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  1. Today
    Another great building
    the high score is for choice of subject, the project model, and color... it is to be noted... progress is being had... to really get a handle on lighting is to read Jasoncw's writings on batting... it may be of help... 5/5, nicely done
    lighting work looks better... the texture work looks heavy though... the windows are deceptively too narrow... BUT based on pics teh lighting is better... 4/5, nicely done
  2. WAY too expensive. Otherwise great.
  3. challenge upload

    I'm finally getting back to this lot, and now starting to make at least 3 different variations taking from ideas presented here. Not sure if the lot can be made 2x2 and still work as the same growable, but if there's a tweak I need to make, please let me know as I would like to add some ground area to the lot. I don't have an SC4Desc file for it, but I'm now re-lotting this re-lot, so yes, some parking and a gas station added will go into 1 of a few new variations, Thanks for the input. It will be a 2x2, if I can get 2x2 working the same as a growable. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to the more advanced content creators above for suggestions. Whatever I come up with, as mentioned, I have to keep in mind how often this lot shows up and find a way to make that repetitiveness look good in-game --It does work as a blvd with the overdose of big trees, but that's all so far.
  4. Yesterday
  5. uggh, i'm confused. I installed this because I want a bus stop on road but I can't find the tile on the menu bar. Does it appear in form of ploppable "bus stop" (but can be done in top of road) or "road tiles with bus stop"?
    I just love your Park Here Garage (red brick) my second fav is the Park Place Garage (Dark Blue Stone). They work great, I just find a hole and plop a Garage, they work extremely well when used with any transport station, Like Train, Subway, Bus, it really increases the use of mas transit and lowers the number of cars on the street or road. Thank for a great parking set!
    Please add links to the Dependency's, I spent a hour or more can can't find 2 of them, dependencies (Files Required for proper functioning and avoiding brown-boxes): BSC MEGA Props - D66 Vol02.dat (NOT included) BSC MEGA Props - swi21 Vol01.dat (NOT included) BSC MEGA Props - swi21 Vol02.dat (NOT included)
    Never ever call them generic! F. e. 'Crater & Ritz' - only ignorants can call this old, well-established company generic. The grandfather of Johannes Ritz was an original pilgrim father, known for his later confession, that the Mayflower never existed and they came with a rocket from the dark side of the moon to land in America. What I really like about: those really grow. Some custom content you have to wait 3000 years until a single exemplar grows somewhere in your (meanwhile grown) mega-city. But those grow quite early in the game and so you'll have a benefit from the start.
    thank you for another piece of this complex nice model and I like the plop with jobs
    What a shame - for 5 years I keep them like a treasury in my plugin folder and I forgot to rate! Please never change! I love them as they are. They are perfect as they are. The reasonable lot size, the bat's dimensions and proportions, how they spice up the maxis world when you've got tired of their buildings. They are classics.
    thank you for this addition to a very small collection of African buildings the model looks great and the background story is very interesting
    That incredible tool has already saved hours of works for me ... and open new horizons : INDISPENSABLE ! Thank you so much .
    Give me your magic wand !
    WOW! Thank you for all of these wonderful additions! Seriously, your work is amazing! THANK YOU AGAIN
    Man, you're on fire !!!
  6. Looks very nice , but like said above "I don't rate content by pictures " and I too will get back after I get it in game . You have been giving us quality stuff and I thank you for your dedication to bring us new content . Keep up the good work . I just noticed Trixie emoticons , it must be that time of year again .
  7. Last week
    As an SC4 building we get earthy tone that blends with the usual terrains and flora we use, and in designing a night skyline, the appearance as if the building is glass curtain-walled in solid lines of lit floors is useful, even if not entirely accurate. A very solid looking construction. Not only do we now get an official 'DiegoDL' signature and folder for the plugins, we get an interesting new theme for city design. Thank-you.
    What an ugly building. I love it! Thanks for sharing. I do agree with korver about the nightlights, though; they are just a little too uniform, but it's still a great BAT.
    Nice work Although, IMO the night lights look a little too uniform based off of a couple of pics I saw. I also wouldn't mind seeing a version with "Transnet" + the logo on there, either (but that might be personal preference though)
  8. I love your New York and Chicago buildings! If I may, I have 2 ideas for you, the fred f french building (new york) and IBM building (chicago)
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