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  2. When I use the Project Akar with Project Akar on their own, I can place buildings. But then I can't place roads, and I understand you need to install the Akar Roads Set. However, when I use that in conjunction with the other files (Akar and Avalon) I can't place buildings over poor and small residential buildings. Please fix this if it is a bug, or notify me if you think I've done something wrong
  3. May I just ask why my sims are still entering one way lanes? I followed all the needed steps to install the mod.
  4. What do u mean by a "download error"? Can we see a screenshot of the error?
  5. is this compatible with deveroux's cheat mods, since those alter the hangar capacity for the hospital fire station and police station, looking like probably not. ur scripts package name matches another one that i am currently using
  6. Good but there is a problem. The sign says drive though but there is not one. Can you add a play place, more parking and outdoor tables?
  7. Shows no water available...????And it doesn't even pump...I'm playing Simcity:Cities of tomorrow
  8. Arigato! Best Japanese cars ever!
  9. How do I know if I installed it properly? Where is the road located in game?
  10. This is not ploppable on the great works sites. If I'm incorrect, then some kind of documentation on how to do so would be helpful.
  11. i dont understand what to download
  12. How do I install it and use it?
  13. Is this normal? I remember back then that I could place bus in those parking lots inside the school lot.
  14. Just tested it.. The park wont receive water nor eletricity... It might be solved with the electrical power lines mod, but i am not sure
  15. Interesting... too bad that it is quite unrealistic that cars merges with each other at intersections because basically you don't have a collision system in Simcity 2013 thus no accidents at all.
  16. Nice! Can you make more projekts with free things?
  17. It doesn't work. It's providing neither water or power.
  18. I've placed it in the Simcitydata folder myself, but I doesn't show up for me while playing the game, even when I hover over the buildings.
  19. Downloaded and placed it zipped into the SimCitydata file, but I see changes in-game off-line. It's supposed to be the SimCitydata file, but it doesn't appear for me.
  20. ok i see what is wrong the atomizers are maxing out in the 1.x amount then they reset
  21. I installed this and it broke my megatowers. They have random connection problems that make them unusable. I uninstalled it and now the game crashes when I try to load that region. So that's a problem.
  22. Should've checked the comments before I installed. As of right now I have about 80% of all the mods on STEX and it was TORTURE to try to find the one mod that almost crippled all my saves. Tried deleting all the subway and regional mods to no avail, until I came across yayie's thread pointing back to this. The sad thing is this is a BEAUTIFUL mod! Nico's one-way UDON bi-level roads are very cool, but this is great in its own right! Just a shame it completely incapacitates all my games, so until it can co-exist with the maglev and subway, I have to unwillingly part ways with this.
  23. It doesn't work for me, can you help me please ?
  24. It did that to me too, I think the region is basically ruined then, unless you're good with 1 Great Work spot being forever blank. I haven't been able to fix it so far, I can't even select the site any more if I remember correctly, no info comes up...
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