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      In the search to find a better Chat, we're now experimenting with Discord (invite URL https://discord.gg/9mf8uRr).  To join the official Simtropolis Discord #members-only chat room, you'll need to link your Discord account to your Simtropolis account. You can do this in Account Settings -> Discord. If you don't already have one, setting up a new account at Discord is fast, easy and free. You can also download the Discord app for your computer and mobile devices. We look forward to seeing you on!

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  2. Voting Poll

    Ok I could make one of them part of the city and one in the rural area.
  3. Desktop.. Everyone has one of these!

    Yes it is Frankfurt.
  4. Desktop.. Everyone has one of these!

    Isn't that Frankfurt in the desktop?
  5. Desktop.. Everyone has one of these!

    @MisterBlueStar4 Nice icon collection Here's how my desktop looks like on my laptop. Currently I'm figuring out, bit by bit, how gmax works (and 3d modelling in general). About the background, well the colour pallet with the deep blue's is near perfect for me and the cityscape of Frankfurt am Main looks stellar.
  6. I have to admit my interest in this is about zero. No negative feelings here, just pretty much none at all.
  7. Today
  8. Sims screaming on a corner of the city tile

    YUP! File size grew! What is the tool you mentioned CorinaMarie? Would it be easier to obliterate?
  9. World Affairs

    Terror attack in Barcelona - 12 people killed.
  10. MisterBlueStar's Realistic turning lane

    Tutorial Alright so if people are wondering how did I make my turning lane here's a tutorial on it Mods you will need: Prop and tree Anarchy Move it mod Ploppable Asphalt Network Extensions Prop line tool DeCzach's Yellow and white lines Traffic President:Manager Edition(For the end) Step 1: The first you want to do is make a 20 unit small road with turning lane Step 2: After you have built the road,create intersections at the end so it's easier to mark the end of the turning lane and create a supporting road at the end so you can mark where the yellow lines are going to transition. Step 3: After you have done all of that,cover the road with Ploppable Asphalt Step 4: Begin to draw the yellow lines first and make sure to transition the lines when you hit the middle road.Use the move it mod to copy the yellow lines and place them next to each other Step 5: After the yellow lines are done,begin with the white lines.I would recommend you to use the thin lines since they fit in with the turning lane more. Step 6: After all of that is done delete the middle road. End You are done with the turning lane.Add any decals to it as you wish.Also remember to use traffic president to prevent traffic from driving on the wrong side of the wrong.The turning lane should look like this:
  11. Why is the windshield protected?
  12. New Mexico One!

    That livery looks amazing!! (Actually anything far from the Eurowhite is something already to celebrate).
  13. Sims screaming on a corner of the city tile

    Uh oh I suspected the situation two of you suggested.....the dreaded <shudder> prop pox! I have certain Paeng (peg SAM) props (mainly the SAM rural passenger rail station) that disappear even though I keep replacing them. While I studied a little about the phenomena (wiki and a few other sources) I never ran across the north west corner sim frenzy effect. Weird programming (or rather processor) result to a serious problem. OK then....has anyone figured out a solution? I'd hate to delete all my pegprod and paeng mods as they are a very large part of certain cities in my region. I like the urban, farming, mountain settings with development spread out rather than so dense. What can a player do? Are there certain parts of the larger MTP or SAM mods one can remove without damaging the whole package? For example; could one remove the, "no side walks," mod file without destroying the whole MTP package? I've removed a lot of the individual paeng/peg grow-able buildings and never zone anything x by 5 squares. Are there any peg/paeng props considered safe? Is there anything to quarantine the pox to just one city or is the whole region in danger? Do I use god mode and nuke the city? Oh woe is me!!! And I thought the title very appropriate. Should have seen my wife's face when her preteen grand uttered W T F (letters only)! Funny thing was, she didn't know the words but knew what it meant.
  14. This is where we will discuss things about Arden County.
  15. Parallel Ports

    Is this what you had in mind? Its all I could think of from your description.
  16. TBH I've played SC4 for almost 10 years but I still have this problem in larger city mostly when its above 200k population. In my case mostly about residential, I zone them and nothing grow even for 10 game years. I've checked everything from services, demand (which is almost in top) neighbor connection, and demand cap. my current theory is about the game simulation limitation even in modern hardware as the game just run in single core. When I zone the residential it always get no road access zots (in large city) for at least 1 game year until they disappeared. This mostly happened to large tile city where it need more power to run simulation. Anyone know the real explanation behind this? I would thank you very much if this can be solved.
  17. World Affairs

    More like the Dunce of DC. The Charlatan of Columbia. And it's not for a shortage of alternatives, either.
  18. Hello all, I got a bit of a problem with my game. For some odd reason it doesn't let me load or create games at all. http://prntscr.com/g9p2c1 Is there a way to fix this?
  19. Also found out that if you have the Less Steam Mod active it might stop the game from initializing the DLC properly.. If you want to keep the mod you will have to disable it start the game make sure it has installed the DLC then turn it back on..
  20. Hm... hard to read though...
  21. Having downloaded the Census Repository, the result it displayed is astonishing. It seems that pop/ job cap is not a problem. What's wrong then?
  22. Yep, i bought it too and i can confirm that ELT mod is crashing after the update
  23. Additional Public Transit

    I can't build any metro trains after the 1.8.0-f3 update. Loading Screen Mod is hinting at an asset name mismatch. This is happening with no mods or with mods (I use extended asset editor). Is anyone else having this issue?
  24. So far the only major one is Extra Landscaping Tools Mod, the other which is minor and being fixed is Traffic Manager President Edition.. Most other mods seem to be okay at the moment..
  25. Is there nobody who have the plan for monorail systems? Stations, on 6way roads, etc...
  26. World Affairs

    Just a note of interest -- Yesterday, four top business leaders serving on a Presidential Commission decided to quit over the Charlottesville affair. Two others had previously quit. Trump then dissolved the commissions to spare himself further embarrassment. Bad publicity generated by Trump could have lateral effects -- so they simply jumped ship. It seems Wall Street is suddenly willing to admit that Trump has absolutely no positive effects on their ability to do business in this country. Tough "truth" for a man claiming credit every month for the good performance of the Stock Market -- The Wizard of Wall Street -- !!
  27. Cheats Update

    OK, here is a new version of the document that I'm compiling. There are some 'cheats'* not included in the spread sheet. I'm planning to test them within the game. The perspective is daunting since many of them are obviously meant to used by Maxis programmers and not for the lambda player. Hope this will help some people and broaden the horizon of all. Quite a few of them are real eye openers! *'cheats': This is a misnomer as most of them are useful in game playing and they are not "cheating" stricto sensu. ALL THE CHEATS OF SimCity 4 RUSH HOUR AND DELUXE-4.doc
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