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  1. Today
  2. PEG Random Woods v206

    Hey Pegasus! Where is PEG RANDOM WOODS (new one)???
  3. scoty_sub-bus_A

    Nicely done!
  4. Yesterday
  5. Comcast Center

    Thanks for this upload! This building was done gorgeously. Hope to see you do more of this like the magnificent building of Okada Manila with its largest multicolor dancing water fountain in the Philippines
  6. Last week
  7. Dmscopio Stadium

    Great stadium, sad that it can't be installed though.... keep getting an error code about the DS Store file. Tried renaming, unzipping in several different ways to no avail. Even tried Tonaq's suggested method.
  8. scoty_sub-bus_A

    Ah OK ! good arguments, especially the 2nd! With my small towns, I did not know this bug. So I will do this update very soon.
  9. Paeng's Free Waters

    The file comments are not intended for support related queries. Obviously something has gone wrong, but I can tell you this file works flawlessly, having had it for some time. In such circumstances you should start a thread in the SC4 Custom Content forum - http://community.simtropolis.com/forums/forum/15-sc4-custom-content/ - and ask for help. We will endeavour to get to the bottom of the issue.
  10. Chevrolet Impala

    This guy and his '04 Impala approve! Nice work!
  11. SM2 Metal Coatings Inc.

    Awesome work. Love those dirty, rusty textures!
  12. Gateshead Millennium Bridge

    Your textures on this are lacking, important part of SC4 models is getting those textures to look good.
  13. IRM I-HT GooberGen Labs

    What you did with the tank layouts is simply great!
  14. DK1 Peterson Tool

    Fun Fact: I recently learned this is actually based of an old Walthers Scale Model Kit.
  15. Network Addon Mod for Windows INSTALLER

    Thanks man, I always love this game, Thanks for your contribute
  16. IRM I-HT GooberGen Labs

    Sorry for ruining your day, @Moses Zal. No upload today, I promise. @Talla 2XLC: What @Fantozzi said is correct - any regular industrial lot will generally work with the CAM. The only problem that could occur is that a building may be big enough for a higher growth stage in the CAM, whereas Stage 3 is the highest stage in the vanilla game. In such a case, you'd have to check against similarly sized CAM industrials and assign the same stage so that the stage progression remains as intended. Thank you for your comments, guys!
  17. A380 hangar pack

    Thanks @JoshuaStrom for the tabi props! Here the Tabi Gate Prop Packs! Also from here! http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1624
  18. Real Freightyard V2

    @Talla 2XLC - maybe: for V2.2 I changed the folder structure - previously they had their own folder now they are located in the 'Fantozzi' folder. If your changes don't show up maybe you forgot to delete an older installation, so you change the new version but in game the older one is loaded? Also the base textures I used are maxis default and may/should be overriden by a terrain mod - so they will align with the terrain (different to the older versions and different to the pictures above, which I didn't update).
  19. Rina's Ridiculous Rivers (10x10 Map)

    Looks beautiful! Will have to keep this one in mind for my next major development project...
  20. Earlier
  21. Network Addon Mod for Windows INSTALLER

    The TSCT hasn't changed in recent years. You should be okay.
  22. Dolphin

    Cool! Is time for driving dolphin 'car' on sea!
  23. Ebbets Field

    Does it have any park effect? Any specific range? Great lot and nice model, but that extra info would be nive.
  24. Seattle Municipal Tower

    This is wonderful, though the scale is a little off for a building, even in this game. Otherwise, you made it absolutely clear which was what, and it's in my city now, and I love it.
  25. nimporte quel nom que tu veut maitre

    This is a pretty good map and I think I'm going to develop on this.
  26. Neutopia 2

    Neutopia 2 looks great; main region land itself looks nice leaving free room for whatever. Imagine how much you get, that´s where this region download show it´s weak point. So many maps is Ok but downloading all is a thing I refrainde of showing more than 70 city sc4 tiles individualy perhaps some part can be split up into three or four files ? Very nice map any improvement would be welcome !
  27. RLM Fence Props Revision 2

    Can you include them as propable lots?
  28. The Torch

    Man, this is awesome and a wonderful different design to include in any city. Please give us more unique buildings. Do you know how to do buildings with marquees, lights, buildings with flash ala Vegas, Times Square NY, etc.?
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