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  1. Today
  2. WAY too expensive. Otherwise great.
  3. challenge upload

    I'm finally getting back to this lot, and now starting to make at least 3 different variations taking from ideas presented here. Not sure if the lot can be made 2x2 and still work as the same growable, but if there's a tweak I need to make, please let me know as I would like to add some ground area to the lot. I don't have an SC4Desc file for it, but I'm now re-lotting this re-lot, so yes, some parking and a gas station added will go into 1 of a few new variations, Thanks for the input. It will be a 2x2, if I can get 2x2 working the same as a growable. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to the more advanced content creators above for suggestions. Whatever I come up with, as mentioned, I have to keep in mind how often this lot shows up and find a way to make that repetitiveness look good in-game --It does work as a blvd with the overdose of big trees, but that's all so far.
  4. Yesterday
  5. uggh, i'm confused. I installed this because I want a bus stop on road but I can't find the tile on the menu bar. Does it appear in form of ploppable "bus stop" (but can be done in top of road) or "road tiles with bus stop"?
  6. Looks very nice , but like said above "I don't rate content by pictures " and I too will get back after I get it in game . You have been giving us quality stuff and I thank you for your dedication to bring us new content . Keep up the good work . I just noticed Trixie emoticons , it must be that time of year again .
  7. Last week
  8. I love your New York and Chicago buildings! If I may, I have 2 ideas for you, the fred f french building (new york) and IBM building (chicago)
  9. This is the flag that symbolizes the Catalan within Spain. The one of the supposed independent country is similar to the one of Cuba, with a blue estelada. I am from there.
  10. I just came back (to UK) from a short (4 days) holiday, what I spent in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Antwerp and Brugges. A State of Trance 800 Festival was amazing, but less OFF topic the fact, that I spent most of the time with sightseeing and discovering these towns, cities. And during my journey I tried to locate some SC4 building like Eagle Star: @Aarsgevogelte: Thank you for making these very nice buildings, and I hope you make more... I found some really nice building in Antwerp, which may worth a try! - Tyberius
  11. Have updated the links. However, a comment on the download is usually not going to be seen, you got lucky. If you come across such problems, please post in the forums here: Where we'll try to resolve such issues promptly.
  12. Totally agree with everyone here.You are doing really good BATs (man,i love your Chanin Building,it fits perfectly into my Manhattan Region) and you should be proud of it. I love your Work and can`t wait to see what else you have for us in the Future.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Includes: 1 greyscale .jpeg image. Region created to match the location Commonlands in the game Everquest2. If you're not familiar with it, the map includes rivers stretching throughout the region, mountains surrounding the island, and one small bay. If you are familiar, hopefully you find it to you're liking. One part I couldn't manage to recreate is the dock area, as the rivers and ocean are the same level, so I couldn't have that cliff leading to the beach. Also Im aware my mountains came out a bit plateau-like. If I make a new version of this map I will fix it.
  14. Cool to see Minneapolis on the STEX! Keep it up!
  15. Version 1.0.0


    This is my first custom map, so I'll admit it's not perfect. What you get is a single grayscale image for SC4Mapper.
  16. Great idea. Looking forward to testing these out.
  17. my capacity is only 1 for some reason?
  18. Because I do not get this building in the game, I put it as it should put in the folder of plugins
  19. Looks great about to download right now!
  20. I second that, 5 *
  21. Earlier
  22. I plopped the landmark but the night lights won't turn on. I notice you have MN and DN files (I'm guessing one is maxis night and the other dark night). How do I get this building lights turn on at night? Do I need the growable CO$$$ bat to actually be built? I thought it would work for the landmark too. I use Maxis Night. Thanks
  23. Thanks a lot, I was 99% sure this comes from México, Spanish Neoclassical (virreinal as we will call it here) was still on vogue there while on this part of the continent they try by all means to erase it from the city and start all over again.
  24. I have some questions: How do I install CAM on a Steam installation? When is 2.1.1 coming out? It has been a year.
  25. it only shows as a brown box.
  26. awesome, Just what i was looking for. =)
  27. any dependence? it's true there is a box over the building.........
  28. I can't see the taxis. Any dependence?
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