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SimCity 4 Buildings

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Buildings for SimCity 4

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  1. NYBT Hotel Pennsylvania

    Hotel Pennsylvania - designed by McKim, Mead and White and completed in 1919. With 2200 rooms it was claimed to be the largest hotel in the world.
    The BAT has a special version for winter, it will appear when game date will reach 15th of Dec.
    Lot size: 4x8
    Versions: 2
    - Plop CS$$
    - Landmark
    SimFox Day n Nite Modd (For DarkNite Version only)
    NYBT Essentials
    Thanks to all people who helped with this BAT.
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  2. Midrise Office Pack Volume 6

    The senior vice president has lost his passport and missed his flight, the coffee machine in the break room has been on the fritz, and twelve people have called in sick the day before the annual corporate report is scheduled to be distributed.  But if you wanted to take on the world and climb your way to the top, this is better than slaving over a hot grill or working at the local Gas 'n' Gulp.  Presenting yet another set in a series of office buildings to provide some much-needed variety to your commercial business district.  Included in this upload are the following establishments... 
    Keseberg Medical Billing
    Essex Annuities
    Dumaru International
    Dudley & Stephens, Inc.
    Luxborough Legal
    Medusa Media Group
    Franklin and Greely, Ltd.
    Earnmoor Fund Management
    Parrado, Canessa & Hartwell
    Alpers & Lindenbaum, LLC.
    The buildings here were made to compliment existing Maxis office buildings with a 2x3 footprint, such as Modde, Inc., Kearney LLC., and Galvin Techtronics.  This pack contains 10 different buildings and a total of over 60 lots.  These range from stage 3 to stage 6, offering from 188 to 450 commercial jobs, and are split between CO$$ and CO$$$.  All have been modded similar to their Maxis counterparts in order to blend in; as such, there are no dependencies with this pack.  All have custom queries and nightlights as well.
    So, roll up your sleeves, and fire up your laptop, put on a fresh pot of coffee (or at least reheat the old one), and tell your executive assistant that you won't be taking calls until the inbox on your desk and the email inbox are both emptied.  Enjoy...!
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  3. Spisská Kapitula

    My old file. Only reupload.
    No dependencies
    3,020 downloads     7 comments

  4. Denny's Classic Diner

    Denny’s is the most recognized name in family dining providing good food and service for more than 50 years.  With approximately 1,600 restaurants across America and systemwide sales of more than $2 billion, Denny’s is the largest full-service family restaurant chain in the United States.
    Denny’s restaurants offer a casual dining atmosphere and moderately priced meals served 24 hours a day at most locations.  Denny’s is well-known for its breakfasts served around the clock, including the popular Original Grand Slam®.  Denny’s menu also features a variety of appetizers, hamburgers, sandwiches, salads, chicken, steak and seafood entrees as well as desserts. At year end 2004, there were 1,603 Denny’s restaurants: 553 were owned and operated by the company and 1,050 were operated under franchise and licensing.
    Denny's comes ploppable with 75 jobs and is a 4x4 LM lot also included is a CS$$ 4x3 Growable. I tried to make this as realistic as possible by using custom props, textures and lighting. This lot was a special request. Hope you and your sims enjoy!

    Mod Edit (11th Nov 2015): Fixed description formatting, restored from the included readme.
    21,274 downloads     62 comments

  5. Ebbets Field

    Here is my second upload. This is Ebbets Field home of the Brooklyn Dodgers till 1957, or 1958 I can't remember off the top of my head. I did have to use some artistic creativity on this because I didn't notice the back side (behind the center field stands) dropped off until after I had added the lights and I didn't want to undo all of that work. I placed this in my game and it looks pretty good. I think it might not be tall enough again but if that is a problem for you just drop a comment on here and I will redo it. I didn't add any props again so please feel free to add what you want to to make it how you like it. I hope you like this.
    841 downloads     0 comments

  6. Polo Grounds

    Special thanks to RSC204 for helping me get this out. I was having problems exporting this file. He helped me immensely. Thank you very much for helping me.
    This will be updated when I get the time. I noticed several errors after I exported it like the side walls being higher than the roof in some places and that really bugs me. 
    Anyway, welcome to the Polo Grounds! Home of the New York Giants and the New York Mets for the first couple of years of their existence. The cost to plop this is $35,000. I accidentally made the monthly cost $35,000. I fixed that but make sure it saved. If it didn't let me know and I will re-export it.There is a huge parking lot on the side of this with working street lights. I am not really sure what else I need to say about this so I hope you enjoy.
    I would love to see some screen shots of people using this. No obligation but if you are inclined feel free to post some.
    691 downloads     2 comments

  7. Maxis DLC Landmarks

    Have you wanted to download the custom landmarks Maxis put up on their website? The website shut down but I decided to release the files for people who didn't download when they had the chance. These are the original files.
    Landmarks Included-
    63 Building (1.0)
    Adler Planetarium (1.0)
    Air Force Base (1.0)
    Arc De Triomphe (1.0)
    Brandenburg Gate (1.0)
    Capitol Records (1.0)
    Globe Arena (1.0)
    Grand Central Station (1918) (1.0)
    Grutzehaus (1.4) NEW!
    Grutze Industries (1.4) NEW!
    Ian's House of Stone and Wood
    Kunjungjon (1.0)
    Longfellow Castle (1.2)
    Lucky's Hang Ten (1.0)
    Mayflower Port (1.0)
    Nam Dae Moon (1.0)
    Parthenon (1.0)
    Rockefellar Center (1.0)
    San Francisco City Hall (1.0)
    Schlos Schoenbraun (1.0)
    Seoul City Hall (1.0)
    Seoul Soccer (Futball) Stadium (1.0)
    Shorty Burgers (1.0)
    Sobchak Lanes (1.0)
    Stone Henge (1.0)
    Taipei Art Museum (1.0)
    Temple Expiatiori (1.0)
    Temple of Grutze (1.4) NEW!
    The Living Mall (1.1.91)
    10,112 downloads     23 comments

  8. NDEX Angels Creek by Oneil

    Angels Creek is based on a mix of the vancouvers residential towers. Angels Creek is a nice place to live in, with a 180 degree view of the river it offesr anything your sims want! An outdoor pool, agym and a grand two floor lobby! It also has a beautiful sign at the bottom so anyone who drives by will know it's the Angels Creeck.
    Growable R
    25,322 downloads     46 comments

  9. b62 Remastered: Target SuperCenter

    Target's first store opened in Roseville, Minnesota, in 1962. Its on-trend merchandise at affordable prices launched a new era in discount retailing. This "T-1" store was easy to shop, attractive and always clean. It served as the prototype for every Target store opened since then, and it changed how consumers think about discount shopping. Today, Target operates more than 1,300 stores in 47 states, including over 140 SuperTarget® stores that add an upscale grocery shopping experience. In addition to the photo processing, pharmacy and Food Avenue® restaurants found in almost every Target, SuperTarget includes an in-store bakery, deli, meat and produce sections. This beautiful BAT was originally created by Bobbo662 (aka B62). Unfortunately, due to real life circumstances, he was unable to finish the lot and so this was just sitting around on his hard drive. After talking with him, he graciously handed his work over to me to finish and subsequently upload for yall. For comments/feedback/critique/praise or just to see what's coming up next (I have 40+ b62 building is queue), visit my lot thread over at Simpeg here or at Simtropolis here.   -------Stats:-------15x12 Plop CS$, 15x12 Grow CS$     375 CS$ Jobs     Growth stage : 2     Plop Cost : $15000     Bulldoze Cost : $3250     Power Consumed : 55     Water Consumed : 25     Air Pollution : Negligible     Water Pollution : Negligible     Garbage Pollution : 30 over 0 tiles     Flamability : 15      -------------------Dependencies:-------------------BSC Mega Texture Cycledogg v01SHK Parking PackBSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01  Above all... have fun! nos.17
    5,440 downloads     15 comments

  10. WmLu Berlin Roadside Mod

    Hello everybody!
    Please take some time to read this description! I know it is long but I promise it'll be WORTHWHILE. This mod automatically adds roadside decoration to Maxis roads in the game (so it doesn't affect streets, avenues, OWR, NWM, RHW, etc.). In additional to other details, it adds trees and bike parking to roads adjacent to commercial zones or ploppables, and car parking to residential or industrial zones. I carefully modeled it after the real life roadsides in Berlin but it should look great in any city. It is really beautiful but it has a lot of dependencies. So please go through them one by one (all the url links are up to date) and make sure you have all of them in your plugin folder. Each one of them provides one or more items for the mod (trees/ lamps/ parking meters/ etc.), so if a dependency is missing its corresponding items would be missing in the game, but the mod would otherwise function properly. Nevertheless, the download and installation of all dependencies listed are highly recommended. ALSO JUST A NOTE, even though sandstone and euro textures are in the screenshots provided above, they have absolutely nothing to do with this mod. THIS MOD FUNCTIONS PROPERLY REGARDLESS OF WHAT ROAD TEXTURE YOU USE OR IF YOU USE ANY TEXTURE AT ALL.
    BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol01 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1180
    Murimk_Bicycle_Props http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/25681-murimk-bicycle-props-with-mmp-bikers/
    SFBT_Temroc_Props zzz_SFBT_Temroc_Props.rar
    BLaM-Glenni props http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/17578-blam-glenni-prop-pack/
    LRM Prop Pack 01 http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/24502-lrm-prop-pack-01/
    Porkie Props-Vol1 http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/11421-porkie-props-vol1-european-street-accessories/
    BSC MEGA Props - DAE Vol01 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=475
    I altered this dependency file slightly to group together some bike props for them to occur randomly, giving therefore more variation. I did my best to contact the author to get permission, but for now what you could do is to EITHER download the file from the LEX link above and have some glitches with bike parking OR go to the site below and scroll down to the middle of the page to see my alterations and get full support for this mod.http://www.simcity.cn/thread-103084-1-1.html (google translate recommended)JRJ Street side mod http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=115
    This dependency is a mod itself. I used the props in it to make car parking lanes.I made this mod four years ago when I still understood T21 (a technique most decoration mod is based on) pretty well. I only uploaded it to an obscure foreign website and didn't intend to put it on STEX or LEX due to the alterations I made to one of the dependency files. But yesterday I saw someone asking for my mod and went through great lengths and language barriers to get it. I feel like it is only fit and proper that I make it easier for simcity lovers like him to use my mod by uploading it here. The game has been out for more than a decade but it is still as great as ever. I don't know for how long it is still going to stay in the spotlight and I know even the most devoted players couldn't play it forever. But I'm sure simcity will always be a memory to cherish and a game to revisit and reexperience time and again. So for this reason let's keep both STEX and LEX well and alive. I will keep an eye on this mod and update it as soon as I have more free time. In the meanwhile, enjoy!
    142 downloads     0 comments

  11. ITS Office Parks - CAMden Heights Offices

    KOSC presents: CAMden Heights Offices
    This is the eighth set of lots in my ITS Office Park series. CAMden Heights is a nice mid-rise, nondescript office tower that serves its purpose as the centerpiece in suburban office parks. Or an eyesore among an entire district of generic buildings... yeah, might as well be.
    Package Overview
    CAMden Heights Offices is a small collection of growables and a ploppable of Ill Tonkso’s Camden Heights Tower. There are two smaller lots are occupied by one tower each, both which boast relatively tame scenery. The centerpiece is the massive 10x10 complex featuring twin towers with an ample parking lot with garage, lush greenery, and a beautiful front plaza.
    Included in the following package are a total of 3 lots: two CO$$ growables and one CO$$ ploppable. The ploppable one can be found in the landmarks menu near the top.
    If you do need to plop the growables, use the buildingPlop cheat and look for exemplars starting at KOSC ITS __buildingName__
    General Stats
    CAMden Heights Building (Growable)
    Lot Sizes: 4x6, 7x5
    Growth Stage: 6
    Office Capacity:  2295 CO$$
    Density Requirement: Medium
    Power/Water: 46/469
    Pollution at Center A/W/G/R: 9/9/4/0
    CAMden Heights Corporate Place (Ploppable)
    Lot Size: 10x10
    Office Capacity:  4587 CO$$
    Power/Water: 92/927
    Pollution at Center A/W/G/R: 18/18/9/0
    Plop Cost: 70,000$
    All buildings grow on the Houston and Euro Tilesets, and have basic BTE tracking enabled.
    This one is a little heavier with the inclusion of the additional parking garage.
    Main Building(s)
    NDEX ITS Camden Heights Tower
    NDEX ITS Multi Story Carpark
    Texture/Prop Resources

    SHK Parking Pack
    BSC MEGA Props SG Vol. 1
    BSC Textures Vol. 1
    BSC Textures Vol. 2
    BSC Textures Vol. 3
    BSC MEGA Props CP Vol. 1
    BSC MEGA Props CP Vol. 2

    As always, if you've downloaded any of my previous lots, you should have most if not all of the required texture/prop dependencies.

    All credit goes to Ill Tonkso for the awesome BAT once again!
    641 downloads     0 comments

  12. Harbor Clinic

    Inspired by a rather imposing mid-century building on Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, Harbor Clinic operates as a large hospital in game.

    This 6-floor building is substantial; its 100 meter street frontage is broken by a large blank entrance wall clad in marble tiles for its full height and makes for a striking streetscape addition in real life.

    As it sits on a 7x4 lot, this is useful for urban and suburban areas.

    It has an expanded coverage radius and high patient capacity and provides quite a number of civic jobs in all wealth categories.

    Patient Capacity: 12,250
    Monthly Cost: $4,200
    Hospital Boost: 11.52
    Coverage Radius: 1,384
    Plop Cost: $6,700
    Bulldoze Cost: $310
    Demand Created: Jobs$: 86, Jobs$$: 247, Jobs$$$: 81
    Pollution: 8/5/4
    Pollution Radius: 3/4/0
    Power Consumed: 15 Mwh
    Water Consumed: 58 Gallons

    DEPENDENCIES: (note you must be registered and logged into the SC4Devotion LEX to download these):

    BSC MEGA Props CP Vol01 (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1180)
    BSC MEGA Props CP Vol02 (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2790). *Note, this is a new file*

    To install, simply unzip the file and select either the DarkNite or MaxisNite model files (only one can be used) into your plugins folder.

    Thankyou and enjoy.
    14,785 downloads     40 comments

  13. West Side Grounds

    Hello, welcome to West Side Park. Home of the Chicago Cubs until they moved into Wrigley Field in the early 1900's. There were not many pictures of the actual stadium so this is more of a fictional ball park than anything real. This is how I imagined that park to look. The actual stadium was actually made out of almost nothing but wood, if you will notice, mine is made from brick. The reason for this is because I simply didn't have the proper textures. I am deployed so my options for the internet and getting textures are limited and this is more practice for me than anything. This will be going into my game but won't be used for very long. 
    I did not screw with anything as far as prop costs or anything like that mostly because I am taking baby steps and still learning a lot. I have built a couple more stadiums but this is my latest iteration. I will be uploading the other in the next couple of days.
    Simply unzip into your plugins folder. I hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave me some advice or criticism.
    286 downloads     8 comments

  14. NDEX Urban Billboard Set

    This is a set of stylishly-designed billboards inspired by the style of 'boards found in and around New York's Times Square.  There are 50 (updated from the original 19) billboards, and I decided instead of taking a bunch of requests from people for things I don't really want to see in a game, I'd include the gmax file and a complete tutorial for how to retexture and create your own billboard, and make it part of the prop families used on this lot, all without even opening the lot editor (you do need the Reader, though).  In addition, each existing prop is in its own DAT file, so you can delete ones you don't like (in case you aren't a DOA fan, for example).
    Lot Size: 1x1

    Moderator Edit (21 Sep 2015): Fixed broken page formatting.
    22,857 downloads     55 comments

  15. Chaning Building

    The Chanin Building is a brick and terra-cotta skyscraper located at 122 East 42nd Street, at the corner of Lexington Avenue, in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Built by Irwin S. Chanin in 1929, it is 56 stories high, reaching 197.8 metres (649 ft) excluding the spire and 207.3 metres (680 ft) including it. It was designed by Sloan & Robertson in the Art Deco style, with the assistance of Chanin's own architect Jacques Delamarre, and it incorporates architectural sculpture by Rene Paul Chambellan.
    The building was designated a New York City landmark in 1978, and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.
    A Landmark Building.
    Building Cost $110,000
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  16. Torre Multiva (Torre Chapultepec)

    Torre Multiva is a building located in Guadalajara, Mexico, the height is 301 ft (92 m ). 
    A Landmark Building.
    Buildigng Cost $ 90,000.
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  17. Oakland Tribune

    Tribune Tower was the home of the Oakland Tribune newspaper. It was built in 1906, and the tower was added in 1924 when the newspaper made the building its headquarters.
    On this day a decade ago I uploaded my first BAT with my Jasoncw username. I'd like to thank everyone I've gotten to know over the years. 
    2x2 growable and ploppable CO§§§ lots.MaxisNite and DarkNite versions included.DarkNite requires the Day and Nite Modd.
    Installation Instructions:
    Download either the DarkNite (DN) or MaxisNite (MN) version. If you're unsure, choose the MN version.Unzip the .zip and move its contents to Documents/SimCity4/Plugins.SC4Lot files are descriptively titled. Remove the lot versions which you do not want. Do not remove any .SC4Model files.
    1,695 downloads     4 comments

  18. Dotonbori Glico Building

    This is the Dotonbori Glico Building in Osaka.
    This is the famous billboard that symbolizes the Osaka, and the tourists come from all over the world.
    This building will be added to the landmark of your game!
    Register and Size:Landmark 2x2
    Enjoy your SimCity Life! 8)
    4,502 downloads     26 comments

  19. Fiestamericana Minerva Guadalajara

    Hotel Located in Guadalajara, Mexico,it has 84 m (275 ft) 
    Building Cost: $80,000
    1,081 downloads     0 comments

  20. RIU Plaza Guadalajara

    Hotel Riu Plaza Guadalajara is a skyscraper located in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico. At 215-metre tall (705 ft), it is the city and metropolitan area's tallest building and the second highest in Mexico.
    Construction began in March 2009, and opened in June 2011. It has 44 habitable floors, holding 550 rooms, in addition to restaurants, meeting rooms and a 44th floor penthouse. On the roof is a heliport and maintenance rooms. A pinnacle rises above the top floor by adding 16 metres (52 ft) to the building height.
    Landmark Building
    Enjoy ! 
    1,024 downloads     0 comments

  21. Republic Plaza Denver

    Republic Plaza is a skyscraper in Denver, Colorado. Rising 714 feet (218 m), the building currently stands as thetallest building in the city of Denver and the entire Rocky Mountain region of the United States. It was built in 1984,and contains 56 floors, the majority of which are used as office space. Republic Plaza currently stands as the 109th-tallest building in the United States.
    Landmark Building
    Building Cost: $ 80,000.
    Feel you free of changing the Lot ! 
    Enjoy ! 
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  22. CenturyLink Tower Denver (1801 California Street)

    1801 California Street, also known as CenturyLink Tower, is a skyscraper in Denver, Colorado. The building was completed in 1983, and rises 53 floors and 709 feet (216 m) in height. The building stands as the second-tallest building in Denver and Colorado, and as the 111th-tallest building in the United States.
    1801 California Street was previously occupied by offices for US West, and then served as the world headquarters ofQwest Communications. In summer 2011 following CenturyLink's acquisition of Qwest, the Qwest sign was removed from the top and replaced with the CenturyLink sign. Upon its completion in 1983, the building stood as the tallest building in the city. However, it held that distinction for less than a year, being surpassed by Republic Plaza in 1984.
    Landmark Building.
    Building Cost: $125,000
    1,653 downloads     3 comments

  23. IBM Marathon (1250 René-Lévesque)

    1250 René-Lévesque, also known as the IBM-Marathon Tower, is a 226 m (741 ft), 47-story skyscraper in Montreal,Quebec, Canada. The building was designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates for IBM Canada and Marathon Realty, hence the former name "IBM-Marathon". It is now named for its address at 1250 René Lévesque Boulevard West, in the Ville-Marie borough of Downtown Montreal. It is adjacent to the Bell Centre and Windsor Station to the south, and stands on the site of the former American Presbyterian Church. It is connected to the Bonaventure metro station and the underground city network.
    1250 is currently owned and managed by global real estate investor, developer and owner Oxford Properties and is still partially occupied by IBM.
    Lot Size: 8X4
    Landmark Building
    Building Cost: $ 250,000
    Enjoy ! 
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  24. NDEX Flatbush Residence by Oneil

    The Flatbush Residence is one of the greatest places for a sim to live a wonderful life. The cost is very much affordable making it a place where sims would love to live plus you get a very comfortable lifestyle while still not all so rich and fancy. The Flatbush Residence would make a great addition to any realistic looking city.
    Growable R
    42,208 downloads     58 comments

  25. Half-Timber Manor

    A set of residential building mainly intended for rural and village environment. I have included in the pack one R$$$ Manor house (2 lots), two R$$ residence cottages (6 lots), one R$ small house (2 lots), one R$ town house (2 lots) and two IR farms (2 lots). Plus some stable and shed props to match the half-timber style. Expect the R$ town house, all lots are for low density and for early stages 1-2.
    As before, the style is from British Isles, this time in period vaguely Tudor / Elizabethan. I have used my trusty Bilteezi railway model card kits as an inspiration. However, the buildings are adapted and I have used artistic freedom and using my modular approach, I have been able to do several different models from the same building block.
    I have built these houses to be a bit more slope friendlier than my previous BATs. I still wouldn’t call the lots as slope friendly, but I have included custom foundations. With modest slopes, there shouldn’t be problems. I have a lot to learn and my trial with prop steps at front of the buildings did not work well.
    Nightlights are Maxis, render HD.
    I have made two versions of the lots. One is very dependencies heavy with many HD props and textures. Other is with Maxis standard props and some commonly used prop packs. Please choose which version to use. The houses are same in both versions. Only lots and prop packs are different.
    Version HTM_Propheavy is the one with HD props by Girafe, Historic Harbour and Vortext’s texture.
    Version HTM_CPprops is a light weight version of the lots with CP’s trees, BSC textures and Swi21’s props.
    Use only one version of the Lots. Delete the extra file folder. 
    Somerby Manor
    Lots                                     4x4 Stage 1, 3x3 Stage1
    Capacity Satisfied              R$$$ 10
    Building Value                  519
    Bulldoze Cost                  202
    Pollution                          Air 1, Water 1, Garbage 4
    Power Consumed             2
    Water Consumed               5
    Somerby Creek Cottage
    Lots                                     1x3 Stage1, 1x2 Stage2, 2x1 Stage2
    Capacity Satisfied              R$$ 8
    Building Value                  173
    Bulldoze Cost                  196
    Pollution                          Air 1, Water 1, Garbage 4
    Power Consumed             1
    Water Consumed               2
    Somerby Meadow Cottage
    Lots                                     1x3 Stage1, 1x2 Stage2, 2x1 Stage2
    Capacity Satisfied              R$$ 7
    Building Value                     144
    Bulldoze Cost                     178
    Pollution                              Air 1, Water 1, Garbage 4
    Power Consumed              1
    Water Consumed             2
    Somerby Manor Lodge
    Lots                                    1x2 Stage1, 1x1 Stage2
    Capacity Satisfied              R$ 7
    Building Value                     95
    Bulldoze Cost                     128
    Pollution                              Air 1, Water 1, Garbage 4
    Power Consumed              1
    Water Consumed               1
    Ludgate Hill
    Lots                                    1x2 Stage,4 1x1 Stage5
    Capacity Satisfied              R$ 35
    Building Value                     275
    Bulldoze Cost                    
    Pollution                              Air 1, Water 1, Garbage 4
    Power Consumed              1
    Water Consumed               1
    Somerby Farm
    LOTS                                  2X2 Stage1
    BUILDING VALUE             765
    BULLDOZE COST            191
    POLLUTION                      AIR 1, WATER 1, GARBAGE 1
    WATER CONSUMED       25
    Somerby Manor Farm
    Lots                                    4x4 Stage1
    Capacity Satisfied              I-R 6
    Building Value                  928
    Bulldoze Cost                     191
    Pollution                              Air 1, Water 1, Garbage 4
    Power Consumed              3
    Water Consumed               30
    Use only one version of the Lots. Delete the extra file folder. 
    Version HTM_propheavy
    British Boxes
    BSC Mega Props CP Vol 1
    BSC Textures Vol 1
    Swi 21 Props Vol 1
    Historic Harbour (Props only.)
    Vortex Texture
    Girafe Hedges
    (The house model is not needed, only the file grfa_3mHedges.dat)
    Girafe Bushes
    Girafe Oaks
    Girafe Cypryss
    Girafe Lindens
    Version HTM_CPprops
    SWI 21 PROPS VOL 1
    363 downloads     0 comments