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  1. Today
  2. Ok I think I'm finally done, phew! I was hoping to hit a hundred but I'm afraid I'll be a little bit short. I've spend the entire weekend and then some going through development threads & CJ's, any more and I'll burn myself out completely lol. I've still managed to get up to about 80 or so nominations for about 50 different members :DJust image loading was so painfully slow, it's the wait times that are the real killer. Anyhow time to put these puppies in.

  3. Google, I am not in the mood for your mind tricks..

    1. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      I knew you weren't really working at NASA.

  4. Last week
  5. I just wanted to say thanks for all the buildings you been uploading. Really not often are people uploading cool skyscrapers/buildings any more. There are so many buildings I would like to see done but no one has done it. Maybe you will someday. For example I look at future tallest buildings of the world, like China, USA, all over. I am dying to have someone do the Shanghai Tower, current tallest in that city, and 432 Park Avenue in New York. I love the buildings you have done, and I, as sure all those who play sim city 4 are grateful for your work. Keep it coming!

  6. New True Earth update - Southeast Asia. You can check it out here:

  7. So ready to go super OCD updating screenshots and READMEs for all of my older files. Bring it on!

    1. T Wrecks

      T Wrecks

      I envy that kind of energy. :O

      Meanwhile, I'm just sitting here shoving around some props and not being able to focus on anything. Meh. :meh:

  8. Two weeks left to nominate content for a Trixie award!
    Nominate content from either 2015 or 2016 :D

  9. Earlier
  10. rDbtt50.jpg

    Messed up with Sketchup and its Maxwell rendering plugin, and got this. The model was made semi-automagically by my sister; I'll eventually manage to bring her to the dark side and to give some BATs to the community, but is not an easy person to convince :/ 


  11. Welcome to the 3,000 club! *:party:

    1. JP Schriefer

      JP Schriefer

      Thank you :)

  12. Hi! I love your Regional Airport and have used it in the past. Recently re-installed SC4 and downloaded it + all the dependencies but i'm running into a small problem.

    The roads that connect to the parking garage are invisible, as are the roads behind the bus lot leading into the airport from the cargo side.

    Help appreciated. 

  13. Spring Break is halfway over, then its back to the BAT!

  14. I never made any BATs...

    (the BATs made me)

  15. Twitch is airing all the original power rangers episodes right now. Comments section is the best. https://www.twitch.tv/twitchpresents

  16. So here's an interesting video. The city of Los Angeles hired a guy who worked in videogames as a 'Chief Technology Officer'... he worked for EA and says that "working for the city of LA is kinda like the ultimate version of SimCity", in the video there's even RL data overlays for traffic! :ooh:

    1. matias93


      Sounds a bit terrorific, at least Moses-ianic on the potential implications. In any case, it depends on how much power this guy manages to harness: be could be as much as a modem Hausmann as he can be like our figurehead 'Water Czar' (yes, that was a designated public office in Chile some years ago)

    2. Edvarz


      A Robert Moses with the power of digital technology... that's indeed an unsettling idea. Let's hope this guy is more of a Lewis Mumford type (let's hope...). In any case, i don't think that position holds that much political power. And budgetary constrains surely will limit the scope of any large scale projects for the city, more so now, with the federal government threatening to cut funding.

  17. Spring Break!!

  18. New True Earth update - Moscow. You can check it out here:



  19. If no one can help → no project → no upload. I get fed up with this.


  20. I wonder how many times the grenade in my avatar have exploded :rofl:

  21. 999674545+cheese.

    1. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      And a large soda.

    2. airman15


      Catalina? Is that you again?

  22. I guess the SC4 BAT threads are dead...

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    2. Ceafus 88

      Ceafus 88

      And I'm not/wasn't trying to come off as arrogant or pushy, so I formally apologize to any one who I may have come off like that too! It wasn't my intentions.

    3. rsc204


      That's not what I got from your posts. I think it's a legitimate and genuine concern. Many people prefer the like system, because it's a quick and easy way to say you "like" something. But the real question is, does that make people less likely to make a comment, because the like button is just easier? Or are those inclined to leave a proper comment simply those who are no longer around?

      Would I banish the like button from ST?, no. But would I care one bit if it was gone tomorrow?, also no. Which considering how many likes I get, must make me sound like an awfully ungrateful person. Sure I get what they are for, but I dunno, a small comment which shows the poster paid attention to my work means a lot more to me.

    4. Ceafus 88

      Ceafus 88

      I agree there as well. I love the ability to push a like button if you can save typing a one word "Agree" post, yet when it comes to the nitty gritty, forum posts help provide clarity, understanding, and usefulness to a thread. I enjoyed reading the old City Journals, people would literally have role plays, back and forth conversation, suggestions, all sorts of fun things. I am not saying that is all gone, but the percentage of that (even in the new games like Cities: skylines) has gone down tremendously. This can be said for other forums and other games, the percent of people willing to participate in a forum just isn't the same as it used to be in the early 2000's-2010's. It has me worried forums themselves with be nothing but a result of the passing of time soon. Just another memory to tell others about, when the forums go dead and they aren't worth keeping online, everything in them disappears from the internet and forums are gone. I know I am insane, and that is a far fetched long way into the future, but I just feel like so much more can be contributed with these. I am sorry I went a ramble. :P

  23. I'm thinking about renaming my profile. "Terring" has been following me since 2004 (that's before my registration in Simtropolis) and I think I have a more cool name in my head.

    1. Fantozzi


      To me the avatar 'Terring' is connected only with good deeds. To me this would be similar to the question: why change your pillow if you sleep well on it?

  24. New True Earth update - a retrospective on my favorite pictures of 2016. You can check it out here:


  25. I need to ponder more about SC4 relots again. Been playing too much of this obscure game called "Cities:Skylines", not sure if anybody heard about it... *:D

    In all seriousness now, C:S is a great game. I do miss many of the quirks about SC4 tho, so you'll probably see me lurking in both subforums from now on *;)

  26. Is it over yet?

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