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  2. An Introduction to The URS

    Nice design, just enough curves and angles to break-up the monotony of the grid and well landscaped with greenery. A made for people kind of development where industry and commerce are not overbearing and intrusive.
  3. New Logo

    At least I tried.P.S I'm still expanding the city and trying to convert the river next to El Cuervo,the very first district I started building to an L.A. river type.
  4. Cephalonia (Myrtos Beach)

    @RandyE Ah, Paul Cézanne - I haven't seen that name in a while, but he was one of the favorite artists I studied in school. Loved his Mont Sainte-Victoire series in particular: Thanks for the comment and love the comparison
  5. Yesterday
  6. Cephalonia (Rural Scenes)

    Thanks @Oerk! Glad you liked it
  7. Last week
  8. Let's design Bel-Air episode 7 - Route 66 part 5

    @Korver - thank you, we are almost done
  9. First steps

    I keep renaming because I was trying to find a decent city name and San Ricardo felt a little not right so I'd just renamed it.I might update the banner tonight.
  10. Let's design Bel-Air episode 6 - Route 66 part 4

    Nice work with the highway Keep up the good work!
  11. The Mountain Range

    Great selection of pics The views from the overlook are especially stunning!
  12. meizhou_Second

    Lovely pictures! The winding highways and the building selection is great Two small suggestions though to make it perfect Please turn off the UDI icons like RandyE mentioned, and also get this mod to hide that little box in the lower left hand corner.
  13. 2020 Election

    Real cool concept for a CJ! Nice work
  14. Medrean City olympic park and eco-district

    Those diagonal paths in your park look great! Nice work all around.
  15. Lynnfield - Update 1

    Nice pics. Brings back some good memories from back in the day
  16. Realistic Budget Maps

    I agree with kelistmac, looking forward to some pictures
  17. Old Day´s Mineapolis - St Paul !

    Some photoshopped effects as weather or light I would like, yet as some like to make there CJ is indifferent for me everyone´¨s style. SimCity 4 vanilla as displayed without any attributes I like to show the game as it supposed to be in that era; today´s CJ of Mayon Province and ANNO Europe are the same except today bat´s, props and mod´s; building takes so much time and any graphical effects editing I I just haven´t got time for it to add any, except for some special CJ editions !
  18. Lynnfield - Table of Contents

    Lynnfield State of Lynnshire Update 1
  19. Arrandale - Update 4 - International Airport

    Thanks ! I'm even working on an larger airport at time ! Runways are already finished, taxiways are on the way, but terminals... not so close to be finished !
  20. Arrandale - Update 3 - Station area

    Thanks for your kind commentS !
  21. Freeway Interchanges

    Yes @T Wrecks! Thank you! Just wished I could have squeezed a few walls along the freeway at a few places. *If any NAM developers are reading this -- maybe optional freeway walls in #37?* I hope you keep at it. Before these interchanges, I had only done one. It's only been a matter of months that I've been NAM-literate. It does take practice and some ragequits but you get it sooner than you'd think.
  22. Simtropolis: Down Town & City Center

    CBD = Central business district.. I meant to say downtown, though Yeah, I certainly understand about some of the limitations with it being a mobile game and all. Thanks for the clarification though on the tile size, nice to hear that its not too small. Looking forward to the overviews
  23. Cephalonia (Farmland)

    Thank you very much @JP Schriefer!
  24. Some disappointing news :(

  25. The plazas by the train station, it is a minor thing but i think that different textures would look better. I do however really like it all
  26. Airport and Neighborhood

    Great looking infrastructure -- like the airport, like the road and highway variety, and like the integration of the rail throughout the city with the difficult topography, well done!
  27. Niederbauen - Further Exploration

    That's a lot of diagonal buildings! Nice one!
  28. Alijstar - The Venice of the North: The Mosaics

    Thanks a lot!
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