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  2. Version 1.0.0


    Ennuyeuse Apartments, by Mattb325. --------------------------------------- Inspired by any number of the bland, blah and boring apartment blocks that have sprung up all around the world since the turn of the 21st century, I present Ennuyeuse Apartments. These sorts of apartments are clean and functional and appeal to conservative buyers with a safe, neutral colour palette of whites, creams, taupes and of course the newest kid on the neutral block: 'greige' trims and feature walls ('greige' is the colour and word combination of a deep warm grey on a beige base). No doubt in 30 years time, 'greige' will become as despised as the 1970s mission-browns and burnt oranges. All these apartment complexes are typically 8 stories tall, thereby broadening the conservative buyer appeal to the lucrative Asian market (the number 8 - pronounced 'Ba' in Mandarin sounds similar to 'Fa' which means to 'Make a Fortune' - hence the lucky association). However, given that these apartments usually use quite cheap materials with minimal noise and thermal insulation, the only people making a fortune are the developers! Floors 7 & 8 are reserved for the penthouse. The apartments feature other crowd pleasers such as securely garaged, underground parking; lift access; hidden drying balconies (these are the two tall louvered areas on both sides of the building); glass-railings on the main balconies and reverse cycle ducted airconditioning. Open-concept living areas, granite counter-tops, stainless steel appliances, ensuite and guest bathrooms all add to the broad buyer appeal. The planting is non-descript with crowd pleasing evergreens all on well-lit, compact and easy-to-maintain grounds ensuring that strata levies/HOA fees are kept to a minimum. These apartments are presented in 3 options: a 2x2, a 3x3 and a 5x5 lot. Despite their predictability, these are a good mid-rise, medium wealth, medium density filler lots for your cities. --------------------------------------- STATS R§§: Lot size : 2x2 & 2x3 Growth Stage: 5 & 6 (Medium & High Density Zoning) Bulldoze Cost: §412 Capacity Satisfied: R§ 591, R§§ 327 Pollution: 2 (Air)/ 1 (Water)/ 4 (Garbage ) Pollution Radius: 5/6/0 Power Consumed: 5 Mwh Water Consumed: 13 Gal/Month Building Style: Houston/Euro/NY/Chicago Occupant Group: Medium Wealth Residential Building Lot size : 5x5 Growth Stage: 4 (Medium & High Density Zoning) Bulldoze Cost: §795 Capacity Satisfied: R§ 1,178, R§§ 652 Pollution: 5 (Air)/ 2 (Water)/ 4 (Garbage ) Pollution Radius: 5/6/0 Power Consumed: 9 Mwh Water Consumed: 25 Gal/Month Building Style: Houston/Euro/NY/Chicago Occupant Group: Medium Wealth Residential Building --------------------------------------- NOTE ABOUT DARK NITE vs MAXIS NITE: This download contains TWO model files; one for dark nite users (and other night-time darkening mods, such as Gizmos night-mod) and one for the standard Maxis nite. You must keep only one file - depending on which version you use. If you are unsure whether you have a night-darkening mod installed, then choose the Maxis night version. Regardless of which file you choose to keep, make sure you DO NOT delete the Lot File! If you use the dark nite version, you will need a dark nite mod. --------------------------------------- NOTE ABOUT PARKING TEXTURES: Sheesh, I can't believe I have to write this.....as these models contain garaged underground parking, the lots do not come with parking textures. If you wish to add acres of parking or change the concrete textures, please use the lot editor to do so. --------------------------------------- DEPENDENCIES: To ensure proper functionality, make sure the following files are in your plugins: *BSC MEGA Props - Mattb325Vol02.dat: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2383 *BSC Mega Props - Mattb325Vol03.dat: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2768 *BSC Texture Pack - CPVol01.dat: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=101 --------------------------------------- To install, simply unzip the contents of this file into your plugins folder. Thanks.
  3. Good to see some of these old lots being given a face-lift.
  4. Nice to see a new lot-creator making his debut
  5. Yesterday
  6. Version 1.0.0


    These are Gas station by B62 that never had a Relot done so I figured I would try. Hope you will enjoy. You dont need much for these lot other then.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    These relot are new Relots by Evan. Burger King made By @baco and the Hardee's is made by B62. One of the Burger King is with the Prop A Lot Relot. For the Hardee's it is a growable, but if you use SimCity 4 Extra Cheat Plugin you can prop it when every you want. Under Buildingplop, B62FF-CS$ Hardee's v1.1, Relot by Evan Hardee's. Hope you Enjoy. You will need these Installed before download. http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=746 This is optional only if you wanna plop the Hardee's lot.
  8. Thanks, I will eventually get to it, I didn't know The original games trees look like that till game. I have a lot others I'm working on now, I will have two Burger King and a Hardee's relot up today. And also maybe a dick sporting goods. One of the Burger King lots will be like my last three relot, so you can have a big shopping plaza. I hope you enjoy these.
  9. great Small town Post office! but....why is it a growable? :V
  10. Last week
  11. Boom! Another great HT here! Hope Mr Tsvirkunov will open a new factory soon in my cities! Thanks for sharing your stuff!
  12. challenge upload

    Very nice, too bad the Grass Textures dont match my Terrain Mod
  13. The appropriate words escape me - this is freaking brilliant!!! You've done some great stuff over the years Rivit (particularly from an Australian bias), but this tool is, well, exemplary. I've been away for some years and have missed a lot, but this one has been a significant highlight as I try to wrangle my old plugin folder into line (which, prior to running this, I thought was in pretty good shape...)
  14. If you get Brown Boxes, dont install the HD File in the Mntoes Holt Farm Close Dependencie, you must use the Standard one!
  15. the set is not working
  16. Just from the looks of the map I'm gonna say this is one of the very best ones out there! It has a nearly flat central valley for those wanting trouble-free city construction, gentle beaches for those who want to make fun, touristy coasts, lots of small valleys separated by hills for small town building, a wide selection of hill and mountain heights for those wanting an infrastructure challenge and a cozy island for whatever special project the player wants!
  17. Don't sweat the parking critics, your work is untouchable!
  18. thank you! these are excellent. Your industrial lots are epic!
  19. Have you downloaded and installed the above dependencies linked in the description? These are required to make the building models show on the lots and for the custom props & textures. As for the "Other Dependencies", these are: BSC MEGA Props SG Vol 1 BSC MegaProps CP Vol. 1 BSC MegaProps Kevdan25 Vol. 1 BSC Texture Pack Cycledogg Vol. 1 VIP Carpack vol1 SuperSHK MEGA Parking Textures 1.0.1 SHK Parking Pack Which I've now linkified into the description. (By the way, since it concerns a technical issue, I've reposted your review in the comments section. You're welcome to submit another review at a later stage once you've got the set up and running.)
  20. Really love what you did w/ Cycledogg's textures!
  21. With the texture selected, press M to mirror/flip it.
  22. Earlier
  23. nice to see you back.
  24. Yeah although there's no street view of them, I'd say they look way more like the VIllett Textile warehouse building (Which in all honesty might be the best vanilla building out there.) But I felt the Villet Textiles building in game was also to small. So I went with Running Blade Mfg. instead.
  25. These will show up in the landmark menu.
  26. This is my all-time favorite region in SimCity 4!! It's where I've finally mastered all the skills I currently use for my city building activity. Unfortunately I couldn't complete it because there's parts of the map that have turned glitchy.
  27. I highly doubt that's why you rated 3 stars, but to answer your point the 9 lots contain one left and one right overhanging lot that you can use to bridge an additional tiled gap be it "Flups, canals or whatever". It is all there in the description (which I'm assuming you didn't read) or it would have been evident if you had downloaded and used it (which I'm assuming you didn't) or was even evident if you looked at the screenshots closely.
  28. Is time for enjoying making custom AIRPORTS right now!!!
  29. I've noticed a slight incompatibility with the SimCity 4 Launcher; everything works beautifully except the AutoSave, which doesn't, claiming SC4 isn't running, even though it is. Is it possible this might be fixed in a future version?
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