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  1. Last week
  2. Question Installed this plus all required mods, yet when I try to place regional roads or buildings, they aren't lined up with the cursor and are placed in seemingly random places.
  3. Earlier
  4. where exactly is the snap point for this cause I cant seem to find a place to plop it down anywhere. unless that's just me being noob
  5. So Skyestormes site no longer is in operation. Does anyone know if he is planning to release this regional freeway mod anywhere else or if he has? I'd really like it for my mod collection.
  6. Hi All! I have a BIG problem! I'm using this mod in SimCity 2013. When I using one way road, the cars moves in both directions! Why is it? Anyone can help me?
  7. ohh I cannot $%&^!in extract the file! ughhh
  8. Is this mod still supported? I downloaded and installed all the required files, and they all show up in the tool bar. However, no matter which road I chose with the new ones (mod), they were dirt roads. Did I do something wrong?
  9. If the title is also a reference to Cake, <3
  10. What is a difference with your another http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29864-coal-mine-upgraded-11/ ?????
  11. Well,Thanks For Correcting Me,I Haven't Played Simcity 2013 In Awhile After Getting A Better PC.I Got Rid Of My Old Laptop For My New Raidmax PC.I Had The Game Installed Onto It When I Got It,And It Works,Even Though I Needed A New Graphics Card For Me To Able To Play Cities Skylines,But This Will Be A Replacement For The Time Being : D
  12. Hello! I don't know if anyone is monitoring this board any longer, but Oppie (or anyone else that can help me...), if you are around, I need your assistance. For the life of me, I cannot get the bridges to look like the ones in the pictures. I've re-installed 3 times now. Removed and re-installed my mods, turning one on at a time to make sure that nothing was in conflict but my Streetcar bridges still look like my train bridges. I must be doing something wrong but I don't know what it is. I love the look of this mod and would love to be able to use it. Is it only for 'Online' play? And if I just re-installed SC will it have the patch 7 already included in it or do I need to get that from someplace else? If anyone could help me, it would be greatly appreciated. I so wish that you guys were still modding for SC 2013! I have SC4 Deluxe as well as Cities. I haven't played around with SC4 yet because 2013 just looks less time consuming as far as downloading the mods to make the game great and my computer doesn't run Cities fast enough so I can't get into that one until I can upgrade my computer. Anyway, thank you in advance to anyone that can give any help to my issue. Have a great evening! ~Cassie
  13. So the elevated freeways aren't exactly working for me. The transitional road doesn't work for me, and the elevated freeway always says the road grade is to steep. I'm sure it's something I'm doing but I'm not sure what the fix is, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  14. This is the SimCity (2013) STEX, and Origin is the only place where SimCity (2013) is sold. It's actually been the standard to ask people to install in their Origin Games\SimCity\SimCityData because that's the only place where the mods function, for this is SimCity (2013). I'm aware that this is an old post but it just irritates me to no end when people make rude comments to modders who try to make the game and the buildings, roads, etc... a bit better for the rest of us who don't do anything but download the mods and use them.
  15. mine dosent work with COT well it does but when it does get "futurized" it becomes the original station
  16. Download links are down again. I apologize... I really want to to make high quality mods that have very few issues or almost none. Also. Update 2.0 is being completely remade. Mod should be back in early March on the STEX!
  17. Help, I can't find the train rail avenue. Is it because I download the Akar mod?
  18. Oops! Never mind! I found the link. In case anyone is being silly as me, I'll leave the link here:
  19. This is the exact same problem I had. Corrupted info field on the building in an existing save. Did not try in a new save as I'm trying to fix SimCity's stupid sewage management system in my current game. Building couldn't be bulldozed either, which I thought was weird.
  20. DOES NOT WORK AS INTENDED. Everything is in order, except the power-usage changes cause the building to become unpowered almost immediately after receiving power, even with ample energy in the city. I suspect this may not be an issue if the power plant is very close to the water treatment center, or if there are not a lot of roads, but it does not work at all in a developed city with the plant on the opposite side of the map.
  21. is this compatible with deveroux's cheat mods, since those alter the hangar capacity for the hospital fire station and police station, looking like probably not. ur scripts package name matches another one that i am currently using
  22. Good but there is a problem. The sign says drive though but there is not one. Can you add a play place, more parking and outdoor tables?
  23. Shows no water available...????And it doesn't even pump...I'm playing Simcity:Cities of tomorrow
  24. Arigato! Best Japanese cars ever!
  25. How do I know if I installed it properly? Where is the road located in game?
  26. This is not ploppable on the great works sites. If I'm incorrect, then some kind of documentation on how to do so would be helpful.
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