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  1. Today
  2. Car Ferry Terminal

    Although I would have preferred it if the two TE tie-ins were for avenue instead of road (because that particular detail never made any sense to me), it's an excellent addition to the game nonetheless. Thanks for the work, and for sharing it with us. Lovely!
  3. SMP Cuban Ministry of the Interior

    horrible regime, excellent BAT
  4. Yesterday
  5. AON Center

    Thanks for sharing !!
  6. Willis Tower

    Awesome! Please make 40 Wall Street! Pleaaaassseeee lmao
  7. Festival of Britain Set (Maxis Night)

    Marvelous work on the textures - I believe it isn't easy to make such big and prosaic structures not looking plain in SC4 but this looks very impressive in game.
  8. Saint George Hospital

    Fills perfectly the gap between the small clinic and the big hospital.
  9. Last week
  10. Maxis Tree HD Replacement Mod

    Our Sayonara tree mod was quicker to install but certainly less sexy than this one... And kudos for the 100th !
  11. DOT Printing

    Another fantastic upload! In case anyone wonders about the second night picture, that shows the Maxis night BAT in DarkNite - this will look odd, of course. If you use the Maxis night version with Maxis night, it will fit right in - no worries. Could you tell us what kind of jobs this factory provides? Manufacturing or hightech? I suppose it's manufacturing, but the building would also lend itself to a role as hightech facility. Some thoughts about the lot: I like the clean and simple approach, that's pretty realistic IMO. The spacious feel is a nice contrast to many Maxis lots that often look cluttered and cramped. I might have chosen a lighter asphalt texture, hoping that this will help to blend the building into its surroundings, but that's pretty much it. The wide setback from the road is a nice change of pace, by the way! Who knows, one day we might see this building again, IRM-ified... Thank you for sharing this little industry gem with us!
  12. BSP Film Exchange Building

    This is in my plugin folder since 2010 and I never put it aside or sorted it out. It became a very dear companion in all my major tales and city planning adventures. I simply forgot to rate. Sorry for that.
  13. Moscow RED DarkNite version

    One of the best high rise residentials on the STEX. Ideal for the higher CAM stages.
  14. Town Hall - Leszno, Poland

    This is a perfect Town hall for smaller towns and I like the the details and fresh but not too intense textures. A very lovely building giving many relotting posibilities. Thank you for sharing.
  15. Hotel Little Asia

    There aren't that many midrise residentials, also on smaller lot sizes still easy to grow. So this is very wellcome.
  16. Little Asia Condo's

    Good residential skyscraper.
  17. Worthington Apartments

    A masterpiece. These kind of buildings are the reason why SC4 is still popular. You made this game looking so good.
  18. NYBT 915 West End Avenue

    Fine details + great textures = outstanding bat.
  19. RRetail Civic Relots

    I know some things aren't for everybody so I'm perfectly fine by that. Glad to hear you enjoy these though!
  20. Maxis Tree HD Replacement Mod

    Congratulations on your 100th upload where you've maintained an impressive level of quality throughout, hats of for that!
  21. The Posthouse

    thank you for this excellent little building nice to have variation in color and function too
  22. Old Time Power Plants - jestarr Boilerhouses

    These are great , 5/5 . Thanks for sharing .
  23. Town gate

    Me too.
  24. MGB - Diagonal Filler Set

    Really useful! I use this now! Thank you!
  25. Bionic Fusion Power Plant

    thank you somehow I missed this years ago very imaginative use of LE and some great props
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