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  2. Hello! As of right now, I am not sure what is causing this tarmac to gain a sidewalk texture instead of the usual concrete tarmac one. I am trying to pin down the root of this problem, but if anyone knows any potential solutions, I will appreciate the help. By the way I am using the AC Team's airport sets. Additionally, I might be overlooking a particular pack I am missing somehow? I'm browsing the dependency list to see if this is the case.
  3. Nice. Very impressive work. Your pics more often than not can pass for photos.
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  5. Super, glad to hear it worked. As for the Maxis files at SC4D, they're posted on this page, and for quick reference there's also the index directory. Just remember the next step is to install the BAT which provides the mentioned functionality with exporting. It should automatically detect the presence of Gmax and install the files where needed. Do let us know if you've any further questions.
  6. I did. Now I don't thanks to you. That did the trick. Thanks a bunch. That's the one I kept getting. Thank God that is an old history. That is right. I didn't know how to go about it but all you guys and dolls helped me out and I'm out of the forest. My profound merci beaucoup to you all.
  7. The front of it is pretty much identical to "Cooley Law Stadium" (what Oldsmobile/Lugnuts Stadium is called these days) in Lansing, MI
  8. As of this post, the following packs have been updated to include night lighting: Banks Pharmacy Commercial Pack 1 Commercial Pack 2 Commercial Pack 3 Commercial Pack 4 Commercial Pack 5 Commercial Pack 6 Supermarket Pack 1 Supermarket Pack 2 Restaurant Pack 1 Restaurant Pack 2 Restaurant Pack 3 Restaurant Pack 4 Restaurant Pack 5 Restaurant Pack 6 Restaurant Pack 7 RLS Mall TA Truckstop Hotels & Motels Pack Misc Entertainment Pack Gas & Auto Pack 1* Please note that if the lot doesn't include light poles then there is no nighttime lighting for the lot. *Updated to include night lighting to lots with poles. Because of challenges, no lots further in either gas pack will receive night lighting. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New & Future Projects: Shopping Centers/Plazas: I may actually split the plazas in separate uploads simply due to the number of dependencies. Estimated date to download: As soon as I add night lighting. Likely within the next week for a couple plazas. Commercial Relots Pack 7: Various Big Box models (e.g. Walmart) from Heblem and others A relot of the forsaken Fry's by b62 as a request from multiple users Estimated date to download: TBD; Have not yet started on this project Restaurant Relots Pack 8: Gotten a few PM suggestions that I will try to put into this pack Other Suggestions welcome Civic Relots Various models from DK1's fantastic BATs a request to relot DK1's library as a request from @clubmanagersamsclub Other Suggestions welcome Car Dealership Relots Because this needs to be done.
  9. I'll pass on the meal, but will have a glass of the iced tea as it will go nicely with the sushi I'm having for lunch
  10. Love the campsites by the road. You captured that lazy summer feel nicely. Like it!!
  11. Nope, because without gMax, you can't run SC4 BAT. Without SC4BAT, you can make models, but you can't export the LODs needed to use them in game. gMax and SC4 BAT, whichever application you use to model with, are still mandatory. Just register an account, it's the easiest solution here.
  12. There is always something for you here. Tonight my wife made pad Thai, so let's have some of that, some coconut shrimp with peanut sauce, and some iced tea. A good meal for a pleasant June evening.
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  14. Medley of bridges I've built for a new city.
  15. For the foundation questions, are you modelling them as a foundation when exporting? The Bat has this option in the export rollout (it's a little radio button on the right hand side). I've never had to use custom lods if I have exported this way. For the shop-front, keeping in the spirit of phillipbos tutorial using splines, I would create five rectangle splines (start with one rectangle -> convert it to a spline, then copy that spline (not copy the rectangle) so that it is all one object) for the shopfront like the attached image. Then you create 2 new rectangles, extrude and rotate them to get back to the door. Make a note of the angle they were rotated, and then repeat the process to model your window frames and glass. Now to everyone else reading this, of course there are other ways of doing it (I can think of at least 2 to not only get there but to expand upon it). But as Simcoug mentioned the tutorial, and as I said, I am keeping my answer within the same spirit.
  16. Would it be possible to commission someone who knows what they are doing to create a building for me? Nothing fancy. 4x4 high rise. I would like it to employ 10,000 industrial jobs, mainly high tech and manufacturing, no crime or pollution if possible. I know this is cheap and a hack, but am interested in it. Please advise, MayorBCL
  17. wow, this is ... just epic!! everything i have wished for and more!!!
  18. Hi Simcoug, I've sent you a PM with links to the Maxis scales (as listed not just by a Maxis employee, but one of the lead artists) and the Maxis model that was shipped with the Bat, as well as some other handy heights, extrusion dimensions and the % scale that they used which makes batting quick and effortless for me. I don't wish to appear contrary or shrill in these forums, but it becomes a little tiring having to defend everything publicly, hence the PM.....which you can use or dismiss as you like
  19. Hello together, thanks for all the great work. I have a question/suggestion regarding "dynamic roads", where you can add lanes on demand. As far as I understand the problem, there is no way to make roads "dynamic", since the pieces must be are precalculated and prerendered. But is it possible the fake this via a lot of premade roads and an more sophisticated upgrade tool? My idea would be something like this (additional upgrade buttons with nice icons and a well designed placement): (toggle left parking) (Remove left lane) (Add left lane) (increase width) (Change median) (tooggle bus lanes) (toggle bike lanes) (toggle tram tracks) (toggle decoration) (Add right lane) (Remove right lane) (toggle right parking) you could start for example with a regular 2 lane road. if you select "add right lane" and click on a 2 lane road segment, the tool should realize that it has to upgrade the 2 lane road segment to an asym. 1+2 road. another click would upgrade it to a 1+3 road, or to a narrow 4 lane road with "add left lane". the narrow 4 lane could be upgraded to a 2+2ave ("Four-Lane Road") with "increase width" etc etc. I imagined an upgrade tree with some gaps atm and the upgrade tools would skip these gaps if intuition allows, but these gaps could be filled up with time and lots of effort, and the upgrade tools would upgrade accordingly. (Add left lane) (increase width) (Add right lane) are of course the most important ones. Is something like that possible? Have not checked out the netcode yet.
  20. You would probably want to save a local copy of the workshop asset as you assign the sub-building. The template is just a lot with a small cube as a mesh with transparency. It might be possible to remove the mesh via a mod tools script. You can assign the dummy AI via the AI changer mod, or via mod tools script. Use the in game sub-buildings stuff. You only need the SBE mod for old assets that use it.
  21. Request: 5:3 and 5:2 unbalanced avenues. Nice transitions would be a bonus.
  22. RL is still proving very difficult to get away from, but re discussions we were having have a look at this and see what you think


  23. Yes, the BAT is a framework which allows Gmax to export created models in the format SC4 requires (*.SC4Model). According to this thread, Gmax is also required even if using a combination of 3ds Max and BAT4Max. So I don't believe there is a way around not using it in some form. There are several other free 3D modelling tools such as Blender and Sketchup. They're fine for the modelling part. But to my knowledge, they all require Gmax + BAT as the underlying framework for exports, which is needed since SC4 models only use perspective renders (not fully 3D). Ah right. Maybe an ad blocker would help? My personal preference is uBlock Origin (though most should do the job).
  24. Yep, you do need Gmax in order to get the BAT working (and you will need the BAT no matter how you decide to model your creations, be it 3ds, sketchup, etc). As @Cyclone Boom explained, it's not all that difficult to get Gmax up and running. I just did it a few weeks ago.
  25. Sorry for the double post, but hopefully one of you expert modelers can offer some quick advice. Thanks to the great BAT tutorial, I have no problem working out shop fronts like the one on the left... But what is the simplest way to go about modeling a recessed doorway (with angled glass) like the one on the right. I feel like it should be a pretty easy process, but I must not be using the right tools or methods. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  26. There are many threads around here describing sim behavior. * The vehicles you see (called automata) are only notional -- they're not a precise or complete representation of the model calculations going on in the background. * Sims drive freight and commute to and from work. They do not create traffic to shop or to play or to fly or to attend school or anything else. That means your 75,000 seat football stadium can be on a residential street with no parking, and it won't create any of the traffic problems one sees at UC Berkeley on a game day. * The commute to work is timed and has a limit. The commute home need only connect -- time is irrelevant. * Freight moves to a port or neighbor connection and then vanishes. The game does not have any raw material -> refining -> manufacturing -> retail freight model whatsoever. Sims don't even eat food (only electricity), so farms, like factories, just send their products to the easiest freight sink and dump it all into the void. Only commuters appear on the far side of a connection. * Commuters that have come from another sector (city) are definitely able (and sometimes eager) to move right along to yet another. * A sim remembers only its last network entry point, so it is prone to commuting in an infinite loop, especially if you build a "short circuit" (literally) among 3 or 4 sectors touching at a corner (search for "infinite commuter"). * Sims in vanilla SC4 behave differently from sims under the NAM. * I read quite recently that if commuters have been given to a neighbor, then it is important to run that neighbor long enough to absorb or relay them, or else.
  27. I've only done some very basic exploration of 3D modelling, using Gmax, Sketchup, and Wings 3D, but have not got as far as getting a model ready to be placed on an SC4 lot. As far as I understand so far, the B.A.T. (Building Architect Tool) which is a package integrated with Gmax specialized for SC4 must be used?
  28. That's what I'm talking about. When I try to get get to the "Registration Information" tab all I get is series of adds for HOURS and never going beyond. So let's forget Gmax. What's the alternative choice? There has to be a more recent alternative to it, ain't it? Like I said in my first post, there are a couple (a few) links that don't work for the Gmax. After all, those links look rather old.
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