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  • SimCoug's Ruins MMP By SimCoug

    This Mayor Mode Ploppable (MMP) allows you to plop various 'ruins' props around your towns and cities.  
    The icon will show up in your Mayor Mode flora menu. 
    The MMP cycles through 19 total clicks, starting with small rubble and ending with the large ruined buildings.
    The final click is a blank prop to reduce the need for bulldozing.
    Dependencies: (Only the .SC4Model files are needed)
    -Ruins by delija21
    -WW2 Destroyed Buildings V1 by EvilCoolKid
    -WW2 Destroyed Buildings V2 by EvilCoolKid
    Simply unzip the file and put the entire 'SimCougs Ruins MMP' folder in your plugins (don't forget the dependencies).  

    Developer notes: 
    This is another MMP I created a while back that was lost when SimPeg went down.  If you've ever needed to depict a disaster or 'blight' an area of your town, now you can! 
    For questions regarding this MMP, please feel free to visit my Modding Development Thread (SimCougs Lot&Mod Den) here on Simtropolis.

    Special Thanks:
    A very special thanks to delija21 and EvilCoolKid for creating and sharing these wonderful destroyed building models.