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  1. Today
  2. I went on a little downloading spree yesterday to catch up on SC4 buildings that I hadn't downloaded yet. I am yet to test-plop them in game and have a close-up look at them, but one thing that immediately caught my attention is that we have reached an incredible overall quality level!

    I mean, I technically know that the BATters have been pushing the envelope over all those years, not least thanks to better tools at their disposal. And with major contributors like Diego Del Llano, JP Schriefer and nofunk (among others), I shouldn't be surprised.

    And yet, I was still kinda blown away by the sheer amount of ridiculously good BATs! And that's without counting the high-end lots and prop/texture packs we have these days.

    The SC4 community never ceases to amaze me. I love it!

    1. SimCoug


      Yeah, I need to do the same thing and wonder back over the past year or so... I think I've missed some good stuff over that time period. 

    2. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      Indeed. While the quantity has decreased in recent years, it's so true the quality continues to head skywards.

      Not many games of the SC4 era could claim such a feat, which for one makes it all the more remarkable.

  3. Tell me what you think:

    I want to make a CJ to showcase my city as finished as possible, but at the same time, I want to be able to get community feedback for the designing and building process, so I was thinking on doing two successive CJs: the first one as a backstage, development-thread styled, to decide on the definitive works aimed at the next, story-based CJ when the city gets finished.

    Would you like to read and participate on such kind of city journal, or you would prefer to see the development stages on other formatte?

    1. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      Sounds like a great idea to me. I must admit I don't actively follow the CJs, but I'm sure that'd be something people would enjoy. An interactive approach can only encourage participation, and I'd have thought that'd help with sustaining an audience. *:)

  4. Last week
  5. The only reason why I make my cities so dense is so there's actually a population that will adequately use all the infrastructure I make
  6. Hey! Miss seeing you around here. Hope all is well. :)

  7. Above is my new cover photo for my Master of Arts of the SC4 School of Radio Station 1 notebook.  Is the photograph right-side-up or up-side-down?   Credit for the photo is in the file-name.

  8. Rest in peace, Jacque Fresco (1916 - 2017), and thanks for everything.

  9. I changed my icon to reflect more the version I'm mostly playing these days, SC5 (2013) online.   Having graduated from the SC4 School of Radio Station 1, I feel the calling to continue in post-grad studies.  I still have my last Lot project which is my master's thesis for SC4 Lots, but remains nearly, but not completely, finished (preview below).  I also have begun to immerse myself more so into the world of 3D CGI and multimedia. 


    Test City of Piers Preview.jpg

    1. Terring


      Those lots looks interesting.

    2. RandyE


      Thanks.  I'm gonna finish them, but seems to be a matter of timing.

  10. Starting tonight there's no turning back. I will have to start packing up and beginning a move. Roseville has been good to me these past 8/9 years and now I will be setting my course to Garden Valley.

    At least now I will have more of Gold Country opening up and South Lake Tahoe is going to be closer than ever!

    1. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      I'm so excited for you! *:D

  11. All hipsters use


  12. Latest version of Cities Skylines works on Linux Mint :party:

  13. Earlier
  14. I am dreading what's to come over these next few weeks.. But I will see to it it works out in the end.

  15. You know what? I've had enough with this crap. My depression can go burn in the deepest pit of Hell!

    1. catty-cb


      Didn't want to hit the like button on this message without saying as well ... take care of yourself and people do care about you  :thumb:

    2. Fantozzi


      Depression is an underhanded illness. Like you go to the cinema to watch a comedy. And you say to yourself: Come on, let's have some fun - burn in hell, dark thoughts. Instead you cry. And your friends asking: "but why you are crying - this is funny?" And you even can't answer this question - you don't know about 'why', the reason.

      I think it was Winston Churchill, who called his depression 'the black dog'. As if a dark animal is eating you from the inside.

      And this is an illness and needs a doctors help like toothache. No cinema, no friends, no forum or computer games will help.

    3. RandyE


      Depression is not pleasant, its a condition that may be considered not of one's own choice, but if given a negative, the challenge of becoming stronger without increasing the negative is the pursuit of true healing.

  16. SimCity 2013

    was the original

    alternative fact.

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    2. Bipin


      Those are all theories, SC2013 ain't no theory no more! ;) 

    3. airman15


      But what of that -other- title released.. when was it, 2006?

    4. Bipin


      @airman15 Oh, those? They're all facts. In fact, all Sim Cities are equal, but some are more equal than others... ;) 

  17. I was strangely inspired to make a MMP in the last hour... now you will have to scour the forums to find the hidden treasure *:lol:

    1. APSMS


      Where's my Staples' Button?

    2. SimCoug
  18. Trust me:


    I am Bipin.


  19. I AM BIPIN




    1. Abrams124



  20. Hey, could someone please help me with my math homework???



    Timothy wants to find out whether taking a train or a bus will help improve his commute:

    The train travels at an average 70 km/h over a 32.8 km distance.

    The bus travels at an average 56 km/h over a 27.94 km distance.

    Of these two transit options, which will allow Timothy to arrive the soonest at his decision that the daily grind, and moreover, late-stage capitalism as a whole is but a sham; where the worker itself is a commodity that can be disposed of effortlessly by corporations thanks to the deskilling of the workforce and Timothy's prior realization that his body is an empty, soulless, biological cavern; whittled away at from the inside-out by the exposure of his personal aspirations as mere falsehoods, propped-up by the corporate world to sustain their human capital as long as feasibly possible?



    1. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke


    2. Bipin


      @Thin White Duke N... no... wrong answer. It's /r/im14andthisiscommoncorecurriculum.

    3. OcramsRzr


      I was going to ask if they both had the same starting and ending points until you went all r/communism

  21. Oh, you like King Crimson! In The Court Of was my first LP.  *:D

  22. I was following a cop car around in C:S and noticed that occasionally its status would change to "Doughnut break."

  23. Quote

    Roses are red

    Poems are hard

    Simtroplis' chatroom is dead *:(

    So I made you this "get well soon!" card:


    I know this doesn't mean much to many of you

    I was often chat's only user

    or as some might say

    the chatroom's serial abuser.


    Chat is in its waning days

    but for a while there, it rocked

    Now useless internet points (TM) are the only sunshine rays

    and some, ugh... "achievements unlocked".

    - Ezra Pound  Bipin, 2017

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    2. Bipin


      @Thin White Duke Hehe! So by pointing it out, what does that make you then - a dutifully observant sadist? :D

    3. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      I don't mind poking fun at you, no. I think that goes both ways. *:thumb:

    4. Bipin


      @Thin White Duke Haha yes - I can definitely agree with you there! :yes: 

  24. Orange Juice Train!!!

    juice train.png

  25. lorem ipsum.

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    2. Bipin


      The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

    3. Fantozzi



    4. Thin White Duke
  26. I don't use the status update thing much, but today was my last day of high school. Onward to the next phase in life. *:party:

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    2. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      Congrats! It's a great feeling when all the hard work pays off. *:8)

      Over here (in the UK), we don't even have a formal graduation ceremony in our equivalent of high school. That part with the fancy dress & caps only happens in colleges / universities.

    3. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      Kind of makes me feel bad for you, but you're out of school already and I have over two weeks left. *:D

    4. nos.17



      Nice! Enjoy summer vacation while you still can. Hell, as I'm finishing my junior year in college, I'm already looking back at those summers where I had no responsibilities.

  27. I only take showers when I'm



    1. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      Oh, is that how you're supposed to do it?

    2. Bipin


      @Thin White Duke No, in retrospect I could have saved a lot of money on laundry appliances if I didn't. Hit two birds with one stone, right?

    3. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      That's what I'm always thinking.

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