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    Another keeper ! You ARE on a roll. Thanks.
    nicely done marshh
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    good project, choice of subject and decent model... nicely done 5/5
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  4. Version 1.0.0


    The fourth pack of restaurant relots are entirely based around Simgoober's models. Some restaurants were included in the packs before, but in the instance you would like a second variant of a model made by someone else I have created an additional relot. Note that each link below is a dependency if you want my relotted version of it. However, if you only want one of my relots just simply delete the other attached files from the download folder. If you would like to clear up space in both your landmark menu in game and in your plugin files, you can delete the original lot file. However, for an odd reason that I don't know how to work around you will need to keep the 2x3 original lot version of Buffalo Grill and the 3x3 original lot version of Cracker Barrel. Some restaurants will need to be plopped using lotplop to access them. Unlike the packs before, these relots will only require a few downloads: Simgoober Restaurant Models Simgoober Red Robin Restaurant Simgoober O'Charleys Restaurant and these two lot files found here: CS$$3 2x3 original lot version of Buffalo Grill CS$$2 3x3 original lot version of Cracker Barrel Other Dependencies: BSC MEGA Props SG Vol 1 BSC MegaProps CP Vol. 1 BSC Texture Pack Cycledogg Vol. 1 VIP Carpack vol1 SuperSHK MEGA Parking Textures 1.0.1 SHK Parking Pack The last thing is that for some of the signs (Perkins, Red Lobster and Outback Steakhouse) you will need to have the prop models and descriptions found in the original lot download.
    thank you for another amazing contribution to SC4 with not just a new building but also a complex of buildings and a choice of nightlighting too
    Great job again! We had Fordism, Toyotism and Taylorism in the past, tell us your secrets to Diegodelllanism
  5. Hey guys your comments are Hilarious, XD, I'm sure not a Robot or I don't use drugs, But the truth is that I many of my models are ready since long time ago, I took a rest in 2016, but in this time I modeled many things, but they are finishing, So new models will take their time to be uploaded. Thanks for your comments, enjoy.
  6. challenge upload

    I will surely give it a try because my city has a Swedish name so I was looking for some Swedish brands. Still waiting for someone to create MAX restaurant or maybe an ICA MAXI
  7. Can you do that please? I am using NAM's sam parking texture as parking lots and I was looking for some variety. Besides, I don't like that cars can pass through other cars in sam's parking lots
  8. Thanks for sharing - WOW I loved
    Diego Del Llano has become a hyper-productive, hyper-quality, artistic machine churning out an entire revolution of SC4 models that Maxis and EA could only reasonably bow in unworthiness before the throne of greatness.
    Yet another fantastic building. The amount of high quality models that you continue to put out is unreal. I am now truly convinced you're a magical BATing robot.
  9. It's seven o'clock, just doing my usual early morning inspection on Simtropolis ...and now I spilled my coffee.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Denver Place is an office complex in Denver, Colorado, comprising the North and South Towers, Terraces and the Granite Tower. It is Colorado's largest commercial office property. Denver Place South Tower is the tallest building of the complex. It is 416 feet (127 m) tall, has 34 floors, and was completed in 1981. The Denver Place complex is located in the downtown area of Denver, Colorado and mostly consists of four high-rise buildings spanning two city blocks. The Denver Place North and South Towers take up the southeastern block. They were developed in 1981 by Devco Property Inc. from design by Marvin E. Knedler & Assoc. Architects, P.C. The South Tower is the tallest, reaching 416 feet (127 m) with 34 floors, while the North Tower is 285 feet (87 m) tall with 23 floors. The two towers are elongated hexagons made of silver grey aluminum panels contrasted by dark grey reflective glass. They sit diagonally from one another, connected by a six story terraced building. At street level is a retail mall. The building has won many awards including the 2005 Denver Metro Building Owners And Managers Association Building of the Year Award in the Earth Award category and the Gold LEED-EB Label for its green design. The northwestern block holds the Granite Tower (Denver), built in 1983. Formerly known as the Plaza Tower, this skyscraper stands at 398 feet (121 m) tall with 31 floors. At the north end of this block is the Ritz-Carlton Denver, the city's first and only Ritz Carlton, formerly an Embassy Suites Hotel. The building is 390 feet (120 m) tall and has 38 floors. Both the Granite Tower and the Ritz-Carlton parts of Denver Place were sold. Granite Properties paid $161 million for the Denver Place Plaza Tower at 1099 18th St., which includes the Embassy Suites Hotel, The Apartments at Denver Place and the Athletic Club at Denver Place. However, it simultaneously spun off the hotel, the luxury apartments and the health club to BWAB Real Estate Ventures. This file Includes: Functional Landmark with 4,500 CS$$$ Jobs To install: Unzip the folder inside and dragg it on C:\Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Plugins
  11. Last week
    Very nice detail once again. Thanks!!
    I can tell @Ceafus 88, that this was one of your earlier works. Hopefully we can see a nice newer verson ofthis sometime in the future.
  12. Papa bless ∨∧
    Good work! These lots are uncluttered, adding a bit more parking and upgrade of the textures and vehicles. The Tractor Supply is a growable that can be accessed using LotPlop. The dependencies are standard for much of the user content on the STEX.
    You are making this game very interesting and fun again. Thank you!!
  13. The old puzzle pieces are actually still there, albeit the puzzle-based height transitions have been under a separate option (unchecked by default) since NAM 33 (Additional Features and Customizations > Real Highway Options (click the "+" to expand) > Legacy Deprecated Height Transitions). There will always be some way to access them for those who absolutely have to have them, but we are focusing on draggable and FLEX items from here on out, and there are no plans to add any new features in conventional puzzle piece form. The reason we started making the old puzzle pieces harder to reach is because ready access to both the old and new systems created substantial user confusion in the NAM 31/32 era. The main reason we no longer see conventional puzzle pieces as viable for future development is because we began to get a lot of combination complaint/requests awhile back. People thought there were too many puzzle pieces to navigate, but at the same time, they had a pretty substantial wishlist of things they wanted to see added to the NAM. Unless we found an alternate solution, that meant even more puzzle pieces, which was the exact opposite of what was desired. FLEX pieces--which are plopped like puzzle pieces, but can be overridden by multiple networks (similar to the FLEXFly system, first added to NAM 28/RHW 4.0 in 2010)--ended up being the solution that allowed us to add features while reducing puzzle proliferation. Each FLEX item has a "base" configuration, but plugging another override network into one of the ends of a FLEX item can transform it to match that override network (see my early demo on the height transitions here). The result of that with the height transitions is that we've been able to use just 4 FLEX pieces to cover the same functionality that would require somewhere around 60 conventional puzzle pieces. In the near future, it's also going to allow us to finally offer full plop interchanges for the RHW. -Tarkus
  14. I'll collect all this stuff and follow your instructions and edit this comment if any problems.
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