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      Urgent Request: Simtropolis Needs Donations To Keep Going   12/05/2016

      Hi Community As Simtropolis turns 14 years old this year, we're asking your help now more than ever to help us keep the site and everything you love about our Community and STEX up and running. A donation goes a long way to help us offset the costs of keeping the site up and operational. As you know, we're a completely community-driven not-for-profit website, but we do have to deal with some modest real-world expenses from month to month. Lately, we've been feeling a big pinch with a slump in donations, and we're hoping to drive that up so we can continue to keep the site running. In return for your donation, we're offering several STEX Collection Discs which you can learn more about here, if you wish to receive one. We would really appreciate your support by way of a donation of any amount in order to keep the site up and running. Of course, as always, we'll send you a gift with a minimum donation as a Thank You. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to PM me!  Donate Any Amount Here To Receive a STEX Disc(s) Donate a Specific Amount Here Sincerely; Dirktator & The Admins PS. Thank you to those who have stepped up and donated -- we really appreciate it!

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  1. Last week
  2. New editorial at SimTarkus - Preserving Content and Community

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    2. Haljackey


      A great read. I'd suggest creating a feature on the home page for this.

    3. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      Following previous discussions, I couldn't agree more with these sentiments. Careful thought is required, and many implications need to be considered. But at the same time, although further conversation and planning is necessary, we cannot afford to deliberate this indefinitely. Measured action is a necessary step, and what happens now will indeed shape the future of the SC4 community in the coming years.

      I for one, as previously affirmed, will be looking forward to working with you (alongside my colleagues and other parties), to enact a positive step in the right direction.

    4. CorinaMarie


      I just happened to stumble across this cause it was in the recent status update sidebar. Your dissertation is well reasoned and I am in total agreement the project must move forward. The whole idea of putting out content for others for free and then reserving the right to yank the rug out from under everyone at a later date seems plain silly. IMO it should never have been the accepted practice. But, there's no need to dwell on what I feel should have been. We have to work with how things are right now.

      From the beginning of my membership here I have always advocated for peeps to use my content however they like. If any of my tutorials or reference threads were deemed worthy to be hosted elsewhere then my permission to do so is pre-granted. All I've asked is that it is not plagiarized by giving me credit for its original creation. I feel we need to get to that point with all the existing custom content for the game.

      Perhaps your editorial needs to be a featured thread here on ST so others can comment.

  3. Can someone please send me a link to the Maxis renewal packs... Cant find them anywhere but know they are here somewhere! =/ ...

    1. AprilAero


      I am not sure what you are referring too, maybe @CorinaMarie can help. 

    2. CorinaMarie


      I'm not sure what is meant by renewal packs, but the full collection of Maxis addon content can be found on Screwpile Developments site. Is that what you are looking for? If not, can you post a link to anything that mentioned renewal packs and maybe we can track it down from the context of the post it's mentioned in.

  4. Rest in peace, friend. :(

  5. I saw in the interchanges thread that you are looking for more efficient way to plant trees. I may have something that helps:


    This mod lets you use the God Mode brush for large amounts of trees in a area, just like you can before you start a city. As long as your tree controller or whatever uses the trees you actually want to plant, it works wonders for me, and it might for you too!


    Beautiful interchange by the way!


  6. at 6.87GB I think it's time for some plugin trimming...

  7. Happy 14th birthday, SimCity 4!

    1. raynev1


      Wow , 14 years . My how time flies when you are having fun .

  8. NEED HELP WITH SCILT. messed my game up. 

    1. rsc204


      Could it be the one you downloaded comes with a sidewalk mod? Is it the change of the sidewalks you do not like?

      In any case, my advise would be to start a thread in the SC4 Bugs & Technical Issues section. Where you are more likely to have your question seen by others who can assist you.

    2. HORSEY


      Ive been trying to get the perfect blemd with queens cobble hd but think i already attached blooklyn brick to a sidewalk mod. Really unsure. 


      But then i updated the parks and maxis ones afterwards aswel 

  9. I was watching a movie last night "Lost In The Pacific 2016" and the proto-type plane they were flying in would be great in game. Most of the SC4 sites I've visited are really empty recently, I noticed you have recently posted air craft props and was curious if you might have anything similar in your postings or maybe willing to create sometime for the game? I've included several screen shots of the plane. I don't know how to make CC for the game and at 55 too old to start learning.










    1. airman15


      While I haven't seen the movie, I do know of a file already made that is almost bang-on with this design. The aircraft in these photos look like a concept Airbus created which has the same tail, wings, and engines. The only minor difference is the window pattern on the top.

      The file was made by Srainy and can be found here. This one is a moving prop and when you have an airfield nearby it will appear to take off and land as well as fly overhead.

      I also had a Boeing Sonic Cruiser in the works but have had some difficulty getting it to appear in-game. That has been in limbo for a while and there's no telling when that will be released.

  10. Earlier
  11. Well that's the last of my Halloween candy. Bye bye 'Coffin Crisp'.

    1. Mewds45


      You kept your candy until January!?!??

    2. metarvo


      You must ration it out more than I do.  I do good to make mine last until American Thanksgiving.  :D

  12. One year ago today, David Bowie himself left this earth. I understand him. There are probably way cooler places.

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    2. airman15


      Please don't! I would be sad and bored and the heavenly hard rock/metal groups won't be complete!

    3. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      Don't worry, I'm not committing suicide just yet. I have too many friends and too bright of a future for that right now. :)

    4. raynev1


            Yeah , don't go off and do something ... I really like seeing you around here on simtropolis . Hold your head up and be proud of who you are . That's what I do . If someone doesn't like the way I am , then go hang with someone else .I don't need others to bring me down . I only have a small number of friends . And they help me keep it together . When life gets tough then we have to get tougher with it , and keep trucking through with it . 


  13. Congrats on your first daily Likeys win! :thumb:

  14. I should start updating my city journals again...

  15. I see quite a few newly appointed green label members. Congrats on the promotion. :thumb:

  16. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM UPLIFTING TRANCE!!! 15895919_10154881374996484_9795548928199

  17. They'd cry their eyes if we sink the lighthouse

  18. Hey guys I will change my name from Pottermeis4 to MisterBlueStar4

  19. Привет! Сделал Я, что не горит ( в домах и монорельсовых дорог и других местах) . как включить свет? http://prntscr.com/drvv19

  20. Привет! Сделал Я, что не горит ( в домах и монорельсовых дорог и других местах) . как включить свет? http://prntscr.com/drvv19

    1. CorinaMarie


      Unfortunately I cannot read this because I only know English. However, I'm sure it's about the lighting problem you mentioned in chat. I simply do not know enough to help. The best thing would be to post in the SC4 Bugs and Technical Issues and someone with more knowledge will be able to help you troubleshoot the problem.

    2. APSMS


      Looks to me like the classic case of the BAT patch not being applied. Other than that, the only other thing that comes to mind is that you are using the FightThePower cheat, which won't light up Custom Content Buildings at night, even though it satisfies their power requirements for all other purposes.

  21. hi InvisiChem can you help me how to remove annoying news simcity 4 like this or is there some mod for this annoying news who appears everytime tMC5a.jpg

  22. my picture


  23. happy new year everyone x

  24. That last part of 2016 really dragged.. But I can't discredit everything on it. It's a new year and I am going into 2017 with a Remote Pilot Certification!!

    And I hope to finally open up the hangar doors once again and get back onto new projects!

  25. Happy New Year! Think I'll finally release something. :P

    1. T Wrecks

      T Wrecks

      During the Christmas days, I sure felt kinda lonely on the STEX. Glad that the new year brought some great uploads with it, including something new from you!

  26. Hi thanks for your message yesterday. Having watch the tutorial. i have download the file and my laptop keeps saying cant locate package or location not registered. sorry i'm a novice on this type of thing can you put mr right.


    many thanks

    1. Samerton



      Unfortunately I don't play SC2013 myself, however I've replied to your topic :)

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