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  1. Yesterday
  2. In nature, the complex of dance begins with single cells, tropisms, although independently motivated according to the nucleus responding to gravity, tides and light, but gradually all evolution can be seen as a dance of chemicals and forms. The more complex the dance, the more complex the life-form. When I watch male and female figure skaters I am stunned by the extreme complexity of coordination of physical, sensory, cognitive and pure ability of flight that my species is capable of. Dare I say, I am honored to be human. All our technology and art are just toys compared to the actual material ability of ourselves as conscious physical beings. As well, in the sciences, male and female have unique cognitive and perceptual abilities that are complimentary and mutually facilitative. There's no limit to what can be achieved by human beings who know how to dance.
  3. The water texture is designed to show dynamic flow, a churning of the water as if an industrial process is taking place. Its supposed to be clean fresh water, so it would appear more saturated blue with whitecaps. The texture and saturation also helps to distinguish it as clearly water and matches the tone and texture of the surrounding buildings. In my texture pack I designed 4 different water textures for different applications of light. Go ahead and feel free to suggest another one, or one you can imagine that might fit better. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. I love, love, LOVE seeing Louisiana BATS in the game. Hope you'll come back soon and upload some more.
  5. Because theres no SimCity 3000 section
  6. I frequent that bar quite often! Glad to see you making some great iconic Milwaukee buildings!
  7. Last week
  8. Sloppy, but a nice shot of black humor. The plumbobs are excessive; of course, you probably didn't know what they were, seeing as you described them as 'flames,' but just a sprinkling of them on the corpses can make it look much better. Imagine being buried alive in that pile!
  9. Wish there weren't so many dependencies involved with this cool looking building. (I don't really understand the whole dependency thing, I don't trust them, especially when you have to download some of them from other websites, and there seems to be way too many of them, so I never downloaded anything that has to do with dependencies.)
  10. @mattb325 had tracks bypassing it for freight. Once i cut the bypass and waited a few months people started using the station. Again awesome job. thank you I have a ton of your creations in my cities.
  11. @tommyc25: Depends on what Maxis blocker you use. Theoretically, if you use a blocker that keeps default Maxis industry from growing, you should get only downloaded lots to grow - IRM W2W or any other industrial BATs that you may have. For W2W residential, the easiest way is not to use a blocker, but to zone alternating 1x2 (or 1x3) strips of medium-density residential and high-density residential. This will get you a nice row of 1x2 (or 1x3) houses. Blocking all but W2W residential is possible, but you'll have to make such a blocker yourself, and it entails blocking pretty much anything that could grow on your zones dedicated for W2W - that can be a hell of a lot of work, depending on how much content you have downloaded.
  12. Suggestions? How about Comerica Park in Detroit Michigan?
  13. YAY! Thanks a ton for the update - just downloaded it.
  14. This is trucking brilliant, especially because of the prop families included! Even without the textures, these can be used to enhance any lot that involves truck logistics. Come to think of it, this is another little niche where Maxis disappointed. Randomised garbage cans to simulate Sims taking out the trash and getting it collected? Check. Randomised industrial/commercial trucks to simulate cargo handling and transport? Lol nope. Thank you for making such a great contribution to filling this gap!
  15. First thought that came to mind when I looked at this station was wait is that the original SimCity or SimCity 2000 police station the design look really close to one of them so awesome job on the intended or unintentional retro throwback.
  16. WoW! AMAZING JOB! My Sunday School teacher used to live in this building. Thank you for this. You got it spot on.
  17. Wow, now that's an awesome re-lot. Love all the detail on the surrounding courts. That's what I meant with my earlier review AdamBailey. Thanks RandyE! You guys need to team up on that Heinz Field or Three Rivers!
  18. I'm going to try to track down some rogue buses with this, cheers!
  19. Earlier
  20. Love the city walls! This lot is exactly what I'm looking for! However, I tried following your instructions to plop the pedestrian mall tile in front of the wall but I'm unable drag the roads, streets and avenues across the gate Perhaps I'm doing something wrong? Or maybe you can upload a short video tutorial so we can follow? Thank you!!!
  21. I don't need to change the buildings to reflect their uses. The intent is to change the use of the buildings as they are defined and associated to the Maxis models. The gist of the idea is to rehabilitate the architecture. There is no such things as cheating in non-competitive gameplay or in modifying a game to one's personal preference. The business deals offer a variety of different amounts of increase of income and may be combined to the user's preference. There is no such thing as realistic gameplay in a simulation that is designed only to operate as a self-contained game for amusement.
  22. Sorry about that my head was elsewhere at the moment. I knew it was a rail station. Just my mind was elsewhere. As usual!
  23. Just one question what are the specs on this station? Specifically train cap.
  24. OK, so for me, this building only lights up when facing certain directions in the city, as a function of the map itself and not the camera angle. When it does light up, though, it is BEAUTIFUL. 10/10
  25. Version 1.0.0


    Put some Swedish furniture in ur city Installation: Put the file in ur building folder and then in-game plug it in ur city
  26. kok sekali download lampunya gak hidup?
  27. @tariely @Urban Constanta I like the MMP idea. I'll look at doing that.
  28. Nice for us, I love your texture re-work on Xannepan's rue de Lille building But sad for you and your hard drive, I guess you might have lost some of your work or even many other things not related to SC4 ?
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