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  2. Hartford City Live ! Since last CJ progres stumbled on several difficulties from BaT´s wich will crash if ploped and saved to the fysical simulation spee it self ! This weekend I discovered that Photobucket is going to charge 200 Dollar for 3d party usage of there image hosting; Imgur for now is the new host; Mayon Province early may partly moved in time, Photobucket second account with Europä ANNO is for now not yet affected so watch it will you can, new CJ aswell will move to Imgur ! For now the technical stuff sorted, we have a look at Hartford City ! Hartford Cityhall with the substential Hartford Community Gardem and in the back the old Hartford University Campus ! Hartford earliest settlement, now largely modernized exept the Magdalena Church still spirtitual heart of Hartford City ! Hotel district wich is part of a park landscape neighbourhood wich aswell houses the Hartford Eagles baseball grounds ! Close by the Hartford Central Railroad station and some business development ! Hartford audotorium close by the park and the university ! Some other highrise development ! Super mall Mayon Next ! Low housing in very high demand by it´s citiznes, very much wanted ! Last we have a look at the new university campus and adjacent neighbourhood ! That´s all for today, Hartford city development will continue .. Next CJ I will shift the view to the commuter part of the Hartford area so lots of movement and local business and agriculture ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !
  3. Today
  4. I see a lot of reptitive buildings in the commercial areas, but apart from that, it looks good. The mmp work is simply outstanding.
  5. Český Krumlov is amazing! I just had free time to see your last entries now. But it's good because I can admire 2 in one go. I do not know if I ever told you, but some of your pictures have become wallpapers from my phone from time to time
  6. Spectacular entry! I can spend hours staring at the pictures seeing how you care to each detail, amazing.
  7. Yesterday
  8. So... let's begin with version 2.2. For reference, this is version 2.0 - before the IRM Pack installation. The pictures says stage 1 but it is actually stage 2. The first one was just a horrible (could it be possible?!) mash of street, roads and avenues with extremely cluttered industry and severe traffic congestion. The Maxis Highway was replaced yesterday with a more ... "prettier" NAM highway. It totally killed city funds. 40,000-something Simoleans dropped to roughly 16,000 because the Network muppets didn't know what they were doing. The change was clearly needed because driving through the city was a major pain in the backside. All these on and off ramps in all directions would drive any sane person mad - no pun intended! In the pipeline Figure out where to place railroad Shuffle industry to fit with railroad Focus on South-West sector (workforce from Residential Evil) Whatever else springs to mind as work progresses And since I cannot link a picture from URL... (why?! It worked in the past) Industrial - Overview stage 2.2
  9. Last week
  10. So I have been away from both the game and this forum for over a year. The reason is rather pathetic, but I think I'm not the first to have experienced it. Addon and Mod HELL! I got so invested in finding new addons and mods, ploppables, auto stuff, you name it, that I actually got burned out from all of it. I remember spending more time sorting and indexing my 100 or so addons (which I know is a small number for other Sim-users) and trying to figure out what worked and what didn't, where to find stuff in game and looking for dependencies that required dependencies, that required... BAH! The one mod that broke me was the IRM Base Pack (Industrial mod). I reached a point where I had to figure out why some of the basic Maxis buildings were, and still are, missing. But I just can't be arsed looking for a solution. Not yet anyway. I'm slowly getting back to the game and have been tweaking Residential Evil a tad bit. Some libraries have been relocated, a house of worship was also relocated after two others were burnt to the ground by fanatics. There is also a recently built Little League Stadium with an arcade hall and tourist trap nearby. As for Industrial (what a lame name), it is my biggest headache right now. It's one giant temporary solution. What I really should do is drop a nuke and have it all erased and start over. But that would be way too easy. The main goal is to demolish the Maxis Highway and replace it with NAM, and re-route the railroad. But first I need to get the RHW-4 neighbour connections sorted. The work-around is avenues.
  11. Some of the best graphics for C:S I've seen.
  12. Before assuming that I will cancel this project I will not cancel this project at all but it's taking a new route.So I made a decision to start the entire project over as completely rural.Why?I've lost interest in developing urban areas and felt like I couldn't do rural and urban at the same time so in response I decided to start over the project as rural.You guys might not be happy about the decision but I just felt unwilling to do urban areas.I also promised to slow down the entries as I realized how much I did on this city journal.Thanks for the support and it keeps me motivated to continue this project.
  13. Is there somewhere you download The Skybridge? I thought I saw someone else with that same bridge, I tried looking for it but haven't found anything yet.
  14. Wow, you put a lot of effort into this! I love the highway going through the forest by the way.
  15. @Prophet42These ones?: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3051 Thanks for the comment!
  16. VERY good nature pictures, esp. 2 -- well, not so much nature, that one -- agri...:-) & 3.And the last mosaic ! Amazing MMP job.
  17. It was indeed a nice, well thought-out city, with good MMPing. Looking forward to the next one.
  18. Huge congrats on 10 great years of Tarkusian Cities, Alex. That is an amazing accomplishment, but demonstrates the same focus and dedication that has kept the NAM moving forward. Hats off to you, my friend! David
  19. Update #35 - Click here [linkie] to see the content.
  20. Looks good! Haha, for the villagers moving next to the dump. I also like to have a unique church in each town. Thanks for sharing!
  21. Here's some screenshots of a industrial town I was working on.
  22. Earlier
  23. Last picture power may have no use or can be replaced by PEG Conduit or obsolete ! Sincerely yours, kschmidt
  24. @Golhbul The baobabs weren't actually made by me - I downloaded some free models from exlevel.com and rendered them, and after that I made a small MMP with them. I'd love to share them - but unfortunately the bottom of the site specifically states that they aren't allowed to be redistributed in any other formats, so I wouldn't be able to upload the .sc4model files or the MMP I made on the STEX I believe. However, they could very well be fine with me sending you the files via PM. I'll contact them and see if this would be acceptable.
  25. And BTW, you mentioned some cities that those plane came from, but you said "Taipei in Thailand", but Taipei is in Taiwan...
  26. Very nice tropical city ! Colonial use of W2W maybe a bit to extensive, real great choice of latin american bat´s still short listed. MMP´s very nice tropical scene ! Absene of real tropical hotels, restaurants and cafe´s makes it a little lifeless ! WW2 got these aswell: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=568 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2732 some other w2w and not forget non w2w restaurats. Well done ! kschmidt
  27. Note: This update was originally posted in 2013 in the SC4 Devotion edition of Tarkusian Cities, as part of a special feature, but had not made it over to the Simtropolis version. It has been slightly edited to fit with the context of the Simtropolis edition. Hi everyone- The Tarkusian Cities update splurge continues. Last we left off, the Ashcroft overpass had been built, along with a good bit of the new routing of Tweedy Blvd, and work on the light rail line. Now, we're going to delve a little further into that project. This is at the south end of the Ashcroft overpass (facing east), where Ashcroft has been temporarily routed to end at 45th St SE. This temporarily alignment will give way to the permanent alignment this update. The short, curvy connector roadway between 45th and Stiratt will be replaced by the Ashcroft extension, which will be built to include 4 travel lanes, at least between 45th and 61st during this phase. Here's the progress on that (facing east). This is the new Ashcroft/Stiratt intersection, after completion (facing east). The old connector road can be seen in the lower left corner. The new Ashcroft/45th intersection (facing east). The section of 45th up top formerly crossed the tracks and intersected Tweedy Blvd, but now dead-ends just before the tracks. You can also see the remnants of the old connector road and the temporary Ashcroft alignment here. The Ashcroft overpass is seen here, fully open to traffic, with preliminary work on the Ashcroft stop on the new Chemeketa Red Line (facing east). This is along the Tweedy Blvd extension. (facing east) Part of the old alignment of 35th has been turned into a roadway paralleling Tweedy on the other side of the Red Line tracks. You can also see the city's "trial" passenger train from C&O running on the heavy rail tracks. In order to provide access from Tweedy to Ashcroft, an access road was built, hooking into the 36th/37th St couplet through the industrial area, and providing more direct access to Ashcroft Station (facing east). The next update will provide a little further clarity as to all the myriad changes undertaken as part of this project. -Tarkus
  28. Probably it will cost me quite a sum, but I want to live there!
  29. It's been a while I have seen a story-driven CJ and I like it.
  30. Note: This update was originally posted in 2013 in the SC4 Devotion edition of Tarkusian Cities, as part of a special feature, but had not made it over to the Simtropolis version. It has been slightly edited to fit with the context of the Simtropolis edition. Hi everyone- Well, at long last, after a couple teasers, we've rolled the odometer to Update 100. And aside from the fact that there's three digits now, this update will simply be a dose of good old-fashioned Tarkusian Cities, something which has been a bit of a scarcity lately. I'm going to continue along the lines of the teasers, and show you all the start of what will be the start of a modest light rail system in Chemeketa, along with a number of road realignment and extension projects that will accompany it. The continuation of Update 99's couplet project in Argentum (2.0) will serve as a bit of an intermission in what should be a multi-update arc, and I may take a little peek back at a couple of Tarkusian Cities you may not have seen in some time, including the discovery of a "lost update" from 2009. Chemeketa, unfortunately, has begun to experience the dreaded prop pox in its downtown tile, and I've yet to ascertain just what is causing it, so I am considering a full Plugins reboot and a new Tarkusian region in the near future. As it's been a few years since I've done that--since Chemeketa's start some 4 years ago--it's actually a process I'm somewhat looking forward to undertaking. Below is the map of Chemeketa, with a rough sketch of some of the proposed changes shown. Road realignments or additions are in dashed lines, reflecting the color of the new roadway's expected functional classification, and the new light rail line is shown on the map as the "Proposed Red Line". As my long-time stand-by for large maps, Gmapuploader, is no longer offering the service I used, I'm trying out Zoom.it and using my space at SimTarkus for image hosting. (Edit as of June 2017: It appears Zoom.it has also broken down since, too. I am hoping to find an alternate solution, and am adding it to the list of things I need to do to fully restore Tarkusian Cities.) Now to see the "proposals" in action. The two major projects you'll see under way during this project are the start of the Red Line, and the Tweedy-Ashcroft Corridor project, which are symbiotically related. (If you're curious as to the namesakes for those roads, see here and here, respectively.) The Red Line, as a whole, is intended to begin at the Chemeketa Airport, wind its way past the university and through downtown parallel to the railroad tracks, and eventually curve onto 33rd Avenue NE, heading through a high-tech area and ending in the Starpoint District, serving to link up downtown with the airport, and alleviate commute-related traffic on the south end of the Chemeketa Parkway. This first image is at the intersection of Stiratt Road SE and Link Road SE. Link Road acts as a little connector between Tweedy Boulevard and Stiratt Road, which are important arterials in the area, and it is surprisingly congested, even more so by the fact that it has an at-grade rail crossing along both it and Stiratt, right near the intersection. McCabe Street SE is planned to be realigned to meet up with Link Road at Tweedy, and overpasses will be built to cross over both the existing rail line, and the under-construction light rail line. Stiratt Road traffic was temporary diverted and briefly closed, to make room for the overpass construction (facing north). Overpass work under way (facing north). This is facing west. The 4-lane structure is the replacement for Link Road, which will be renamed as an extension of McCabe Street. This is at the new Tweedy/McCabe intersection (facing west). This intersection's completion is a necessary step in preparing for the Tweedy Boulevard re-alignment and Red Line construction. More construction. This is where the existing McCabe Street alignment meets with the new alignment (facing west). The road will now continue south to meet with the former Link Road, instead of southwest to align with 45th Street. And the new alignment after completion (facing west). The new intersection at Tweedy is open for business (facing west). Two roads through the industrial area along McCabe have been converted to one-way traffic, in order to handle the loads caused by the Tweedy Blvd closure. This is where Tweedy and Ashcroft currently converge, at the intersection with 35th St SE. The new one-way couplet hooks in here as well. Ashcroft will eventually be extended south, some 35 blocks, to meet up with the proposed Western Bypass. (facing west) 35th is also being realigned (its naming is actually a bit odd, as it actually intersects Tweedy/Ashcroft where 38th should be), and the eastbound part of the couplet now connects into it, a temporary change. (facing west). Tweedy Blvd west of the new McCabe Street intersection has now been torn out, and work begins on extending Ashcroft Street (facing west). Upon the project's completion, Ashcroft Street will have an overpass atop Tweedy Boulevard, allowing for smoother traffic flow. That does it for this installment of Tarkusian Cities. -Tarkus
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