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    Submit a feature for consideration on the home page of Simtropolis!  *:read:

    1.  A feature can be announcing something notable in the community. For example, a new City Journal post, or a new BAT/STEX project.

    2.  Include a link to the showcased item of content.

    3.  Feature submissions are reviewed for approval by site staff, where they will be publicly visible. The time it takes for features to be approved may vary.

    4.  To keep it fair for everyone, you may only have one feature shown on the homepage at a time.
    So if you submit a new feature while already on the slider, your previous one(s) will be hidden.

    5.  All standard Site Rules apply as usual.

    Additional Information


    Image Specifications

    • File format:
      JPG, PNG or GIF
    • Dimensions:
      955 x 540
    • Usable height from top:
      ~430px  (allowing for the headline & teaser)

    To increase your chances of having your feature accepted:

    • A captivating image is a must!
    • Include an interesting headline and teaser text to draw the reader's attention.
    • The feature is actually highlighting something the community may find interesting.

    Reasons your feature might be rejected:

    • Your feature is not relevant or appropriate for the community, or does not conform to the Site Rules.
    • Your image was not interesting, does not meet the above specifications, or was low quality/distorted.
    • Your content link, headline or teaser text was inappropriate.



  • Torre Canne Marina