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  1. Yesterday
  2. What does Simtropolis



    & feel


    1. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      A 13 day old banana that's been run over by a 13,43 tonne three axle truck at 56 kph in the midst of september during a light drizzle.

  3. More Micro Machines for my collection. I's seriously thinking about making a topic about Micro Machines, so everybody can share her/his collections and experiences with them.

    1. T Wrecks

      T Wrecks

      I didn't even know these were collectibles, but then again, obviously anything that can be collected will be collected by some. The advantage is certainly that they don't take up that much space!

      I only used to play with Micro Machines as a boy, but I don't collect them. Some may be left in a cardboard box in the attic of my parents' house.

  4. Last week
  5. did u get my message?

    1. MushyMushy


      Yeah, just took a minute to throw together a screenshot thing, sent a reply now.

  6. As Michael did,i would like to thank you for the awesome 1 year of True Earth!

    1. korver


      Thanks @Abrams124, I always appreciate your support *:thumb:

  7. Missed it by 10 days, but it's been a year (or just over :P) since @korver has been stunning us all with his truly global scenes.


    On behalf of the entire community - thank you for your awe-inspiring contributions to this site!

    1. korver


      Thanks for the kind words and for the continued support of my work @_Michael *:)

      Hope to get a couple of big updates out here soon *;)

  8. What's the difference between Amy Schumer...

     ...and Jerry Seinfeld?


    Absolutely nothing.

  9. Phew, finally got around to uploading the IRM W2W versions of all three NYBT ABBT Manhattanville industry packs! Quite the irony that those buildings that required the fewest adaptations are among the last uploads for the IRM W2W. Glad I got it over with, and I hope some of you will enjoy!

  10. Hello bipin

    it's been almost a year since I asked you about dependencies.

    so I just want to check did you find or not

    I know it is annoying but I'm still dying to use it *:no: REEAARRLLY want to use it!

    hope to hear good news from you


  11. Earlier
  12. Quote

    Checkmate, atheists.

    - Bipin, 2017


  13. Listening some Frank Klepacki while eating Easter tsoureki: Priceless!

  14. Still loitering from time to time :D.......

  15. A life with only pleasure is a life without boredom.

    A life with only pleasure is a life without boredom.

    A life with only pleasure is a life without boredom.

    A life with only pleasure is a life without boredom.

    A life with only pleasure is a life without boredom.

    A life with only pleasure is a life without boredom.

    A life with only pleasure is a life without boredom.

    A life with only pleasure is a life of boredom.

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    2. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      I cn rid jst fine bru bt i dnt hav time 4 dis smh

    3. Bipin


      ain't got no time fo' dat?! As the leader of the free world would say... "SAD!!" (I only jest);)

    4. Fantozzi


      A life with only boredom is boredom. A life with only pleasure is boredom. A life with only suffering is boredom. TV yesterday was boredom. Dinner too. Sex is boredom. Books ... so terrible boredom. Reasoning too. Going to a party standing with a glass of champagne in a crowd of intellectuals and talking about the last Lars van Trier movie ... so absolutely out of question boredom. Going fishing ... boredom. Take a walk in the park ... boredom. Finding your hairdressers chitchat interesting ... a shure sing your name is boredom.

      Life is boredom.

      So go and bat some emergency rescue whistles.

  16. Please reply to my post like you promised

  17. '  Its  


    subtle nuances

    that I find to be the



    (Not that you'd know. You would'nt get it).  '



  18. Hmm... did the font change in some areas?

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    2. airman15


      I noticed there is a different font around, I don't remember changing anything. At least it isn't defaulting to Comic Sans or Papyrus!

    3. madhatter106


      I saw this as well.  I posted in the ST bugs forum about it. I thought I might have pressed a button or flipped a switch here on  my end.  Glad to realize that I'm not the only one who noticed this...

    4. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      After looking into this some more, I've confirmed the extent of the issue.

      Please see my post here for more info:


  19. I wish I could play Stellaris. That game looks epic!

    1. JP Schriefer

      JP Schriefer

      I took a look and it looks really cool indeed, but it's too expensive here. Maybe wait for the Steam Summer Sale is a good option, at least for me *:P

  20. "                I am



    in the most


    way.     "


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    2. Fantozzi


      Have a nice time.

    3. T Wrecks

      T Wrecks

      Enjoy your vacations - you certainly deserve them, you BAT machine! ;)

    4. airman15


      Have fun! I am still in love with the Renaissance Tower and now I will have time to think of where to put it in a new region I am starting!

  22. Happy Resurrection Day everyone!


    He is Risen!

    1. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      Resurrection day over! Now he's dead again.

  23. The 6th season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic came in Greece now.

  24. your




    highly predictable.

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    2. Bipin


      Those are some great observations @RandyE. What you're essentially saying is that we must control for all variables, and at that grand of a scale, physical dimensions (if we consider time a tangible one as well - I certainly would) become fluctuate to an extent that warrants control. I think this can be ascertained by the simple fact that as we increase our scales from the very tiny things, to the very large, or very fast things, time becomes ever-more accessible to our haptic sense when we near the speed of light: The line between time becoming a distance through space to circumvent, and circumventing traditional length, depth or width is ever blurred. It's not like theere's some red line in the sand, so to speak. Those never exist. ;) It's a continuum, and the existence of every particle falls somewhere along that continuum. Therefore, time must be controlled for in the same sense that I exert a minute gravitational pull on you, sitting at your computer. Imperceptible at our present scale, but not so with others.

      tl;dr, I once made a joke about a f/0.0 lens (which only another photographer would get) :P but it got me thinking... What if we could take an instantaneous exposure of the universe? What could we discern from this most objective of wholes? Moreover, it brings me back to that notion of blurring the lines between time and space: What makes for an instantaneous exposure? In this case, I would argue a timeframe which lasts longer than it takes for light to navigate the planck length. But of course, that is impossible without faster-than-light technology (FTL), because that would necessitate the shutter being less than the planck length, and therefore, the image sensor being just as small. Impossible. So then I guess the only resolution is to wait for FTL shutters, but I don't think Sonyfujinon-canikon is innovating that any time soon. ;) Canon can hardly innovate past their 5DMk5 or whatever we're on now...

    3. OcramsRzr


      It has been postulated that human beings are the only things with free will. We can exert our will on other things and approximate free will in simulations.

    4. RandyE


      f/0.0 lens ?  Is that the same as forgetting to take the lens cap off?  *:lol:

      It seems determinism is always an idea that can defeat free-will simply by asserting that whatever argument opposes it may also have been determined.  Its an infinite recursive argument. 

      So as twisted and convoluted, circular or linear, or hyper-cubical, as we may perceive time, the standard physics idea of an absolute origin of the universe is where all time would be a singular instance at some kind of location --such an instant/location would precede any motion, speed or mass of any matter in space.   That's where research must, and yet is, seemingly ultimately focusing on.  

      What happens if we fire a photon (if we could) through the little pinhole at the absolute origin of the universe?

  25. Hiring

    (unpaid interns)

    to help take over





  26. I'm going to need deer proof stairs  :yes:



  27. Buenos trabajos ! te felicito compañero ! :)

  28. I'm stuck on version 1.1.610.0 :/

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    2. TacticalTails
    3. Tarkus


      I'm sorry to hear that.  As someone researching the re-emergence of the Origin issues, and trying to force them to (again) fix it, do you know by chance when you bought the game from them, and whether or not it had previously been 1.1.641?

    4. TacticalTails


      didn't heard of 1.1.641, but the game did update to 1.1.638.0 then it just randomly updated again. I was thinking they added a new patch but i was wrong


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