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  2. Crop fields can cover a very big area and my question is: Does building a farm on a large area limits your worker count? Trough the quesion i mean :when building usual agriculture you get multiple buildings on an area ,each with their worker count but with a sigle crop field from your mod on the same area do i get about the same worker count?
  3. Just Downloade this, Many people had these in there pictures but I never found this file so at last I have.
  4. I admit, I forcefully exhaled air out of my nostrils when I saw this.
  5. Great addition to my growing list. is the tunnel compatible with the bike trail set? =)
  6. check out some photos i may post...it may show you ideas or check out my steam account Pershing.....its the one with the P logo
  7. Second verse same as the first, but a little bit louder and a little bit worse! You can ride in my little red wagon! The seats all broken and the axle's draggin! Oom pa! Oom pa pa!
  8. how come the ship doesn't move or roam around......??? or the ship is just eye candy docked around the seaport .please help
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