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  3. Thanks for the comment @Simmer2!
  4. First day is off to a great start! It took a long time, but after about 4 hours of work I got all the streets down (thanks to google maps and its measuring tool), and I managed to detail a whole one lot(s). Not too much work done yet, but I am looking forward to continuing this project.
  5. Thanks for sharing all your hard work! Very lifelike and well designed! Now . . . where did Hashimoto's Train Station come from? Awesome looking station!!
  6. Yipee! more rural goodness! Look forward to it. Your rural areas are always so well done Just had a chance to view your previous Middletown entry. Lovely town.
  7. See my bottom of my original entry for comments on the likes. Here is another entry from Riverview. This covers some of the downtown and surrounding area. I hope you all like and enjoy. 1. Town Hall and The Regal Theatre 2. 3. A department store, boutiques and other businesses, along with some housing 4. Another viewpoint of downtown. 5. The hospital, Safeway, and an office complex, and the ubiquitous Starbucks... 6. Another park that services more housing. 7. More housing with a playground/park. I see I missed a spot ! 8. Housing without the grid. 9. 10. An overview. 11. Apartments/Condos with another park. (I like my parks!) 12. 13. Here's the lake with a path and part of the creek. 14. The High School. 15. Housing beside the school. 16. A stable and paddock for the horsey set. 17. 18. Mayor Carol's house away from it all. 19. Meet Buttercup and Daisy, the cows. Carol also lives with chickens "The Girls", a dog named Kat, and two cats, named Molly and Mouse (so named for the "gifts" she brings home ;-0...) 20. 21. She really likes the creek - nice and peaceful. 22. Overview of the farming community. I'll be coming back to that next week.
  8. Last week
  9. Thanks to all those of you who "liked" my little CJ, especially @korver (I'll take that as a big compliment even though I'm sure it's all about encouraging the new gal on the CJ block) You're entries are jaw dropping fabulous...
  10. I think it is finished,maybe a tweak here and there,but it is working beautifully.
  11. Almost finished.Had to make changes because of prop count.
  12. Thank you, sir. That's what we do.
  13. Port little tight as mentioned, left more like a dry dock: crane building site ? Right dock aswell tight manouver, boats single oen as on the left would make more room for a ship building yard with overhead crane, well done ! Sincerely yours, kschmidt
  14. The goods port is starting to take shape.
  15. One way arrow street sign can be reduced by selecting reduced transparant visibilty option in the NAM instalation. That light green containership is a somy ship, well done !
  16. Nice detail; wouldn´t put that bulk coke transit so close to the city because dust cloud might be an enviromental issue, well done !
  17. Great job! (as always haha)
  18. Docks on the left side indeed look a litle bt tide ! River is very wider maybe some blocks wider building out the harbour wood make it more realistic; more harbour space for boats and cargo and container humps, well done !
  19. Very nicely done, though you should consider investing in a slope mod. Roads look really steep
  20. At last,i think this lot is finished.
  21. @kschmidt I believe the area you're talking about is called the "Plaza of a Thousand Columns" - apparently they used to support a massive roof but its long since collapsed: And yep, they're pretty much right on top of the pathway
  22. Still chugging along.
  23. Wonderfully detailed as always, ma'am. Every screenie comes alive. David
  24. Hi all.Building a new lot for a container port.Work still ongoing as you can see.
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