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  • Midrise Office Pack Volume 7 By madhatter106

    The president of the company just resigned amidst a financial scandal, half of the secretarial pool is out sick with the flu, and you keep getting text messages on your work phone from a Nigerian prince who wants to offer you millions of dollars in exchange for your banking information.  Ah, the life of office drudgery!  If you prefer answering voicemails and attending staff meetings to slopping coffee at Depiesse's Diner, then this pack is for you.  Presenting another set in a series of office buildings to provide some variety in your commercial business districts.  Included in this upload are the following establishments...
    Legion Enterprises
    Mannheim, Doe & Deen
    The Bruner Building
    Loudun Marketing
    Dugdale & Lukins, LLC.
    Talbye and Knapp, Inc.
    Blumhardt Communications
    Michel Public Relations
    Schmidt Ecklund Mutual
    Nicola, Martin & Peck
    Larson and Hammond Tax Specialists
    Aubrey Consulting
    Cele Data Solutions
    Ossett Venture Capital
    These buildings were made to complement existing Maxis offices with varying footprints, primarily in the 2x3 and 3x2 range.  This pack contains 14 different buildings over a total of 75 lots, ranging from stage 3 to stage 6, offering upwards of 250 jobs at maximum, and split between medium and high wealth.  All have been lotted similarly to their Maxis counterparts in order to blend in, so there are no dependencies.  Plus they also contain custom queries, nightlights, and stats similar to previous offerings.
    So, push through all those calls you need to return, drop off the revised numbers for the board meeting to the accounting department, and be sure you don't accidentally leave your resume in the photocopier near the third floor breakroom once you're done using it (after hours, of course)...enjoy!

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