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  1. Yesterday
    Good work! More variety is key when it comes to water towers. Virtually every town in my neck of the woods has one, and even some small towns have more than one.
    Neato! If only I had picked this up before that ice storm.
  2. I like the idea of a positive and friendly version of the business deals. It will add some extra variety in gameplay. To be honest, however, I believe it has some excellent potential to be improved and be even better. Remember that these are just my ideas, so feel free to reject them if you wish If you feel that you could have made the deals more realistic and kept a bit more of the negative effects, do it. If nothing can stop you from updating your mod, just do it. This is one of the best things about modding, the ability of fixing, improving, updating and upgrading the mods. If you wish to make some changes, go back to your workshop and take your time. If you need some help, we're all here for you Another thing, and probably the most important (at least for me), is the lots themselves. A great reloting is highly recommended, because right now they don't look as friendly as they should. This might require some BATting skills, allowing you to make your very own versions of the buildings. But because I don't know if you can make actually BATs, I believe that you can use your lotting skills to change them, like adding various props to cover the original buildings. Here are some ideas: The Eco-Friendly Waste Dump still looks like the last thing you want to build in your city. My suggestion is a high-tech, warehouse-like recycling center, that stores and modifies the toxic waste into Eco-friendly and useful materials. The Humanitarian Army Base still looks a bit too militaristic. My suggestion is something like an Aid Camp, that can provide some healthcare bonus for the poor Sims as well. The Particle Testing Range looks more like an abandoned missile silo. How about a high-tech facility, with radio dishes and advance laboratories? Something like the Particle Cannon from Generals. Finally, the Social Rehabilitation Center still looks like a terrifying jail. If you can/wish, try to replace it with something that will actually look like a rehabilitation center, like a hospital with a beautiful park in front of it. All the above are just my 2 cents. If you have something much better in your mind, go for it
  3. I hope next version of CAM will fix everything soon.
  4. Last week
    thank you always thought some of these deals should have been more positive as to demand and mayor ratings
    I believe this is one of the best ever building lot created on STEX!
  5. Africa

    Version 1.0.0


    Map of Africa. Zip contains greyscale, SC4M and config file. All large cities.. Lots of them.
  6. This looks great , definatly for me while im having trouble with the CAM. I have a question tho ..Does the IR fix from CAM2.0 let you use CAM and IR at the same time now?
  7. yeah I was going to mention the 'cheat' aspect, and they do border on what we'd call a 'cheat', but as well these buildings represent what a city might invest in for a positive social and financial benefit. I suppose I could have made the deals more realistic by requiring a very expensive construction cost and kept a bit more of the negative effects. Using one or two of them may help keep the budget in balance without overdoing the 'cheating'. These buildings didn't seem to be realistic in the severity of negative impact on mayor rating preventing other rewards from appearing normally, which is the most important thing I modified. But yeah, strictly, its a cheat mod.
  8. Nice idea, but don't these edits work like small cheats?
    Fantastic! Made me laugh when I saw this, I love it.
  9. You do realise this is a dependency, right? The models included will only show if you install either a mod or lot that uses them, such as the mentioned T21 mods in the description.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    These Business Deals have been modified from the originals and appear in the reward menu at the start of the game. The negative mayor rating effect has been reversed to a positive effect, the amount of income increased and positive landmark and park effects and jobs added. The impacts of pollution and radiation have been radically reduced or completely removed. These rewards may now be used safely to add income to your budget. Each deal/reward has a color-coded menu icon and is separate from the original which will still appear as usual according to the game. Eco-Friendly Toxic Waste Dump Business deal income: 450. Very minimal pollution, no radiation. Slight landmark and park effect. Creates same job demand as Advanced Research Center. Water consumed: 200. Mayor rating effect based on Mayor's Statue. Humanitarian Army Base Business deal income: 850. Slight pollution, no radiation. Moderate landmark and park effect. Same job demand as for Army Base. Power and water consumed: 200. Mayor rating effect based on Mayor's Statue. Particle Testing Range Business deal income: 650. Minimal pollution, very slight radiation. Slight landmark and park effect. No missile launches. Creates same job demand as Advanced Research Center. Power consumed: 100. Mayor rating effect based on Mayor's Statue. Social Rehabilitation Center Business deal income: 950, Slight pollution, no radiation. Moderate landmark and park effect. Same job demand as for the Prison deal. Power and water consumed: 200. Mayor rating effect based on Mayor's Statue.
    Another awesome addition!
    Excellent model of one of the new ultra pricey condos in NYC!
    I'm going to give you a 5 stars for I'm sure this took a huge amount of work and it's well done, however, it's a pity you couldn't actually connect the Valdéz peninsula to the the continent, I live in Argentina and I'm sure that sort of land must be a b***h to make, once again, well done!
  11. South America

    Version 1.0.0


    Map of South America. Zip contains grayscale, SC4M and config file. All large cities.. Lots of them.
  12. where is it? cant find it
    I like it!
    Right on! Totally material!!!
  13. Great work as always
  14. SM2 Water Towers

    Version 1.0.0


    SM2 Water Tower. 2 lots with fully functional water towers. 2X3 Water Tower with pipe connection to SM2 Aqueduct. (Water output = 39700) 2X2 Water Tower (Water output = 26500) Just connect them with your city's underground water pipes! Enjoy Simmer2 PS. No dependencies!
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