarta.

    Menu location: Office/T4/MSCUSTOM
    Triangles: Lod 1: 5900 | Lod 2: 5200 | Lod 3: 1800 | Lod 4: 60
    Base Size: 103x36 sorry for this


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  3. Tired of dull nightlighting, and tiny dots for streetlights?
    This mod enhances the night lighting for the game, by giving the lighting in-game a complete overhaul!

    - Brighter lights on buildings at nights
    - Streetlights are larger and brighter, they are also a more realistic, orange color as well.

    See your cities in a whole new way!

    * Please note that this mod was made from a series of experiments, and is still in the expiremental stage. This is the first version, and first mod that changes the streetlights, so it does have the following bugs:

    - Some tiling can be seen in the street lighting (common in diagonals).
    - The street lights could still be even larger and cover more (especially on large roads, but I can't at the moment due to tiling issue, but it will be done in the next version)
    Other than that, they are much better than the old, default lights.

    To install:
    1. Download File
    2. copy the .patch file into the paks folder
    3. start up the game, switch to any of the night modes and see your cities like you never seen them before!
    4. Enjoy!!


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  4. Welcome to the age of factory automation and mass production. It increases production of the high-density heavy industry by 2.5 times, and makes it pay more taxes too, at the "cost" of also hiring about a third more unskilled workers per factory.

    It will leave the low and mid density factories unchanged, because I didn't want to screw up your economy while you still have a tiny city and can't build much else to provide jobs. But as soon as you're big enough to zone for high-density heavy industry, you can demolish the old factories and zone for these more efficient ones. And use the left over space and workforce for, I dunno, manufacturing or high tech.

    The basic story is that I hated having to build that much heavy industry, and the pitiful taxes they paid didn't even cover the cost of cleaning up their pollution. I COULD use the wonderful sandbox mod, but it's not very realistic, and trips my suspension of disbelief. I wanted something which still maintains at least a thin pretense of realism.

    So the changes are as follows:

    - as mentioned, I increased each factory's production by 2.5 times. You'll still need to zone several full square blocks before coming anywhere near a sandbox factory, but you don't have to fill half the map with heavy industry either.

    - I've increased their workforce from 3 unskilled, 3 skilled and 2 executives to 4 unskilled, 3 skilled, and 2 executives. On the whole, because you need less heavy factories and can build more manufacturing and high-tech, you'll still end up with a lot less unskilled workers in the city, but I still wanted to have a half-way believable number of them. A city with twice as many elites as unskilled workers is kinda silly.

    - I've reduced their profits per unit sold to half (mass-production lowers prices), and increased their maintenance per factory by 6 times, so they don't pay insanely high taxes. They still do pay a lot more tax per factory, but it is still quite a bit lower than an equivalent manufacturing factory. The point I'm aiming at is basically that zoning for it isn't a loss, but it doesn't turn into a cash cheat, either, and it doesn't remove the incentive to build more manufacturing and high-tech instead if you can.

    How to install it: just unpack the .zip file in your Paks folder. Any existing high-density heavy factories will be automatically upgraded, so in a large city you'll end up with an instant surplus. Sell it or demolish some.

    How to uninstall it: just delete the .patch file from your Paks folder. Any existing high-density heavy factories will be automatically downgraded to the vanilla ones. I.e., large cities will have a massive defficit of heavy industry until you build some more to make up for the downgrade.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This has only been tested with Cities XL 2012. I have no idea if it works with any other version.


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  5. This mod is an Auto Hotkey™ script, that essentially makes the WASD behave like the Arrow keys. This allows you to use the WASD keys to move the camera. Turning the camera works as well.


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  6. [color="#FF0000"][b]Cities XL 2012 compatible[/b][/color]

    This mod contains 9 types of forests with three types of trees declined each of three different soils.
    So these are plazas, you'll find them in Environment / Decorations.

    These places have been configured to accept slopes of 60 °.
    To be sure to keep the slopes, draw a route up the slope and a second lower and after, put your area of forest. The trees follow the slope and the ground will respect the roadside.

    So there are three categories of trees according (approximately) the geographic areas:
    - Deciduous trees in temperate regions
    - Conifers for cooler regions
    - Exotic varieties for the tropics
    Low shrubs are planted to enhance the appearence of undergrowth.
    Notice that the tree density is high enough to give precisely the impression of forest which is not the case with the textures of the game (or Malaya's).

    Each category is broken down on three grounds:
    - The texture of "waste" of brown color that looks like in this case a forest soil with fallen leaves
    - The green grass texture of the Wooded Park Area of the game, allowing transition between textures
    - And a splendid set of 3 textures designed expressly by Peluche, approaching more the rich colors of the undergrowth.

    These plazas seem to be less memory-intensive than individual trees.






    This mod works only with Cities XL 2011.

    If this mod pleased you, there are five other tree mods :

    [url="http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/25389-exotic-trees-mod/"]Exotic trees Mod[/url]
    [url="http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/25353-deciduous-trees-mod/"]Deciduous trees Mod[/url]
    [url="http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/25341-conifers-mod/"]Conifers Mod[/url]
    [url="http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/25495-shrubs-and-bushes/"]Shrubs and bushes[/url]
    [url="http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/26289-spring-trees-mod/"]Spring trees Mod[/url]

    Your feedbacks are welcome.


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  7. [color="#FF0000"][b]Cities XL 2012 compatible[/b][/color]

    This mod includes 7 kinds of trees or shrubs with spring foliage or in flowers with the picturesque name.

    You will find these trees in the menu Pack / Europe / Terrains.





    This mod works only with Cities XL 2011.

    If this mod pleased you, there are four other tree mods :

    [url="http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/25389-exotic-trees-mod/"]Exotic trees Mod[/url]
    [url="http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/25353-deciduous-trees-mod/"]Deciduous trees Mod[/url]
    [url="http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/25341-conifers-mod/"]Conifers Mod[/url]
    [url="http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/25495-shrubs-and-bushes/"]Shrubs and bushes[/url]


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  8. Airport pack, the first and real edition!
    v1.00 released 15/02/2011

    Update 1.01 (19/02/2011): airport main building now can be merged in tarmac texture.

    (hope it's not oversized - 20Mb - I couldn't find the maximum size)

    Works with CitiesXL 2011 only!
    You can find a compatible version here (but without airport buildings)...

    What is it:
    The airport pack is an addon for CXL that adds ploppable airplanes, airport buildings, tarmac plaza and road. This is a new kind of mod, since it uses a whole new menu, to better organize things.
    The release of this pack was planned for 25th December (a nice gift from us); however Exa had problems in real life, so we had to delay the relase...

    What's included:
    20 ploppable airplanes (made by Exalight)
    1 Hangar
    1 Airport tower + offices
    1 plaza
    1 road

    How to use it:
    * Download, extract and put the .patch in paks folder
    * In Transport Inter-city menu you'll find a new button (airport project)
    * Click it and a new panel  will pop up
    * Open the menu and place buildings you like
    * Click on the red arrow to validate the project
    * (tarmac plaza is in plaza menu)

    What is planned:
    The pack is not complete (and at the moment, not very comfortable). However, this is what I and Exalight managed to do. Once we find a way to unlock them, we'll release an update to this pack, with airport props (stairsbus, luggages ...).

    5 languages supported.
    If you have other airport packs, you need to remove them if you want to use this (it will work without problems, but planes will be cloned).

    Official thread at Simtropolis
    My website

    Coded by: Exalight & GlobexCo
    Tested by: Evergreen (@ CXL.com)

    Please rate and comment


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  9. Maarten's New USA Road Set (for CitiesXL 2011)
    This mod replaces the road textures of the American road set with new, more realistic textures. It also changes the streetlights next to the roads. The mod replaces mostly the blank road textures with double-yellow median line marked or dot-marked textures. Here are some screenshots (click for full resolution!)

    To install this mod, unpack the zip-file and place the patch-file into the Paks-folder (which can be found at the location where you installed CitiesXL 2011)

    To uninstall this mod, simply delete the patch-file from your packs folder. Compatibility
    This mod is NOT compatible with CitiesXL 2009.
    This mod doesn't require any dependencies. Bugfix
    v1.1 (Feb 6, 2011, 14:00 GMT): The bug that the new textures don't show up sometimes is now fixed. Also, an extra texture file is added to replace the yellow zebra crosswalks with a more regular US crosswalk style texture if you want to.

    v1.2 (Feb 10, 2011, 16:40 GMT): Fixed the shadow-bug.

    v1.3 (Feb 19, 2011, 11:40 GMT): Yellow median lines now appear always on two-lane roads

    For questions, developments and support, visit my CitiesXL modding thread "Maarten's Modest Mods" on the SimTropolis forum section or the official Cities XL 2011 forums



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  10. This pack contains 3 buses:
    1x Sound transit med bus
    1x HeuliezGX in king country metro colours
    1x Doubledecker in king country metro colours
    1x American metro recolor in sount transit sceme
    1x Sound transit doubledecker

    If you want to use theese skins as a replacement for the american skins use "SeattleREPLACE" If yu want thees skins be added as new skins to the game at american cities only choose "SeattleADDON(US)" If you want theese skins to appear as additional vehicles everywhere, choose "SeattleADDON(All)"

    Install ONLY ONE of theese files. The ADDON files are compartible with all other vehicle Skin mods made by me. The replace version is not compartible with mods that replace the double decker metro, the american metro and the american buses.

    The choosen file must be placed in the "packs" folder in order to work correct.

    Have fun, greetings, Skimbo.


       (18 Reviews)



  11. Plop Air

    This mod add plains to CXL 2011

    put the .patch into the pak folder of your cxl2011

    there is an old file.. i heard of problems with it.. only when you have german version. 


       (13 Reviews)



  12. This mod includes 16 species of tropical shrubs or bushes (banana trees, philodendron), in full bloom (azalea, red yucca), from the desert (Chollocactus, aloe vera), aquatic (cattail), and others.

    You will find these trees in the menu Pack / Asia ( or Americas or Europe ) / Terrains.

    This mod works only under Cities XL on 2011.

    If this mod pleased you, there are three other tree mods :

    Exotic trees Mod

    Deciduous trees Mod
    Conifers Mod


       (16 Reviews)



  13. The Heuliez GX317 is one of the buses most french are used to.... if they live in a french city.

    This pack contains this bus in three different colour scemes of three different companies:

    See some more motives HERE

    All of theese three busskins are ADD ONs, they do not replace any vehicle, are compartible with all other mods that replace the french bus, are compartible with all of my texture mods
    The buses appear at french roads only.

    Install: Just unzip and put them into your PACKS folder, I reccomend to create a subfolder called "mods", yo can create as many subfolders as you want, the game hasn't got a problem with that.
    Deinstall: just remove them from the packs folder again.

    PS: Thx to Cockatoo-210893 for helping me to solve my upload problem.


       (11 Reviews)



    CXL Unlocker Mod version 4.0
    (now without dependencies!)

    Small update: new server used for installer. Please download again if you can't see GEM buildings. (1/12/10)
    First steps:
    * Download the .zip from this page (click on "Download") and unpack it - you'll find a setup.
    * Run the installer. You need an Internet connection (see below for more)
    * Choose your paks folder (Program Files > CitiesXL installation path > Paks)
    * Choose features to install. See the "Content" section for more info.
    * Please read this page before playing.
    * Run the game and enjoy!
    * Run again installer to add features.
    * Manually remove features...
    Not allowed mods:
    * Any other unlocker is not supported by this mod, remove them. If you want to keep them, you should not report any bugs.

    What to do if you don't have an internet connection while installing:
    * Download the mod
    * Unzip and install it (while connected) using desktop as installation folder
    * Move installed files to an usb drive...
    * Manually install patches in your paks folder
    Known bugs:
    none at the moment....

    To avoid crashes:
    * Do not click railroad upgrade options
    * Do not build a city link with railroad
    * Do not click on that (third picture ^) gemski button

    * Basic functions (required)
    It contains all the basic files. Without them, you can't use the other functions.
    * More Buildings
    It adds unlocked content
    * Beach pack
    Adds a pack for beach buildings.
    * GEM Ski
    Adds a button in menu to enter in ski mode
    * Cheats
    It adds new cheats and sandbox mode
    * GEM models
    Remove this if you don't use neither ski nor beach packs to save space.
    * Avatar studio
    Adds Avatar Studio and Avatar visit mode.
    * Unlock buildings button in cheat menu.
    * Relock buildings button in cheat menu.
    * Automatic unlock in sandbox play
    * Increased "expert mode" effect.
    * Omnicorps buildings.
    * Three types of carparks.
    * Train network (trainstation, railroad tracks).
    * GEM Ski.
    * GEM Beach.
    * GEM tutorials.
    * Avatar studio.
    * Avatar mode in SP.
    * New buildings.
    * Sandbox mode
    * New cheats
    * New languages supported

    This is the first version for CXL 2011.

    What to do if you're playing CitiesXL 2009:
    please download version 3 here

    * See Unlocker v3 for past credits
    * For testing: Mr-Tom, Skimbo, City Builder
    * For lua help: C06alt
    * Other thanks to: Focus Home Interactive, Oliver, everyone who downloaded this mod
    Help and contact
    This mod has been released at Generation City too.
    Open a new thread or discuss and get support at these threads:
    * Simtropolis
    * Generation City
    * CitiesXL.com

    PM me for more help.
    Visit my website for info and news
    Rate and comment!

    - December 2010 -
    5286 downloads for version 3
    4181 downloads for version 2


       (73 Reviews)



  15. Here is a mod of exotic trees for Cities XL 2011.

    This version contains 17 species of trees from jungle, desert or tropique (eucalyptus, baobab, banyan tree, queenpalm, coconut palm, saguaro and others).

    You will find these trees in the menu Pack / Asia / Terrains.

    This mod works only under Cities XL on 2011.

    You can find many pictures on my city journal www.forum-gc.com/vos-villes-f53/fluvi-l-eco-quartier-le-jardin-tropical-t764-292.htm like this.


       (21 Reviews)



  16. I made this pack together with MircoMarco, it contains the following:

    3 Buses that replace the german buses in the colour sceme of Hamburg's Hochbahn AG.

    1 Train of Hochbahn AG (Type DT3-E)
    The train is delivered in three versions, install only ONE of them.

    ADDON(ALL) - Train is added as additional vehicle to the game and appears everywhere
    ADDON(GER) - Train is added as additional vehicle to the game and appears at cities with german roads only
    ReplaceUS - Train replaces the default US skin in the game.

    Small info: Combine this set with the german skin of my CXL doubledecker Pack for optimal german look.

    For support visit my Modding thread.


       (8 Reviews)



  17. Due the original Brisbane transportation pack dissappeared (processed on for weeks now) I asked for premission to upload it a second time. I also updated it to give you more possibilities of usage.

    3 buses:
    Scania L94UB (Med Brisbane city bus)
    Fictional small brisbane city bus
    Fictional Mt.Gravatt double decker bus.
    QR EMU88
    QR EMU226

    The Skimbo(STEX) account is created because of a STEX upload bug.
    I asked Cockatoo-210893 for premission.


       (17 Reviews)



  18. Here is a mod of deciduous trees for Cities XL 2011.

    This version contains 19 species of trees (oak, elm, cherry, maple, poplar, sycamore, beech and others).

    You will find these trees in the menu Pack / Europe / Terrains.

    This mod works only under Cities XL on 2011.

    You can find others pictures on my CJ of Fluvi on www.forum-gc.com/vos-villes-f53/fluvi-l-eco-quartier-l-esplanade-des-platanes-t764-292.htm


       (23 Reviews)



  19. Here is a dozen evergreen trees: cypress, pines, fir trees among which some are covered with snow.
    You will find these trees in the menu Pack / Americas / Terrains.

    This mod works only under Cities XL on 2011.  
    Some samples :


       (31 Reviews)



  20. This pack contains 4 new doubledecker trainskins for your CXL cities!

    All of the trains can be used as replace for the default vehicles or as additional vehicles.

    The pack contains theese four skins:

    ÖBB (Österreichische Bundesbahnen) "Wiesel"
    3 Versions:
    ADDON(ALL) >Aditional doubledecker everywhere
    REPLACE(ALL) > Replaces the default doubledecker train
    ADDON(DE) > Additional vehicle on cities with german roads only

    DB(Deutsche Bahn) "Dosto"
    3 Versions:
    ADDON(ALL) >Aditional doubledecker everywhere
    REPLACE(ALL) > Replaces the default doubledecker train
    ADDON(DE) > Additional vehicle on cities with german roads only

    NS(Nederlanse Spoorwegen) "Regiorunner"
    3 Versions:
    ADDON(ALL) >Aditional doubledecker everywhere
    REPLACE(ALL) > Replaces the default doubledecker train
    ADDON(DE) > Additional vehicle on cities with german roads only

    Cityrail(Sydney) "Tangara"
    3 Versions:
    ADDON(ALL) >Aditional doubledecker everywhere
    REPLACE(ALL) > Replaces the default doubledecker train
    ADDON(UK) > Additional vehicle on cities with uk roads only

    City Rail Sydney "Tangara" As medium train (due Cityrail runs nearly every service with doubledecker trains)
    3 Versions:
    ADDONMED(ALL) >Aditional doubledecker everywhere
    REPLACEMED(ALL) > Replaces the default american train (might not be compartible with all trainpatch versions)
    ADDONMED(uk) > Additional vehicle on cities with uk roads only

    All 5 trains are compartible with each other if you install only one version of each train, otherwhise some skins won't show up.

    (The train to the left on this pic can be found here, replace version only)

    If you have questions about this pack please ask them here

    Nice play and greetings, Skimbo.


       (20 Reviews)



  21. I'm sorry, thoose pictures in the preview do not appear (but are uploaded)

    A bigger one

    Choose ONE of thoose files and put it into your packs folder. I reccomend you to create a subfolder for mods.



    The metrotrain replaces the american metro skin, the bus the small and med US bus.

    Compartibility: This mod version is not compartible with other trainskin mods that replace the american metro skin or the small and med american bus.



    This file adds the vancover Skytrain and the vancover Bus as new vehicles to the game, both will mix with your other american skins.

    Compartibility: This mod version should be compartible with all other texturemods that replace the american metro or the american buses and is also compartible with all of my train ADD ons, there is no garanty that this mod will be compartible with train or bus skin add ons made by other creators!

    Put only ONE of theese two files into your plugins folder!

    Nice play, greetings, Skimbo :)

    (In case of any problems or questions: post them at my thread at Simtropolis/CXL custom content creation)


       (12 Reviews)



  22. Right hand drive version of the UK Small (mini) bus. I have reduced the size of the door to something probably more realistic. (ive never seen a dual door mini bus?). Again a oversight on focus/MC part on why this mod is needed. I would of liked to change the shape of the bus and convert it to a dennis dart or something similar but not sure how. any advice on how to do this most welcome.


       (9 Reviews)



  23. Converts the standard UK single deck bus into a right hand Drive version (door appear on the correct side). Dont know why this was not done in the original game release and seems a bit of a oversight on Focus/MC part?. Anyway, Quality of the skin graphic degraded slightly, dont know why, but bus looks okay. Copy the Patch file into the Pak folder of your Cities XL installation and enjoy.


       (6 Reviews)



  24. This mod replaces the default large metro train of CXL2011 by this different double decker train.(made by MC and forgotten content at CXL09)

    A bigger picture can be found here

    If you have some questions or problems please post them at this thread:


    I also provide an overview of all my Train&Busmods at the linked thread.

    Installation: Just put the unziped file into your packs folder, to uninstall just remove it again. I reccomend you to create a subfolder for mods to make it easier finding them.


       (22 Reviews)



  25. Hello,

    This is an update to my Terraforming Mod just for Cities XL 2011.  It has the same extra sizes of terraforming options as the version for CXL 2009 but now incorporates the Terraforming Parameters Panel for the Circle and Square brush options for each size.

    To bring up the Terraforming Parameters Panel just use your right mouse button to select one of the different sizes of terraforming brushes.  This allows you to set the brush to eithr circle or square brushes.  You can also set the smoothness of each brush allowing you to have complete circle to complete square brushes.


    Directions:  Download the file "Extra Terraform Options CXL2011 v1" then Extract and place it in the Paks folder inside your Cities XL 2011 installation. 

    Please notify me of any problems or comments about this Mod.



       (21 Reviews)