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  • SM2 Breakwater Concrete Blocks By Simmer2

    My first MMP, I hope you like it.
    SM2 Breakwater Concrete Blocks
    Concrete breakwater blocks have been used for a long time to diminish the force of impact from the awesome power of sea waves.
    You will find them around port areas and around important sea facilities such as refineries and other such structures.
    If you use dark water textures I suggest you lift the water floor to 7.5 meter depth. You will then be able to see the blocks under water!!
    I also strongly suggest you use my blocks together with other marina flora and rocks MMP's for best results.
    Look at the included pics for reference.
    No dependencies.
    Enjoy! Simmer2.
  • SM2 Coastline & Marine MMP kit By Simmer2

    Time to give our SC4 coastlines some love!
    This MMP pack comprises of 17 different sea and coastline items.
    From fish to vegetation to rocks, etc.
    They will literally paint your terrain. For individual plops please click once.
    They will also complement my previous MMP release, SM2 Breakwater Concrete Blocks.
    Included are a couple of pics for reference.
    No dependencies.

  • Simtropolis Challenges Season 3
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